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I Hate My Twin Flame: How can I get over it?

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Saying these words definitely gives a cringe in your heart. You may have many awful experiences saying those words.

The connection is still vital; you can't resist and stay mad for long. Learn to handle hatred and frustration with grace and understanding so you can choose to love instead of hate.

It keeps you insane, being unable to control the emotions inside. It is how you choose to handle such feelings that matters the most.

But hating your twin flame is because you both struggle to understand each other. Talk things over if they did something wrong to make you hate them.

Even if you hate your twin flame, you don't want to be with someone else. You can't easily stop loving someone, especially your twin flame.

Being in love makes you want to be with them always. It gives you joy when you are with them.

It's like you are willing to do anything to be with them. You always want and try to get along with your partner as much as possible.

You don't want any fights between the two of you, so you feel like you shouldn't be angry with them. But sometimes, they get on your nerves, and even if you stay calm, they annoy you.

It's only natural to feel hate at certain stages in your relationship. The burst of rage is more common than you probably imagine.

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What could be the reasons for hating your twin flame?

Same Poles Repel

Let's say two opposite poles of the magnet instantly connect and stick together. However, when you turn the magnet, the same poles instantly repel.

They don't stick, no matter how you force them to. It could probably happen to twin flames and their similarities.

Since they are so similar, being mirror souls, they see everything. All the things they like and don't like, including the things they are running away from.

Twin flames energy have the same signature, adding fuel to the fire. None of them can cool things down when they're in a fury.

There can be little or no calming effect when they are angry. It can be pretty explosive if no one wants to put the fire down.

But also, the same thing happens when they are in a good mood. There are fireworks during the passionate time and when love is in the air.

The intensity is a kind of extreme that sometimes can be unbearable. Sometimes, it is very likely that it stirs up all kinds of reactions, which can also be unpredictable.

Although they want to spend most of their lives together, small fights become inevitable.

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Unrealistic Expectations

The world has been depicting the excellent sides of being in a relationship. Social media accounts start to fill up with happy, sweet, and lovely posts.

It can be photos, videos, or reels with sugary-coated captions. Everything looks perfect with the right amount of filter and Photoshop skills.

It has raised the standards and expectations for flexing their special someone. It also includes extravagant surprises or gifts for their loved ones.

Although showing off is not entirely bad, some people have based love on it. The more you can give something, the greater the love you have.

But not all people have the same love language and the capacity to spend much. It has created a stigma that it is necessary.

However, not everyone in a relationship prefers to broadcast every happening publicly. Some prefer privacy and exclusivity because it is a special moment for both.

Anyone can agree that being in a relationship or marriage is not always on top. You will face rough, tough, and awful times and hopefully overcome them.

Twin flame unconditional love is full of high energy and surprises. It could also happen with negative emotions like hate and frustrations becoming big.

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Internal Conflicts

Every love story has its share of struggles, pains, and blissful moments. You can face several problems and conflicts between the heart and mind.

In addition, the twin flame connection adds to making it an entirely new level. Every emotion is more potent than usual, causing a volatile range of emotions.

It is full of love and hate, switching fast or slow depending on each other's responses. The reactions can trigger in prolonging arguments and disagreements.

Sometimes it happens so fast that there's no room to get used to it or realize what's happening. Thus, it could result in internal battles of twin flames.

Twin flames can be shockingly honest with harsh truths sometimes. Throwing them at your partner can generate resistance and counter-attack as an initial reaction.

You need to take time to think about what you want to do. Don't just react to your emotions and burst out hurtful words you don't mean.

The battle grows when one speaks bluntly without thinking. It can hurt other people to be straightforward without having second thoughts.

But what they say to each other might be a way for them to come to meaningful realizations. Words can give internal bruises to the spirit if they are not yet ready to hear the truth.

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Separation Phase

One of the reasons for having too much hate for your twin flame is when you are in the separation stage. The runner-chaser dynamics can cause a stream of resentment between twin flames.

Usually, the twin flame chasers feel abandoned, which may stir feelings of hatred and frustration. On the other hand, runners can also feel some hate for not fully comprehending what they're doing.

Both of them feel the pain and might also have confusion. The intensity of feelings and the lack of understanding could result in hatred.

You likely hate your twin flame for doing the things that don't please you. Even though the separation phase is a troubling period, it can also get interesting.

You discover more about yourself and your twin flame because of the space between you. Yes, it's not an easy process, but the challenging experience has a purpose.

Going through pain is a prerequisite for healing. If not, growing pains continue to repeat until you are ready to face them.

The denial, unwillingness, and fighting back prolong the agony. It causes the couple to clash more and more badly in the future.

Toxic Connection

Twin flame connection brings all the positive and negative aspects of a relationship. It is vital to work on each other's spiritual growth.

A person having overwhelming feelings can become toxic and might escalate quickly. A setback may be essential to slow down the effect on the other person negatively.

You may be dealing with clashes, fights, and separation simultaneously. Likely, everything changes suddenly, which may also feel like a trap.

Being unable to handle such situations worsens the impact on another's life. It can be very draining, challenging, and difficult to face.

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How can I get over hating my twin flame?

Don't be afraid to talk to your twin flame about what is bothering you. You may feel uncomfortable, but you need to be honest.

You can clear the air if you are open and honest. If you are still angry about the things that your twin flame did to you, relax.

Take time to find calm before talking things over. Peaceful talks are better than shouting at each other in the heat of the moment.

Try to get to the root of the problem with a clear mind than being blinded by emotions. This is an excellent way to find solutions to whatever challenge.

You can't control your emotions if you are still mad at your partner. You can't stay mad forever, so you will eventually calm down and feel better.

You should always love and respect your twin flame despite the enormous differences. Forgiveness is essential for every relationship to last because nobody's perfect.

If they did something wrong to make you hate them, having time for yourself can help. If you cannot talk it out at the moment, find time to talk things over.

It would help if you didn't stay long, not talking to or avoiding each other. One day, you wake up that it's time to let go of the hate.

Hating your twin flame is not going to make the relationship better. You can't hate your twin flame and expect them to love you.

You must let go of your anger to move forward without carrying heavy loads. You can't be truly happy if you are always furious.

You should try to understand your partner and how they feel. If you want to be with your partner, you have to be understanding and patient.

Think about the solution to your problems if you want to stay together in the future. Every relationship is a piece of work that is constantly challenging for growth.

No one needs to get stuck in an unhappy place because of hate and anger. Choosing to be happy is a wonderful choice for people.

Spend some time alone and appreciate your own company doing interesting stuff. Being alone doesn't always equate to being lonely.

Do things that can clear your mind and focus on other essential things. Develop hobbies that might get you excited and thrilled to start.

Maybe there are things that you always want to try to do but haven't got the chance. It could be a nice time to start doing it during your free time.

It fills your body with energy and steers your mind from concentrating on the issues. Forcing some things to happen will only make it worse.

Open your mind to this kind of experience and think about the lesson you're supposed to learn. Through it, you can make the most of it while it lasts and become better and stronger.

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