How to Effectively Play a Gemini Man in His Own Game -

How to Effectively Play a Gemini Man in His Own Game

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Does your Gemini man keep on being hot and cold with you? Is he continually messing up your mind? Play him at his own game with our detailed guide below.

If a Gemini man disappears all of a sudden or ignores you without any valid reason, let him be. Don't go knocking at his door or barging at his place, as this will only feed his egoistic nature. It will likely make him go far away from you and ignore you even more.

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The best thing to do when a Gemini man started pulling antics on you is to ignore him. Never pay any attention to him. Make him see that you are okay even without him. This could be hard at first, but it's recommended for your own best and to likely make your Gemini man knock on your door.

You need to play along with your Gemini man's mind games, and a guide like Gemini Man Secrets can even help you win in it. 

If you want to build a stable and long-lasting relationship with a Gemini guy, you need to have long patience. It will also help if you will understand his ways, desires, and his behaviors. Having accurate knowledge about the Gemini man's characteristics will benefit you greatly.

Ways to Effectively Play a Gemini Man at His Own Game

It's important to remember that there's a fine line between beating him at his own game and playing him in his game. Instead of trying to beat the Gemini man in his own game, open his eyes to the fact that you can leave if he won't stop his games. Trying to beat him at his own game can touch his ego and the result wouldn't be exactly pleasant.

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Thus, playing him at his own game is an indirect way of telling him that you can be fine without him in a friendly way. Now, let's cut the chase and go it right away.

Don't Contact Him Right Away.

Understandably, this is hard to do as it's hard to fight our feelings. Nonetheless, if you want to play to be successful with your Gemini man's game, you need to be steadfast. Consider not calling or texting him, and his self-centered nature will get unsettled.

Not contacting him for a few weeks will likely trigger him to make a sudden call, text, or even visit you at your place. So, you better hold on to your decision and do your own thing while waiting for his move. If he is genuine with his feeling for you, it will not take long for him to make a move.

If you are interested, I wrote an article on how to make a Gemini miss you that you might find helpful.

Live Your Life to the Fullest

Your life doesn't stop when your man leaves or wanting to have time to figure out himself. When your Gemini guy starts to get cold and distant, don't wallow in self-pity or loneliness. It will make him sure that he's right in leaving you.

A Gemini man isn't into women who are weak and can't handle themselves. They are into feisty women who know what they want and won't mind leaving the table if it doesn't serve her good. If they see that you live a good life without him, it will make him think he has made the wrong move.

Once he figures out that leaving you was a mistake, he will likely knock at your door all of a sudden. This man can be full of pride, but if he knows he's about to lose something valuable, he's willing to take down his pride. Thus, wait for him to make a move while doing your own thing, which will help him realize that he's about to lose you.

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Stick to Your Plans

When he finally decided to come back, don't go around telling him how much you miss him and act like a puppy. Let him know that he still needs to amend the things he's done. It could be as simple as not re-arranging your plans to accommodate him.

Stick to your own plans and meet him after. Show him that you've got priorities too and that will make him respect you more. A Gemini man loves a woman who knows her priority and not clingy towards him.

Always Look Your Best

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To tap into a Gemini man's attention and realization fast, always look your best. Men under this sign are visual types. They can get attracted to women who know how to carry themselves well.

You don't have to wear provocative clothes to make a Gemini man's attention, although it helps. Showing confidence and dressing up well can make them hooked. When he sees you well-dressed, blooming, and active, he knows that he needs to get you back ASAP or he'll lose you for good.

Is it Okay to Play a Gemini Man at His Own Game?

Geminis are suckers for attention, be it negative or positive. Thus, completely ignoring him for sending mixed signals can wake him up. It will likely send him a clear message that he is not a loss to you.

When you start ignoring him and don't reach out for a couple of weeks, expect the unexpected. He may make an out-of-the-blue call or visit. You might get surprised and excited, but never show it to him and act as naturally as possible.

Nonetheless, don't make this a trail of playing games, as it can ruin the second shot at love for the both of you. If you want to build a healthy and stable relationship with a Gemini man, playing games is a no-no.

You can play him at his own game but only to make him realize his wrong actions. Never do this for long or you'll end up losing your Gemini guy for good.

Are you confused? Of course, the mercurial trickster has that effect on people. 

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Probable Reasons Why a Gemini Man Ignores You

There's always a reason behind a Gemini's man action. Understanding his Gemini characteristics will help you save yourself from stress. It will also open your eyes to his antics that will help you respond to his ways and behaviors the right way.

●     Distracted

When a Gemini man starts to ignore, there could be some distractions in his life. He could be focusing more on having fun with his friends or he's starting to look or cheat with other women. To prevent this from happening, ensure always looking your best to remain the apple of his eyes.

Being with a Gemini man can be frustrating as there are many demands in this relationship. You need to understand his character well and must not be reactive to his antics. As frustrating as it could be, understanding him is the best way to play him a little in his own game and have him back.

If he gets distracted with other women along with other things, be a distraction too. Wear something that excites him, smell good, and make sure to awake his senses so that he will crave for more.

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●     Upset or Hurt

If you make a Gemini man upset or hurt, expect that he will ignore you for some time. Although this smooth-talking man is well-grown outside, he can act like a kid. He will not talk to you to deal with things and wait for you to come to him and settle things out.

It's not wise to gravely hurt or upset a Gemini man as he can go on several weeks or months not talking to you and you might need to look into how to get a Gemini man back. Want to keep him? Know him some more!

●     Seeing Other People

Another probable reason why a Gemini guy starts to get cold with you is that he could have someone new. Be observant if he keeps checking his phone and smiles like a fool when he checks on it. It could be that another woman got his attention.

When he admits seeing another woman, as hard as it can be, walk away and live your best life. It's the only way to make him realize his mistake. He could be enjoying his life for some time, but he will take action when he realizes that you are okay without him.

Thus, consider not to wallow in self-pity and try always to look your best. Do productive things that can bring value to your life because you owe it to yourself. If he comes back, that's only a bonus.

Make sure to let him see that he needs to win you back again. Geminis love to chase, so giving him what he loves will make him exert more effort than usual.

●     He's Acting Like His Sign

A Gemini guy loves to gauge your reactions. They're into testing boundaries to know if you two are a perfect match. This can be frustrating, but it's who he is.

He could pull off some stunt of making you jealous or be out of reach all of a sudden. Try to have a lot of patience in dealing with him, as he can sometimes overdo these types of charades.

Indicators that a Gemini Man is Only Playing You

When it comes to a Gemini man, it can be hard to pinpoint if he's only playing a game with you or not. His dual personality can confuse you and will keep on messing with your mind.

So, how can you save yourself from all the mind games of a Gemini man?

To know if a Gemini man is only playing with you, try to see some of its indicators below.

The Way He Communicates

●     Cheap Talks

Geminis are famous for their smooth talks and charm. If he only gets excited to talk when he wants something from you, it's likely that's he's only playing with you. It's a known fact that when he's interested in a person, the talk will be in-depth and he will share details about his life.

Thus, you should be observant in the way he talks with you. If he's talking only about a single and shallow thing with you, consider leaving the table or work harder. If you're both new to seeing each other, there's still a chance that you can sway him into your charms.

A word of advice: don't be easy. A Gemini guy likes it when a woman is not easy to get, as it challenges him and makes him exert more effort. Consider giving him the challenge he needs to up his game.

●     Deep Interest in Sex Talks

If he only gives you the attention and time when it's all about sex, consider running away from him. A Gemini man in love will never resort to this if he's genuinely interested. He is a man of spontaneity, so he prefers something intimate to happen on a whim.

He will not also treat a woman he adores with such triviality. Show him that you're not that kind of woman and prefer to know him better before diving into those topics. If you're all okay if he treats you like that, it's up to you.

Nonetheless, know that it isn't advisable to be okay with how he treats you like a sex object. Let him see that you will stand your ground and won't allow him to maltreat you. He will likely appreciate you more that way and will try to get to know you better.

To avoid being played, though, you should get to know him just as good if not better, and Gemini Expert Anna Kovach's Gemini Man Secrets guides you through that.

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