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7 Rules That You Should Know in Texting A Cancer Man

Do you want to keep the attention of a hot Cancer man? Texting can be one of the great ways to do that. There are times when both of you can be busy and not meet due to a conflict of schedule. Nonetheless, it doesn't mean that you can't communicate your interest to him.

Good communication brings the best in each relationship. It forges a strong relationship through regular contact, especially when apart. Your Cancer man will likely appreciate it if he receives a sweet and long message from you after a busy day.

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Sending simple yet sweet and flirty texts always gets into the mind of a Cancer guy. Thus, consider texting him regularly (but don't overdo it) to let him know that you remember him. It will also make him feel special that will boost his day, and make him have a sweet smile while sleeping.

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Nonetheless, there are rules that you should know in texting a Cancer man to make him miss you and linger in his sexy mind. Find them all below.

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7 Rules that You Should Know in Texting a Cancer Man

1. Be Sweet in Your Texts

A Cancer guy would love to receive long and sweet text messages. Nonetheless, if you two aren't official yet, a sweet “I miss you” or even “I hope your day is well” can make him mushy and smile a lot. Simple gestures or text messages can touch a cancer man's heart, as it makes him feel needed and special.

You can also start flirty texts, but never be vulgar. Vulgar women turn him off and it's the last thing you want to do to keep a Cancer guy interested. If you are vulgar with him, he won't treat you like someone he can be with for the long term.

Thus, be mindful of the way you text him. Being sweet and a little flirty can do. Cancers are simple people and they will be happy enough that you text them amidst your busy schedule.

2. Be Flirty but not Sexual in Your Texts.

One sure way to keep the interest of a Cancer guy is being flirty with him through text exchanges. Nonetheless, being flirty doesn't equate to being sexual in your texts. You can simply text him that you miss him and you can't wait to see him again.

You can also ask when he is available to meet you since you are longing to see him. These simple words can make an impact on the feelings of a sensitive and romantic Cancer guy. If he's up to meet up with you, give him a glimpse of what you will wear to excite him.

Informing him ahead can make you linger on his mind more and he will look forward to the day of your meet-up. Don't forget to wear something sexy yet elegant with a signature scent. He will likely crave for you more as you appeal to his senses.

3. Don't Respond Too Late.

Responding too late to a text from your Cancer man can hurt him. This can be dramatic, but when a Cancer guy texts you and shares something, he's interested in you. Not responding quickly to his text can make him think that you're not interested in him and what he has to say.

If you're seeing a man under the Cancer sign, it's best to know that he's very sensitive. He loves to text first to the person that he likes. He will get disappointed when he doesn't receive anything back for some minutes or in a few hours.

Once he tried to communicate with you first and you did not respond on time, he will never text you first again. Cancer men are very protective of their feelings and they will do everything not to get hurt.

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Thus, if you're too busy to respond, ensure to let him know the reason. It will make him feel good again and will not likely get hurt or pissed the next time you responded too late.

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4. Bring Up Memories in Your Texts

When texting a Cancer man, it's best to mention the memories that you've shared. He's the type that gets nostalgic in the mention of sweet and happy memories together. It will make him want to spend some time with you again.

Mention those memories where you both had a personal conversation together. Bring up the feelings during those times and it will make him miss you more. The more memories you two shared, the more he will miss you when reminded of those times.

Let him feel through your texts that you miss him so much and he will likely take action to spend time with you.

5. Don't Forget to Compliment Him

There are moments when the charismatic man in the zodiac feels insecure. He can feel that he's not good enough or he wants to change something about himself. During his doubts and insecurities in himself, you can be there for him even only through text.

Even if you are not together physically, you can still support him and boost his confidence. If you sense that he's feeling bad about himself, cheer him up. Remind him how wonderful he is as a person and as a lover.

You can also mention that you miss him so bad and want to meet him as soon as possible to feel good. It will make him feel better, knowing that someone needs and appreciates him. It will also help renew his courage and confidence to face life and be a better lover for you.

6. Send Him Your Photos

So, you haven't seen him for a while but are still keeping in touch with each other? You can step up a bit by sending exciting photos of yourself. Depending on your closeness together, you can send him sensual photos if you two are official.

You can tease him of what he has been missing with your sexy photos. Nonetheless, don't go overboard. Never send him nudes, as it can be a turnoff for a Cancer guy.

Awaking his sensual feelings through texts and images doesn't have to be sexual. A tease like wearing something revealing can be enough for him to get turned on and think of you. Thus, balance your flirtiness with sweet texts and pictures that will linger on his mind.

7. Don't Go Overboard

Men are sensual and visual people and a Cancer man isn't an exception. Nonetheless, don't go overboard with your texts or he will get disappointed with you. Yes, he wants to awake his sensual desires and wants to see you sexy, but don't go on full mode and do sexting.

He still wants his woman to be respectable, so a picture of you in your lingerie is enough for him. No need to send him nudes as he dislikes it and he may lose his respect for you. Therefore, consider being mildly flirtatious and add up some sweet texts on top.

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