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6 Sexy Moves That Can Thrill and Turn On A Leo Man

Are you currently dating a Leo man and want to hook up with him? Have no idea how to turn him on? If so, you are on the right page!

To turn on a Leo man, compliment him genuinely and make him feel special. Be confident and playful, showing passion in your actions. Engage in stimulating conversations and maintain eye contact. Leos are attracted to charisma, enthusiasm, and authenticity.

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Leos are physical beings. They like touches and are very active in bed. If you're currently dating a Leo, you might have noticed that he can get sensual with you at any place.

Nonetheless, don't expect that you will have all his attention. A man born under the Leo sign is charismatic, so you can expect that many girls will line up to him. Thus, you must know the right moves that can thrill and turn on a Leo man.

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You need to wipe out the competition and make him focus on you. You can do that by applying the proven sexy moves that work every time with a Leo man. But, before that, you should know the things that a Leo man likes in bed.

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Things that a Leo Man Likes & Love in Bed

He loves the chase.

Leos love the chase no matter what. Thus, you mustn't get too hasty to get a taste of him. Consider having a little foreplay before diving into sex, as this makes him get more excited.

He likes touches.

Although Leos are famous for their hasty nature, they like taking things slow in bed. They want to slowly feel the thrill by feeling your touches in every part of his body. Thus, never remove your clothes right away and kiss him, but slowly touch his body and meet his eyes.

Let your Leo beau feel the intensity of your lust through your eyes, and you will likely blow up his mind. Touch his chest first, then wrap your hands around his neck and touch his nape. Make sure that the way you rub his nape will bring him shivers.

Be light with your touches and ensure that they are sensual, and you will be winning his attention and focus.

He likes to lead.

If you're the type who loves to hold the wheel when it comes to sex, then a Leo man isn't for you. Leos always want to dominate in the relationship, especially in bed. Thus, it's not ideal that you take the wheel from him as it can bore him and make him feel like he's less than a man.

If you want to turn on the Lion of the zodiac, you need to be willing to play the kitten role during romance. He wants his woman to be submissive and full of moaning from his sex performance. He wants to hear his woman how good he is, boosting his ego and performing even better.

He loves being worshiped.

In the middle of your romance, don't forget to worship his body. Trace his body using your hand and tell him how much you adore him. Compliment him and make sure that it strokes his ego!

These are only some of the things that a Leo man likes and loves in bed. For more tips and moves, kindly proceed below, and don't forget to take notes if you need to!

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6 Sexy Moves That Can Thrill and Turn On A Leo Man

#1 Do role play.

One of the fastest ways to turn on a Leo guy and get him thrilled is through role-playing. Wear that sexy, plunging nurse uniform with a stocking on to make him more excited. Entice him by dancing seductively and slowly opening each button of your uniform.

Tease him and never fully unbutton your dress to make him more expectant. Go to him, dance on his lap, and make sure that you are rubbing your booty against his bulge. Be very sensual with him and tease him even more before having sex!

#2 Wear that sexy lingerie!

It's not a secret that appearance appeals so much to a Leo man. Thus, make sure that you will give him something worthy to see. Wear that sexy lingerie of yours, and make sure not to go right into him. Dance slowly towards him and make sure your moves are sexual and erotic.

Let him see what's in store for him, and he will likely go crazy and go to you first, instead. Make sure that he sees you touching your body sensually and look at him full of lust. This way, he will not only get thrilled and turned on, but he will also go crazy for you!

#3 Say dirty words.

Dirty words are like music to the ears of a Leo man during sex. It makes him want to perform more and give his best to make you happy and satisfied. Tell him how big he is and how you want him to get rough with you.

You can also tell him how much you fantasize about him and how wet you get each time you think of him. This way, you will likely stick into his mind even after some days of having sex.

Here are some suggestive words and phrases that you can use to enhance intimacy with a Leo man:

“You're so strong and amazing.”
“I love it when you take charge.”
“You turn me on so much.”
“I can't stop thinking about our special moments.”
“You drive me wild with desire.”
“You're incredibly sexy.”
“I want you to be passionate with me.”
“You make my fantasies real.”
“Your touch feels incredible.”
“I crave your kisses.”

These straightforward phrases can add an extra spark to your intimate moments without sounding wordy or complicated, making it easy for you to express your desires and boost your Leo man's confidence and passion.

Word on the streets is that Leos have a praise kink, so know the right words for showering your Leo Man with compliments through reading Leo Man Secrets guide.

#4 Let him drive you crazy!

When it comes to sex, the Leo zodiac in bed loves to dominate and lead. Thus, it's wise to let him do the work while giving him all the adoration from all the pleasure he's giving to you. Let him drive you crazy as he works on giving you the sensual pleasure that no other man could ever give.

#5 Play with his ears

A Leo man's ear is one of his weak stops. You can touch it sensually while looking seductively at his eyes, and he will likely give in to you. Make sure you can handle his aggressiveness in bed when you seduce him by playing with his ears.

A Leo man will definitely not go easy on you and get rough if he gets too turned on by you. Nonetheless, no worries, as he will let you experience the kind of pleasure like no other could give.

However, it's important to be prepared for the intensity a Leo man can bring into the bedroom. Leo men are known for their fiery and aggressive nature, especially when they're fully engaged in a passionate moment.

If he gets highly aroused, especially when you play with his ears, he might become more assertive or even rough. But it's not all about his needs; a Leo man, in his desire to please his partner, will aim to provide an unparalleled experience of pleasure. He has a big heart and tends to make sure that his partner feels loved and cherished.

So, if you are thinking of using the ear technique to seduce a Leo man, remember it's a two-way street. While you have a tool to make him melt, you should also be ready for the passionate energy he will bring. With understanding and communication, the experience can be deeply satisfying for both partners.

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#6 Choose a good spot.

Leos are thrill-seekers. They love the thrill of knowing that somebody could be watching them having a great time with their girl. Thus, if you want to turn on the Lion real quick, choose a good spot.

You have to know that Leos loves to do it outside as the feeling that somebody could be watching excites him. It raises up his libido to be more rough, active, and feel the pleasure even more. Consider having sex with him on the beach, park, or any other public places that aren't easy to get seen.

Don't forget to talk dirty to him while having sex in public to make him even crazier for you. This way, he will want to hang out with you more often.


Turning on a Leo man isn't a difficult task once you get his attention and focus. You only need to pick the perfect place to make him turned on, and he will likely grab you and do it right there and then. If you have guts, having sex in public places like parks or beaches appeals most to a Leo.

You can also turn him on by touching his inner thighs while being with other people at a table. Meet his eyes and give him a seductive look while sensually touching his thighs. You can also send him a dirty text if other people are surrounding both of you.

Know more of what turns on a Leo Man and impress him with your moves by following the step-by-step guide Leo Man Secrets.

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