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July Birthstone: Healing Properties, Benefits & Uses

The blood-red ruby is the birthstone for people born in July with its red inner crystal structure and incomparable fire. Rubies are physically identical to sapphires, often costing the same as diamonds. It's the world's most famous red diamond, with hues ranging from blood red to orange-red and everything in between. Some ruby specimens have shown almost purplish tones despite casting the deepest red color saturation.

History of July Birthstones

Ruby, the red July birthstone, has long been the most valuable gem in the Hindu pantheon. It was the “King of Gems” to honor its blood-red intensity, protecting the person who wears it from evil. It also connotes deep affection and desire. Apart from the ancient Hindus, many people love this stone, which associates with combat and victory due to its rich red hue.

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Harmony, contentment, integrity, strength, protection against harm, and success are all Ruby characteristics. Rubies were formerly worn by kings, warrior chiefs, and political authorities in ancient times because they improve their leadership and decision-making abilities.

Reasons Why You Should Start Using July Birthstones

  • Physical Healing

July's birthstone has a variety of healing properties as the sun associates with ruby. The ancients believed it to be beneficial to your physical health. It is valuable to the heart and brain that could also be helpful to address issues associated with the liver. Rubbing a ruby on the skin can also restore vigor while also removing toxins from the body. When it comes to the physical side of things, the July birthstone may energize and balance the body. 

On the other hand, it aids in regulating menstrual flow and the relief of period cramps. The reproductive organ benefit from the stone. Early menopause, impotence, sexual dysfunction, and infertility are all treated with it. The July birthstone is beneficial during pregnancy, especially for older women. Rubies may aid in stimulating the spleen and adrenal glands and improve insufficient energy flow in the legs and feet.

  • Emotional Healing

People born in July will undoubtedly benefit from wearing ruby, which represents the wearer's strength and fortitude. This stone can also bring about good friends that will serve as your pillar during tough times. Ruby is also a symbol of peace and harmony. 

  • Mental Healing

If you're feeling stuck and inactive, the July birthstone can help you. Rubies have refreshing and light energy that might assist you in moving forward and growing. It improves mental strength and stamina. It can also treat depression and exhaustion caused by mental stress.

  • Manifesting Prosperity

Ruby's strength and red fluorescence make it worthwhile for purposes other than making it as jewelry. This stone has the power to attract success in wealth and love by amplifying energies. It is increasing your awareness and building courage. In ancient China, they bury rubies beneath the foundations of new buildings in the hope of bringing good luck and riches. Wearing the birthstone of July bring good fortune to the wearer.

  • Relationship Healing

This priceless birthstone is a token of affection and love; it's also given to a couple when their marriage achieves a significant milestone anniversary in some cultures. Ruby's deep crimson can't help but rekindle feelings of love and desire. As a result, it's a little rare that those born under its influence can't help but feel compelled to create a long-term love bond with one another. They can also arouse passion in you, such as sexual stamina and a desire for new experiences and ideas.

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The Metaphysical Benefits of July Birthstones

Ruby is a stone of leadership that provides adventure to those who wear it. This vivid red stone is all about self-assurance since it encourages endurance and strength, both of which lead to success. In addition to its very inspiring and elevating qualities, this stone can also protect you from nightmares. With all of Ruby's brave symbolism, it's no surprise that this deep red stone associate with bravery and boldness.

Ruby is a stone associated with love, passion, power, and vitality. It instills a sense of adventure in whoever wears it. Blood is another essential ingredient that is present in the stone, in addition to fire. It's a stone that boosts vitality and energy that link to your life force. On the other hand, it's a stone associated with earthy traits, power, and ambition.

The July birthstones can shield you from evil and harmful beings that drain positive energy from your spirit. This gemstone is a symbol of peace and harmony, as well as strength and dignity. These crystals symbolize passion in love and power, protection, enthusiasm, prosperity, satisfaction, and integrity.

July Birthstones

Carnelian is also the birthstone for July. Carnelian is available in a variety of colors, including red, yellow, orange, and brown. It can be somewhat stripped and polished to a higher gloss. Carnelian is a type of Chalcedony that can increase your energy and passion. It also promotes psychic energy and happiness—Carnelian link by the mystical and spiritual interpretation of birthstones.

  • Sapphire

In some Eastern cultures, the birthstone for July is sapphire. It fosters tranquility and order. Sapphire is a stone of fate and is a symbol of honesty and truth. It aids in the improvement of communication and the alleviation of gloomy feelings. It promotes mental clarity and perception.

  • Onyx

Another typical July birthstone is onyx. It comes in various colors, including red, gray, black, white, blue, yellow, purple, and even brown. It's an excellent stone for anchoring and protection. 

  • Turquoise

Considered as a traditional birthstone for July is turquoise. It is cyan green in color. This stone's healing abilities include the prevention of manic episodes and destructive behavior. It aids in the provision of strength and the treatment of psychological traumas. In addition, it brings compassion, discernment, and clarity to the table.

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July's birthstone represents knowledge, health, and love. Wearing a stunning piece of these gemstones brings good luck to you. These are the most valuable gemstone for you that will help you in achieving peace within yourself.

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