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Juno in Taurus: Don’t Let Your Family Down!

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Juno is a Roman goddess associated with childbirth, marriage, and women's sexuality. She is the epitome of a wife who cares and loves her husband despite his negligence, infidelities, and affairs.

Asteroid Juno is a symbol of commitment, marriage, equality, and compromises, along with betrayal and infidelity. It also indicates the areas in our lives where we need balance, respect, and appreciation. Under this asteroid, we can unveil the power within us to improve ourselves, use our relationships and work things out to show balance and equality.

In terms of relationships, Juno reveals our preferences when it comes to our ideal partners and the qualities of the relationship we need and not necessarily what we want and what we currently have. It describes our destined partner's traits and looks, the longevity of the relationship or marriage you will share, and even the possibility of multiple marriages you will have in your lifetime.

On the flip side, people with Juno in their natal chart are prone to having too much on their plate. As mentioned, although it rules over long-term commitments, it also indicates the situations where one can feel insecurity, suspicion, jealousy, and doubts. It also uncovers the abusive behaviors that one might put up with for a long time in a relationship that should not have begun, according to their chart.

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The Taurus sign runs from April 20 until May 20 and is represented by the bull in the zodiac. Natives of this sign are practical and established in their respective ways. It symbolizes the fruits of the native's labor and his appreciation for everything that radiates certainty, stableness, conservativeness, serenity, traditionalism, and routine.

People under Taurus are hedonists. They love being in the material world and enjoying the physical pleasures, love, and beauty that surrounds them. Among all signs, Taurus is the most sensual and tactile. They consider touch and taste the most important senses of all as these are the keys to the pleasures of life.

They are loyal and devoted to getting things done to reach personal satisfaction. They will endure all pain and hardships practically and realistically, making them such excellent members of the working force, long-term friends, and even life partners.

When put together, Juno in Taurus makes a person chase after tranquility, harmony, and balance in their relationships. If you have this placement in your birth chart, most probably, stability in life and your family are the most important things that you always check on.

In relationships, once you intuitively know that your partner is the one you are loyal and devoted to. You desire a simple and subtle relationship that you do not need various surprises or incitements to make sure you are still in love with your partner. You only want affection like hugs and kisses to keep your heart fluttering.

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You are a hedonist, and you want a partner with who you could share this trait. You love to enjoy the pleasure of life, and you desire to experience it all with a person with the same level of excitement over these things as yours. And as mentioned, although you are a hedonist, you do not look for over-the-top partners. You are attracted to those you find beautiful.

Flings and affairs that are gone in a heartbeat do not even catch your attention. You desire a partner with the same ethics as you, especially in terms of marriage and starting a family. Thus, when you encounter a problem in your relationship, you do your best to save it since you do not want to let it slide down the divorce drainage.

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However, you quickly withdraw in relationships where you know the arguments are only caused by boredom and immaturity. You despise fights that stem from such childish reasons that upset you and rattle the peace you are trying to stabilize in the relationship.

Above it all, there is a tendency for you to marry a person for financial security. You overly fear poverty and worrying about not having enough of things that you resort to marrying someone financially stable even without an emotional attachment. You are prone to have controlling, stubborn, and economically ruined that you always make sure of your partner's wealth before agreeing to keep the relationship despite the aforementioned red flags.

In Juno in Taurus, you need to find the balance of all things. It would help if you found harmony in being a hedonist but not obsess over materials and worldly things. Settle your mind to be spiritually peaceful, and you will escalate to who you are meant to be and meet the person you are destined for.

Juno in Taurus man has a warm personality. They are hardworking, loyal, and devoted to establishing a life of harmonious resources and assets. They firmly believe that as the man of the family, he has to provide for his family's needs and be responsible for the group they are leading.

Juno in Taurus Man

If you are a man with Juno in Taurus placement, you do not find lazy people attractive. You desire a woman who knows her duties, has ambitions and gets acquainted with taking good care of her looks and social mannerisms. You seek a partner that deserves to be spoiled with affection and material favors.

You love a woman who knows her way in the kitchen. Sense of taste is essential to you, so you seek a partner who loves preparing good food and service. You are a good provider, so you make sure that the person you are in a relationship with or are married with is good at handling your family's finances and practical when it comes to things without compromising their value. And although you fancy a comfy and home-type of a partner, you also seek a person who is good at giving you sexual satisfaction.

Socialization is not your priority, and you always choose a time spent at home with your partner or your family than to go out and socialize with people you do not genuinely find interesting to talk to. You are fine with the limited friends you have since you value their loyalty and honesty than having too many friends with too many issues.

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Juno in Taurus Woman

Juno in Taurus women is warm-hearted and realistic when it comes to relationships and decisions. They are traditional, conservative, and family-oriented that nurturing their marriage and family makes them feel rewarded. Intimacy and affection are their love language, and they would love a partner that shares this moral.

They know the value of hard work and perseverance to get the things that they want. And in every decision that they make, they ensure that those are well thought of, especially if it involves a lifetime effect like commitment choices and marriage.

If you have this placement as a woman, probably, you always overthink what others are saying about you. You want to be known with a good reputation and status always to plan out everything for your stable future.

Even though you only have a few actual friends, you love to entertain guests and make them feel at home in your care. Your charm alone makes them feel at ease, and so when you offer your welcoming service, they feel safe and sound.

In relationships, you exert tremendous efforts to keep it harmonious, and you expect your partner to do the same for you. You seek a lasting relationship where you will never worry about your financial security and worldly wealth.

You are attracted to people who get their life together, take life sincerely, have an eye for aesthetics and beauty, work hard, and be reliable when it comes to the needs of the relationship you share.

You desire a man who enjoys luxuries and pleasures of life in the same way that you do. You love a relaxed and family man who chooses to stay and cuddle with you over a night out with other friends.

For you, a stable income and assets symbolize maturity in a person and a relationship. Although you love luxuries and gifts, your partner does not need to give them to you all the time because you are already devoted to him no matter what. Predictability of your relationship is never an issue for you once you ensure the financial security you will gain from it.

However, your partner does not necessarily need to be born rich for you to be attracted to them. You desire someone with passion, ambition, and dedication and who you can create a fortune and stable life. Striving and hustling towards success attracts you more than surprises and expensive gifts.

Although you always desire financially stable partners, you often attract those who are financially ruined and careless of the stability you work hard for.

Some may agree or deny this, but under this placement and as a woman, you strongly believe that you are always correct. You will never admit and apologize for things you did wrong and will listen to pieces of advice without actually putting it into action.

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