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14 Tips to Please & Rock the World Of A Taurus Man

So, things are getting hot between you and your Taurus man and you want to know how to rock his world even more. Then, you're in the right place.

Taurus are simple people. Nonetheless, pleasing him and rocking his world can be hard if you don't know what appeals to him. Thus, we made a simple yet detailed guide containing nine tips to please your Taurus guy and rock his world.

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The Taurus Man in Bed

Tauruses are famous for their stamina and capabilities to make his woman feel wanted. He gives her the attention and pleasure that makes her crave more and wants you to do the same. You can caress his body and stroke his neck while you are under him to turn him on even more.

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Two of the things that help connects a Taurus man to his woman are sex and sensuality. He is a very sensual guy and sex feeds his appetite. His sex drive is fantastic and he ensures that his partner will feel the sensations in every inch of her body.

If you are getting worried that he might ghost you after sex, you are wrong. Taurus men aren't the type who condones one-night stands and ghost, someone, after sex. If you two have already shared intimate moments together, he will come back to you for sure.

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14 Ways to Please and Rock the World of a Taurus Man

 A man born under the Taurus sign is sexually aware even at his young age. He has deep desires to be intimate with women and fulfill his lust and fantasies. He has his ways to fulfill his fantasies and give pleasure to his woman, in which you should return the favor.

If you want to please your Taurus man, you need to know what appeals to his senses, such as his taste, hearing, and vision. Uncover the things that appeal to him below.

Turn Him On

Taurus men are sensual people. Although you might see them as very decent and proper, they can get dirty and wild in bed. They love sex and will do anything to please their partner in bed.

One way to turn him on is by looking at his eyes suggestively. Through it, he will know that you are up for something. You can match it with sensual touch in his arm or chest, and he will likely go crazy.

If you two are at your place or his place, you can surprise him by wearing seductive lingerie. He will surely jump right into you and have a great time together in bed.

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Touch His Neck

If you want to please and rock the world of your Taurus man, start it by touching his neck. Taureans are particularly sensitive in their necks. Kissing or stroking their neck is one of the biggest turn-ons of men born under the Bull sign.

You can also massage his neck lightly while having a sexy talk with him.

Be Romantic

If you're with a Taurus man, you will never experience sex deprivation. He's the type who will do everything to please his woman in bed. Being with him in bed will make you experience all kinds of sensual feelings.

Taurean guys are very active in sex and love it to their bones. Nonetheless, they're not the type that will only be in it for sex. There will always be feelings involved.

If he visits you, return the favor by being romantic towards him. You can put scented candles in your room and make your bed very comfortable for him. Invest in fine linens and he will likely be more enthusiastic in your lovemaking.

Do Your Part

Giving heavenly pleasure to his woman is the goal of a Taurus man in bed. He loves to let his partner feel the fiery pleasure in every inch of her body and doesn't mind using his tongue for it. However, don't let your Taurean do all the work in bed.

Doing your part in pleasing your man will make him go crazy. Never shy away from touching every part of his body and let him feel what it's like to be with you in bed. As a sensual earth sign, he loves to feel you slowly, so consider not being rough and fast with him.

Wear Something Sexy

As you already know by now, a Taurus man is all about visuals. He falls for things that appeal to his sight and other senses. When you two are together, don't forget to wear something sexy. If you're at his house or in yours, wearing seductive lingerie in bed will blow his mind.

Thus, whenever he makes a visit and spends the night with you, ensure that you will give a feast for his eyes. This is one way of pleasing him and rocking his world.

Smell Good

If possible, invest in a good perfume that has a mild scent. Spray some of it on your lingerie to make your Taurus man smooch you more. Taureans are natural lovers of fine things, including good perfume.

A good perfume is a pleasing intoxication aroma for a Taurus guy that will make him turned on even more.

Take it Slow

As an earth sign, he likes to take things slow and sex is not an exception. If you want to please a Taurus man in bed, don't go right into having sex. Have a little foreplay.

You can kiss him sensually, letting him feel your tongue. Tauruses are bug suckers for kisses and it's one of their biggest turn-ons. You can also do a little sexy lap dance for him that he will definitely enjoy.

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Have an Intimate Kiss with Him

Kissing is one of the weaknesses of a Taurean guy. It's foreplay for him, which turns him on each time. He gets weak when his woman kisses him full of passion.

When you kiss a Taurus guy, be slow and let him feel every sensation that your kiss brings. You can play with his tongue and let him savor the kisses that you two shared.

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Have a Little Show for Him

Do a little show for your Taurus man before your lovemaking session. A sexy and seductive dance will make him swoon over you and will likely not be able to keep his hands off of you. You can also do a lap dance while slowly stripping off your clothes, turning him on more.

Pleasing your Taurus man by having a little private show will not go unnoticed. He will ensure to return the favor to you by giving you the pleasure that you will likely go crazy with.

Invest in Fine Sheets

Want your lovemaking to be more memorable and comfortable? Perhaps, it's now time to invest in fines sheets. As an earth sign ruled by the planet Venus, he's a lover of fine things. Investing in fine linens will make your Taurus man more comfortable and enthusiastic.

Thus, consider buying a few fine sheets for your bed to help your man be comfortable in your lover's lair.

Use Provocative Voice

While in bed, you can talk dirty to him using a provocative voice. His hearing sense will trigger as you use a sexy voice. Match it with touches here and there and he will likely go crazy.

Stimulate his senses and you will please and rock his world. You can tease him a bit by talking dirty while planting small kisses on his neck, ears, chest, and lips.

Put Sensual Music and Scented Candles in the Room

Appeal to his senses and you will win for sure. He gets weak and submits when his senses get touched. Have a sweet-scented candle in the room and sensual music to put his mood on.

You can do a provocative dance, teasing him with your sensual actions. He will go crazy as he watches you touching your body while you dance to the sensual beat.

Appreciate Him

While in bed, making sounds will not suffice for your Taurus man. Compliment and appreciate him. Tell him how perfect he is to you and how he makes you feel so good and he will even do better, knowing you appreciate him.

Shower him with appreciation and make him go crazy by taking the lead on the bed, kissing him on the lips, neck and ears. Hold and touch his body while making love and he will feel more sensations than ever. Let him feel you, seduce him with your moanings and you will blow up his mind.

Tease Him

Another way to please and rock the world of a Taurus man is by teasing him. You can tease him by undressing and putting back your clothes while looking at his eyes. Ask him what he wants to do with you or what he desires for you to do to him and you'll be happy to oblige.

Seduce him by the way you look at him while touching your body and he won't be able to control his urges and grab you. If you two fall, wrap your legs on his waist and kiss him full of passion. Don't forget to kiss his weak spot, which is his neck, making him well-pleased and crazy for you.

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