How to Tell if a Gemini Man is Cheating: Is it Worth Knowing? -

How to Tell if a Gemini Man is Cheating: Is it Worth Knowing?

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Are you afraid of thinking if a Gemini man is cheating behind your back? Do you want to catch him but do not know what signs to look for?

You can tell that a Gemini man is cheating and being unfaithful to you because he tends to show some obvious signs. It makes it difficult for him to offer long-term loyalty to you because he will be dating other women until he finds his dream girl.

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Once it happens, you are pretty safe because he usually commits and stays loyal if he knows you are the one for him. But, making this a reality may be difficult because he is prone to becoming bored.

If this occurs, you should be cautious because a Gemini man is taking advantage of rush hour. His indecision may benefit him in cheating on you. 

Be aware that a Gemini man may attempt to portray you as the victim, which he may do with ease. Finding ways to blame you, even if he knows it is not entirely your fault, will be easy for him.

When he starts looking for ways to avoid you and make it appear as if it is for a good reason, it is a sign that your relationship is in trouble. This occurs when he begins to have reservations about you as a couple. 

It is in his nature to hesitate, and he cannot help it. But, of course, you cannot be sure that this behavior relates to him being a cheater.

A Gemini man gets bored easily. So, you need to ensure that things should constantly be escalating into new and fun activities with this man.

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However, remember that it is not just about physique with them. Sometimes the mind triumphs over matter. 

Communication is crucial in your relationship with a Gemini man. So, if you do not communicate with him, he may speak with someone else.

And that someone else is almost always one of your friends. The good news is that it will make it easier for you to figure out if he is cheating. 

Here are a few signs that a Gemini man is cheating on you:

  1. A Gemini man will keep saying that you have changed. 

When a Gemini man is cheating, he will try to turn the table on you. He knows that people freak out when his personality changes; he tries to conceal infidelity by claiming that you have changed.

  1. A Gemini man will always blame you. 

A Gemini man is aware that in most of his relationships, everyone blames him as the cause of the relationship's downfall. So, he would try to rewrite the script once more by blaming you.

Unfortunately, this is very easy to do because no one is perfect. Everyone has their own set of weaknesses and shortcomings.

Given a Gemini man's intelligence, it does not take long for him to figure out your weak spot. He would always find a way to blame you even if he knows he shares some of the blame.

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  1. A Gemini takes a while to return your calls. 

When your Gemini man takes a long time to return your calls, this is another clear sign that he is cheating on you. It is not that he is trying to avoid you.

Instead, he is attempting to determine your relationship's importance to him. This is yet another typical Gemini symptom. 

He can be pretty indecisive. A Gemini man takes a long time to commit.

A Gemini man does not want confrontation. He would rather postpone it by not discussing it. 

  1. A Gemini cannot focus on you. 

A Gemini man strives to focus on a good day. If he is less attentive to you than usual, it is time to pay attention.

If he appears distracted while you are with him but does not express what he is thinking, it means his attention is elsewhere. This is not conclusive proof of infidelity, but it is enough to be cautious.

Follow that feeling and keep an open mind about what is happening with him. Inquire about his mental health and whether anything has caused him to become quiet. 

Before you assume the worst, make sure you have evidence. Then, pay attention to his response and use your discretion to determine why.

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  1. He does not disclose whom he is hanging out with.

A Gemini man is not a solitary person. On the contrary, he is most at ease when someone is constantly present around them.

If you are dating a Gemini man, he will feel satisfied if he has someone socially obligated to hang out with him. It is what brings a Gemini man’s peace in a relationship. 

A Gemini man will stop being clingy with you and starts staying out late. It is a sign that he is probably hanging out with someone else.

A Gemini man is not very good at keeping secrets. So, if he is keeping quiet about whom he is hanging out with, you can bet he is with someone you do not like.

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  1. A Gemini man talks a lot about someone, then he stops.

A Gemini man is always eager to share his experiences with you. So, he will start naming names and get specific the entire time.

Talking about someone means he has nothing to hide about that person so that he can speak freely. It becomes a red flag when he stops talking about that person without any sign.

  1. A Gemini man gets angry when you ask.

If a Gemini man is no longer talking to you and you have no idea who he is with, express your concerns. It could signify that he is cheating on you if he becomes angry. 

Instead of answering your questions, he will make you look bad, like you do not trust him enough. A Gemini man can spin a situation to make it appear that you were always the crazy one. So, it's time to say goodbye.

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Here are more signs that a Gemini man is not being loyal to you: 

He is texting a lot of girls.

He talks about a specific person.

He secretly gives someone romantic gifts. 

He avoids spending time with you.

He became more nervous about his decision.

He starts having female contacts on his phone. 

He starts using sweet words to someone.

He starts stalking someone on social media.

He avoids having a topic closely related to someone he is cheating with. 

He is writing expressively about someone else.

He is away without an explanation.

He imagines a future without you. 

He stops imagining signs of happiness with you. 

He is physically close to another girl.

He forgets important dates with you. 

He cares about someone's condition. 

He is talking less and less to you. 

He no longer wants to help you when you are in trouble.

He does not want to know things about you anymore. 

He is constantly questioning your love for him.

He is mad when you are accusing him of cheating. 

He never feels satisfied with anything you give to him. 

He is being protective over his phone.

He is always impatient with you. 

He no longer shows signs of love towards you. 

How to Tell if a Gemini Man is Playing you?

A Gemini man is a flirty and smooth talker who can easily manipulate others into giving him what he wants. He will ignore your needs or act as if he does not care once he gets his needs and he has extracted all benefits from you. 

Here are ten telltale signs that a Gemini man is playing you and is not looking for a serious relationship:

  1. A Gemini man is ignoring you.
  2. A Gemini man is absent when you need him.
  3. A Gemini man is keeping a secret from you.
  4. A Gemini man does not appreciate you.
  5. A Gemini man does not speak a future with you. 
  6. A Gemini man what you for sex only.
  7. A Gemini man has his eyes on another woman.
  8. A Gemini man fails to keep his promises.
  9. A Gemini man takes favors from you. 
  10. A Gemini man is always mean to you.

How can you Tell if a Gemini Man is Lying to you?

A Gemini man has skills in telling lies that appear harmless. But, if you are in a relationship with him, you need to know the difference between his white lies and the bigger ones.

Looking at his body language is the best way to do this. For example, a Gemini man usually avoids eye contact when lying. 

He may start fidgeting or playing with his hands when he is nervous. Another sign of lying is when a Gemini man begins to change the subject. 

He may also begin making excuses or providing evasive responses. If you suspect a Gemini man is lying to you, the best thing to do is confront him. 

Ask him directly what the real story is. He will appreciate your honesty in the long run.

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