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7 Must-Know Tips in Talking To A Gemini Man

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A Gemini guy is enthusiastic, fun, charming, and clever. He is good at everything he does and often comes very curious when he's interested. He's also very communicative as he is friendly and goes well with the people surrounding him.

People born under this sign are great communicators. They tend not to get attracted to other people who can't appeal to their minds. So, if you are currently in a relationship with a Gemini man or want to get close to him, you need to attract his mind.

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Appealing to the dualistic mind of a Gemini can be complex, nonetheless, very doable. To know the effective way of communicating to the Twins of the Zodiac, know first his character. Understanding the nature of a Gemini is crucial in gaining insights into how to talk to him.

The Gemini Nature

By nature, a male Gemini is flirty, so you can always talk to him without having to worry if he likes you or not. He's very good at being responsive to women who want to flirt or talk to him. You may even find this man to be over-the-top in treating you good, especially if he likes you.

Nonetheless, if you entangled yourself with this man, you're subjected to unending doubts. You will doubt his intentions as you can see him flirt with others openly. However, you don't need to worry about it as Geminis are only often misunderstood.

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When some people hear Gemini's dual character or the twins, they often believe it to be two-faced. Nonetheless, this isn't factual as Geminis are only multifaceted people. They love to do multiple things to fulfill their desires and live happy lives.

It's also best to know that two-faced differ from having a dual nature being Gemini's case. So, if you are currently in a relationship with the dual-natured man in the zodiac, you don't have to worry. As long as you keep this man interested and bring new aspects to the relationship, he won't leave.

So, how do you talk to a Gemini man? Let's find out!

7 Must-Know Tips on How to Talk to a Gemini Man

Gemini rules the planet of communication which is Mercury. This is why it's not surprising that people born under this sign have many things to say and are big thinkers. Thus, it's a must that you know how to respond to how they talk to get their lasting attention.

#1 Keep things light and casual.

As you might already know, a Gemini can handle himself well in any conversation. Nonetheless, this doesn't mean that he can't lose his cool. Thus, make sure to avoid topics that can get into his nerves to skirt touching his tipping point.

Make the conversation between you two light and easy to ensure that you get his attention. Don't forget to put some humor at the top to make you linger on his busy mind.

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#2 Challenge him.

If you want to talk to a Gemini, don't simply agree to all his talks. It will be best to form your own opinion about the subject that you two are talking about. Once you have made your own opinion, make sure to stand your ground and defend it at all costs.

Never be afraid to go against the words of a Gemini as he will find it interesting. He accepts any challenge that can prove his standpoint or belief is wrong and is very willing to listen. You should also know that he loves a woman who stands her ground no matter what, and he finds that admirable.

Thus, never be afraid to challenge him in his talks. Nonetheless, make sure that you keep it respectful, and everything will be all good.

#3 Say your opinions.

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Having a well-formed opinion can make a Gemini man get more involved in the conversation. State your opinion without feeling doubtful and unsure of how your Gemini will feel. You can tell him whatever you want to say and he will be very willing to listen as long as the subject is interesting.

When you state your opinion, make sure not to sound cocky and know-it-all to avoid getting into his nerves. It will also help if you sprinkle your response with humor to make him see your wit, which he admires in a woman.

#4 Cover intellectual subjects in the talk

Although Geminis are famous for their easy-going nature, it doesn't mean they are all about fun. People born under this sign are actually very intellectual. They only choose not to go over bookish topics as it's rare to find people who bring up such talks with them.

Talk about things in politics, philosophy, science, art or culture and he will surely be glad to talk to you. This way, you will have an opportunity to showcase your intellect on the Gemini guy you have a crutch on.

#5 Respond to what he is saying.

When he speaks with you, make sure you are responsive to what he is talking about and focus only on him. Engage in the talk and not just listen to it. This way, he will notice that you are keenly listening to him through the way you respond.

Make him notice that you have a deeper understanding of things that he is talking about. Nonetheless, never forget to sprinkle a little touch of humor if needed. This way, you are making the conversation more interesting, not monotonous.

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#6 Choose an engaging topic.

If you only knew a Gemini guy for a short time, you might not know that he has only a short attention span. Thus, you must opt to talk about the things that can get this man's interest the first time around. Make sure to start strong to get his attention the first time.

Use descriptive words to appeal to his mind quickly and make him realize that you are such a catch. This way, he will likely find time to talk to you again and discuss more topics that will lead to something more.

#7 Be a good listener.

As you might already know, a Gemini loves to talk, so you must focus on him when he talks. He can chat for hours, so you need to be patient in listening to him but don't worry, he's not boring when he talks. You can actually get amused with the way he delivers his words that will likely make you laugh.

So, be a good listener when he talks and he will likely ask for your company again.

Now that you know how to talk to a Gemini guy, it's time for you to learn how not to speak to a Gem guy.

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Things You Shouldn't Do While Talking to a Gemini.

●     Be negative.

Geminis despises negativity. They're one of the signs that try their best to be positive as much as possible. Thus, avoid being negative unless you want him to lose interest in you.

Being negative is one sure way to disappoint a Gemini and get crushed out on his list of interests.

●     Respond shortly.

Another way to get into the nerve of a Gemini is to respond shortly to his talks. It will make him think that you are not interested in talking with him or what he has to say. He will likely get hurt and not make any effort to contact you again.

If you want to know more about how he acts when he is hurt, I wrote an article on how to know and what to do if a Gemini man is hurt.

Remember that a Gemini loves to be the center of attention, which means he wants your focus. If what he gets from you is a brief, uninteresting response, he will likely not talk to you again.

●     Show him that you're bored.

One way to make a Gemini stop talking to you is by appearing bored. Once he talks to you about many things and notices that you're bored, he may stop talking. He might get confrontational about why you're preoccupied and stop conversing with you.

So, unless you're not interested in the Gemini you're talking with, don't appear bored to him. Instead, be lively and responsive to his talks and he will invite you out more often to speak with him.

●     Be emotional.

If you still don't know, Geminis are not good at handling emotional conversations. Thus, if you want to appeal to this man, avoid having heavy topics with him. Pick a topic that's light and fun to encourage him to speak with you more.

●     Say yes to everything he says.

Although saying yes to all the things a person says is beneficial for some reason, a Gemini will hate it. It takes out the challenge he wants to face in going one-on-one with the person who stands up against his belief.

If it's your goal to annoy a Gemini guy, then by all means, you should say yes to everything he says. Nonetheless, if you want to appeal to him, make sure to challenge him.

Geminis love a good challenge, so make sure to keep your Gemini man wanting to win you over with an in-depth guide like Gemini Man Secrets.

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