How to Tell if a Virgo Man is Playing You: Must Have! -

How to Tell if a Virgo Man is Playing You: Must Have!

Does a Virgo man you are dating sometimes seem a little too passive? Is he retreating when you try to pull forward, or is he taking advantage of you?

A Virgo man is generally trustworthy and honest. So, finding out a Virgo man is playing on you can be shocking. He may lie about wanting a relationship just to have sex with you. But you could also be helpful to him in other ways; that is why he keeps playing on you.

Like any other zodiac, a Virgo man can be cruel and manipulative. He may have many positive traits, but not all describe him.

There are signs of a Virgo man playing you, but those are not necessarily red flags. A Virgo man may be emotionally closed-off but is attempting to be more open.

He may have a good reason not to introduce you to this family. However, if his behavior is consistent, you should consider the possibility that he is playing you.

How can you tell if a Virgo man is using you or playing you? How can you tell if he is not interested in a long-term relationship?

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How does a Virgo man act when he is genuinely in love? How does a Virgo man act when he is not?

You think you have already found the one, but there is a strange feeling in the air. You might not have expected to meet a Virgo-man player, but here you are.

There is just something off about him, but it does not seem to be enough to turn you off. So, what is it about a Virgo-man player that you find difficult to resist?

Being with a Virgo man is an emotional rollercoaster. He appears to be full of promises, but you can see right through it.

Here are a few of the common signs that a Virgo man is playing you:

  1. A Virgo man is quiet when he is around you.

A Virgo man is not a loud and wild person. However, he can be talkative when he is with his closest friends.

If you are in a relationship, a Virgo man who does not talk to you or might communicate with you a little. It could signify that he is only playing you.

Sometimes a Virgo man is simply more quiet than usual because he is not feeling well. But, on the other hand, he could be busy, which is why he is not texting you as much.

If he never wants to talk to you, it could be because he dislikes talking to you. On the other hand, a Virgo man typically enjoys conversing with his partners and friends.

He enjoys philosophical discussions. He enjoys learning from others.

  1. A Virgo man is being cold and distant from you.

A Virgo man does not easily open up, but when he cares about you, he is willing to be vulnerable with you. As a result, he is frequently more affectionate.

If a Virgo man is having sex with you but is not holding your hand or hugging you, there could be a problem. It is one of the signs that a Virgo man is only interested in hooking up with you.

If a Virgo man appears uninterested most of the time, it is because he is not interested in you. If you say “I love you” and he does not respond, he is not interested in you.

If he has difficulty saying it for some reason and has discussed it with you, that is one thing. However, if he simply refuses to say it or discuss it with you, he most likely does not love you.

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  1. A Virgo man does not introduce you to his family.

A Virgo man values his family. So, when he is really into you, he will introduce you to his family and friends.

There could also be valid reasons why he does not introduce you to his family. For example, he could be apart or have a strained relationship with them.

If that is the case, he will likely introduce you to his chosen family or close friends. It is not always a bad sign.

Ask him why he has not introduced you to his family yet. Besides, introducing you to his friends could have been his way of saying “meet the family.”

However, if he is close to his family but never introduces you to them, this could be a red flag. If you have been dating for several months and he has not mentioned to you about meeting his family, he may not take your relationship seriously.

  1. A Virgo man is emotionally closed-off.

 A Virgo man is emotionally closed-off, so this is not always a sign that he is playing you. However, if you have been in a relationship for a long time and still, he does not open up to you, it is a sign that he is not into you.

 Opening up, or attempting to do so, is one of the signs that a Virgo man is into you. On the other hand, if he never even tries to open up, he may not be in love with you.

A Virgo man might just want to have sex with you. Or he could have another ulterior motive.

  1. A Virgo man breaks plans.

A Virgo man will make plans by raising your expectations and canceling them at the last minute. If a Virgo man makes no effort to keep plans with you or be on time, this clearly indicates that he is taking advantage of you.

A Virgo man is usually trustworthy. He sticks to his plans.

A Virgo man is punctual and despises it when you are late. He is not serious about you if he constantly cancels plans with you.

He may cancel his dates with you to spend time with his friends or to go on a date with someone else. However, a Virgo man hates it when you cancel plans at the last minute.

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  1. A Virgo man is not available whenever you need him.

A Virgo man is extremely active; if he ignores you, there could be a valid reason. Besides, he will not be available all the time.

But, if a Virgo man never makes time for you, you should reconsider your relationship. He will often drop everything to help someone they care about.

A Virgo man can act selflessly. He is usually good at making time with you, no matter how busy he is.

  1. A Virgo man is excessively selfish.

We cannot deny the fact that everyone can be selfish at times. But it is a bad sign if a Virgo man always puts himself first and never considers your feelings.

He might not let you choose the movie or restaurant you like. Perhaps he prefers to hang out with his friends rather than with you.

He may constantly request things from you and then never return the favor. He will also borrow stuff from you and never returns them.

Perhaps you are constantly assisting him and cannot contact him when you need assistance. This indicates that he only keeps you around because you are useful.

You may have items that a Virgo man desires. You are always willing to assist and do him a favor when he asks.

  1. A Virgo man sends mixed signals.

A Virgo man can be manipulative at times. However, he understands that to get what he wants, he must sometimes be nice.

If a Virgo man is inconsistent in his treatment of you, it is a sign that he is taking advantage of you. For example, he may show you affection one day and then completely ignore you the next.

Maybe he only acts like he is into you when no one else is around. That is a sign he does not want others to know about your relationship for whatever reason.

The attraction of a Virgo man to you does not imply that he loves you. If he has sex with you and then ignores you, he is only in it for sex.

He may be polite and listen to your problems before asking for money or asking you to do something for him. Before the date is over, he may take you to dinner and ask for a favor.

He may completely ignore you when he does not want something from you. He might be rude or act as if he does not want you around.

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  1. A Virgo man is lying to you.

A Virgo man hates liars; it takes time for them to trust you. He cannot stand it when he knows that you broke his trust.

A Virgo man is a trustworthy individual. But he may lie about his location because he sees someone else.

He may express a desire for a serious relationship with you but then refuse to acknowledge it. If he cannot be honest with you, it is because he is deliberately deceiving you.

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