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How To Text a Virgo Man: And Win Him Over?

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Not sure how to text the Virgo man? Is texting enough to win him over?

The Virgo man is an excellent communicator but can be awkward and unsure when texting. You can win him over and make him enjoy texting you if you communicate clearly and make him express his emotions more.

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The complex personality of the Virgo man can confuse anyone who is not used to his contradicting needs. If you want to connect with him through texting, you need to know these needs and how to provide them in balanced amounts.

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The Virgo man sees texting only as a way to start a relationship, so expect him to ask you out on dates before he can decide to commit to you. Your purpose in texting him should be to get him interested enough to want to get to know you in person.

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This article will show you how to text the Virgo man and persuade him to date you. You will also learn the tips and tricks to understanding his personality. 

Texting the Virgo man

Understanding the Virgo man’s personality is essential to know the best way to text him. By learning how he thinks and reacts, you’ll know the best things to say and the bad things to avoid.

The Virgo man is ruled by the planet Mercury, the messenger of the gods and representative of excellent communication skills and intelligence. Mercury also gives the Virgo man his rational and logical thinking, sometimes making decisions without considering the emotions involved.

The Virgo man is a Mutable Earth sign, and this means having a grounded and practical approach in life but with a changeable mind and thirst for freedom. His personality always yearns for the right balance between stability and change, routine and spontaneity, and reliability and inconstancy.

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The Virgo man is honest and expects honesty from the people he interacts with. He connects with people by exchanging ideas, thoughts, and opinions.

Texting the Virgo man is a great way to start a lasting relationship with him. But keep in mind that getting him to open up with his feelings through texts will take a long time and a lot of patience.

To text or not to text?

When do you text the Virgo man, and when do you ignore him? Timing your texts is everything if you want to have a lasting and loving relationship with him.

Text the Virgo man when you want to initiate the connection, but stop texting if he doesn’t show any interest in you. He may reply to you only to be polite; if you don’t feel any enthusiasm from him, let him know and say your goodbyes.

Text the Virgo man in the morning by greeting and wishing him a fantastic day ahead. Letting him know that you think of him before starting your day makes him feel special and will draw him closer to you.

Wait for the Virgo man to respond before sending him another message; don’t do multiple texting where you send him several messages at a time. This shows impatience and clinginess and is guaranteed to drive him away.

Don’t text the Virgo man during office hours or busy times during the day, and even on his holidays unless he texts you first. This shows him that you are considerate and respect his need to have time for other areas of his life, like his career or being alone with himself.

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How to text a Virgo man?

The Virgo man is excellent when communicating his mind but not his heart. Texting someone he likes can be an uncomfortable and frustrating experience for him.

The Virgo man prefers to talk and communicate in person and sees texting as insufficient to express and understand one’s mind and emotion. But texting can win the Virgo man over if you can follow the tips and tricks I listed below with patience and some effort.

Break the ice

The Virgo man loves communicating in person but can appear shy or awkward to texting someone he likes or who likes him. There’s nothing wrong with texting him first to break the ice and make him feel at ease in texting you.

Keep your tone friendly and casual; coming in too strong will make the Virgo man wonder about your true intentions. He tends to analyze and overthink, making him difficult to connect with, so it’s best to start things off on a friendly note.

Keep it light

Keep your texts light and playful to prevent pressuring the Virgo man from getting too serious too fast. He can sometimes be too determined to succeed that he will start planning your future and forget to enjoy the current stage of your relationship.

Show him how to take things as they come and enjoy every moment of your connection, and he will let his hair down and enjoy it as well. This way, you help him have spontaneity and excitement to maintain a healthy balance of fun and seriousness in his life.

Connect with his mind

The Virgo man connects with someone who thinks the same way he does; he also gets bored with someone who always agrees with him. To keep him texting, you should know how to balance supporting his ideas against challenging his mind.

Text him about subjects you think he’s interested in and tell him your honest opinions and ideas. Discuss and bond with him over the areas you agree on, and challenge him with respect on areas you disagree on.

Knowing his interests like the back of your hand is your best bet if you want to keep him entertained, which are all taught by Anna Kovach in Virgo Man Secrets. 

Be sweet and naughty

You will notice that the Virgo man likes contradicting things, and you need to give these to him in balanced amounts. Being sweet to him one time and naughty the next gives him variety and keeps up his interest in you.

Be sweet by sending him thoughtful messages that show your affection, remind him to have his lunch or dinner, and compliment him on his looks or values. Be naughty by seducing him through flirty and sexy messages or photos; take care to keep it classy by steering away from explicit language or nudes.

Ask him practical questions

The Virgo man prides himself on his broad knowledge, and the majority of this knowledge is gained from experience, not from studies or books. Asking him practical questions shows that you trust him to know the correct answer and, in a way, compliment him for his practical knowledge.

Text him to pick his brain on which car model or service provider to choose, the best way to a place he’s been, or what to do in situations he has experienced. He will be more than happy to reply, and it will be evident by the long and detailed messages he’ll send.

Don’t stick to a routine but be consistent

Texting the Virgo man also requires that you balance his contradicting need for stability and spontaneity. Send texts that make him get used to you and trust you, but try not to send the same old things you’ve said before.

Put some variety in your words to keep it more engaging, and try to text him out of the blue. Making these changes when he doesn’t expect them is exciting, but changing them too often will make him see you as unreliable and undependable.

Talk about your feelings 

The best time to talk about your feelings with the Virgo man is when you are 100% sure that you love him and can commit to him. You alone will know when the time is right; you will know and feel it in your heart.

Your feelings should not depend on the Virgo man’s feelings, so don’t wait for him to show signs that he likes you before telling him how you feel. Be honest and brave to lay everything out to him and let him decide on his own; send the ball to his court, so to speak, and wait.

Give him time and space

The Virgo man will need some time alone with himself to think and decide. As long as you’ve said everything you wanted to say, taking a step back and waiting on him is the next step.

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If you’re lucky, you will get an answer from him right away; but be patient when you don’t. He is a slow and meticulous decision-maker, so expect a long wait and don’t annoy him by texting to ask for a response.

Rebuild your connection

If the Virgo man can’t reciprocate your romantic feelings, he will tell you and not lead you on. If you can accept it and learn to recover from this rejection, you can still form a strong bond of friendship with him.

Texting the Virgo man as a source of friendship, loyalty, and support is easy because he is not prone to keeping grudges or dwelling in the past. But make sure you have moved on from your unrequited romantic love for him, or it will prevent you from forming a genuine friendship with him.

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