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5 Ways To Win A Gemini Man Despite Being Hot And Cold

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When it comes to dating a Gemini man, he can be all about you that day and may act like he doesn't know you next. So, is there a chance to win against a Gemini man despite this? 

One of the best ways to win a Gemini man over despite being hot and cold is to be independent and live your best life. If he's into you, this will open his eyes to your value as a woman. 

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When it comes to relationships, Geminis like to take their time to get to know the woman they are with. Although they might not be the committed type at first, they will be once they see that you're the one. 

They want to be with someone they can rely on and are patient enough to wait for them to commit. So, if you're currently dating or in a relationship with a Gemini guy, it is best not to coax him into marriage.

According to Gemini Man Secrets guide, moving too fast with a Gemini man is one of the things that turn the hot man cold.

Wait for him until he's ready to commit, but ensure to do something productive while waiting. You may take up a new course, go on a solo adventure or have fun with your friends. 

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Show him your independent side and let him see that you're not pausing your life because of him. You can benefit from this action as it will make him realize that you're not clingy like the others.

You're taking charge of your life without any hesitation and earn his respect.

One of my readers, Eddy, shared his insights on this topic. You’re good to go in a Gemini’s eyes as long as you’re loyal, adventurous, intelligent, and of course beautiful!

Why Do Gemini Guys Leave All Of A Sudden?

When a Gemini man leaves, there could be many reasons behind it. It could be that he finds the situation too fast and he's not ready yet. 

It could also be that he wants to think things through to come up with a good decision for both of you. However, you don't have to be afraid that he might leave you as he could also only be testing you.

There are times when a Gemini guy tries his woman to see how she will react and assess if she's the right one. This can be mean and definitely not funny, but you have to accept him for who he is. 

He will always do what he wants and disregard what other people around him think. 

So, why does a Gemini guy leave all of a sudden? Let's dive right into it!

He's not ready yet.

One of the top reasons why a Gemini man leaves someone is that he's not ready for a serious relationship yet. This doesn't mean that he doesn't love you, he may love you, but he's just not ready to commit yet.

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Everything is moving too fast.

He might be ready to commit to you, but it could be that he's unsure if it's the right time. This doesn't mean that he will break from the relationship; he just needs time to think. 

If you happen to encounter the scenario above, give him a few weeks to settle his mind and don't disturb him. It will either make him miss your presence or help him restore the peace of his mind.

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5 Ways To Win A Gemini Man Despite Being Hot And Cold

#1 Be independent and live your best life.

He may start feeling drawn to you, knowing that you're living your best life and someone new might come in. So, if your Gemini man goes hot and cold with you, don't chase him. 

Instead, live your best life and show him that you can still smile and have fun even without him.

This will likely wake him up from the reality that your world doesn't only revolve around him.

#2 Play up with your look

Since a Gemini guy has a short attention span, consider playing with your look to get his attention. As much as possible, don't stick to one style of hair or wardrobe. 

Play up a bit with how you look and dress and you might win him over. So, have some new styles of dresses, pants, and other clothing stuff that help you stand out. 

This way, he might get excited to meet up with you again and anticipate how you will look next time.

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#3 Don't stick up with a routine.

Geminis can quickly get bored and always on the go to find new, exciting things to take on. So, you better have a backpack with some essentials ready, just in case, he will want to go on an adventure with you. 

Traveling is one way to make himself feel so alive and break free from the monotony of life. If he doesn't have any plan to enjoy his free time yet, you can invite him to come with you on an out-of-town adventure. 

He will likely get more interested in you, knowing that you love doing what he loves to do.

#4 Continue to evolve.

Another way to win a Gemini despite his mood is to continue evolving. 

Let him see that you're not wallowing in loneliness despite him ignoring you. He will likely get proud and respect you for standing up for yourself and making yourself better. 

Whatever you do, make sure that it brings value to your life. You should also not try to chase him, making him want to stay away from you more. 

Just give him the time he needs and don't try to contact him during this time. Once he realizes that you are such a gem, he will be the one to go to you and apologize for the way he acts.

If he apologizes, don't say that it's okay and just leave the past behind. Let him know how you feel, not to make him feel guilty, but to let him make amendments.

#5 Don't show high emotions when he comes back.

It can be tough to pretend that you're not super happy that he's back but do it anyway for your good. Don't go on a full celebratory mode and cook a lot for him. 

You don't want to make him think that he's too precious for you as it will make him take you for granted again. If you want to reward him for coming back to you, make sure to do that little by little.

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