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I Miss My Twin Flame: What should I do?

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Missing each other in a twin-flame relationship isn’t new. The existing connection drives your desire to be together always.

There are many things you can do when you miss your twin flame. We’ll discuss everything in this article, which can keep your mind a bit busy. 

At any stage in your twin flame journey, you can always do something about it. But before you begin to do anything, there are some kinds of stuff you need to remember.

One, twin flames are always with you because the connection is beyond physical form. You simply cannot stop thinking about your twin flame.

Just having them in your mind gives you comfort. You can tell you are not alone in this journey because you always feel their energy.

No matter which role you portray in twin flame dynamics, you’re curious about them. “How are they doing?” or “Are they doing fine?” you might ask yourself.

The more you are away from each other physically, the more you long for them. You always feel their presence and want to be with them at all times.

Being clingy is no big deal because you are just showing your love to them. And you know they also love you unconditionally.

I was in a really bad place before I knew my twin flame. Working two jobs, struggling to pay rent and just always so lonely.

After meeting him, I launched a business and made $10,000 the first month, moved into a bigger place, and I’ve never looked back. You can speed up your twin flame’s journey to you by identifying them.
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(P.S. Finding your twin flame is a meeting of souls, and could lead to a tumultuously hot ‘bedroom’ experience.)

Things you can do when you miss your twin flame


When you miss your twin flame, you want to do anything to be where they are. It's like yearning for them every time, which sounds absurd to some.

But the link significantly caused you to use abilities just to be together. Whether you are away from each other by choice, missing them comes naturally.

It is not just the longing that's quite strong but also other things like lovesickness. Going through separation, you are likely to engage in telepathy.

Send your twin flame telepathic messages. Unlocking your telepathic abilities is one of the amazing things you discover.

If you are unsure how to do it, you can practice it often to master it. Find a peaceful, perfect spot where you can concentrate.

Relax your mind and heart while concentrating on your breathing. Feel the energy throughout your body and decide what you want to tell your twin flame.

You can send not only messages but also hugs and kisses. In the 5D realm, distance is not an obstacle you cannot overcome. The 5d twin flame realm enables your spirits to communicate.

Telepathy between twin flames can tap the subconscious for the higher selves to reach out. It can alter their moods and behaviors as well.

You can start to notice strange coincidences in various references. You might be seeing the same numbers, words, etc.

It is sometimes unbelievable how powerful your mind is. The more love fuels it, the more wonders it can do than you can imagine.

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Trust the process

The journey has its ups and downs that make you patient. Everything happening may be part of your plan, especially being separated from your twin flame.

You cannot imagine fighting with someone you love. But let's face it; perfect couples have their fair share of misunderstandings.

Along the way, you discover similarities and differences as you get to know each other. Even if you have the same spiritual source, many factors are involved in growing up.

It is impossible to even for the twin to think and feel alike. So, it is best to trust the process during happy and challenging times.

Whatever you are going through right now is necessary for your healing. The separation makes you feel like you're dying inside because you miss them so much.

You can't stop thinking about them, even if days, weeks, or months have passed. Overthinking can also be a problem that creates more depression and anxiety.

As you trust the process, you begin to feel safe in your status. You become aware that the Divine plan is much greater than yours.

The Universe orchestrated a beautiful, unique love story for you and your twin flame. You just have to have faith and believe that everything will fall into its place in the last stage.

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I miss my twin flame. Does my twin flame miss me too?

Yes, of course, they miss you as much as you miss them. The feeling is mutual; what matters is what you will do about it.

Most likely, you share the same feelings even from afar. Your soul connection recognizes both of your energies and transmits them.

The reason behind common mood swings of most people is energy surges. Your twin flame must have transmitted some energy you did not expect.

Strong energy coming from your twin flame affects you either way. That's why they react differently and might get confused about how to deal with it.

When you miss them terribly, embrace what you feel rather than fight it. Denying what you feel can be trouble because the more you resist, the more it gets stronger.

As a result, the ideal thing you can do is be honest with yourself and what you feel. Allow the emotion and energy to travel within you to sink in.

You begin to notice the intensity getting tougher. However, recognizing them until they get weaker in time.

No one can help you escape the feeling because it has a purpose. It is ideal not to resist so the whole process will be more meaningful.

Sometimes, even if they miss you, they are unable to express it. You might wonder what hinders them from revealing their true feelings.

They may be aware of the presence of emotions, but they feel like it is wrong. They may not assess and understand, so they feel a bit out of place.

They try to associate it with something else that makes sense to them. It's like denial and reasons out like being tired or stressed.

Since they are hanging on and getting used to the spiritual connection, they are still oblivious. Eventually, they will be aware of what kind of connection you both have.

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How to stop missing your twin flame?

Stopping yourself from missing your twin flame does not mean stopping the connection. Therefore, stopping to miss your twin flame means stopping focusing on them.

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You take baby steps when you redirect your attention to yourself instead of them. You are traversing the path of self-care, which is also the purpose of the journey.

Focusing on yourself allows you to reach the goals you established. You tend to leave yourself behind by treating others first.

When you learn to prioritize yourself, you get to feel empowered. You are creating a big leap to attain your goals further.

You don't have to forget about twin flame when focusing on yourself. It is finding the balance that you shouldn't have to ignore your needs and wants in love.

You can treat them as your inspiration for getting things done. And you miss them again, divert your attention to something else that cheers you up.

Although you are used to making others your top priority, it never happens overnight. Take your time to flow through the transition rather than forcing anything.

Keep it slow and steady as you learn to change habits. At the same time, as you are improving in your personal development, be grateful.

You are blessed to be able to follow such redirection, finally. It might not be easy, and you may be against it at first, but it makes you better.

It’s great seeing many awakened people accepting the journey wholeheartedly. Continue to be honest and mindful of your energy with your twin flame.

You are not going through everything alone because your twin flame is within you. Your soul connection transcends in many dimensions that you cannot deny.

Therefore, explore a new hobby you have always wanted to try. Pack your bags and get out to see the world, not just the four corners of your office or apartment.

List down the places you want to visit and engage in different adventures. Each lifetime is unique, and enjoying the present and what it offers is best.

You can call your friends and have some mini-reunions. You create memories that, when you look back, remembering puts a smile on your face.

I’m not saying that you should go out and drown yourself with alcohol. Moderation is essential, as well as getting in touch with your friends and family.

Sometimes, we devote all our time to our twin flame and hang out with others less. This time is a great opportunity to go on coffee or brunch dates with them.

You can catch up on your milestones in life and share happy thoughts. You can even try activities you haven’t tried before, like bungee jumping, yoga, or Pilates.

You can also do things alone that you may never have done before.

Have you watched a blockbuster movie in a theatre alone? Or have you traveled solo to someplace you have never been to?

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Now is the time to make these things happen and explore. Book those tickets, pack your bags, and hop on your trip.

It may sound a little impulsive, but it can be a wonderful experience. You get to wander places and meet many people.

It makes you realize many things to discover outside your comfort zone. It is like stepping outside the box into which you are trapped.

You may feel guilty about not doing these things with your twin flame. However, it is a chance to do these things for yourself.

You don't have to worry about other people or your twin flame. As long as you are not doing anything wrong, enjoy your life.

Gather beautiful memories you can share with your twin flame when you meet them again. You will be able to exchange your whereabouts and travels.

Anytime soon, you can do all those things together, which makes them a whole new different experience.

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