How to Manifest with Crystals: A Beginner's Guide -

How to Manifest with Crystals: A Beginner’s Guide

For sure, you’ve seen a crystal already in your life, you might even have it in your house, or maybe your mom and grandmother have a collection of it! Shiny, beautiful, comforting to look at, these are just some of the things that come into your mind when you see a crystal.

But actually, there’s more to that! There might be times where you ask yourself if these crystals have some powers that can benefit your life. Actually, that’s true.

Crystals are said to help you manifest whatever you want in your life. These crystals will help you achieve your manifestations faster, help you radiate them more to the universe, and enhance your manifestation abilities.

Manifestation and How It Works?

Your life depends on how you feel about it. If you feel like you deserve bad things, then that’s what will truly happen to you. If you think that you are full of prosperity and that happiness is all around you, then guess what? Happiness and prosperity will surely take over your life!

Manifestations are just simply attracting things we believe in. We make them become real by making an effort to take action and believe that it will happen to us eventually.

Manifestation is no magic. It is also the reason why we call it the Law of Attraction. We just attract everything that we want to have by being the person capable of achieving it.

What Are Crystals and How Can it Help with Your Manifestations?

Crystals became popular because of their ability to help people manifest more effectively. For this reason, people who wanted to manifest something in their life faster and want to enhance their manifesting skills have been using crystals ever since.

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So, what’s in a crystal that makes this thing happen?

Crystals are formed in the depths of the earth; it lived there, was formed there, and stayed there for a very long time. Because of that, the energy that a crystal has is very abundant. Imagine million years of history is within them, and that’s why crystals are the go-to object for anyone who needs grounding.

There are many things that you can use a crystal to manifest for. Whether you are manifesting your success for your career, wealth for your family, abundance in your life, peace for yourself, joy for every people you love, love for you and your partner, or even your spiritual enlightenment.

But remember, just like the law of attraction, crystals are not magical objects. They are simply instruments that will help you set your intentions and manifestations. They won’t do anything if you also do nothing.

The main ingredient in manifesting would always be you. Your desires and willingness to take action will be the basis as to whether your manifestations will come to you or not.

How to Use Crystals for Your Manifestation?

There are many ways to use crystals for manifesting things to happen in your life, and here are the things you can do to make it more effective.

Clarify What You Want

You need to clarify what kind of desire you want to manifest. There are certain things that you need to consider for this. You can manifest anything in your life, but you have to be very specific about it.

If you want a material thing, then what is it? Is it a house or a car? What kind of brand do you want? Where do you plan to buy it? How much will it cost? What color would it be?

If you want to attract an abundance of wealth into your life, then ask yourself how much do you need? What kind of wealth are you planning to achieve? Do you have more plans about it?

If you are manifesting love into your relationship, ask what kind of love you are willing to give? What kind of love do you want to accept?

You need to be clear with all of these to help the universe know what you really want. So that when it comes to you, it will be perfect, just like what you wanted.

Pick the Right Crystal for You

One of the reasons you must be clear about what you want to manifest is that each crystal has its designated purpose, and you will get to know more about that later.

Each crystal has its own energetic effect, and it will be different for each person. To know what kind of crystal should be picked for a specific manifestation that you have, look for a crystal that resonates with your manifestation.

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If you want to want to manifest letting go of bad habits and belief that is not serving you anymore and is only giving you a hard time, try adding Black Obsidian to your manifestations. Black Obsidian is a crystal used for cutting out the negativities in your life and will help you have the energy to let go of all your limiting beliefs.

If you want to manifest productivity and be effective in your life, try using Herkimer Diamond. This crystal is used for boosting your creativity and help you attract the energy that will help you be productive with what you’re trying to achieve in your life.

These are just some of the examples of crystals to be used for your manifestation journey. Either way, you have to be careful and think carefully about whether the crystal you are using is aligned to what you are manifesting for.

Use Crystals for Meditation

These crystals contain different energy depending on what you are manifesting for, and there are many ways that you can use them. You can use it for healing, use it as energy holders and the most common is for meditations.

For meditating with crystals, you have to learn how to set your intentions to it. Crystals have the ability to radiate energy through your intentions. You have to learn how to set it up through meditation so you can boost that energy and use it to get what you’re manifesting for.

Focus is needed for this. Either you hold the crystals in your hand while meditating your manifestations, or you can put it close to you where you can still feel its energy.

It's also a good idea to add some crystals to your bath to help you relax and meditate. You may find this guide on spiritual bathing helpful.

No matter how you use it while meditating, the most important thing to consider is the kind of intention or manifestation you want to radiate with the help of the crystal you have.

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Carry Them with You

One of the most useful ways to use crystal is to use it as an ornament or just simply put it in your clothing so you can bring it with you anywhere you go.

Crystals have the ability to help you boost the kind of energy you need, and you’ll never know when you’ll be needing that. That’s why the best thing to do is to carry it with you wherever you go.

You might be talking in front of many people and needed to boost your energy for having the courage to speak wholeheartedly. You might be presenting an important thing in front of your boss and you needed energy that will make you sound passionate about it.

No matter what it is, you can definitely use your crystals anytime and anywhere you are.

What Crystal to Use for Your Manifestations?

Are you confused and have no idea what crystal to use for your manifestation journey? Don’t worry! Here is a list of crystals with the kind of desire they can help in manifesting.


The most common thing that people try to manifest is abundance in the financial aspect. It may be the most popular, but it is also one of the hardest to manifest. This is due to all the limiting beliefs that a person might have around money. If you are manifesting money in your life and struggling with it, then use pyrite as your crystal for manifestation.

Pyrite is a symbol of good luck. According to crystal experts, pyrite is a great crystal to acquire, especially if you are a business person. Having this in your store or in your purse is a good way to attract abundance in your financial aspect The energy you will feel while having this crystal will help you in attracting financial abundance in your life.


Do you feel nervous every time you present or be in front of other people? Maybe you always feel like being worried, or fear overcomes your life that ruins your inspirations? Amazonite might help you with that! This crystal is bright blue or green in color and helps soothe your anxiety and fears.

It is a crystal that will help you and guide you to bring out the best in you! If you are a writer, it will help your thoughts flow effortlessly, if you are a speaker or an actor, it will help you deliver your message in front of the crowd and give you the courage to speak your heart out!

Clear Quartz

If you feel like you’re doing your best to manifest, but it’s still never enough, try manifesting with clear quartz. This crystal is one of the best crystal you can have because it can help you manifest anything that you desires. If you want to boost your manifestation, this is the perfect one for you.

It is a clear crystal that clarifies and lights up whatever you want in your life. According to crystal experts, crystal quartz can be added with any stone because it is neutral and acts as an amplifier. You can put your clear quartz in a place where you put your love crystal to amplify its vibration, same with all the other crystals.


Do you feel like you can’t express yourself well, or you have a hard time trying to speak out what’s on your mind? You might need Turquoise since this is an excellent crystal for everyone having a hard time expressing themselves.

By using this crystal for your manifestations, you will be able to learn and do self-expression easier. It will also help you learn things about yourself and help you release negative emotions like regrets so you can find self-acceptance.

Not just that, self-love is also one of the things you can gain with the help of this crystal. If you have a hard time forgiving anyone who caused you pain in your life, turquoise will be your crystal to guide you with that. Having this crystal with you will make you feel a lot better about your life and yourself.


Suppose you doubt whether you are capable of doing something. May it be a business that you want, art you’ve always wanted to create, or anything that you currently wish to manifest in your life; Carnelian will be the crystal to help you with that.

This crystal, which is orange or red in color, can boost your creativity level and help you discover talents you’ve never known before. For this reason, carnelian is also known as the artist’s stone. By having this crystal, eliminating doubts and fears related to your creativity will be easy for you to banish. This will result in boosted confidence and courage for doing what you want to do.


You might be manifesting for a long time already, but it seems like nothing is happening. You might need some help from crystals already. If you need help from breaking out from your bad habits and clearing out negativities in your life, amethyst will be the crystal to help you with that.

Amethyst is a crystal that is lavender to dark purple in color. It can help you tap your spiritual aspect and help you awaken your higher consciousness. If you are having a hard time removing your negative habits, it will help you with that and will also help you achieve your higher self!

With that, you’ll be able to do more things, and your manifestations will come to you faster. Your thoughts will be clear and full of positivity, you’ll be able to understand more about your mental and spiritual abilities.

Rose Quartz

Have you manifested love in your life, but it’s still nowhere to be found? It might be for your own self, your soulmate, or for your friends and family, but nothing seems to work? Rose quartz might be the answer to your problems!

This crystal is very popular for everyone who is manifesting love into their lives. Rose quartz is not just calming because of its color but because of its ability to help you attract love both emotionally and physically. Having this beautiful gemstone will be your best friend in attracting love into your life and to the people around you.

This crystal will also help you heal from the past pains that might be limiting you from fully loving yourself and moving forward to love other people more.

Titanium Rainbow Quartz

Want to feel more energetic and lively in your life? You might also feel like you are always looking for ways to be more enthusiastic in what you do. Titanium Rainbow Quartz might be able to help you with that.

This is one of the most unique crystals because it is a combination of clear quartz and titanium. Clear quartz is a master healer crystal, and titanium is the metal of power that’s why the combination of both is a powerful one. The energy that this crystal interferes with any negativities and gives harmony to your manifestations.

If you want your life to be abundant in enjoyment and manifest more fun, use titanium rainbow quartz as your crystal.


Do you feel like you are already feeling too much? You might be experiencing too much energy in yourself already that it’s not good for you or your manifestations anymore! Selenite would be the crystal to use for this kind of situation.

Selenites are often used as wands for clearing energy. This is one of the best crystals you can add for your manifestation because it helps you detox your life, allowing you to accept and receive more. 

Check out this Gemstone Wands article to know more about different types of gemstone wands. 

You might feel overwhelmed sometimes and think like you are stuck in a way where you already feel too much. Use this crystal to remove all that and cleanse the overwhelming energy that is already empowering you.


One look at its crystal and you’ll definitely know what its use is for. This is one of the most popular crystals because of its happy color! You’ll certainly feel the energy of abundance flowing from it once you see its wonderful color, which is yellow.

Besides love, most people seek abundance and prosperity in their lives. This is the most manifested thing, and not all are successful in doing that. With the help of the Citrine crystal, success, abundance, and prosperity won’t be far from your reach!

Use citrine for your manifestations and bring it with you wherever you go. This will help you boost your energy to achieve the abundance you are manifesting for.


Now that you have an idea on how to manifest the desires of your heart. You also have an idea on what crystal would best use to help you in manifesting the things you want from life. Do not be afraid and start manifesting the life you always dreamed about. Partner it with hard work and dedication, and surely the universe will give it to you.

Just remember to keep your vibrations higher to attract positive things into your life. You are powerful and you can be anything you wanted to be.

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