How to Text a Sagittarius Man: Don't be Afraid to Text first! -

How to Text a Sagittarius Man: Don’t be Afraid to Text first!

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So, you got your eye on a Sagittarius man! And you want to know how to text him properly and what things you could say through text. Don't worry, and it is an easy thing.

In texting a Sagittarius man, you need to be curious, be playful in flirting, make your texts short and sweet, make it quick, entertain him, and avoid texting him too often.

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If you do the things mentioned above, there will be no doubt that a Sagittarius man will be attracted to you through texting.

If you want to understand better what you should do when texting a Sagittarius man, then you are on the right path.

How to text a Sagittarius man?

Do not be afraid to make the first move

If you are planning on texting a Sagittarius man, then it is okay for you to take the first move. This way, you won't need to wait for him to text you first.

You might think that making the first move will make you look desperate, and then I suppose you might be wrong, as this will make you look confident about yourself.

You can do the first text, which will never be bad for your Sagittarius man. 

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If you do not know what to say to your Sagittarius man, you may send him a good luck text if he has a game or presentation the next day.

Entertain your Sagittarius man

If you succeeded in making the first move, and the both of you have a great time talking to each other, it is a good thing.

And to make the conversation going, you need to entertain him.

Now, what does it mean to entertain him through text?

What you need to do is to keep the conversation light and upbeat. This one is important, especially if you are in the first talking stage.

In this part, you must avoid making a profound and dramatic conversation with your Sagittarius. Instead, focus on entertaining him with light discussions.

You may save the deep and emotional conversation once you meet up with each other. 

Make your Sagittarius man laugh

The next thing you can do while texting your Sagittarius man is to make him laugh. 

You may notice that Sagittarius man loves to joke around, and they always want to make other people laugh with their silly jokes.

And if he makes you laugh through his jokes, you may ride it and give silly comments about it.

You may also send him text messages that can make him laugh. Do not be afraid to show your wittiness and humorous side to him.

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Make your texts short and sweet

Now, sending him long paragraph text messages or sending him many messages all at once should be avoided.

If you are texting a Sagittarius man, make sure that your text messages are short but sweet at the same time. Avoid spamming him with messages.

And it would help if you briefed him before texting long messages.

Be curious

You may not be aware of this, but Sagittarius men are curious. They would love to learn new things, and they would love someone as interested as him.

So how can you be curious? First, you may send him some articles or news that can make your Sagittarius man curious about it.

And in that way, the two of you can talk about it and learn from it by giving opinions. You have to show your Sagittarius man that you are curious about it.

Be playful in flirting

As you know, Sagittarius men always want to look for something ways to have fun, and for Sagittarius men, flirting is also a fun way to do it.

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Another thing that you can be playful to your Sagittarius man is by being playful when flirting.

In this way, you do not have to be afraid to text him some risky text messages. Instead, send him some when he is not expecting it the most.

And one thing is for sure: he will love receiving that kind of message.

Avoid texting him too often

Now, if you are texting with your Sagittarius man for some quiet time, you must be mindful of how many text messages you send to him.

Avoid texting him daily and all the time, as he may come off as a needy person. And this can make a Sagittarius man turn off.

Giving him some time and not texting him too often will help make him interested in you.

In that way, he will have time to think about your text messages, and for some time, he will start to miss you and look for your text messages.

Send him text messages every morning

This one would be the best thing that you can do to make your Sagittarius man attracted to you.

But before that, it is mentioned above that you have to avoid texting your Sagittarius man every day. However, texting him good morning messages won't hurt.

You may text his excellent morning messages and not text him throughout the day. 

You must consider what things will work with your Sagittarius man in this part.

The astonishing thing about sending him good morning text messages is that he will be happy to receive them and will think of you throughout the day.

Even if your Sagittarius man is busy, there will still be a time that he will think of you.

Again, make sure you are texting him short and sweet good morning text messages.

Apologize if you hurt him

If you have been talking for quite some time now, you may have misunderstood your Sagittarius man, and you might have said something that could hurt him.

And if that is the case, do not be afraid to apologize to him if you are wrong and if you made him feel hurt.

Understand that there is no perfect relationship, and if there is a time that you two have a conflict, then make it up with each other.

And one thing that can make your relationship work is sincerely apologizing.

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What should you do when a Sagittarius man stops texting you?

Now, if you ever come into a situation where your Sagittarius man starts to ignore your text messages, here are some things you can do.

But before that, no matter what his reason for not responding, you need to keep in mind that there is nothing wrong with you.

Anything he will do is his decision, and he is fully aware of the possible outcomes and consequences.


Off course, if all of a sudden, the person you always talked to you stopped responding to your text messages, then you would freak out.

You might think of many reasons why he is not responding, and you might be overthinking it every night.

There will be many things you want to know from him, and there will be a solid urge to text him and ask him about the items you want to know.

Well, you can do that casually, but if he still does not respond, then do not bother yourself anymore.

What you need to do is to relax and go on with your life as how you are living.

Freaking out and bombarding him with many text messages would not help you at all. 

You may not be aware, but a Sagittarius man does not want to be pressured and be in a position with stressful energy.

Pressuring him to text will only make him avoid you more.

Let him have his time

If he is not responding to your text messages, of course, there is a reason that only he can understand, and if you tried texting him about it and still got no response, give him space.

Now, if you are the type of person that always want to make up things quickly, then this may be hard for you. 

However, it will never help if you send him many text messages and ask why he stopped texting you. 

Let him initiate the conversation

As mentioned above, if he stops texting, give him time to think about it.

And the next thing that you should do is never text him first. Let him do the initiation, and never send him multiple text messages.

And if he takes a longer time to take the initiation, then maybe it is the right time to focus on other things aside from waiting for his text.

Especially if you know that you are not the problem in the relationship, you will only feed his ego, and he will never get back at you if you take the initiative.

You may focus on making yourself happy.

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Send an apology

Now, if the situation is different and you realize that somehow, this is your fault, then you may take the initiative and send an apology text.

Of course, fighting and having misunderstandings will always be in a relationship; you cannot avoid those things.

And if you are the one who is at fault, then do not let your pride get in the way. Instead, send him your sincere apology.

Do not make drama

Now, if you are the type of person that will do everything to make a man notice you, then you have to avoid doing this to your Sagittarius man.

Avoid making him jealous or creating some drama to make him reach out to you, as this would not help you to make him come back.

You might come off as needy if you do this, and you will only make him move away from you.

And if the time has come and he stopped texting you, the vital thing you should do is never to let it affect you.

Continue doing your thing, keep posting, and focus on yourself.

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