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5 Must-Know Things to Seduce a Taurus Man Sexually

If you've been in a relationship with a Taurus man for a long time now, you may want to consider spicing things up. Take things to the next level and seduce your Taurus man sexually. If you don't know how to do it, I've got some valuable tips for you!

Seducing a Taurus man can be an easy feat if you know what he likes in a woman. Nonetheless, it wouldn't be only that. It will help if you also find the balance in everything to make things work and make him stay, not put off. You have to know that a Taurus man doesn't want to feel the pressure coming from you, so you better not be too pushy with him.

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So, what are the things that a Taurus man likes in a woman?

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Things that a Taurus Man Likes in a Woman


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Since a Taurus man is a visual person, he likes a woman that can catch his eyes quickly. He wants his woman to be sexy but not in a vulgar way. Thus, you may consider having some body-hugging dresses in your wardrobe.

Choose some pieces that are classy yet sexy in a way. This way, his eyes will have a feast that he will likely look for when you're not with him.


Another thing that attracts a Taurus man in a woman is her femininity. Show him your girly side and he will likely succumb to your charm. He can't help but feel weak when a woman uses her power on him.

You may show him your vulnerabilities and play up with your look to keep him on his toes. This way, he will look forward to seeing you again and again.


Want to attract and get the attention of the male Bull of the zodiac? Then, be confident! Confidence is one of the things that a Taurus man likes in a woman.

Confidence is the head-turner factor for a Taurus man when he looks at a woman. It makes his inner fire ignite and take action to know her. Thus, if you want to get his attention, don't slouch and be confident in how you walk and the way you conduct yourself.

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So, how do you seduce a Taurus man sexually?

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5 Must-Know Things to Seduce a Taurus Man Sexually

Being in a relationship with a Taurus man can be fulfilling as he is one of the best lovers in the zodiac. He is very attuned with the five senses, making him the one sign that feels the most in love. Thus, you might want to consider tapping into his five senses to seduce him successfully.

Below are some of the must-know things when it comes to seducing a Taurus man.

#1 Engage him in a flirty conversation.

At first, a Taurus might seem reserved but beneath that is his love for flirty conversations. If you don't know, a Taurus is among the top sensual signs in the zodiac. He likes the feeling of getting turned on in the middle of a conversation as it makes him imagine things.

Thus, consider increasing his libido by engaging him in a flirty conversation. Never stop until he succumbs to the pleasure that you are giving. This way, he will want to spend more time with you and have more sensual fun together.

#2 Let him feel your touches.

When it comes to seducing a Taurus man sexually, you need to let him feel your touches in a sensual way. You may brush your arms against his and meet his eyes in a seductive way. Smile like you are telling him to come and have a taste of you.

Whatever your plan is in seducing him, make sure to apply physical touches as it is the winning part. You may use language, flirty words, and dynamic strokes to succeed. You can stroke his hair while looking at his eyes with lust, making him kneel to your charm.

#3 Take things slow.

When dealing with a Taurus man, you should take things slow with him. He's not a fan of a whirlwind romance that starts fast and ends so quickly. He wants a slow seduction style that can last for a long time.

Thus, never be hasty in seducing a Taurus man and make sure that it's all well-laid out and appeals to his senses. This way, you can get his attention for a long time, not momentary. So, never forget to take things slow with him and you will not have any problem.

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#4 Engage his senses.

The best way to seduce a Taurus man sexually is by engaging his five senses. You can wear that sexy lingerie or thong and dance in a slow, erotic way to him. Ensure that you've sprayed yourself with a sweet-smelling perfume to entice him more.

You can also showcase a hot, deadly erotic performance that will likely blow him up. This way, he may not be able to hold himself and attack you like a hungry lion.

#5 Take the lead in bed.

Sexually seducing a Taurus man means that you will need to do an outstanding sex performance. He may want you to lead and drive him crazy in bed to see if you're on par with him when it comes to sex. Thus, give him the kind of performance that he will never forget.

Blow his mind by seducing him through erotic dancing and grinding your body against his. Make sure that he feels you're grinding and meet his eyes with lust in your eyes. This way, he might not be able to hold himself and give you the pleasure you deserve.

#6 Know his sensual needs.

One of the best ways to ensure that your sexual seduction will be a success is to know the needs of your Taurus man. You may tell him that you will do whatever he wants you to do. After that, you can talk dirty to him and ask what he wants you to do.

Ensure to make an eye connection with him and smile in a seductive way. Let him see that you're lusting after him and you're willing to do the things he wants.

#7 Compliment him.

A Taurus man has a big ego, so complimenting him will drive him to perform well in bed. Tell him how good he is in what he's doing and how much you want more of him. This will likely make him want to be with you more and enjoy more wondrous things with him.

So, never hold back your compliments and make sure that he receives much of them.

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