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Ignoring a Gemini Man: Catch Him!

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How do you catch the flighty Gemini man? By catching his attention first, of course.

Ignoring a Gemini man can help you catch his attention because chasing after him will make him drift away faster and farther from you. But ignoring him only works if you do it right and for the right reasons.

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Here, I’ve listed the reasons for ignoring the Gemini man; use it to test if ignoring him is your best choice.  I’ve also included a list of possible outcomes if you ignore your man. 

Leta, my cousin's friend, shared her insights on this topic. You need to face reality sometimes and realize that a Gemini man may be the first one to ghost you and he doesn’t really concern you, so it’s better not to get lost in the game.

I hope you enjoy reading this article and learn a lot from it.

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Get to know the Gemini man

Before ignoring a Gemini man, let’s get to know the common traits of his sign. It will help you deal with him and his possible reactions if you ignore him.

The Gemini man is ruled by the planet Mercury, named after the messenger of the Gods, which gives him his knack for saying the right thing at the time. It also means that he sees things in a practical and logical way, trying not to let his emotions get in the way of his thinking.

The Gemini man is an excellent leader with an open mind and empathy for the thoughts and feelings of other people. He is always seeking to share his knowledge and experiences with people willing to connect with him.

The Gemini man is easy to get along with, but he can be confusing in his romantic relationships. He craves the comfort and familiarity that a relationship brings, but his flightiness and ever-changing mind can make him seek thrill and excitement outside of it.

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Reasons for ignoring a Gemini man

Ignoring and having no contact with the Gemini man is always a great way to catch his attention. This social butterfly will notice in an instant any change in your interactions with him.

An important thing not to do is to ignore the Gemini man only to play hard-to-get or toy with his feelings. When you ignore your man, it has to be for the right reasons; I’ve listed these reasons below.  

He is giving mixed signals

When the Gemini man can’t decide to get serious or to let you go, you can try ignoring him for a short time. Don’t cut your connection with him; reply to his messages or see him when he asks you to, but limit your contact if you can.

He is playing you

The Gemini man’s indecisiveness can also make him play you by blowing hot and cold or showing interest in other women. Most of the time, it’s not his intention; it comes from his love for change and his people-loving personality.

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If you think he is playing you, it’s best to be open and talk to him about it as soon as possible; knowing his true intentions will let you know how to act. It would be a shame to ignore him when he has genuine feelings for you; ignore him if he can’t date you exclusively.

He is neglecting you

The Gemini man can neglect his relationship if immersed in his work, projects, or social life. If you feel your man is taking you for granted and does not give you the time and attention you deserve, then it’s alright that you take a step back from him.

Let the Gemini man know how important you are in his life, and make him realize that he can lose you if he keeps on neglecting you. Show him that you are an independent woman who can be on her own and refuses to cling to anyone who can’t appreciate her.

He is too active

If your Gemini man becomes too intense and can’t sit still, let him be and do yourself a favor and rest. Take it as a good sign that he asks you to join in his adventures and thrill-seeking activities or party and meet his friends.

It’s ok if you can’t keep up with your Gemini man; truth be told, no one can. Be honest and tell him when you want to take a break from joining his activities, and don’t ignore him without any explanation.

He is going through something

The Gemini man appears solid and sturdy on the outside, but he can have internal struggles that keep him from focusing on his relationships. He will be overwhelmed and distracted and will not have the time or energy to be with anyone.

It will not be easy to compete with all the Gemini man’s worries, plus it will add to his burden if you pile onto his already full plate. He will appreciate it if you give him some time alone to deal with his issues and wait for him to return once he’s resolved them.

He hurt you

The Gemini man’s analytical thinking and practical nature make him out of touch with his feelings and those of the people around him. 

Let him know how he hurt you and be open but not harsh about it; don’t insult or shut the door on reconciliation. Tell him why and how he hurt you before you start ignoring him so that he is in the know and can reflect on his mistakes and plan his future actions.

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He thinks of you as a friend

If you have romantic feelings for the Gemini man, but he only sees you as a friend, it’s in your interest to ignore him. The chance may be small, but being away from you can make him miss you and think of you as more than a friend.

The worst-case scenario is that he will not notice your absence, and if that’s the case, he’s a lousy friend. Take this as an opportunity to look into your feelings and see your way to getting over them and moving on without him.

What happens when you ignore a Gemini man?

Knowing what happens if you ignore a Gemini man is like predicting where the wind will blow. You can’t know for sure how he’ll react, but you can learn how to deal with his reactions.

The key to dealing with the Gemini man is through something he’s very good at, his skill and love for communication. Being honest and straightforward with him will help you deal with what can happen if you ignore him.

You annoy him

You annoy your Gemini man if you ignore him out of the blue and without telling him the reasons for the silent treatment. He will see you as an immature and vengeful person unworthy of his time and respect.

The Gemini man has no patience in dealing with people who play mind games regarding their feelings. He hates to be in constant doubt of your words and actions or always guessing at your thoughts; these disrupt his analytical thinking and communicative skills.

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You hurt him

The Gemini man who feels true affection and has honest intentions for you will get hurt if you ignore him. It can be challenging to tell if he’s hurt, but he will tell you if you reach out to him with honesty and openness.

Hurting the Gemini man also means breaking his trust, which is something that is slow to obtain and impossible to rebuild. You will not get him to trust you again until you can prove yourself worthy by being reliable and dependable.

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You turn him away for good

The Gemini man has a taste for adventures and new experiences in his life, but he seeks stability and constancy in his relationships. Don’t ignore him because you love to have drama and excitement in your relationship.

The Gemini man will leave you for good if he misunderstands your reasons for ghosting him or distancing yourself from him. He loves to work with things that he can understand, analyze, and organize; he will avoid you if you can’t give him these things.

You catch his attention

Catching the Gemini man’s attention is the result you want to get when you set out to ignore him. Once you catch his attention, you can get a better chance of conveying your feelings, ideas, or any issues you’re facing in your relationship.

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