How to Text a Capricorn Man: Is it okay to use emojis? -

How to Text a Capricorn Man: Is it okay to use emojis?

If you are planning on texting a Capricorn man and do not know how your approach would be, this is the path, as this article will discuss the things you want to know.

To properly test a Capricorn man, you must ask questions, avoid overusing emojis and exclamation points, take your time replying, have some self-confidence, be mysterious, and be direct to the end.

Above are the things you can do if you plan to text a Capricorn man. It sounds easy because it is.

Texting a Capricorn man is easy, and that can make him attracted to you.

If you want a better understanding of this, you may continue reading!

How to Text a Capricorn Man?

Take the first move

If you recently exchanged numbers and think about whether to text him first or wait for his text, then do not be afraid to text him first.

You might think this will turn him off, but I suppose you might be wrong, as this would help you start a great conversation with him.

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If he does not text you first, he may be shy and not know what to say to you.

If you also do not know what you should text him, you may ask him questions about which the two of you can relate.

You may ask him where you bump into each other or if you find common interests in you.

In that way, the conversation will be interesting, which could engage him more.

However, do not ask him out on the first day or week you talk to him, as you will come off as an aggressive woman.

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Ask him questions

We all know that most conversations start with asking questions. But, aside from that, you might get him interested if you request an intriguing one.

You may ask him questions about himself, or anything about his interests, or some questions that can catch his attention.

Or, if he is the first to ask questions, do not forget to ask him too, even if it is about his position, in that way, he will know that you are interested in talking.

But you have to keep in mind that always put boundaries when asking questions and avoid asking questions that are too personal.

Avoid using too many emojis

Now, if you are the type who always uses emojis and exclamation points in their text messages, then you should avoid doing that too often while talking to a Capricorn man.

If you use too many emojis and it is not connected to the text message you sent, then he will hesitate to reply.

You also need to note when you are using exclamation points, and he might think that you are shouting at him if you do that.

However, using emojis and exclamation points is not prohibited. You need to ensure that it is connected to your messages and it is not too much.

Take your time in replying

Now, this is quite hard and challenging to do if you are invested in him too much and want to talk to him.

But doing this step would make you feel that you are an independent woman and have lots of things to do in your life.

You are busy doing something that can make you happy, and you are not sitting back and waiting for his reply.

And why do you think you must have an independent impression of your Capricorn man?

It is because if he thinks you are an independent person, he will respect your time and never take it for granted.

However, if you are doing this step, ensure that you are not overdoing this and that you only make it seem that you are busy now.

Be Mysterious

If you have started talking to a Capricorn man or to whoever your crush is, there will be strong urges to tell him all about yourself.

Well, it is natural, as you only want him to know more about you and tell him something to keep the conversation going.

However, telling him all about yourself would not help, especially since you are talking to a Capricorn man.

He would prefer to talk about those things when you meet each other.

And it is a good thing, as he will see how happy you are while talking about it, and he will know how you smile and how your eyes sparkle.

So, make sure you save those topics for when you meet.

Meeting with each other is essential for a Capricorn man. He will likely get bored if they do not see you in person.

If you want to take your relationship to the next level, then the next thing you should do is to meet up with them.

Be direct

The next thing you should take note of is never to ever beat around the bush.

If you are not aware, Capricorn men are always direct to the point, they may not say too much, but when they talk, it is straightforward what they want to say.

So, if you want to ask him something, or you want to invite him over, it would be better that you will tell it to him directly.

As he also wants a person who is direct to the point.

Practice having self-confidence

You might hear a lot about having self-confidence while talking to a man, and you may not know the connection between the two.

Well, having self-confidence is essential, as this would help you not to lose your mind if you come to a situation where he does not text you anymore.

You cannot avoid the fact that sometimes, things would not work, and they may stop responding to you.

And if you are in that situation, having self-confidence would help a lot, as you will see that he is not worthy of your time.

And also, you will not appear as a needy person once he stops talking, which is a good thing, especially since you are talking to a Capricorn man.

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Be sensual

You might think that texting him dirty stuff and being too kinky in the text would help you, but I suppose you might be wrong.

You need to send him messages that are clean and sensual.

Many things could make a Capricorn turn on, you might tell him something about a romantic song, and he will be turned on.

Since you are at this level where you are planning to seduce him, then you are on the following status of your connection.

And by this time, you may have an idea of what to tell him that could make him turned on.

Avoid creating drama

This is one of the essential things you should note since you are texting a Capricorn man.

You have to avoid dramatic text messages and being pushy about something you want to get or want to have.

Because that way, he will think of you as a red flag. Someone who would use dramatic acts to get the thing they want.

And by that, they will leave you and avoid you, which you do not want to happen.
What to do if a Capricorn man stops texting?

If you are in a situation where a Capricorn man stopped responding, and you do not know what to do, this might help you.

But before that, you must remember that whatever reason he has for not responding is not your responsibility, and it has nothing to do with you.

And always think about yourself if this situation happens.

Ask him directly

Since Capricorn man likes women who are direct to the point, then you may use that to know and discuss things about him.

But first, you need to explain to him why you feel that and why you are acting that way because that is the only way he could understand you.

So, compose a good text message explaining how you are feeling in the most casual way, and then you may ask him what happened.

Avoid sending a lot of text messages. If he does not respond, it is a sign that he is not interested.

Be patient

If a Scorpio man is ignoring you, maybe there are other reasons, such as he is busy at the moment. You do not have to think that he does not like you anymore.

If you do not want to make a move and text him about how you are feeling about his actions, then you need to be patient.

As he might be busy now, he does not have much time to text you. 

Aside from being busy, he might also have some things they are going through, and they need some time alone to think about it.

You may keep yourself busy while waiting for him. In that way, you will not think about it too often.

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Please do not blame him

If you are planning on texting him about how you are feeling, there is one thing that you need to avoid: and that is never to blame him.

Avoid pointing fingers at him, saying it is his fault and that he should feel guilty about the situation.

Compose a text message about your feelings; do not point fingers at what happened, as it can worsen the situation.

And if he responds to your message, then that is the right time to discuss what happened to your connection.

And with that, the both of you can realize what went wrong and how the two of you should deal with that kind of situation again.

Be calm while composing the message, as calmness could help a lot.

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