How To Manifest with Candles: 8 SUPER EASY Steps! -

How To Manifest with Candles: 8 SUPER EASY Steps!

Do you know that candle magic is another way to get what you desire? Do you know how to do it properly?

You can manifest your desires using candles, and to make your manifestations work, you need to choose the right color of the candle, dress your candle, set your intentions, and be patient.

What is candle magic?

Candle magic is where you use candles and add them to your rituals and spells for different effects. The element of fire navigates candle magic. It represents transformation.

You will set your intention to the candle. It helps facilitate your manifestations, as it is a ritual that helps you connect with the divine.

Candle magic has been quite popular since then, and it is an ancient tradition with a long history. 

If you are interested in witchcraft and don't know where to begin, using candle magic would be a great starter.

Every color of the candle has different meanings, and you only need to use the correct color of the candle for your manifestations.

It is also considered inexpensive. You only need to have your candle and then your intention.

What is the meaning of every color of the candle?


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Red candles can be used in different things, but it is best used with things associated with love, lust, passion, and energy.

The red color candle is also great if you want to call on material things.


The orange-colored candle is for creation if you plan to boost your creativity. The orange candle is for you if you plan to boost your creativity.

The orange candle is also great if you want to release anger and frustrations and embrace the feminine creator within you.

You can also use orange if you want to call in new relationships, such as friendships.


If your intentions are for new beginnings, a white candle is the best candle for you. This candle can also be used as a cleanser.

This candle promotes peace and serenity and enhances personal strength and insights.


A yellow candle is best if you are calling in focus. This would also help you embrace your imperfections and helps with inner child works.

Yellow candles can also help you enhance your social and networking skills, and this could bring new career opportunities.

Light blue

If you want the truth and have a hard time accepting the truth, a light blue candle can help you with that.


If you want to grow, then a green candle is best for you.

You can also use a green candle if you want to bring ideas to your life, and it amplifies prosperity.

If you want success, abundance, good luck, and money, this is also best to use.


The purple candle is for you if you like to access the dream world, specifically vivid dreams. This candle can help you boost your spiritual enlightenment and creativity.

This is also best used in manifestations, astral travel, and meditation.


If you intend to look for love, you can use pink candles for it. It is said that pink candles are better to use for love.

However, it depends on what kind of love you want, as pink candles are suitable for a pure love connection.

And red candles are more of physical love or lust. 


If you are looking for protection, a black candle is for you. A black candle is best used for protection, stability, and psychic protection and will destroy negative habits and patterns.

However, it is advised that you should not use a black candle every time. Only use the black candle for a particular time and on a specific thing.

After using the black candle, let it go and release that energy.


If you intend to have high vibrational energy, then a gold candle is the best. Gold candles can also amplify your intentions, as gold candles can also help with various goals.

Gold candles are good to pair with different colors of candles, and this would help you amplify the things you want.

How to manifest with candles?

Be clear on what you want

The first thing you need to do is know what you want to manifest. This step will help you get clear on your intentions and can help you choose the right candle for your intention.

In this step, you need to list all the things you want to manifest and be specific. You are avoiding giving mixed signals to the universe.

If that happens, you might get an unfavorable outcome on your side and an outcome that you do not want.

It would help if you wrote your manifestations. In that way, you will be able to expand your thoughts, making your manifestations specific.

In your notebook, you will write everything you want to happen. Write everything that will help you describe the things you want to manifest.

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Choose the right candle

After knowing what you want to manifest, the next thing you need to do is to choose the right candle.

This is important because the colors of the candles have different uses. You must use the best candle for your intentions.

Check the moon phase

If you plan to perform a candle ritual, it is better to check the moon phase first before starting it. The moon has an impact on what you will do.

The moon's energy can work with your intentions, or they will be against it. Setting your candle ritual under the full moon or the new moon is better.

You can do the candle ritual under the full moon if you are letting go of things and if you will give gratitude for your new moon's intentions.

And it is best to do the candle ritual under the new moon if you intend to bring something into your life.

However, you should avoid doing the ritual under the eclipse.

You may also check for astrology placements before you do your candle ritual. This would align your ritual with the right energy.

And always remember to avoid doing rituals during the mercury retrograde.

Choose your gemstone

This step is optional, and if you have gemstones, you can use them in your candle ritual.

The same with candles, each gemstone has its unique power. It would be better if you used the best gemstone for your intentions.

The important thing you need to do if you are planning on using your gemstones in your candle ritual is essential that you will cleanse and charge them first.

You can cleanse and charge your gemstones using sage or warm water. If you use water as a cleansing and charging tool, make sure the crystal is water-safe.

Dress your candle

Dressing your candles with some oil, herbs, and carvings can help you intensify your intentions. In this step, you may use oils and herbs associated with your intentions.

In dressing your candle, you may rub the oil from top to bottom to draw the things you want to you, and rub the oil from bottom to top to send things away.

As you rub the oil into your candle, you will envision your intentions pouring down on the candle. Chanting would help a lot. 

You may dress your candle for a couple of minutes to ensure that your candle is charged with your intentions.

Light your candle

Now this step, you need to focus on your intentions.

In this step, you need to find a perfect place to put your candle and make sure that the place is safe to avoid any accidents.

Also, make sure that you place the candles where you can monitor them. It is not advisable to leave the candle alone.

The most basic spell used is to visualize your intentions. You need to focus while doing this step, and you need to avoid any disturbance.

In visualization, you need to envision everything you want to manifest. You have to imagine how it would feel once you receive it.

Visualization helps make your manifestations come into your reality, as it lets you tap into the energy of having your manifestations.

While visualizing, you must feel the emotions that you feel, enjoy them, and live with them for a moment. 

And then, after having a clear vision of what you want to happen, the next thing you need to do is light up the candle.

And as you light it up, you will speak your desire out loud. In this part, you will ask the universe for everything you want to happen.

You may create a short sentence before, which is what you will say. You may also talk to the universe for a few minutes and tell everything to the universe.

Remember that you have to mean everything that you will say in stating your desires. You need to have a strong emotion while stating these.

And every word matters, so be careful with the words you will use.

After telling your desires, you will thank the universe and close your intentions with words or phrases right for your beliefs.

Level up your spell

If you want to level up your spell, you may use different colored candles in your ritual. Of course, the candle you need to use is the best candle for your intentions.

If you want to manifest love and great sex, you may use pink and red-colored candles, as these candles are best used for pure love and lust.

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Be patient

After setting your intentions, the next thing you need to do is to trust the universe.

You must let go of all your manifestations and wait for them to come into your reality. You do not have to re-do your ritual or adjust it.

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In this step, just let the universe do its thing. However, if there is something that you feel can help you in your manifestations, then do it.

Aside from that, you need to be patient about your manifestations and trust the universe.

While waiting, you can focus on other things. It is said that the universe will send your manifestations when you are not expecting them the most.

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