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Hypnic jerk spiritual meaning: You might not know this!

Have you ever been startled while you are sleeping? If yes, what did you do? Did you just go to sleep and pretend as if it never happened? Well, I tell you, there’s something more to this jerk. There’s a spiritual meaning of having a hypnic jerk that you should know. 

Spiritually, when you have hypnic jerks whenever you sleep, it means that the spirits are trying to communicate with you. It’s a sign that you have to wake up and hear what the universe is saying. It’s not a sign that a spirit is trying to scare you; instead, jerking in your sleep is symbolic.

After you wake up from your sleep caused of this jerk, your heart suddenly starts beating fast, and you feel somehow scared. This awareness of an imaginary environment causes you to jerk out of your sleep.

This is the so-called hypnic jerk. It occurs when you’re just about to doze off. 

Hypnic jerk and its spiritual meanings

Suppose you think that hypnic jerks are just normal and are part of your sleeping cycle. Then, think again. Perhaps, there’s a deeper meaning to why you’re experiencing this.

The most important thing to do is be alert and open-minded whenever you have hypnic jerks in your sleep.

These spiritual meanings will not positively impact your life if you’re not open-minded to know about them and understand the message that the universe is telling you. Let’s see the four different spiritual meanings of a hypnic jerk.

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Be attentive

If you feel that you’re letting your guard down recently, the universe is making a way to call your attention to your carelessness.

The universe will deliver you these hypnic jerks to tell you that there’s danger around you and that you have to be alert. For example, you have slipped on the floor because simply you did not carefully read the sign “Slippery when wet.”

It also happens when you’re not attentive to understanding the signs of these hypnic jerks. Therefore, whenever you experience a hypnic jerk in your sleep, you must realize that something dangerous is lurking around to hurt you or bring you down.

You need to be cautious and spiritually aware of everything happening around you and your surroundings.

God wants you to pray.

In biblical terms, having a hypnic jerk means that God wants you to pray at that time your hypnic jerk happens for these reasons:

  • There’s someone very dear to you that is in near danger
  • An enemy is trying to attract or hurt you
  • When you forget to pray upon entering a new phase of your life, you might miss these opportunities
  • Maybe God wants you to experience spiritual transformation

Whatever the reason may be, you have to ensure that you pray before going to sleep. You may be a victim to whatever is coming at you if you decide not to make a simple prayer. Well, you have nothing to lose if you follow this, even if it’s true or not.

It serves as protection.

Whenever the evil spirits want to do something terrible at you, kill you, or hurt you in your dreamland, the universe will try to wake you by sending you these hypnic jerks.

You need to be cautious whenever you have the hypnic jerk. It’s better to stay awake for a few minutes before you go back to sleep again.

Doing so will prevent the evil spirits from locating you in the dream world and getting lost in the pathway you’re likely to be on. Therefore, it means that whenever you have a hypnic jerk, it’s a sign that the good spirits are trying to protect you from danger in your dream.

Be careful of your actions.

Do you sometimes dream that you’re falling from a building or at the top of a mountain? Whenever you experience this, the universe tells you to be careful of your actions that might seem dangerous.

For instance, if you have more than four hypnic jerks in a single night; then, you have to watch your actions before doing them. You need to be cautious not just by making actions but also in your decisions in life.

The universe tells you that you’ve probably been making too many mistakes that can affect your life and growth as an individual.

See? There are a lot of spiritual meanings of having hypnic jerks in your sleep. Some of these meanings could be a good thing, while others will make you alert and cautious of what’s happening around you.

Why does it happen to me?

Hypnic jerk occurs because you have been losing focus on the spiritual realities. From the moment your soul roams far away from your spirit, the universe will make a way to call your attention and awaken your consciousness to the spirit.

The universe usually sends hypnic jerk to awaken your consciousness. It uses this as an instrument to bring your soul back in good shape together with the spirit.

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Spiritually, hypnic jerks happen to you because you have become complacent when danger is just lurking around the corner. It happens when the spirits want to talk to you, but your soul doesn’t recognize the signals.

Though there are medical reasons why hypnic twitches happen to you, the spiritual meaning possesses more meaning than its medical counterpart which is mentioned below.

What causes hypnic jerks?

There’s no study or apparent cause of what causes hypnic jerks in most cases. They occur most naturally without any underlying explanation.

However, some ideas and theories are going around about why hypnic jerks occur. Possible reasons include the following:


Exercising is good for the body as it helps blood circulation and stimulates the body. However, exercising late in the evening may make it harder for the body to relax and time for sleep.

Hence, this excess stimulation can lead to hypnic jerks.


Body and brain stimulants, such as nicotine, caffeine, and some drugs, can make falling asleep or staying asleep at night more difficult. Aside from that, they may also increase the chances of having hypnic jerks in your sleep.

The chemicals in these products can prevent the brain from reaching a deep sleep; instead, it causes your brain to startle from time to time.

Stress and anxiety

A stressful lifestyle of feeling anxious can make it difficult to fall asleep or prepare for sleep. An attentive brain may be easier to startle, so a person may be more likely to wake up when these involuntary twitches happen.

Also, you can develop anxiety when you start to experience more jerks or twitches about sleeping since you begin to worry about these hypnic jerks.

Poor sleeping habits

Irregular sleeping patterns or sleep deprivation may be linked to hypnic jerks.

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Can you die from hypnic jerk?

While you may temporarily feel you’re in a life or death situation (for example: falling from a building), these hypnic twitches do not last longer than more than a microsecond and do not cause any harm. None of your vitals, such as heart rate or pulse rate, stop, so there’s no chance that you could die from it.

The problem here is that it can lead to severe anxiety, especially if it happens repeatedly. Moreover, it can disrupt your sleep which can lead to more twitching.

Hypnic jerk during daytime

Having a hypnic jerk during daytime might seem unusual, but it also happens. Also, it startles you more than what you feel at night.

Therefore, whenever you experience a hypnic jerk during the day, it tells you that something could happen in your life that will startle you that’s the same as you felt during that time.

It could be good or bad, but the only way to check which thing you can attract is by looking deeply into your consciousness. If you feel negative about it, then it’s bad news. But if you feel good about it, it’s good news after all.

Hypnic jerk vitamin deficiency

In addition to the factors that cause hypnic jerks, one possible reason could also be you’re nutrient-deficient.

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Having proper nutrition is the key to a peaceful sleep, even daily. However, if you’re twitching at night and during the day, it could be a sign of Vitamin D and Vitamin B12 deficiency. Or, there’s an imbalance of Calcium in your body.

Vitamin D

Take note that Vitamin D is essential in absorbing Calcium in the body, so when the Vitamin D is low, you may experience occasional muscle twitching or spasms in the feet or hands.

Vitamin B12

If you are deficient in Vitamin B12, you can suffer from muscle twitching or spasms, numbness, and you’re feeling restless or weak most of the time.

Calcium and magnesium

A calcium imbalance happens when you have low magnesium levels, or there’s too-high Calcium to magnesium ratio. Magnesium deficiency can cause muscle twitching and spasms. It can also cause the Calcium to become too high, which can overstimulate the nerves.

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