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Judgement Tarot Card Meaning (Upright & Reversed)

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This tarot card is a representation of trials and rebirths. It also represents the consequences for every action and deed that you do.

This tarot card's placement in a tarot reading is vital to understanding its true meaning for you. The Judgement tarot card hints you about two things: you are in the spring of something new or close to concluding something.

This card is the tarot card of Judgement, the major arcana's twentieth card in the tarot deck.

Usually, drawing this twentieth card of the major arcana, implies that there will be a shift, transformation, and transition in your life.

Moreover, this card teaches you the essence and the significance of self-reflection.

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Symbolism Of The Judgement Card

The depictions of this tarot card are incredibly biblical. If you will base the symbolisms in the Rider-Waite deck, well, the Judgement tarot card depicts an angel who is awakening the dead.

Placed in the coffins are a man, a woman, and a kid, greeting the angel with outstretched arms. These three faithful people show that the Judgement comes to save all.

There is a wave behind them, and this wave indicates Noah's trial, which is the great flood.

Numerology Of Judgement

The major arcana's twentieth card is the Judgement tarot card. There are many interpretations of the number twenty.

Addition: add the two digits of the number, which are two and zero. If you add to and zero, you will come up with the number twenty. 

This number, number two, stands for duality.

Multiplication: to get twenty, you may multiply the numbers: two and ten. For the number ten, you may add its digits: one and zero, and you will get one. 

Ten is the figure for the attainment of something that is in its full potential. The number ten is for both new beginnings and conclusions.

Judgement Keywords


  • A change of perspective
  • Awakening
  • Composure
  • Consciousness
  • Decision making
  • Decisiveness
  • Destiny
  • Evolution
  • Fame
  • Final decision
  • Forgiveness
  • Freedom
  • Good news
  • Happiness
  • Healing
  • Homesickness
  • Improvement
  • Inner calling
  • Inspiration
  • Protection
  • Purpose
  • Rebirth
  • Redemption
  • Reflection
  • Reincarnation
  • Renewal
  • Resurrection
  • Reward
  • Self-evaluation
  • Success
  • Talent
  • Transformation
  • Transition
  • Victory
  • Wakeup call


  • An error in Judgement
  • Crisis
  • Denial
  • Disappointment
  • Divorce
  • Error
  • Failure to learn lessons
  • False accusations
  • Frustration
  • Ignorance
  • Indecisiveness
  • Inner critic
  • Lack of restraint
  • Lack of self-awareness
  • Legal problems
  • Malicious gossip
  • Oppression
  • Poor logic
  • Poor or hasty judgement
  • Procrastination
  • Resistance
  • Self-destruction
  • Self-doubt
  • Self-loathing
  • Stagnation
  • Suffocating environment
  • Unfairness

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Upright Judgement Tarot Card Meaning

The Judgement tarot card is one heck of a clear signal of progressive evolution and metamorphosis. It is like the tarot card of Justice, they are like karma's cards. 

These cards' difference in the aspect of karma is that the Judgement tarot card deals with spiritual work. This tarot card is like a relief from a long and challenging journey in an upright position.

If the Judgement tarot card presents itself in a tarot reading it serves as your signal for awakening and some changes and modifications. It will be your companion and champion: this tarot card will let you know and continually remind you that you are not alone and that for every hard word, you will receive something sweet afterward.

The Judgement tarot card can render realizations and awareness that will shake you up from your feet. This tarot card also has a similarity with The Tower tarot card. 

These cards deliver you shocking information and data that you never expect. These discoveries regularly have an accompaniment, which is a sense and feeling of peace and calmness.

Judgement (Upright) in Health

The Judgement tarot card is a good omen when it comes to the context of health. You learned and are still learning from your mistakes. Once you learn from your errors, you can proceed on the right footing towards a better, stronger, and healthier day.

Judgement (Upright) in Career

In a career context, this upright tarot card tells you that your boss is considering you for a promotion or a pay raise: these people are keeping and gluing their eyes on you. After knowing this heads up, you should continue to be yourself and continue working diligently.

Judgement (Upright) in Money

In a context about money, this upright tarot card tells you not to be overly cautious with money. It is great to be financially viable, but you do not have to fuss about every cent you spend and consume.

Judgement (Upright) in Love & Relationships

The Judgement in a love reading indicates the essence of communication. It is possible that problems you avoid will resurface.

The Judgement tarot card might suggest that your relationship will be a long and conducive one, or it may likewise imply that your relationship will be a brief but worthwhile occurrence.

Reversed Judgement Tarot Card Meaning

Judgment's tarot card reveals that there is room for transformation, but you are having a strong sense of resistance. In a reversed position this tarot card tells you that there are blockages in your energy, and it is hindering you from having an open eye and an open mind.

The reversed Judgement tarot card implies that you are currently ongoing with your journey, but you are stuck midway through some blockages.

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The reversed Judgement tarot card may also be a calling to reflect on yourself and your life situations. To arrive at a deep and higher universal understanding, you need to weave your way by meditating or quietly contemplating things.

Judgement (Reversed) in Health

This reversed tarot card tells you that you will not deal with new physical well-being matters. Nevertheless, past wounds or traumas, even the present ones, are pondering you and your mind more denselymind densely than ever.

It is necessary to drop the history and the negative thoughts it caused you. It would be best if you start thinking positively as early as now.

Judgement (Reversed) in Career

Stop doubting yourself. This self-doubt causes your great opportunities to go on standby. 

Trust yourself, everything you have to offer as much as everyone already trusts and hopes in you.

Judgement (Reversed) in Money 

The approaching tomorrow will be as enduring and stable as you least expect, and you should be capable of gratifying in any more risky ventures. You can moderately squeeze your fixed means to compensate for practices that will cause you happiness and joy.

Judgement (Reversed) in Love & Relationships

The Judgement, in reverse, wants you to rethink your choices. Ask yourself questions, explicitly starting with, “Are you happy?”

This relationship may be a push and pull process. You both apply communication, yet you don't use it efficiently.

Suppose you are in a relationship and the Judgement tarot card in a reversed position presents itself to you. This is an excellent implication that your indecisiveness hinders your bond's essential maturity.

Judgement as Advice

The Judgement tarot card as advice wants you to reevaluate certain situations. Before making a decision, think about the right choice for you.

It’s normal to sit down and reflect on the choices you’ll make. You need to make sure you’re confident in your decision instead of being impulsive.

This card is also a sign of change, and it’s never too late to change. If you change something, change for the better rather than the worse.

If you’re trying to do something, reevaluate if it is for you. Then, without hesitation, you’ll take the risk or lose the chance.

Judgement Reversed Advice

Taking your time isn’t a crime, but remember, your time is still running. The due date is almost over, and you’re still uncertain of your decision.

The Judgement in reverse shows that you’re stagnant when it comes to choices. Perhaps you’re often indecisive or rely solely on what others want for you.

Judgement as a Person

The Judgement of a person is someone who knows what they want. You may be a leader who has clear visions and intentions for your people.

You’re someone who doesn’t often second guess the choices you make. If you choose a path, you’re sure that path is meant for you.

But just like others, there are days when you also have regrets. However, you think the result is still much better than the second choice.

You like to be critical when it comes to analyzing situations. You prefer to look at a more extensive perspective rather than the narrow parts.

Judgement Reversed as a Person

The Judgement card in reverse is someone who is often uncertain. They can’t make the right decision and tend to be indecisive about their choices.

You’re someone who doesn’t know the dichotomy between right and wrong. What you think is right or wrong may be the opposite for most people.

Judgement Present

In the present position, you’re juggling options to come up with a choice. This is a time for you to think about what’s more important or efficient.

You may be someone who regretted making the wrong choices in the past. Now that you know what to do, you don’t want to make the same mistake.

Judgement Past

In the past position, you made countless choices that led to regrets. Yet, there are still days when you wish you could start over again.

You were both impulsive and indecisive in the past. This led you to face significant consequences and hardships as a result.

Perhaps you chose practicality over your passion. You chose a “tuition-free” school, but the course you took isn't your dream course.

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Judgement Future

In the future position, you’ll have clarity on the choices you should make. This is a time for you to realize your true potential and skills.

You may be currently anxious about picking up a choice that’s related to work. Perhaps you’re making the old habit of being indecisive again.

Judgement as How Someone Feels About You

This someone feels like you’ve made an enormous impact in their life. This person wants to thank you for changing their perspective when it comes to decisions.

You taught them many things that would boost their personal growth. You taught them the importance of self-reflection and to be wise in making choices.

Judgement Outcome

The outcome of the Judgement prepares you for battle. This is a time when you’ll face major hardships that concern your choices.

You’re going to choose the one that is for you. Without hesitations, you’re ready to see what it’s like to choose the one that’s for you.

It’s inevitable to experience bumpy roads along the way. But you know it will only make you stronger and wise to succeed.

Judgement Pregnancy and Fertility

The Judgement card is a relevant sign that indicates pregnancy. This will be the time when you have to STEP UP YOUR GAME!

There is no competition but remains competitive. Be the mother or the parent who is willing to give everything to their child.

Even if the labor is nine months away, start preparing your needs now. Remember, choosing the daily necessities should be thought twice.

Judgement Energy

The energy of the Judgement connects with your Higher Self. It encourages you to seek the Higher Good, and you shall receive blessings.

This energy wants you to tap into your higher level of consciousness. Therefore, you need to reevaluate every choice and situation you make.

The Judgement gives you immense energy to be in control. Remember, it is your life, do what it takes to leave gracefully.

Judgement as Actions

Come out, come out, wherever you are! Stop playing hide and seek with your fate and face it now!

Judgment in action wants you to confront a situation. This may be something you’ve been avoiding for several months.

Perhaps you’re avoiding a friend who made you feel uncomfortable. You don’t know how to raise your problem with them, so you ignore them.

Judgment as Intentions

The Judgement’s intentions focus on self-reflection and awakening. This is a sign that you should start taking care of yourself more.

Despite the responsibilities, you need to be sure of the situation. There’s no escape in hiding or delaying the choices you should make.

If you inflict your intentions on someone, make sure that it’s pure.

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Judgement as How Someone Sees You

Someone sees your evident progress for the past months or years. This person witnessed your ups and downs and a significant breakthrough.

They encountered how you dealt with difficulty when it came to your decisions. You used to prioritize the choices of others rather than your own.

This person may view you as someone who is judgemental. You either like to observe things out of curiosity or gossip.

Judgement Time Frame

The Judgement card has a connection with the zodiac sign, Scorpio. Its period starts on October 21 and ends on November 20.

The card has a representation of the number 20. This number is divided into two sections: a decision and a new beginning.

Judgement as a Woman

The Judgement of a woman can be seen from the card. Illustrations of women rose from their graves because of Gabriel’s trumpet summons.

This presents a major awakening for you. It stands for rebirth, to have the chance to get a second chance.

As a woman, you’re willing to become a new person. This is because you want to be the best version of yourself.

You’re ready to embrace new changes in your life. You’re willing to seek room for growth and spiritual healing.

Judgement as a Man

The Judgement of a man is seen in the card. The men rose from their graves after hearing Gabriel’s trumpet calling.

You’re given another chance to shoot your shot in life. But when you think about it, every day is always a second chance.

You’re fully aware of what you need to do to avoid regrets. You’re going to make wise decisions that suit your life goals.

Judgement Communication

The Judgement can be a blueprint for merging communication. It represents the unity of your past and current life to observe your growth.

The angel in the card who blows the trumpet unites past and current lives. It is up to you to decide if you’ll respond to the angel’s calling or not.

Judgement Reconciliation

The Judgement card can be neutral when it comes to reconciliation. This means it is possible to reconcile or not, depending on the situation.

A past person deeply misses your presence and love every single day. But they’re currently reflecting on their past actions and wrongdoings.

Judgement Physical Appearance

The Judgement’s physical appearance can enable them to stand out. You’re likely to gain attention whenever you’re in public or crowded places.

It’s possible that you have or are planning to have tattoos. Whatever the designs are, people will notice their appearance along with your clothing style.

You’re someone who presents yourself effortlessly. You can have a charismatic presence, and your brilliant mind is evident to the crowd.

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Judgement Reversed Outcome

The Judgement reversed outcome shows you're not moving. You refuse to take a step forward to confront a serious situation.

Here you are, still running from your responsibilities like a scaredy-cat. You're afraid of confronting something or someone because you think it will ruin you.

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You don't want to change, but you can't also stay the same. You're juggling too many options in the palm of your hand.

Judgement Pregnancy and Fertility

The Judgement in reverse in pregnancy is stagnant. You’re currently in a situation you think you can’t handle.

This could mean you’re happy about the big news. However, you don’t know where to start or what are the right things to do.

You’re juggling options to think if they’ll suit your baby. There’s nothing wrong with that, but it can be overwhelming for you.

Judgement Friendship

The Judgement focuses on communication. You need to approach your friends about certain choices or compromises.

It can be possible that your friends are talking behind your back. But they can assure you that they talk about you with good intentions.

Perhaps they’re discussing how to approach you more. They want to ask how you’re doing and if you’re dealing with personal problems.

Justice and Judgement

Keep in mind that you’re always smarter than you think. Don’t let anyone or anything convince you that you’re just small.

Because you’re more than that, do you have any idea how powerful you are? You have the ability to make wise decisions to reach success.

The combination of Justice and Judgement shows a strong aura. It gives you a slight push from the back to use your intelligence.

Because intelligence will always equal excellence. It will enhance you to seek the truth, what’s real and what’s not.

With the Justice card, you’ll look at things from a different perspective. You’ll try to weigh the pros and cons of a given situation.

Death and Judgement

Don’t worry if things may seem to fall apart right now. Because sometimes, you just need things to crumble to find what’s more important.

Perhaps you’re currently juggling a lot of responsibilities. You overwork yourself to the point that you lose count and focus.

So things are starting to be overwhelming for you. Maybe you just need to sort out your priorities and destroy the irrelevant ones.

The combination of Death and Judgement allows you to open your eyes. These cards want you to see what’s more important.

With the Death card, you’ll see that things start to fall apart. And it’s okay to panic or to feel grief while you’re in the process.

Judgement and Ace of Cups

It’s okay if you’re not used to huge adjustments. It’s okay if you’re still trying to figure out the new beginning you recently entered.

The Judgement and the Ace of Cups encourage you to go for it. These cards want you to consider working on your creative gifts.

Perhaps you recently got out of a job that exhausted you. So you’re now trying to adjust to the new job that you have.

Perhaps you’re trying to adjust to the work environment. You’re trying to test if your skills can be helpful and inspirational for the team.

With the Judgement card, you’re now entering a new cycle. This adjustment towards work can help you engage in spiritual awakening.

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Temperance and Judgement

If you want to glow, you need to undergo the stage of growth first. You must not get too comfortable relying on your old space.

Because eventually, there will come a time when you have to move out. You’ll have to resign from a company you thought would give you forever.

Because people need to constantly grow to find themselves. You need to realize that this is a good thing in order to improve yourself.

The Temperance and Judgement are cards that will enlighten you. They will inspire you to seek the path of a balanced life.

Strength and Judgement

Detachment and walking away are always tricky. Because it gives you the reminder that everything is only temporary.

Maybe you’re trying to remove your attachment issues. You’re creating this facade that you can feel numb, even when you don’t.

The Strength and Judgement cards are a combination of perseverance. In order to start a new life, you need to keep fighting.

The Strength card reminds you that being brave will lead you to success. Sometimes, we have no choice but to normalize resiliency.

Judgement and Ace of Pentacles

In order to get what you want, you’ll not just sit and wait. Instead, you’ll take action in regards to your manifestations to appear quickly.

This doesn’t mean that you choose to be impatient. You’re not rushing things; you just believe in your power to achieve your goals.

Obviously, you would still need the help of the universe. So you’re asking for constant guidance that your manifestations will show up.

The Judgement and Ace of Pentacles are a good combination. They’re a reminder that you need to make wise decisions.

Judgement and Ace of Swords

Your mind is an exquisite thing that seizes to do more. Because of this, you always have the power to create wise decisions.

You’re someone who has the mental capacity to work. Despite the circumstances, you would make sure that you’re in the right headspace.

The Judgement and the Ace of Swords are a powerful combination. It allows you to practice developing a healthy mindset.

With the Judgement card, you’re capable of grasping a new cycle. This will happen if you’re willing to leave old patterns.

Judgement and King of Cups

If you have a father figure, this is a sign that you can do it. Whatever hardships you’re dealing with right now, they’ll all pass.

Because your efforts and sacrifices are always worth it. They’re the ones that would give you the strength to be better.

The King of Cups has an alignment with the Judgement card. This is a sign that you have the ability to make wise decisions.

You’re willing to enter a new cycle that’s beneficial for growth. So you need to let go of your old patterns and start reflecting.

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Judgement and Knight of Cups

The new road that you’re going to take won’t be easy. But rest assured that you’ll learn new ideas and execute your gifts.

You’re someone who is willing to go on an adventure. Because you’re eager to grow and learn more about life’s opportunities.

Maybe this is in regards to love, but not necessarily relationships. Perhaps you want to enter a journey where you can see your true purpose.

The Judgement and the Knight of Cups prepare you to take off. These cards will guide you to operate your rocket ship to the stars.

Judgement and Page of Cups

You're now ready to move on from the past to explore. So you're now packing your bags for a trip that will bring you fulfillment.

You're someone who is willing to learn new ideas and lessons. Because you always crave for further information to increase your intelligence.

So you won't stop until you receive the ideas you need. You continue to let yourself roam through the wonders of life.

The Judgement and the Page of Cups are a powerful combination. Because it gives you the inspiration to keep traveling to attain success.

Judgement and Page of Swords

Keep the fire burning alive inside of you to achieve success. Because the more you get curious about things, the more you’ll learn.

There’s nothing wrong with engaging yourself in new beginnings. You have to fall apart and rise in order to grow more in this life.

So have the free will to explore new opportunities that pique your interest. This is a sign to get out of your usual comfort zone.

The Judgement and the Page of Swords is a valuable connection. It reminds you that at every beginning you enter, you’ll receive new knowledge.

Judgement and Two of Cups

If you’re in separation from your person, this combination is a good sign. The Two of Cups and Judgement may be a sign of reconciliation.

Perhaps this relationship reached its farewell in the past. You and your personal need to focus on yourselves to grow.

So you thought that maybe it’s better if you grow apart. There’s no harm in trying to love yourself first before you love others.

Maybe it’s true that you were both built to fall apart to fall back together. Eventually, true love has its habit of coming back.

What’s right for you will find you. And it will bring you peace.

The Devil and Judgement

Whatever you do, you must not dive into temptation. Because it has the capability to ruin your dreams and reputation in life.

You don’t want to get yourself in too much trouble. Remember, hedonistic experiences will not get you the good life you want.

If you’ll spend your time partying and getting wasted, where will that get you? Maybe you’ll only find yourself missing something that’s not there.

The Devil and Judgement card shows a negative outcome. It shows that you can’t start a new life if you’re too focused on your vices.

The Star and Judgement

In every new path that you take, may hope to remain in you. Because this is the one that you’ll need the most to succeed.

Without hope, you won’t be able to face your challenges. Without hope, you can’t keep the fire burning to receive your desires.

The Star and the Judgement cards are a powerful combination. They give you the reminder that the power resides within you.

If you want to start a new beginning, bring optimism with you. Because you’ll not conquer the road filled with hardships without these.

Without hope, you won’t even think about starting a new life. With the Star card, make yourself the center of everything.

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The Tower and Judgement

Sometimes, you need to accept things as they are. Even if it’s easier said than done, you need to keep moving forward.

Perhaps you’re at a point in your life wherein everything feels wrong. You may feel like you aren’t doing a great job in your work.

The performances you apply to your project are only the bare minimum. Maybe you continue to resist yourself to prevent things from being worse.

The Tower and the Judgement combination wants you to be strong. You’ll inevitably experience dealing with many towers in your life.

Judgement and Eight of Wands

Now is not the time to let distractions dictate your life. You need to keep in track of your goals and follow what your heart desires.

This is a sign that you need to stop moving. You need to start working on a specific project that needs to reach the deadline.

Because if you choose to sit and relax, you won’t get the prize. You won’t get the recognition you deserve from the company.

The Eight of Wands and Judgement are a good combination. It gives you the slight push that you shouldn’t waste time.

Judgement and Knight of Pentacles

You’re someone who focuses your eyes on the goal. No matter what it takes, you’re willing to receive the things you deserve.

As long as you have determination, you won’t lose yourself. Because you were raised to be a fighter, not a quitter.

The Knight of Pentacles and Judgement wants you to keep going. Things may be difficult at first, but it will get better.

Because once you adapt to the workload, it will be light for you soon enough. Even though it sounds exhausting, it doesn’t really matter to you.

Judgement and Queen of Cups

With the power of the Queen, you’re a wise person. And not only that, your compassion for others is always evident.

So some people may view you as the selfless one. Because you would always choose to prioritize the needs of others.

There’s nothing wrong with applying this but think about yourself. Don’t forget to provide time for yourself despite your responsibilities.

The Queen of Cups has an alignment with the Judgement card. This combination may give you the motivation to connect with your inner self.

Judgement and Three of Cups

As you enter a fresh part, this will be worth the wait. You’ll realize that people and situations leave and stay for a reason.

And you’ll be glad that this new journey had to happen. Because you’re now willing to change yourself for the best version.

As you enter a fresh start, you’ll surround yourself with abundance. You know that you deserve to have long-term and healthy relationships.

The Three of Cups and Judgement are a sign of communication. As you enter this stage, expect to engage in meaningful conversations.

The Hierophant and Judgement

As you enter a fresh start, keep in mind to be sensitive. Because you still need to conform to some traditions that you have.

Perhaps you’re affiliated with a specific type of religion. So you need to make sure that you follow its rules and regulations.

Because you’re part of a large mass of people who preach this. Apart from your wants, you need to show your respect.

The Hierophant and Judgement are strong cards that will test you. It will test your willingness to change and stay with your beliefs.

The Lovers and Judgement

Keep in mind that you deserve to receive healthy and genuine love. You deserve to have the love that you always wanted.

You’re never too much when you’re with the right person. Because they would always know how to handle your situations.

The Lovers and the Judgement cards are a powerful combination. They both represent the ability to think clearly in relationships.

Because once you enter a relationship, it won’t be the same anymore. This isn’t supposed to be a negative representation.

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The Magician and Judgement

Remember, this is just another challenge for you. Whatever you’re going through, you can make it out alive.

Because this will only test you to apply your strengths. You know too well that you’re gifted; now’s the time to show it.

Maybe you want to pull off the independent figure aura. You know that you have the ability to manifest things to work out.

The Magician and the Judgement combination complement each other. These cards are so compatible that they can be related to you.

Judgement and Four of Wands

Whenever you're in right now, you'll still think about home. There's nothing safer and more comforting than moments with loved ones.

Remember, you're not being too clingy when you miss people. Maybe you're currently living alone or staying at a university dorm.

In order to fulfill your dreams in the future, you need to move out. This is beneficial in order for you to be more brave and independent.

The Four of Wands and Judgement shows that you miss home. And your home isn't literally composed of walls; it's your people.

Judgement and King of Swords

You’re someone who tries to look at a different perspective. Instead of only focusing on what’s offered to you, you’re willing to find out more.

You’re someone who is willing to hear the concerns of others. You’ll try to intertwine with a solution that applies a greater judgement.

Because you want to weigh the pros and cons of the situation. You’re someone who doesn’t want to be biased on the other side.

The Judgement and the King of Swords align with each other. Since they both possess the capability of acquiring good judgement.

Judgement and Queen of Pentacles

This is a time to start changing yourself for the better. If you’re already in a thriving place, maybe you want to spice things up.

Because as someone who has a queen figure, you crave for growth. You don’t want to rely on your comfort zone as you rule.

Instead, you’re willing to enter different gates toward the path of success. You’re eager to enter into more transformations to feel alive.

The Judgement and the Queen of Pentacles are a good combination. It shows that whenever you fall apart, you’ll still rise again.

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Judgement and Six of Swords

You’re now facing a difficult time adjusting. But keep in mind that people can constantly adapt to things until it’s settled.

Because you have much more to discover in this boundless universe. Don’t let a single heartbreak ruin your future dreams for yourself.

You recently had a battle between your heart and mind. You’re letting them clash because you don’t know which way to go.

But in the end, you choose to follow what your mind says. You decide to let go of a situation that you really want to work out.

Judgement and Six of Wands

You continue to convince yourself that you're one step ahead of everyone. Because you would always finish tasks before the deadline.

You're someone who wants to accomplish things in advance. Because you may have other responsibilities that you'll prioritize.

So it's okay if a school project takes you a short time to finish. It's okay if you already created a topic for the monthly magazine.

The Judgement and the Six of Wands is a strong cards for productivity. When these are combined, you have this urge to do more.

Judgement and Ten of Cups

Because of your constant hard work, you deserve to rest. This rest wouldn’t be possible without the presence of your loved ones.

Because they’re the ones who continue to be your support system. They’re willing to support you in every challenge and accomplishment you make.

The Ten of Cups and Judgement want you to rejoice. Perhaps you’ll enter a season that will focus more on happiness.

After all, we all deserve to receive genuine happiness. And it doesn’t matter if that happiness comes from little things.

Judgement and Three of Swords

You’re taking your time in order to heal. Perhaps a heartbreak or a painful experience made you want to remain stagnant.

Because you don’t have the strength to move forward. Not yet, not when everything feels overwhelming, and you don’t know what to do.

But remember that it’s okay if you’re taking your time. It’s okay to detach yourself from the world for a brief moment.

The Judgement card serves as your light. So in every dark place you encounter, you’ll find the light at the end.

The Empress and Judgement

No matter what happens, always protect your peace. There’s nothing wrong with trying to enter constant new beginnings.

Because every day seems to be like a challenge for you. Life challenges you to do more things in order to improve yourself.

Because you’re someone who doesn’t want to get too comfortable. You want to grow in other places, even if that means leaving.

The Empress and Judgement combination wants you to intertwine with nature. You need to believe that spirit will help you towards growth.

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The Hanged Man and Judgement

Don’t be shy to seek more answers if you must. Because you can’t just rely on a single piece of information.

So you need to dive right into the unknown, even if it’s risky. Because believe it or not, you’ll have the possibility to have fun.

This new journey resides with the Judgement card. You must open yourself to a fresh start in order to have a blank slate.

Because everything will always start from the bottom. One day, you’ll get the answers you need.

The High Priestess and Judgement

Try to stop for a while and reflect on your decisions. Maybe you're starting to feel like something's peculiar or off.

If you're currently in your work, try to think about what you want. Think clearly if you really love your current job or if it's just for practicality.

Try to listen to your intuition because you may find the answer. The High Priestess and Judgement show a good combination.

With the High Priestess, you live in your own kingdom. You're the rule of your own life, so you won't let it go to waste.

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