How to Manifest Weight Loss & Get your Dream Body: 'Cause Why Not? -

How to Manifest Weight Loss & Get your Dream Body: ‘Cause Why Not?

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Have you seen Instagram models and thought to yourself when you’re going to get a body like theirs?

Maybe you were scrolling on Facebook and saw one of your colleagues who lost a ton of weight and is now looking at his best? Now you are wondering how are you going to achieve that?

Your mindset plays an essential role in achieving anything you want in your life, that’s why we have this what we call manifestation. You could have all the dreams in the world, including wanting to have a beautiful body, but if you are dwelling on the wrong kind of mindset, it would be hard for you to achieve that.

Manifestation is not just about having the proper mindset. It also involves doing the right action to get the results that you want. You could be wanting to have the best body you could have, but if you don’t work for it and still be unbalanced with your fitness lifestyle, achieving that kind of body will be hard for you.

You could also be doing everything to lose the extra weight you have, but nothing ever seems to be working! If you encountered this or you are currently feeling like this, you need to look at how you are doing your manifestations.

You might be doing something wrong, or maybe you missed something that you should have done while manifesting your dream body.

If you are lost or confused with how to manifest your weight loss properly, continue reading! This article might be the one you need.

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Why do you need to Manifest your Weight Loss?

Managing your weight loss is not an easy task. You cannot achieve your dream body by exercising once in your lifetime or eating one healthy and balanced meal every decade. It requires consistency and effort, which will definitely come from you.

Oh, what is it that I hear? I thought that you are going to read about manifesting weight loss? Of course! Now, I want you to understand that it will be hard for you to be consistent about it if you’re not manifesting it.

Why? Because everything starts in your mind. If you are having a hard time thinking that you’ll be losing weight, you’ll be having problems with that.

Every day would seem to be like you are dragging your feet towards the gym or you are feeling like eating a cheat meal almost every day, mainly because you are not manifesting about being the person you want to become.

On the other hand, if you start thinking and being confident that you are the person that is capable of losing weight effortlessly, then your mind will start thinking that it is true. This will make your energy radiate towards the way you act, and every time you go to a gym or eat a balanced and healthy meal won’t be a problem anymore!

See the difference between the two? That is the very reason why manifesting will play an important role in the success of your weight loss.

The Proper Ways of Manifesting Weight Loss

Now that you know the reasons why manifesting would be essential for your weight loss journey, then let’s talk about how you should manifest it into your life the proper way.

  • Assess Yourself and Find The Root Cause Of This Problem

During your manifestations, you’ll get to know a lot about yourself. The first thing that you should do is to take a look at yourself and assess yourself. This will help you get to the root cause of your problem and find the reason why it is so hard for you to lose weight.

Take a pen and paper and list down all the things you think are the reason why you can’t lose weight effectively. It could be because you feel bad about yourself your whole life that you can’t imagine losing weight and being confident?

Maybe the people around you insulted you and were harsh in words with you, the reason why you assumed that what they say to you is your reality. Hence, that became the way you live your life.

Whatever you put into your mind is what your body reacts to. You need to know and understand these things because these might be the root cause of your problem. You have a hard time believing and shifting your reality, making the things that will make you lose weight hard to incorporate in your life.

Don’t worry! Just because you have these problems within you doesn’t mean that it has to be with you all your life. That is why self-assessment is important in manifesting your weight loss. You need to be aware and understand all of these first before you can manage to fix them. 

Be honest and transparent with yourself. That way, it will be easy for you to shift those negativities into a positive ones.

  • Be Clear With Why You Want To Change Your Physical Body

There are tons of reasons for wanting to lose weight, and each differs depending on the person. You have to be clear as to why you want to change yourself physically. This will be your foundation for your journey. The clearer your intentions are, the firmer your foundation will be, and this will help you a lot throughout your weight loss manifestation journey.

It could be that you want to be healthier and live longer, it could also be that you want to feel confident with the body you have or want to feel and look sexy in every dress you wear. It could be anything!

As much as possible, be positive with your reasons. You cannot move forward if you feel negative even with the reasons you have, or maybe you are telling too many excuses to yourself. This will send a signal to the universe that you are having doubts about what you want, and this will affect the foundation of your journey.

Every time you feel lost or confused, you can always depend on these reasons to get you back up to your feet and continue your journey. Trials and challenges might be faced along the way. That’s why you need to be firm in your foundation.

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  • Remove Your Limiting Beliefs

As mentioned before, you need to assess yourself and find the root cause or the reasons why it is hard for you to lose weight. Those problems are usually called limiting beliefs.

Limiting beliefs lasts long within you simply because you might be trying to avoid them as much as possible. If you really want to remove it from you, you have to learn how to process it so you can shift it to your advantage.

During your self-assessment, you might now find some of your limiting beliefs. Most of them will occur and show up when you are already on your feet trying to change yourself. During your journey, these will be your challenge. Facing doubts, shame, fear, and many more negative emotions.

If you feel like you are already starting to face those limiting beliefs that you have, then congratulations! You are already halfway through your journey! You just have to start acknowledging it and going through it.

Write it down on a piece of paper, try to know what is the deep reason behind this limiting belief, and try to face it as much as possible. By doing this, you will be more aware of your actions, and positivity will start to overpower your weight loss journey.

  • Write Down Your Body Goals

What’s makes you feel more fantastic than wishing to have your body goal? Writing it down! Writing your body goals will not only make you feel optimistic, but it will also give you the sense of fulfillment that makes you feel like you have already achieved it!

Think about the goals you want for your fitness journey. Is it to have toned abs and toned glutes or legs? Feel confident? Wear that sexy dress you’ve always wanted? Feel strong? Or maybe you just want to know how you will look like in your sexiest self?

Try to imagine yourself with the goals that you have and start writing them down. List down every bit of it. As you write it down, feel that you are getting towards achieving it.

The positivity you feel while doing this will radiate into the universe and will send a signal that you are ready to achieve and do the work needed to reach those fitness and body goals of yours.

Through this energy, it won’t be hard for you to go to the gym and work out, you won’t always feel like you are torturing yourself when eating a healthy balanced meal, and you will be confident with the body that you have.

  • Tell Affirmations To Yourself Everyday

Similar to manifesting height growth, raise your confidence by telling yourself affirmations every day! There will always be ups and downs throughout your weight loss manifestation journey. And it is very normal to feel down at times.

That’s why telling yourself affirmations every day will be your cure for that. It won’t remove the problem, but it will give you the courage to face it and will help you remove any negativities that may cloud your mind and hinder you from being productive.

Choose at least three affirmations that you can tell yourself every day, especially during the times you feel down. It could be as simple as “I can do it!”, “ I feel better and healthier now! “ “My weight is getting closer and closer to my weight goal, and I’m proud of myself! “

Your energy also plays a significant role in this. Positive energy will help you a lot in facing the struggles you will meet along the way, and telling yourself affirmations will be your friend during those times.

  • Learn To Love and Accept Yourself

It is not enough that you manifest and tell your body goals to the universe, you also have to learn how to love yourself. Your body will only respond to how you think about it.

If you hate your body and fill it with lies and negativities, it will only accept and respond to that. You will feel insecure, feel like you have to eat unhealthy foods, and skip gym work out all the time simply because that’s what you tell your body consistently.

But, if you want to feel positive about your body all the time even though you haven’t reached your body goal yet, you need to learn how to love and accept it.

Loving and accepting your body will make it easy for you to give it everything that it deserves. You will be working out more and stop skipping gym classes, you will wake up early and sleep on schedule so it won’t affect your body, you will also start to feed it with nutritious and healthy foods!

All of that is made possible because of the way you love your body. You don’t have to wait for the body goal you want to achieve before you love yourself. You’ll constantly struggle in your journey if you choose to take that road. Love and accept it no matter what.

  • Visualize Yourself into Having the Body You Wanted

Loving yourself will help you accept where you currently are, and visualizing yourself will push you to do whatever it takes to achieve those goals of yours.

Visualizations will help you imagine what you’ll look like and how you will feel once you have already grasped what you are manifesting for. This is one of the great ways to boost yourself up and get you working towards your goal, and it’s just a simple process to do!

You just have to calm yourself or be in a place where no one can distract you. Start imagining that you have already lost the weight you want and start doing the things you were planning to do once you’ve achieved your weight goal.

Taking a spiritual bath might help you relax and focus on your goals. You might find this article about spiritual bathing helpful.

Be aware of how you feel and how you look like. Do you feel happy? Are you satisfied? How do you look like? What kind of confidence is it giving you?

Feel the emotions and let them flow through you. This will energize you and help you become more positive with the journey that you are currently on.

  • Change the Way You Live According To Your Fitness Goals

It’s time for the practical ways of getting your weight loss goals. You have to live according to the goals that you want to happen in your fitness life.

If you want to lose weight to start looking good with the dresses you bought, you must start with being aware of how you live. Would the way you are eating right now help you lose weight? How about your choices of food? Are you physically active enough to tone and look good in the dress you bought?

If you are trying to lose weight for health reasons, then take a look at your lifestyle. List down the type of foods you eat on a daily basis, look for the right exercises that can keep you healthy and at the same time you enjoy.

If you are not happy and satisfied with your assessment, then you now know what things are needed to be changed or removed to fit the goals you have for your weight loss manifestation.

  • Celebrate Small Wins

Big or small, learn to appreciate your progress! You’ll probably the only one who will see the first few progress of your weight loss journey, but remember to appreciate it!

Don’t wait for other people’s compliments before you start to be grateful for your small achievements. Everyone starts small. Even the sexiest people you know also had struggled throughout their journey, but obviously, it didn’t stop them!

You just need to learn to be grateful every step of your way and celebrate it! This will send a signal to the universe that you are happy with what you currently have, and because of that, you are capable of receiving more!

Grateful people who celebrate even the most minor wins in their lives get more blessings because of this attitude. They don’t complain and think that what they’re doing is pointless. They accept it and show the universe how grateful they are.

Be that person, and the next thing you’ll know is you’re already being grateful because you already received the weight goal you have been manifesting for.

Overall, thoroughly enjoy your journey and trust your process. Never compare yourself to other people because you are different from them and so they are from you!

Don’t steal your joy and remove your positive energy by constantly comparing yourself to what you see on social media. Instead, take it as an opportunity to be inspired to work on your weight loss goals.

Trust the universe and trust yourself. Whatever you focus on will expand into your life, and your weight loss manifestation will be already on its way to you.

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