How to Manifest Winning the Lottery?: I'll Show You! -

How to Manifest Winning the Lottery?: I’ll Show You!

As we are all aware, the lottery is a game of chance. There is no exact way that will make you win it. This is the unique characteristic of this game, and it’s fair the way that it’s unfair to everyone.

So, you must ask, is it possible to manifest winning the lottery? In this game of chance, the power of manifestation is not entirely powerless. In short, it is possible. Again, you cannot put the law of attraction in a box, and these types of things are not exactly out of their reach.

It’s important to note that we are capable of steering our lives wherever we want to. There are many variables to consider, but we have the most significant influence among them.

Steps for Manifesting the Lottery

So, how do we achieve this seemingly challenging goal? Like any other manifestation activities, some steps can help you with this. You need to have a reality check and an honest assessment with yourself.

Clarify your Intentions

As I always write about, intentions are very important in manifestation. Your preferences should be rooted in good and never in evil. This is why you also need to assess your thoughts and goals in life.

The first step is, to be honest about your intentions. You can ask yourself questions such as why and for what? “Why do you want to win the lottery?” ask yourself, “Do you want to win the lottery to support yourself and your family financially?” Or “Do you want to go and boast that you won the lottery?”

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There is a line between something that you genuinely need and something you just want. It’s a good thing you can’t lie about these things, though. Your energy, vibration, and thoughts will send themselves to the universe.

So, if you ever want to win because of a hostile intention, try to reassess yourself. Where is this feeling coming from? It can help you if you get to know yourself again. Find out what’s your more profound thoughts and desires and why them?

On the other hand, if your desire is rooted in positivity and good things, you will receive support.

Reality Check

Do a reality check. Check and adjust according to your reality. A reality check is essential every once in a while to not shock you with the changes in your life.

  • Are you ready to receive that amount of money? Since lottery is by chance and sudden, you must be prepared to handle that much money. Your vision should transcend past winning the lottery or receiving any goal at all.
  • Are you ready to take the additional steps when you receive the money? The jackpot is a lot of cash, and you should be prepared. You might want to hire an accountant, manage your taxes and sudden obligations. You need to see yourself being comfortable with all of that in the future. If not, then maybe you can try reconsidering going for the smaller amount.
  • Do you keep negative thoughts that might be limiting your chances of winning? These thoughts may be interrupted by the energy flow inside you. Do you ever think that maybe you don’t deserve to win and that it’s just too much for you? These thoughts are precise, limiting you and obstructing the excellent and powerful energy flow in your body.


Another essential component of manifestation is how much you believe in these things. This is almost too obvious! But still, you might be one of the people who join the lottery and unknowingly thinks they will never win.

There are many people like that. They are very used to losing and losing that they just end up thinking they would never win. And as they continue to join these lottery games, they bring this mindset with them. So, in the end, they don’t win.

Do not be like that. This is why it’s good to release all of these negative thoughts contradicting suggestions. It is very much understandable, though. The past and present losses can get to them and get ingrained in their selves. However, once you try shifting your mindset, good things follow.

Act like what you would when you already won

This is a relatively common but effective manifestation technique. When you act like you already won, your brain sends signals to the universe that you are ready to work on it and receive.

Visualizing your goal as if you’re already there is a win in itself. It mirrors how ready you are to receive what you dream of. These positive thoughts shall attract good things that bring you closer to your goal.

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Start with smaller goals

Start small and slowly climb up to the top. The advantage of starting small and step by step is that you gain more confidence. When you start to win, you will develop your confidence. Step by step, increase your goals slowly.

Starting slowly will also help you get ready for the bigger things in life. If you think that you are not ready just yet, you can always try to go low.

Visualize Yourself as the Victor

Once you visualize yourself winning, you will start creating pictures in your mind. Once you do, organize your thoughts. Try to think about what you will do about your winnings. How will you spend the money? Is your money paid for the betterment of your life? Or are you just wasting your efforts on something that does not mean much?

Act on it!

Now that you think you are ready, what are you waiting for? All there’s left to do is act upon it! To act upon winning the lottery, you need to have the correct numbers. Now, this is sounding harder than we thought. Do not fret. Here are some things you can do that may help you.

Winning Manifestation #2

Here is another set of steps to manifest winning the lottery. You can do these steps before going to bed.

Create a vision or a scene in your mind

You can visualize your reaction when the news is announced. What’s the first thing that comes out of your mouth? What’s the first thing you are going to do? Picture a scene as detailed as you can.

As you do this, you can feel your spirits lifting, and a surge of positive emotions comes to you. These positive things slowly and surely align your mind with the positive energy around you. 

You can try several scenarios, for example:

  • Being excited and telling your best friend about the news.
  • A congratulatory greeting from someone from your family you trust.
  • A scene where you share your past with your friend or family member, saying, “I remember the day I won….”
  • A celebration meal at your house or a restaurant.

Bet you have tons of situations in mind. Try to think about one of them and feel the emotions. Be in the moment and believe it has happened. Experience it before you experience it!

Be comfortable

Make sure you are comfortable. It is advised to be in a state that’s closest to sleep but not yet asleep. Be at the gray line in the middle. The gist is to be as relaxed as you could ever be. Condition your mind into thinking that you are sleepy.

To ensure that you don’t fall asleep, you can hold your hand up. If it motions down, then you are alerted if you ever fall asleep. Still, make sure that you are comfortable with your position. Comfort is vital! 

Imagine the scene repeatedly.

Like what you usually do with affirmations, repeat the scene in your mind over and over again. By repetition, you start to feel like it’s real. Your mind will now slowly shift to thinking of it as the “now” just like you want to.

The scene you should do should be short so that you can focus. With more extended scenes, you have an increased chance of losing focus and entertaining distractions. As you may have already known, the mind is a noisy place.

Show some emotion

Our emotions are significantly involved with almost everything that we do. In this case, you must also infuse emotions into your scene. Feel the feelings of the moment you chose. Use all five senses in visualizing your goal.

Be thankful for everything, Practice gratitude

You can express your gratitude in many ways. In this activity, you can repeatedly say thank you in your mind. This step acts as a power-up or a charging agent. It charges your mind and body.

After repeatedly expressing your gratitude by word or an image, you can now sleep in peace or get up and go about your day. All charged up, you’ll be ready to face the day or be relaxed in power.

When you fall asleep, you may even get the chance to dream about the scene you have been repeating! Having seen your setting in your dream is a great sign and shows that you are doing well.

Release and let it go

Now that you have completed your activity, it’s time to let go. You are assured of the outcome, so it’s time to detach yourself from the burden of overthinking. Dwelling, panicking, and losing your mind over the result will only stress you out.

Stress can result in the disruption of the positive flow of energy in your body. Let it go and establish a more profound trust with the universe.

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The Lottery Numbers

A lot of people use their unique numbers in betting in the lottery. Some of them use their birthday dates or their loved ones’. There are also instances, and maybe you have heard about them too, the ones that dream about numbers!

When we encounter numbers n our dreams, some of the first responses would be, “Should I bet this on the lottery?” What we may be missing is that maybe we are reading the signs all wrong.

As you may have already learned, the appearance of numbers repeatedly or meaningfully in your life is a message. It can be a message concerning what the number represents in numerology. However, you don’t want to manifest the “right” lottery numbers. What you would like to do is manifest a situation where your numbers are the winning numbers.

Basic Steps in Manifesting your Victory

Your chances of winning the lottery are one in a million. The best thing manifestation may bring to you is better chances. Manifestation can improve your odds of winning. However, about 99 percent of your goals won’t happen overnight.

Be consistent

You need to supply your belief with hard work and consistency. Of course, you need to be consistent. Manifesting your goals requires effort too. Consistency shows how committed you are to achieving your goals.

Leave no room for doubt and anxiety

Clear your mind and make sure there is no room for anxiety and doubt. You must fill all the spaces in your mind with positive emotions and thoughts only—this way, you are safe from discouragement.

Your journey is dependent on you

You are the primary influence and the captain of your life in this journey. You need to take care of yourself and try your best. Eat well and think well, act kindly, and always be prepared for struggles that come your way.


Manifesting these types of things is quite questionable, especially for skeptical people. However, for those who believe and has achieved their desires, it’s more than just a game and more than luck for them.

Again, it’s useless to conduct all these while failing to understand the beauty and essence of manifestation. You need to act accordingly and have a clear intention to start with. Along these are a passionate heart and a welcoming attitude.

As you wait expectantly, it is essential that you don’t lose hope. Develop a good attitude towards your manifestation life. Do something that will help you grow today. You can do it!

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