How to Text a Leo Man: And Keep Him Texting! -

How to Text a Leo Man: And Keep Him Texting!

Are you trying to connect with your Leo crush but don’t know how? Texting is the way!

The proud and powerful king of all the Zodiac can be intimidating in person, so texting him is the easiest way to get to know and connect with him. You can keep him texting you by appealing to his intellectual, passionate, and fun-loving personality.

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Communicating with the Leo man is not difficult, but it can get frustrating because he is quick to get bored and has a busy lifestyle. Not texting back is a sure sign that he has lost interest in the conversation.

Before texting him, find out the topics that pique his interest first with an in-depth guide like Leo Man Secrets to keep him entertained. 

The Leo man is always in the middle of doing something, so the text messages he receives must be exciting and engaging enough to make him stop in his tracks. If done right, texting him will make him miss you and want you more.

Keep reading if you want to know more about the Leo man and his texting style. You’ll also know how to adjust or fix any errors in how you text him.

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Ready to boost your relationship with the Leo man? Let’s go then!

The Leo man and texting

Communicating with the Leo man through texting is easier and more effective if you have a deep understanding of his personality. This will let you know what he’s thinking behind the texts he’s sending.

The Leo man is a Fixed Fire sign and has a passionate and determined personality. He has a clear view of what he wants, and he is not easy to give up.

The Leo man’s extroverted and competitive nature makes him a great leader and project manager. He wants to be in control and loves to be the center of attention.

Because of his go-getter personality, the Leo man is often seen as overbearing and selfish. But people who can get close to him will see his loving, kind, and loyal qualities.

The Leo man is not afraid to show his real personality, but people are prone to judge him before they get to know the whole of him. Being patient and having an open mind are the best ways to deal with his personality.

The Leo man is straightforward and not into playing games. He says what he means, and he expects that other people will be as direct to him as he is to them.

Texting the Leo man is a great way to start a connection because he is not as intimidating through texts as in person. If he enjoys the conversation enough, he will not hesitate to ask for a date; for him, spending time face-to-face is still the best way to form a lasting connection with someone. 

How to text a Leo man?

Texting someone is tricky because it can get complicated; words are easy to misunderstand, and meanings can be lost without the context of the person’s face or body language. The text you send can have a different meaning from what you intend to say, depending on how the other person reads it.

When you text a Leo man, being honest and straightforward is the way to go. He hates guessing at feelings, and he admires confidence and honesty.

Having a long and enjoyable texting relationship with the Leo man is possible. Below are some tips and tricks you can do to keep your conversation going.

Text him first

The Leo man appreciates boldness in a woman, and texting him first shows that, like him, you know what you want and aren’t afraid to go for it. Send a confident message showing your interest in connecting with him, and wait for him to respond.

Don’t send multiple texts if your Leo man doesn’t respond. There’s nothing more unattractive to him than a desperate woman.

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Let him take charge

The Leo man is a leader, so let him lead. Show him how much you like him and enjoy talking to him, but leave it there.

Don’t ask him out on a date before he asks you, or he’ll feel you’re making the decision for him. If he likes you enough to want to date you, wait for him to ask you out.

Be thoughtful and sweet

The Leo man likes to feel special, so showing him your sweet and thoughtful side is the sure way to his heart. Sending him a simple “hope you’re okay” or “wish you were here” text message will catch his attention.

Send your man greetings in the morning and wish him a good night before you go to sleep to make him think of you. It will make him feel great to know that you think about him as you start and end your day.

Compliment him often

The Leo man likes to receive compliments that boost his confidence and self-esteem. He will be drawn to someone who recognizes his good qualities and the hard work he put in developing or maintaining them.

Send a message asking for advice, then thank him while complimenting his knowledge and good judgment. You can also ask his opinion on food, clothes, or home furnishings and admire his taste when he shares his opinion.

Challenge his mind

The Leo man gets bored with unoriginal and common topics of conversation. His mind needs stimulating and challenging topics that make him think, wonder or make theories, and form new ideas.

Try to learn more about the Leo man’s topics of interest so you can ask questions and discuss them with him. You don’t have to be an expert in these topics to impress him; it’s enough that you have a genuine willingness to learn about them.

Make him laugh

The Leo man has a good sense of humor and is prone to take things lightly with self-deprecating jokes and sarcastic quips. Sometimes, you can find it hard to tell when he’s joking or being serious.

Learn to get used to the funny guy that is the Leo man and try to match his humor. Be witty; throw some jokes back at him and drive him wild by not holding back on the flirty or sexy jokes.

Be careful not to overdo this though, as it might make the Leo man cringe and lose your chance with him for good.

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Be a good friend  

The Leo man is independent and self-sufficient, but he longs to have someone to turn to for help or lean on when burdened by life’s challenges. Be that someone for him, and you will be a mainstay in his life.

Being a good friend to the Leo man means being there when he wants to talk and listening with an open mind and generous heart. Send him messages of support when he’s going through tough times, offer him help when you think he needs it, and be a source of cheerfulness when he’s down.

Always look your best

The Leo man is a visual guy; he is attracted to good-looking and presentable women. When you are texting your Leo man, there are not a lot of chances for him to see you, so make sure you always look your best on your social media photos.

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Looking good and attractive shows that you take care of yourself and have high self-esteem. The Leo man stays away from women who don’t value themselves enough or are too insecure to give up and do not make an effort in their appearance.

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Help him take care of himself

The Leo man can forget to relax and take care of himself because of his hardworking and goal-oriented personality. Show him your affection and concern for his health by helping him take care of himself.

Remind him to take a break and relax once in a while and teach him how to take care of his mental health. Text him to remind his medications or appointments with the doctor or therapist; you can even send him self-care tips, wellness activities, or healthy recipes he can try.

Be honest and trustworthy

The Leo man likes it when you can handle a good conversation, but he’ll like it more if you stay authentic and honest to him. Don’t pretend to be something you’re not just to keep him interested.

Being honest and open to him may mean being vulnerable to him, but this is the only way for him to know the real you so he can trust you. Send him messages with a personal touch that tell of your genuine self, bad traits and all; if he is into you, he will accept you for all that you are.

Don’t rush him

If you are lucky enough to get your Leo man interested in texting you on a regular basis, enjoy it and wait for him to make the next move. He will have other things to consider before moving to the next level with you.

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Don’t rush him by asking him about his feelings and plans for you through texts because these topics should be discussed carefully and in person. Be honest with him about your feelings and let him know where you stand but stop there and wait for him to decide in his own time.

It can be a little too tricky to attract a man through texts, let alone a Leo man with high standards when it comes to dating. 

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