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Jupiter in 6th House: A Superhero In The Making!

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Jupiter is the King of the Gods, and in astrology, this planet governs our higher learning and knowledge. It encourages an individual to be vocal and inspire others by simply accepting new expertise in the best way they can.

This planet also deals with wealth, abundance, luck, optimism, and money and how we use them to express our generosity towards the people we love and trust the most. With the abundance and knowledge mentioned earlier, we will eventually improve our lives and live life the way the Universe had set for us.

In astrology, the 6th House is famous for the name of House of Health, which, as the name implies, deals with a person's health and other things that he needs to live a harmonious life.

This House also deals with the daily routines and discipline the native have. To live a balanced and peaceful life, it is essential for the people who have this House in their chart to organize and plan out tasks.

It also holds a particular spot for healing either ourselves or others. As this House is closely related to the traits of the Virgo sign, which is very critical and keen at organizing and perfecting work, it can be very tiring and draining. 6th House tells us how we can maintain our sanity and peace, just like how we manage the daily tasks we need to attend to.

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When placed together in the natal chart, Jupiter in the 6th House may embody a person who's honest and generous without expecting anything in return. If you have this placement in your birth chart, there is no doubt that you have the heart of giving and offering your help to other people. You love helping and teaching others, so working as a volunteer is never a problem for you.

You put others' needs before your own.

Natives of this placement strongly believe that everyone should be treated equally with respect and faith the same way they want to be treated with the traits mentioned above. This placement is the best fit for those who desire to take care of other people's overall physical, emotional, and mental health.

You consider helping as the most crucial task you have in the world. You put other's needs before your own to the extent of the improvement of their advancement. You have accumulated a lot of knowledge and enough material possessions that you never think twice about sharing them.

Be careful of who you trust. 

Many signs think that the gods favored people in this placement. If you are under this placement, others see you get along so well with other acquaintances and have few to no enemies at all. You are good at socializing because of your outgoing personality, and people feel relaxed under your wings. You love spending time with people that it is infrequent for you to be at home doing nothing.

It will help if you let out your never-ending energy flowing in you. That is why you always find ways where you can interact with people. A downside, though, is that others might take advantage of your hospitality and kindness. It would be best to be careful of who you lend out your trust to because they may use what you said or did in a horrible way which might also drag you down with them somehow.

You are always aiming to get the job done in the best way possible. 

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Like when Jupiter is in Virgo, as a native of Jupiter in the 6th House, you have the ability to make things great even more significant. You always make sure that everything will turn out the way that you planned it all to be. You are very strict at organizing your life and crossing out the tasks you need to do, and so you follow a specific routine or habits that others may find hilarious. You do not care about it because you know that is how you make things done.

You always aim to get things done in the best way that you possibly can. You are keen on details which makes your work spotless from mistakes and close to perfection.

Having fun and spending time with your colleagues are just some of what makes your workplace harmonious for you. People love you because you know when to have fun and when to take things seriously. You have a strong sense of work ethic, and if you stay like that, people will consistently see you as an efficient and brilliant employee and mate.

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You can excel at any job they apply to.

It is easy for you to find what you are good at and what you are passionate about in the actual world. When you actually find it out, you effortlessly know how you can gain money from it and how you can make it grow. You love doing your job as it gives you satisfaction and gratification, which also fires up your drive to work harder and better every time.

Most of the time, you land a job where you get to move a lot. You tend to change work often because you love to gather new experiences and be in new workplace environments. The constant move does not worry you, though, because you always excel at any job you get.

Human resources positions are best for you because you know how to identify strong points of a person that would benefit the company and its people. You are happy with any job to improve yourself and enhance your skills in different aspects.

Aside from human resources positions, you will especially excel in works related to literature, sciences, and technical jobs. Others would even be notable doctors and holistic healers.

Eventually, you will realize that your luck and abundance are from the love and effort you pour into your job and self-improvement.

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You need to slow down on the sugar.

Although you are always careful what you eat and drink, illnesses are not something anyone can escape from. Over time, you might suffer from sickness related to overeating. You might even find it hard to gain weight due to eating too many sweets and sugar.

You need to slow down on your sugar intake and balance your diet alongside proper exercise and meditation. In this way, the illnesses can be slowed down and treated if not prevented.

Listen to what others will say.

Most people get upset when others disagree with them. In your case, being a Jupiter in the 6th House native, people's criticism makes you more upset than that of the others. You even turn into a ruthless person shooting offensive words against those who disagree with you.

Although you hate being criticized, you become a vicious critic when people counter what you want or say. Your relationships are highly influenced by your aggression towards criticism that others just do not want to be in your team when it is your turn to lead.

You always set such a high standard not only for the others but also for yourself that when you get unsatisfied with the work done or the final output, you let out spiteful words of criticism, which does not resolve any of the situations you are in. In order to work harmoniously and effectively with others or with yourself, you need to be open in accepting people's opinions and suggestions. Ideas combined for a project are better than one idea alone sometimes.

Having Jupiter in the 6th House sure is a lot to take in. You feel the need to lend a hand and be careful that you do not get taken advantage of. You need to do your best and work hard, but you tend to be over-critical and hostile when arguments and disagreements occur. Once you get the hand of how you can work with all these traits effectively and simultaneously with other people, you will attain the best of what the Universe is preparing for you in the long run.

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Points to remember in the Jupiter in the 6th House placement:

  • You love giving and sharing your collected knowledge and experience with other people for the sake of self and mass improvement.
  • Lending a hand is an essential task for you, so you often put other's needs before your own.
  • Due to your passion for service, you are often taken advantage of. You have to balance out your efforts so you will not feel defeated and worn out by others.
  • You know how you can get the work done.
  • You can land on any job you prefer and ace it effortlessly.
  • Take care of your body and have time to eat a balanced diet and exercise. Avoid overeating sweets, or you will end up having health issues concerning overeating.
  • Even if you think you know what is best for a task to be successful, you need to be open to other people's suggestions and opinions in a team assignment and learn how to compromise.

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