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8 Clear Signs That Tell A Leo Man Likes You: Notice Them?

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Are you currently seeing a Leo man but unsure if he likes you? If so, you're in the perfect place!

When it comes to a Leo man, it's not hard to determine if he likes you or not. He is typically vocal with his feelings, so he might tell you right away if he likes you. Nonetheless, it's ideal not to accept his hasty confession if you want to have a long-term connection to him.

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As you might already know, a Leo is a fire sign which explains his hot temperament and hasty decision making. He is impulsive by nature, so it is highly possible that he will confess his feelings to you even after a week.

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A Leo Man's Personality

When it comes to confessing to the woman he likes, he's pretty straightforward. He will tell you how he feels and leaves the rest to you. To make it short, it will be up to you if you accept his love confession or not.

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You also have to know that a Leo guy is strict when it comes to his public image. Thus, it's vital for him to date someone who is respectable and carries herself well in public. It's also essential that someone he dates adds value to his life by being a constantly good supporter by his side.

When a Leo man likes you, he will be persistent in pursuing you. He may also display the following signs below, so you better be observant to notice them.

8 Clear Signs that Tell a Leo Man Likes You

#1 He continues to hang out with you.

One of the best signs that a Leo man likes you is that he will continue to hang out with you. He will continue to invite you to events and be his partner, or it will be as simple as asking you to have coffee with him.

When you have the interest of a Leo man, he will keep in touch with you as much as possible. He may also call or text you now and then, ensuring you are in good condition.

The more he hangs out with you, the more he grows comfortable with you. Once he grows warm with you and gets used to you, he will likely want you to be a part of his life.

#2 He flirts with you.

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If a Leo man is into you, he will openly flirt with you. He may suddenly appear in your house with flowers in his hand and shower you with praises. He will ensure to make you feel special by doing simple things such as opening a door for you, among other things.

As you might already know, he is bold and confident, so you can expect him to do things that can surprise you. He may all of a sudden wrap his arm around your waist or shoulder in public. Thus, if you see the sign above, it's highly possible that he likes you.

#3 He gets jealous.

If a Leo guy sees the woman he likes talking to someone else, he will do everything to stop the conversation. He may interrupt in the middle of the conversation, especially if the man is attractive. You will notice his eyes focusing on the guy you are talking to, making the other guy feel uneasy.

If a Leo guy hasn't confessed yet, he will also try to talk you out from the idea of dating one of your suitors. He may sound negative and judgemental to those men who want to win your heart as he gets jealous. So, if you notice a Leo man getting worked up if he sees you talking to another man, know that he likes you.

#4 He spends his money on you.

If a Leo man likes you, he will spend his money on you.

He may buy you dresses, perfumes, pieces of jewelry, and more. He may also treat you to fancy dinner, extravagant escapades, and more.

A Leo man ensures his woman feels special and spoils her with things and experiences he can give if he likes her. So, if a Leo guy does all the things mentioned above to you, know that he admires you.

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#5 He wants to go on an adventure with you.

A Leo guy is an adventurous man, so you can expect him to invite you to a few of his escapades if not all. It's his way of letting you grasp that he wants to hang out with you more. He may also use this moment to know more about you.

So, if a Leo guy is inviting you to an out-of-town adventure, say yes to his offer to have a deeper bond with him. This way, you will establish a strong foundation with him that can lead to a strong relationship.

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#6 He will tell you straight up!

As mentioned above, a Leo guy is vocal and impulsive. This means that he may tell you directly about his feelings. He will be very straightforward with you and will leave up the decision to you after he confessed. After his confession, you will notice that he's focused on you and tends to shower you with his attention and gifts.

He may also go above and beyond to ensure getting your ‘yes' as soon as possible. He may invite you to a fancy dinner, open doors for you, and give you surprise visits with your favorite flower.

#7 He will still want his freedom intact.

When a Leo man likes a person, he may start to fret and have second thoughts about committing himself. Nonetheless, never take it as a negative thing as it's his way of staying true to himself. As you might already know, Leos love their freedom so much that they sometimes don't want to be in a relationship.

Thus, it's essential to be an understanding and supportive partner to him. To make him commit to you, show him that you are not restrictive and he can still live the life he wants. Let him see that you understand him and you don't have plans to restrict him in any way.

#8 He will stay his true self.

Leos do have huge egos, so you might always see him being the center of attention. Nonetheless, when the Leon of the zodiac gets comfortable with you, he will likely show his true self to you. He may start to get quiet while spending more time with you and be content with it.

He may also start giving you advice on various things that he finds essential. He may also begin sharing his stands on most things that might differ from yours. However, never fret, as you can negotiate these things with him as time goes by.


It's not hard to tell when a Leo man likes you as he is very open about his feelings. Nonetheless, if he isn't ready to open up yet, you may still be able to tell that he likes you through the signs given above. Thus, if you notice that he displayed those signs to you, know that he is serious about you.

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