Is Manifestation Real? - Read this now! -

Is Manifestation Real? – Read this now!

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The talk about manifestation has been spreading lately, especially in spiritual groups. But there are many misconceptions about this concept.

Let's break down the manifestation once again. Generally, it is based on the law of attraction. It’s about attracting things with the same vibrational frequency. To put it in simpler words, like draws like.

However, we can't put the concept inside a box. It is always more expansive than what we perceive. While it’s true that positive thinking is essential, this is not the whole thing. That is why when we talk about manifestation, action is also involved. Again, manifestation is not a fixed and immovable concept.

Manifestation and Doing

Manifestation is willing things into existence. This means that manifestation does not rely on vibrations alone, it is also mind-conditioning that propels you into action. Of course, doing is what we do to get tangible results.

To apply this, let’s think about a dream job you might have. This dream job won’t magically fall on a silver platter just because you thought about it day and night. That’s just propagating laziness and making yourself feel better despite your lack of action.

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If manifestation were as easy as just thinking whatever, we would all be millionaires, right? Everything in the world undergoes processes. Just like any other thing in the world, you manifest by undergoing a procedure.

Manifestations are ideas on the move. When you have an idea and do nothing to achieve even half of it, it is useless. When a person is hungry, but all he does is think about how hungry he is, he will die.

The concept of manifestation can be simply equated to these obvious questions and situations. What should the people having all these ideas do? The answers could be different in terms of structure and delivery, but they will point to one thing only: act upon it!

Manifestation Misunderstood

In connection with the earlier discussion, many people misunderstand manifestation. This is also because of the things we consume in the media or on other platforms. Speakers and writers might have overdone their pieces about manifestation.

Perhaps, they make it seem as though only thinking about things will help you achieve them. This is why some people absorb the message as it is: that you just need to think about it religiously, and you got it. As I was saying, it’s more than that. Just thinking and receiving when you think about it is pretty ambitious, don’t you agree? We can debunk this in so many ways because it’s simply problematic.

Subscribing to this mindset suggests that people who suffer from hunger, poverty, and other serious issues brought all of those to themselves. This mindset explicitly suggests that all problems in your life are one thought away! This type of belief fosters blind optimism. As you should know, being objective and having the capability to assess is essential. This can even make you lazier than you ever were. Haha, just kidding, but seriously, this can stagnate your growth.

Do not confuse making a move with being negative too. The mind and the body must be in sync. You might have also read about the chakras or the energy points in our bodies. They stress the importance of aligning our energy points. Do not just do one task and forget the other. Have a positive mindset as well as the motivation to act upon your goals.

Manifestation; Mindset and Energy

They often emphasize having a positive mindset to attract things that are of the same frequency. This is true, just like how you may have experienced it in your daily lives. You often overlook it, but energy plays a huge role in our daily lives.

For example, you’re new to work, and you encounter a colleague. You feel like they don’t “vibe” with you. The most common thing to do is leave him as he is. You just work with him but don’t mingle as much.

Let’s reverse the situation. You are new to work, and you have a colleague that just lifts your spirit. You feel attracted to that person, and in a way, you are affected by his energy. You feel like you want to know him more and be friends with him.

You see, that’s just one example of how our mindset and energy interplay in our daily life. I bet you can name a bunch of experiences with them. These ordinary and minuscule things we do every day require and possess a kind of energy. We might not have much choice, but we can harness and master how we deal with them.

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However, in the talks of being positive, we should also be mindful of the things we interpret. There are a considerable amount of situations that we might misunderstand. If this happens, we can be sacrificing our morality for the sake of staying “positive.”

For example, imagine someone you know losing their house. You can’t possibly think of it as something positive, right? It would be wrong to believe that it’s a good thing to happen. It would also be hard to find a silver lining out of the situation.

The point here is that do not force a positive thought out of an entirely negative situation. There is no point in that. The best you can do for your mindset is to accept the case and refrain from adding to the negativities.

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You might have experienced an adverse situation; however, do not push yourself further down. Your mind and thoughts can do that. They can push you further and further down until you get stuck.

We can’t always be correct. The best we can do is assess ourselves correctly to be able to think soundly. We indeed need to avoid negative thoughts; they do nothing good to us.

Manifestation and Emotions

I agree it’s essential to have positivity, for it also fuels resilience. But there are times we are allowed to feel down. Not to the point of cursing and self-pity but for the sake of releasing your emotions.

There is a difference between feeling sad and choosing to keep being miserable. We are always allowed to feel negative emotions! It’s a matter of how we entertain it. If you treat your sadness like a visitor that would eventually go away, you’re on the right track.

These emotions are not supposed to be permanent in our lives. They come and go. If you ever feel bad, it would be nice to acknowledge it. By acknowledging your emotions, you are getting to know yourself more profoundly.

Remember that you always have the choice to act upon your emotions. You can relieve them anytime in a suitable manner, without hurting anyone, including yourself. 

The Science of Manifestation

If you say manifestation is a load of junk, you should say goodbye to therapy. If you don’t believe you can “manifest” things to reality, consider thinking about therapies, wellness interventions, and others.

There are actually many researches that prove that manifestation exists. If you come closer and explore the concept more, you’ll realize it’s more accurate than you think. Here are some studies and ideas that hints and lend support to manifestation.

A growth mindset helps you realize your goals. This research is by Carol Dweck. Her research sends the message that believing you are capable of something increases the possibility of achieving it. 

This supports the theory that our growth mindset is indeed a factor in our journey to achieving our dreams. This research also fuels and proves action-based responses as a result of our mindset.

Self-fulfilling prophecies. Research also shows that we tend to confirm our expectations, both positive or negative. This phenomenon is called a self-fulfilling prophecy. Expecting an idea to come into life or for us to reach a goal, then we’re most likely to.

For example, you don’t expect to be winning a competition you have joined in, and then you might just not. There is a huge possibility that you may act your expectations out and actually fail the competition.

You could be procrastinating and not striving hard. You can also be very uninterested and end up not doing your best. Negative self-talk may also happen when you think about these things. Your belief has a significant effect on your performance and your willful actions.

Negative biases have an effect on other things. Research shows that you are likely to lean on the negative side of things, especially when you’re already there. In other words, if you are already in a bad mood, you will probably view a neutral situation as unfavorable.

The biases inside your mind are powerful. This is evident when you are a fan of someone. You might hear something wrong about them, but then you overlook it because of your bias. The same happens in this theory.

Our biases might cloud us, so our perception is shifting. For example, a person with a more positive outcome sees a particular situation and is glad and thankful for such a blessing. On the other hand, a person can experience the same thing and view it as something negative because of his negative bias that affects his mindset. This is how bias affects manifestation.

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Positive emotions as an active agent for manifestation success. According to Dr. Barbara Fredrickson’s research, positive emotions allow for more creative ideas. There is also a similar study by Dr. Sonja Lyubomirsky that happiness leads to success.

For some people, being happy is success itself, right? Happiness is sometimes a luxury most people can’t afford. It’s the small wins in life, after all. Back on track, people who are generally happy tend to attract and receive more opportunities. They also have a good eye for more options and good relationships. Your overall life will shine twice as bright when you are happy.

People who are happy and positive are more likely to succeed in whatever goal they put their minds to. This is also a sound explanation for our preference to be with positive people and avoid people with off-putting energy.

Manifesting with Clear Grounds

Manifestation is, of course, an existing and a real thing. To deem it as non-existent is being close-minded to the possibilities. Not only the higher being’s capabilities but also yours. Do not underestimate yourself.

Not that I'm telling you to be self-reliant and forget other people. It’s good to be someone you can rely on, and it’s even better when you acknowledge your capabilities and your limitations. Everybody has a limit. Believing you are surpassing God is not a belief I would encourage.

You are yourself, and at the same time, you need some things fixed. You can achieve many things, but fulfillment comes in achieving something you want to. So you have to assess yourself if you’re doing it with passion. Try to find your interest in things. And avoid doing things because of a spur of the moment or just a sense of urgency.

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In manifesting what we want, we must have clear grounds. It’s hard to believe something that we have no idea about. If you trust science more than anything and want to explore manifestation, nevertheless, do it on your grounds.

You can research their connection, or you can refer to the research mentioned above. They must identify where you stand. Be a bridge that connects and manifests on clear grounds.

You can meditate and be mindful about it. Mindful meditation helps a great deal; it quiets your mind and increases your awareness. Next, manifest what matters to you, something that's important and relevant.

Taking a spiritual bath might help you meditate. I've written a guide on spiritual bathing that you might find useful.

Having a goal like this also possesses a strong drive as it matters a lot to you. Where is this rooted from? Also, ask yourself that question to be further aware of the circumstance. Does it feel right, and would it harm anyone around me?

Positive emotions also help a lot! As it is shown in research and even in your real-life encounters. In any circumstance, try to assess if it’s going to harm anybody along the way. Again, action is needed to achieve effective manifestation. Do something to help yourself grow today.

There are many ways to achieve an effective manifestation. One way is by using a bay leaf. Check out this article I wrote on how to use bay leaf for manifestation.

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