How to meditate and manifest: Get anything you Want! -

How to meditate and manifest: Get anything you Want!

Do you know that meditations can help in getting your manifestations? Are you aware that you can get anything you want through manifestations while meditation? 

To manifest and meditate using the law of attraction, to make it work, you only need to focus on meditating while thinking about your manifestations.

If you are into manifesting, you may try to use meditation to manifest anything you want. Aside from visualization, this is also considered a powerful tool for manifesting.

This article will discuss things about meditation manifestation that could help you achieve your manifestations quickly.

How does manifestation meditation work?

In manifesting, you must have high vibrational energies surrounded by positive energy.

If you are constantly being negative, feeling sad, lonely, and having low vibrational energies, you will attract situations with the same energy, which makes you feel sadder and more frustrated.

But if you are happy and contented, and you live a life full of love, you will most likely attract positive situations.

And who wants to attract negative energies? No one, right? And in manifesting, you need to have high vibrational energy.

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And this is where the meditation takes place. One of the best methods to raise your frequency is manifestation meditation.

And when you try to meditate and visualize your manifestations, this would help align your energy to your desires. Which makes your manifestations work faster.

How to prepare for manifestation meditation?

Before proceeding with the steps on how to meditate and manifest, you may first note what you need to prepare.

This will help you focus more on meditation.

Prepare the props

Prepare your cushion or yoga mats that you will use in manifesting, providing comfort while meditating.

If you have portable water fountains and candles, you may use them.

Comfortable clothing

In meditation, it is important that you are comfortable in anything to avoid being disturbed by comfortless. 

Choose clothes that are soft and loose-fitting, and lightweight.

Sit up straight

Before starting your meditation, practice sitting up straight and avoiding slouching, sit up straight and let your bones support your weight.

Practice rhythmic breathing

Try breathing very slow, easy, even, and deep. Inhale and exhale; try to do this for at least ten breaths of three minutes.

Breathing is not something you need to focus on, but this will act as an anchor to maintain awareness about the present.

If you have a hard time with rhythmic breathing, you try to count breaths.

What are the steps in manifestation meditation?

After preparing those things above, you are now ready to start manifestation meditation.


This is the essential part of meditation: relaxation while doing it. So, if you feel uncomfortable after doing the things above, try to find another place.

There are no rules in what posture you need to do while meditating; you need to find comfort and relax your mind and body.

You cannot successfully meditate if you are not comfortable with your position, and you cannot focus on meditation if that happens.

Many people like to sit in a chair while meditating, their feet flat on the floor with their palms on lap.

You can use what position will make you feel relaxed. You may also find positions online and see what can work for you.


You can do this by concentrating on your breathing. Breathe deeply, inhale in your nose, and then exhale from your mouth.

Please do deep breathing in this step, and do this as much as you feel like you need to be more focused.

Open your heart

In this step, you can affirm, “I am opening my heart to all that is possible. I am good and bring good things toward me.”

This can help you to open your heart to achieving what you desire.

It doesn’t matter what kind of affirmation you will say as long as it makes you feel calmer, empowered, and positive.

You may also visualize opening your heart to your desires as it can also help you with this.

Visualize your desires

Use all your force in visualizing the things you want to attract; create a solid mental picture of the things you want to manifest.

If you are manifesting a specific person, think about them and what you want to do with them. Or, if you are manifesting a car, imagine that you are already driving your dream car.

Take time to visualize the things you want to manifest, and then feel the emotion you felt while doing it.

Embrace gratitude

In this step, you will focus on the things you have in your life and be grateful for those things.

Think of what you achieved in the past few months and years, and then tune into that gratitude.

If you surround yourself with feelings of abundance and positive energy, you will attract more abundance and positivity in your life.


This is the last step in manifestation meditation.

In this step, you will start doing manifestations. You will take concrete steps in manifesting, such as writing, visualizing, affirmations, etc.

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You will manifest with the law of attraction which you will approach life like you already have what you want to manifest in life.

What are the changes in your life, how would your life be if you receive your manifestations, and how will you adjust your time for your manifestations.

This is a great way to become better while waiting for your manifestations, as you are making yourself ready for it.

It will also make your manifestations work faster. It is said that the universe will send your manifestations once you are ready.

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What are the core components of manifestation meditation?


Visualization is often used in manifestation meditation, as it can help you tap into the energy of how you would feel if you received your desires.

In visualization, you will see how your life will be once you receive your manifestations, your new house, and how your day will flow.

This will allow you to live your dream life and know how it feels. 

To successfully visualize, you will also feel the energy of receiving your manifestations right now, and it will let you feel all the high vibrational energy.

In that way, your manifestation will work faster. 

According to the law of attraction, to achieve your desires, you have to live as if you have already received them, and visualization will help a lot.

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This is not often used in manifestation meditation, but affirmations contribute to your manifestations.

It helps you maintain a positive look about your manifestations and help you have high vibrational energy by boosting your self-confidence.

It also eliminates the negative thoughts that you have in your mind. In manifesting, you should avoid and eliminate negative thoughts, creating delay and blockage.

There are lots of positive affirmations that you can find online, you can use them, or you can make an affirmation.

Some examples of positive affirmations are:

“I choose what I become.”

“I can attract all the good things in life.”

“I have the freedom to create the future I want.”

“Everything I desire is making its way to me.”

You can recite positive affirmations if you feel your mind is clouded with negative thoughts. You can also recite some while meditating every morning when you wake up.

As you recite these positive affirmations, you will notice that your mindset will be changed into a better mindset and that you will be surrounded with high vibrational energy.


The highest vibration that you can offer to the universe is gratitude. You can express gratitude for the things you have in life and the things you will receive soon.

If you are constantly feeling gratitude about the good things in your life, the universe is getting signals that you want more of it, and by that, you will receive more abundance in your life.

The more you are grateful for everything you have in life, the more you will attract abundance.

Letting Go

This is the vital step in manifesting; you will not successfully manifest your desires if you keep holding on to them.

If you keep holding on to your manifestations, you are also keeping your worries and doubts about it, making you feel doubts and frustrations throughout the manifestations.

And that can lead in having delays and blockage in your manifestations, which can make you more frustrated and stressed about it.

The best thing you can do is to trust the universe. Once you have set your intentions and for the things you want, release them to the universe and trust that you will receive what you desire at the right time.

You can try to visualize letting go of your desires, that you release them to the universe and let them disappear in the sky.

It is said that the universe will give you what you desire when you are not expecting it the most. 

Just sit back, relax, and trust that the things you want in life make their way to you.

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