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Justice Tarot Card Meaning (Upright & Reversed)

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When you make the person take responsibility for wronging you, that is Justice.

To correct the wrong and to give you your rightness is in the hands of Justice. At its heart, Justice is about the search and quest for honesty and truth.

As you search for your authenticity, you will realize that the world is not as definite as you presumed it is. Be consciously knowledgeable of what you deem to be right and what you think is just and humane.

There is a connection between Justice and the legal system. Take note that even so there is a connection, the court does not settle everything.

The major arcana's eleventh card in the tarot deck is Justice. The justice tarot card is the trickiest and most complex in terms of interpretation and understanding.

Justice is the symbol of balance, integrity, and inescapable consequences. There is always a consequence for every action.

An exceptional piece concerning this tarot card is that it always is fair. There will be an acceptable outcome that involves everyone. The Justice tarot card shall always judge you on how you have treated your fellowmen yesterday and even presently.

This tarot card, Justice, connects with air, Libra, the astrological sign, and the planet Venus. Justice's key dates range from the 23rd of September up to the 22nd of October.

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Symbolism Of Justice Card

The tarot card of Justice shows a woman who is wearing a red cloak and a crown. The crown that she is wearing symbolizes her authority. It serves as a reminder that Justice will forever prevail. The card thus implies uprightness, authenticity, and balance.

She carries scales made of gold in her left hand while an upwards-pointing sword is in her right hand.

Her double-edged sword shouts that judges will always cut in both ways. It is worth noting that her double-edged sword is pointing upward, which points out that Justice is victory.

Her golden scale is the representation of equality, balance, and fairness. The scale is in the color gold to remind humanity that there is no social status in dwelling the law. Poor or rich, everyone shall abide it.

You see, she has full hands: she carries an object in both the left and right hand; this is the body's work. The right side of the body is for logic, while the other side is for intuition. This part reminds everyone that to proclaim and get Justice, we always need logic and intuition.

If there are only logic and no intuition, there will be no balance. This idea also goes for the other that there is no balance if there are only intuition and no logic.

The Numerology of Justice

The tarot card of Justice is not originally the eleventh card of the tarot card deck. Instead, it is the eighth card of the deck.

However, according to numerology's symbology, the major arcana's eighth card should have a purpose and definition of power, authority, and control.

For this reason, they ought that Strength is for the eighth card rather than Justice.

Now that Justice is the eleventh card, one may say that the number eleven is a match for the tarot card. If you add one and one, the two digits of the number, you will get the number two, which stands for diplomacy and balance.

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Justice Card Keywords


  • Accountability
  • Agreement
  • Arbitration
  • Balance
  • Balanced judgment
  • Cause and effect
  • Clarity
  • Consequence
  • Decisions
  • Dignity
  • Equality
  • Equilibrium
  • Equity
  • Fairness
  • Harmony
  • Honesty
  • Impartiality
  • Integrity
  • Justice
  • Justice system
  • Karma
  • Law
  • Legal
  • Legal affairs
  • Legal disputes
  • Life lessons
  • Neutrality
  • Order
  • Probity
  • Rationality
  • Responsibility
  • Rightness
  • Tribunal
  • Truth
  • Unbiased


  • Abuse
  • Adjournment
  • Avoidance of accountability
  • Biased
  • Brutality
  • Conflicts
  • Corruption
  • Cruelty
  • Deceitful practices
  • Discredited
  • Dishonesty
  • Equivocation
  • Failure to take responsibility
  • Fighting
  • Hypocrisy
  • Imbalance
  • Inequality
  • Injustice
  • Illegal
  • Jail
  • Lack of accountability and commitment
  • Lawlessness
  • Legal complications
  • Lies
  • Loss
  • Manipulation
  • Miscarriage
  • Prejudice
  • Redundancy
  • Retribution
  • Slander
  • Taking advantage
  • Unfair treatment
  • Wrong

Upright Justice Tarot Card Meaning

If you draw out the tarot card of Justice and it is in the upright position, it is a sign of truth, fairness, equality, and balance.

Most frequently, the Justice card embodies fairness in a reading. It typically exposes itself in readings that have something to do with conflicts. It is your indicator of a just conclusion and resolution.

The Justice tarot card draws constitutional concerns, refined laws of goodness, and cause and effect. If you seek and want a taste of Justice, then the Justice tarot card is a positive sign. You will get what you wished to have. It works as a note that everything will act out in your life according to the degree of energy and sweat you commit to what you want to accomplish.

Every decision will be fair, just, and honest. For every decision, you shall respect it and abide by it.

The added significance of the Justice tarot card in a reading is that it symbolizes that needed attention. It could be about anything that requires you to make decisions. If you have been hesitant about things, it is the opportunity to get a clarification once and for all. Seize the opportunity given.

Making important decisions and choices requires you to thoroughly think about it. Always do things with uprightness, integrity, and a vast amount of responsibility and care. 

Justice Card (Upright) in Health

Balance, equality, integrity, and karma make up Justice. If you take care of yourself properly, you will see the fruits of your hard work.

If you have not been paying attention to your health, this tarot card will advise you to rethink and reevaluate your life decisions.

Give yourself a healthy lifestyle, and you will significantly benefit from it. Always prioritize yourself and your health. It would be best if your health comes on top of your list.

Justice Card (Upright) in Career

If this tarot card, Justice, shows up to you in an upright position, it reminds you that work and career are non-essential things in life. You should not stress nor overwork yourself, put some balance in your work-life.

Justice Card (Upright) in Money

When it comes to money and finance, the Justice tarot card is very fortunate. This tarot card delivers you the right amount of Justice you deserve and expect.

If you lend someone money and owe you something: the Justice tarot card alerts you that this person will be repaying you soon.

If you are greedy recently, Justice tells you to change your ways and be a helpful neighbor.

This tarot card is your reminder that now is the best time to settle your financial issues, whether writing your will or such.

Justice Card (Upright) in Love and Relationships

The Justice card judges you on how you have been and will bless you with the love you deserve in a tarot love reading. Remember that you will only receive what you deserve.

If you treated your past partner or your current partner with kindness and respect, the universe would give back kindness and respect. If you maltreated your partner and cheated on him/her, you will receive your consequences.

This is also a reminder that a slow and soft form of love exists. You deserve someone who is going to love all of your flaws and edges.

If you are single and desire to find your lifetime partner, Justice will give you what you ask.

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Reversed Justice Tarot Card Meaning

Unethical and lying, are what the Justice tarot card in a reversed position says. It shouts dishonesty and that a person has not been taking responsibility for their action. Nonetheless, they will receive their consequences.

Be wise and confront your situation head-on. Do not run away from your responsibilities and face the consequences of your action. If you do, the effects will be in their worst state.

Justice Card (Reversed) in Health

This tarot card tells you that you are neglecting your health by giving in your vices. It tells you to prioritize your health and stop your bad habits. Take care of yourself because if not, you will have serious health issues to face or, worst, death.

Justice Card (Reversed) in Career

This tarot card tells you that people are taking advantage of you. They are abusing you. In terms of work and career, this injustice may mean making you overwork and underpaying you. This reversed tarot card also says that they are crediting you for your job well done.

Open up about the situation calmly and with integrity. Remember that for their maltreatment, they will get a taste of karma.

Justice Card (Reversed) in Money

The reversed tarot card of Justice tells you that you have been doing wrong. You are dishonest, immoral, and unethical in terms of money and wealth.

If you draw this reversed tarot card, it is telling you to correct your ways. You need to be honest and change yourself. It would be best if you faced the consequences of your sinful actions. If you fail to do so, a great downfall is what you will receive.

Justice Card (Reversed) in Love and Relationships

In love, this reversed tarot card tells you that one of you is not faithful in your relationship. One is filling the relationship with dishonesty.

The Justice in reverse in love is a sign that you’re not moving forward. You believe that something is unjust, but you always choose to ignore it.

Maybe you’re currently staying in a toxic relationship. Yet, you always notice how this person gives you the wrong treatment.

Unconcluded trauma, untreated wounds, cheating, or infidelity is what the card may also mean.

Justice Advice

The Justice as advice wants you to reevaluate the situation. Try to analyze the problem from a broader perspective instead of the shallow parts.

This is a reminder that not everything is as it seems. It’s important that you’ll try to understand the different sides of a story.

This card requires a massive amount of patience, research, and evaluation. You need to balance the pros and cons of the situation before making a decision.

You’re capable of being wise and rational when it comes to decisions.

The way you treat yourself with fairness should also be the same as others.

Justice Reversed Advice

You cannot avoid reality because it will always come to you. This card is a sign that you need to arrive at a decision.

Maybe you’re trying to escape from things that you can’t change. You’re afraid to confront your problems and the people around you.

You refuse to come up with a final decision. Instead, you let yourself roam freely as if it will take all the worries.

Do not act foolishly because you may regret things later. Before doing something, think about the consequences of it first.

You are always impulsive. This leads you to encounter more problems.

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Justice as a Person

Justice is someone who always abides by the law. You’re the person who strictly adheres to the saying, no one is above the law.”

You’re someone who wants to implement fairness in the land. Maybe you have a law degree or are currently a lawyer.

This is most applicable if you’re a human rights lawyer. You aim to defend the innocent and fight for all rights, despite gender and class.

You believe that everyone has the right to freedom; you want to help people regarding their education, work, or lifestyle.

You have this will to protect a society from corruption.

Justice Reversed as a Person

Justice in reverse as a person is someone who violates the law. Please don’t use your liberation too much; it can inflict harm on others.

You’re someone who refuses to be accountable for your actions. When you make a mistake, you’ll most likely frame someone for it.

Since you’re not holding yourself accountable, you can also constantly lie. You’re someone who thinks lying will lessen your troubles.

You may be someone who thinks you can get away with murder. Especially if you came from a high-class family.

People are hesitant to approach you. This is because of your cold treatment.

Justice Present

You can’t permanently save yourself. Sometimes, it’s okay to seek help from others.

The present position shows that you’re stuck in making a decision. You weigh all the possible choices, yet you still can’t decide.

You’re afraid to arrive at a final decision; you can’t make up your mind. Maybe you’re currently rejecting the guidance of others.

The universe wants you to accept the help of other people. Unfortunately, no man is an island, and you’ll always need someone to lean on.

You need someone who can help you in making decisions. This person will tell the right and wrongs.

Justice Past

In the past position, you regretted most of your choices. These situations lead you to encounter more hardships in the past.

You went to bed, thinking about the “what ifs.” You regret that you weren’t able to save money or buy a car.

You were someone who acted impulsively. You purchased an expensive product that resulted in having zero balance in your bank.

Someone was affected when you made the decision. Instead of helping others, you used your decision for your interest.

The past shows how impulsive and horrible you are as a human being. Prevent this from happening again.

Justice Future

All your efforts and sacrifices will not be in vain. The future is in your hands and those who deserve it.

You’ll receive good news about an ongoing case. Maybe chances are high that you’ll win this case in court.

Justice will prevail in the next few years. Someone you protected in the past may finally have the equality they deserve.

You’ll continue to do remarkable things in the future. You may start your own law firm or form healthy connections with clients.

The future will continue to show that justice will serve the land. Now do your responsibility wisely.

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Justice as How Someone Feels About You

This person feels like they’re dating a high-maintenance person. You may be someone who continues to show this person that you have high expectations.

You may show this person that pursuing you will be a lot of work. Nevertheless, this person will continue to get to know you better.

They admire the fact that you’re a wise and analytical person. They feel like their brain is alive and usually working every time you two talk.

This person can also sense your silent or cold treatment on most days.

Despite your differences, this person’s confident you’re not out of their league.

Justice Outcome

The Justice card outcome will lead you in making a decision. This decision is for your and others' sake; no harm will be made.

You finally understand the importance of right and wrong. You successfully analyzed the dichotomy of the two moral standpoints.

You're ready to repent for your mistakes in the past. You'll apologize and make up for people whom you hurt.

You're currently balancing the pros and cons of the situation. You know that it's essential to reevaluate your decisions first.

The outcome will lead you to have no regrets. You're ready to abolish injustice and bring peace.

Justice Pregnancy and Fertility

The Justice card may represent pregnancy. However, it focuses more on being responsible for your actions.

You need to be ready for the possible consequences. You're preparing yourself to enter the stage of parenting.

The moment you knew you're having a baby, your perspective changed. You immediately want to be productive to protect your child.

You're currently providing essentials for your child's arrival. You're handling funds, clothes, foods, vitamins, etc.

You know what it's like for others to neglect your birth. But you'll treat your child with the love they deserve.

You're going to give your child a bright future.

Justice Energy

The Justice card has a vital energy that resides with the law. It has the ability to implement proper order in every situation.

You may be someone who wants to seek change in society. You have an intense energy that allows you to help others with their struggles.

This energy lies within your morals as an individual. If justice will prevail, then you adhere to the right thing to do.

You have the ability to influence others in order to act. This can be your client, the jury, law enforcement, and citizens.

This energy depends on how you implement equality.

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Justice as Action

Justice delayed is justice denied.

You’re someone who is willing to do everything it takes to change. You want to change a situation in order to have justice.

If you’re a lawyer, you immediately act in order to defend your client. This means you look for resources, connections, and evidence for the defense.

You will not let things slide down. You show your competency by exercising your analytical skills to direct communication.

You’re a person who is always down to earth. You’re willing to help the people around you to attain their rights.

Justice often applies in countless practical circumstances.

Justice as Intentions

The intentions of the Justice card focus on the good. You can be someone whose priority is to protect the citizens.

You’re your own friendly neighborhood Spiderman. You apply justice by helping people get through their lives every day.

Even if you don’t have superpowers, you still choose to help the innocent. You’re willing to take the bullet for someone who is treated fairly.

You can also be a counselor. You handle counseling sessions for people to freely express themselves to you.

Your top advocacy is practicing the art of empathy. You choose to understand people by wearing their shoes.

Justice as How Someone Sees You

Someone thinks highly of you. They feel like you’re one of the people who cannot be approached easily.

They admire your intelligence and critical thinking skills. They want to see more of how you handle cases and in them after.

They want to follow in your footsteps as a leader. You inspire them to side with the right at all times.

There are times when they don’t have the courage to approach you. Most of the time, you present a cold aura to people.

This person wants to get to know you more. They want to know your political ideologies.

Justice Time Frame

The time frame of the Justice card depends on the situation. However, it solely focuses on acquiring justice in your life.

The specific event may occur in 2 weeks or 3 months. It can also probably happen in the next 30 days.

The possible long-term event may also occur in a year and a half. Whatever specific date it is, justice will serve its purpose.

You need to prepare yourself for the upcoming battle or triumph. You should have all the necessary tools in order to protect yourself or others.

What’s important is that you gave justice to the situation.

Justice as a Woman

The Justice card can be a representation of a woman. Since the Lady Justice statue is created to be a woman.

The Lady Justice statue holds a weighing scale and wears a red blindfold. This is a symbol that she’s neutral on all sides of a situation.

You may be someone who is aspiring to become a lawyer. However, as a woman, you want to achieve justice by protecting your fellow women.

You’re wise, patient, competent, and an empath. You prefer people to communicate with you in order to settle their problems.

You’re an advocate of human rights, precisely feminism.

Justice as a Man

As a man, it is your duty that all laws must be implemented in the land. You can be a lawyer, policeman, congressman, legislator, or political analyst.

The Justice card encourages you to do better for your citizens. You need to be more analytical, sensitive, and wise in making decisions.

You should protect the innocent and never side with the abuser. As a public servant, it’s your duty to protect citizens and emphasize their rights.

The universe sees your potential in seeking justice every single day. Therefore, you must continue to work hard in order to achieve justice and peace.

Justice Communication

The Justice card is a vital sign for healthy communication. This can be relevant in legal matters, relationships, and education.

A healthy relationship starts with good communication. You apply justice by being transparent with your thoughts as you speak.

You should be able to give helpful advice to people. This is an advantage if you aspire to become a psychiatrist or a lawyer.

You’re willing to help other people by providing practical solutions. People will listen and follow your guide; it’s important that it will make sense.

The power and influence of your words can bring justice to the table.

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Justice Reconciliation

You can expect reconciliation if you have the Justice Card. This could mean that a past person will make up for what they did.

This person regrets every day the harm that they inflicted on you. They want to show that they’re not the same person in the past.

You’re probably overthinking intertwining with this connection. You’re still uncertain if you’ll accept the reconciliation or not.

In the end, the decision is up to you, not the past person. Keep in mind that you didn’t do anything wrong.

Your definition of justice matters and how you want to achieve it.

Justice Physical Appearance

The physical appearance of the Justice card may relate to the Lady Justice Statue. However, the statue represents lawyers, teachers, counselors, etc.

You may be working in the government. The Justice Card perfectly represents that you wear corporate or formal dress attire.

The physical appearance can be diverse. The Justice Card implements equality for all gender, race, and class.

You can be someone who presents a solid appeal to others. This can be an advantage in exerting your power to defend people.

You can also have solid and sharp facial features. This would make you look intimidating to the public.

Justice Reversed Outcome

The possible outcome will lead you to be indecisive. As a result, you’ll not arrive at a conclusion made solely for you.

Because of your impulsiveness, you’ll inflict harm on others. Your selfish interests will lead you to hurt a lot of people.

You’ll not be accountable for your actions. You’ll probably blame your wrongdoings on others rather than admitting it.

Promises are meant to be broken. You continue to assure people that you’ll solve their problems without immediate implementation.

If you continue to do this, it will lead to casualties. If you’re not careful, you’ll continue to harm others.

Justice Reversed Pregnancy

The reversed pregnancy will lead you to neglect the responsibility. You’re not ready to enter the stage of parenting.

Due to your impulsive thoughts, you continue to overthink the situation. You believe your bad traits will eventually reflect on your child’s future.

You have no plans to seek justice for your pregnancy. You believe that you cannot provide your child with a bright future.

It’s impossible that the pregnancy isn’t part of your plan. You’re probably thinking of aborting or adapting your child.

You’re doing things that harm your child’s health. This is the effect of staying unhealthy and discouraged.

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Justice Friendship

You're fortunate when it comes to friendship. You're surrounded by people who also wish to experience justice in society.

You have similar interests or political ideologies. This can pave the way for you to join protests or reformative groups.

It may be possible that all of you are vocal about politics. You exercise your freedom of expression often on social media.

Your friendship lingers in trust, dedication, and love. You would often engage in deep conversations about your personal lives.

Always be thankful for your friends because they're always there. They're with you in fighting for equal and human rights.

Justice and Ace of Pentacles

You have the ability to handle your finances well. Because you don't want to suffer in an endless cycle of debt and headaches.

You're doing the best that you can of your abilities to be successful. This isn't easy to take, but you're willing to face the struggles.

Don't turn around or detach from this situation. It won't be long until you see results show up about abundance.

The Justice and Ace of Pentacles are an excellent tarot combination. They're a sign that you'll live a wealthy life with wise intentions.

There's nothing more fulfilling than knowing you've done enough. So continue showing your dedication and willingness to succeed.

Because one day, you'll bear fruits from your own labor. You'll look back one day and be glad that you didn't surrender.

With your ability to make wise decisions, lead you to a happy life. So continue to strive harder.

Justice and Page of Cups

Despite the struggles you face, you’re willing to conquer them all. Giving up isn’t the best solution when things would fall apart.

Whenever your weaknesses are showing, you’ll see this as an opportunity. Because you’re capable enough to turn your weaknesses into strengths.

You can face your fears and those that hinder your success. And the power only lies within your mind that applies rationality.

The Justice and Page of Cups are a good tarot combination. They’re a reminder that the challenges that you face will be gone soon.

So it’s important that you keep the fire burning within yourself. You can always view these challenges as the blueprint to find new ideas.

Along this process f torment, you’ll receive lessons about life. These lessons will impose relevance for future challenges.

No matter what happens, you have the ability to become successful. You just need to make the right choices.

Justice and Queen of Cups

Someone continues to see you as their inspiration. You shed or ignited a light inside them to have the urge to strive harder.

This person feels like they can be vulnerable around you. Because you would never fail to show them and everyone that you care.

Taking care of and loving people unconditionally have always been your priority. You want to give adequate and practical help to those who are struggling.

The Justice and Queen of Cups are a powerful tarot combination. They’re a reminder that you’ll take the path toward success.

Prioritizing others would always give you the urge to do better. That’s why you always want to make decisions that will benefit them.

But you need to consider the choices you want for yourself. With the Justice card, you need to be more rational instead of being emotional.

Looking after others is okay, but don’t forget about yourself.

Justice and Ace of Swords

Speak and implement truth to power. You have the freedom to stand for what's right and use reason for good intentions.

This means that you may often see injustices lingering around society. So you want to think of ways to lessen these injustices.

Because you believe that no one deserves to feel oppressed and exploited. No one deserves to receive discriminatory remarks from work.

The Justice and Ace of Swords are an excellent tarot combination. They're a sign that you wish to promote equality for others.

With the Ace of Swords, you're willing to fight for what's right. It doesn't matter if you'll receive pain in the process.

Because what's important is for you to lessen the injustices. You may aspire to become a public servant or a lawyer.

That's why you're doing everything to protect people from peril. With your rational and creative mind, you can save someone.

Justice and King of Cups

You have the ability to place things in proper order. You have the ability to act as a peacemaker to settle disputes.

Because you’re trying to understand the different sides of a story. You’re willing to listen to the opposing side and gather legitimate information.

Perhaps you’re someone who is a legal counselor. You may be working in a government agency or a judicial department.

The King of Cups and Justice is a powerful tarot combination. They’re both related in terms of handling legal and practical matters.

With the King of Cups, you serve as a mentor or legal counselor. You’re willing to offer immediate and efficient help to others.

But you can also be someone who is willing to protect people. Perhaps you’re a mentor or teacher who teaches good values and morals.

With the Justice card, you see things in a fair and just state instead of biased.

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Justice and King of Swords

You’re viewing things from a larger perspective. Instead of only focusing on the narrow parts, you focus on the depths.

This means that you don’t easily judge a person or issue. You’re willing to provide time and energy to look for basis and information.

Because you want your arguments to have a strong foundation. This is applied when you’re a lawyer or work in a legal system.

The King of Swords and Justice is a powerful tarot combination. They both complete each other in terms of entering the legal world.

With the King of Swords, you’re someone who doesn’t submerge in prejudice. You don’t have personal favorites, only relying on facts.

So you’re willing to provide equality and fairness to others. With the Justice card, you’re constantly being rational and critical.

Because you believe that it’s essential to be reasonable. But it’s also considerable to apply morals in your arguments.

Justice and Knight of Cups

Your creative ideas have the power to change the world. But instead of being emotional, you would always choose to be rational.

This means you follow what your mind says more than your heart. So it’s always up to your mind in terms of setting up a plan for yourself.

If your mind thinks this isn’t the right time, you’ll follow it. You’ll not have the guts to choose what your heart desires.

The Knight of Cups and Justice is a powerful card combination. They’re a sign that your ability to be rational leads you to the right way.

You’re not in a rush toward your new journey. But you’re starting to plan out a map in terms of your future goals.

With the Knight of Cups, you’re excited about the opportunities that will come. You prepared for this time beforehand; you’ll finally show your creative skills to the world.

Justice and Knight of Swords

You don’t want to just sit in one place and contemplate things. You’re not the kind of person who remains impulsive and indecisive.

Instead, when you want to make a decision, you’ll settle it immediately. Because you don’t want to think of your problems for a long time.

So you’re willing to provide time and effort to settle your responsibilities. When you want to achieve something good for yourself, you’ll gladly do it.

The Knight of Swords and the Justice are an excellent tarot combination. These cards complement each other in terms of being realistic.

You’re someone who isn’t busy relying on abstract ideas. Instead, you would choose to set things straight and accomplish them immediately.

You don’t want to get left behind or increase your responsibilities. So you should always maximize your time management to be productive.

With the Justice card, you’re seeing your decisions from a larger perspective.

Justice and Knight of Wands

New ideas and a long journey will always excite you. They pump up your veins and give you that immense adrenaline rush.

Because you're always eager to move towards another individual's growth. You know that this isn't the end of your prosperous life.

Instead, you're bound to do extraordinary things that will flourish in life. Because you have the ability to inflict inspirational change.

The Knight of Wands and Justice is a powerful card combination. They're a sign that all of your desires will come to light.

With the Knight of Wands, you're determined to move towards a new path. This will enhance you to soar the skies and create more memories.

But the Justice card wants you to stay on the common ground. However, this will only be brief since you need to think clearly about your decisions.

So before you take the leap of faith, choose to be rational.

Justice and Queen of Pentacles

People look up to you because of your solid motherly figure. You should always make sure that you take care of others.

You’re someone who is a stable and independent woman. Because you’re willing to build a life that’s secured for your loved ones.

So you’re always working hard in order to achieve your goals. Even though these goals would always go first to your loved ones.

The Queen of Pentacles and the Justice is a good tarot combination. They’re a reminder that you need to make wise decisions as a woman.

This means that you need to learn how to balance your priorities. As much as you give a lot to others, give more to yourself.

Justice encourages you to take the wise path toward success. You need to apply balance or moderation to live a successful life.

You need to weigh the pros and cons of your decisions.

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Justice and Queen of Swords

With every struggle you face, you would always choose to remain calm. Even in the midst of a fallout, you’ll choose to be rational.

Sometimes, it’s challenging to align your words with your actions. It’s also difficult to convince yourself that you’re not being emotional.

But you would always choose what your mind says instead of your heart. Because you believe that being emotional will not get you anywhere.

The Queen of Swords and Justice is a powerful card combination. They’re a reminder that you need to restore balance in your life.

With the Justice card, you have the ability to prioritize a neutral mindset. By being neutral, you’re open to different views and possibilities.

When disputes arise, you’re willing to hear different sides. You’re careful not to be biased or have a particular favorite from people.

When you face an overwhelming situation, power can be found in your mind.

Justice and Six of Cups

Even if you're always a rational person, you never fail to be expressive. This means that you would always make time for your loved ones.

Because you believe that you wouldn't be here without them. Their constant love and support made you become the best version of yourself.

So you're willing to do anything to make them happy. Whenever they experience genuine happiness, you also feel the same.

The Six of Cups and Justice is a good tarot combination. This may be a sign that you'll engage in quality time with your family.

Perhaps a big reunion is vastly approaching that will emerge in a celebration. So you'll expect to prepare for some of your favorite home-cooked meals.

Or prepare for activities that will strengthen the family's bond. But even in the midst of celebration, your rational mindset is still on.

Whatever plans you make, think about them carefully first.

Justice and Five of Swords

Sometimes, it’s normal if you encounter unexpected failures. Perhaps a project you’ve been working on didn’t meet your expectations.

Or it suddenly malfunctioned or showed the worst results. Whatever the reason is, don’t take the blame or put it on yourself.

Because your efforts and sacrifices are always evident. There is never a dull moment whenever you’re working for your passion.

The Five of Swords and Justice is a powerful tarot combination. They’re a sign that you’re willing to stand up even if things fall apart.

Whenever you face a difficult situation, you’ll choose what your mind says. So instead of panicking or complaining, you’ll think wisely.

Before you do something, you’ll evaluate your choices first. Because you don’t want to end up facing casualty of consequences.

So you make sure that you’re in the right headspace to decide. Once you’re calm, you’ll hit the road and try again.

Justice and King of Wands

Whenever you make plans, you make sure they’re bound for the long run. Because you don’t want to waste time on temporary goals.

What you want is to create a life that’s stable and full of wealth. Not necessarily that you want to be the wealthiest person alive, but financially stable.

Because you love to apply your creative skills in the practical world. And when you receive recognition or reward, you give a share to your loved ones.

The King of Wands and Justice is a good tarot combination. They’re a reminder that you’re willing to reach the stars despite the struggles.

With the Justice card, you make sure that you have a positive mindset. This kind of thinking encourages you to be more realistic and rational.

You never fail to apply strong critical thinking skills to your career. This is specifically relevant when you’re working on your own business.

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Justice and Knight of Pentacles

Whatever happens, your focus is on the goal. It doesn’t matter if it will be long before you get what you want.

Because you’re willing to succeed no matter the circumstances. You’re aware that life will put you in the most challenging way to learn.

But you make sure that you apply logic and reason. You’re someone who is more on the practical side than being mainly idealistic.

The Knight of Pentacles and Justice is a good tarot combination. They’re a sign that all your efforts will soon be worth it.

You just need to believe more in your abilities. You’ve come a long way, so now isn’t the time to back down.

With the Justice card, you choose to follow what your mind says. You’re open to understanding different perspectives.

Whenever hardships occur, you’ll not see this as a negative sign. Instead, you’ll choose to see the bigger picture.

Justice and Page of Pentacles

Don’t let your ideas go to waste, for you have the potential to succeed. You just need to believe that you can conquer anything on this journey.

Don’t waste your youthful ideas because you might regret them. There will come a time when you’ll look back and think you should’ve taken risks.

Life is too short to focus on distractions and irrelevant things. While growing up can be at a fast pace, you need to make the most of it.

The Page of Pentacles and Justice is a good tarot combination. They’re a sign that you can create the life you want.

It’s never too late to start planning for long-term goals. The Justice card is here to guide you toward building a wise mind.

Because you need to think critically and analyze situations well. You don’t want to end up regretting the impulsive decisions you used to make.

Justice and Queen of Wands

It takes practice to be a master of everything. This means that it’s a long process for you to be good at many things.

And perseverance and consistency are the keys to being successful. Of course, confidence would also show up at your doorstep.

You wouldn’t be able to go this far without your confident figure. You would always form healthy and reliable connections because of confidence.

The Queen of Swords and Justice are a powerful tarot combination. They’re a reminder that you should be wise with the people you choose.

In other words, you need to be smart with the people you let into your life. Because there are instances when people don’t possess good intentions.

These people might ruin your confidence and reputation. The Justice card serves as a guide to help you be more rational.

Remember, this is your life. You don’t need toxic people.

Justice and Seven of Swords

Take this as an opportunity to change something for yourself. But there might be something you haven’t realized yet.

There might be something that doesn’t make sense to you. Or you overlooked something as you entered a long process.

Whatever that is, it’s essential to focus on your mind. Don’t let distractions get the best of you in terms of living your dreams.

The Seven of Swords and Justice is a good tarot combination. They’re a reminder that you have what it takes to change.

Because you can’t stay in a single place where growth isn’t moving. You would need to experience countless transformations in life.

With the Justice card, you have the ability to take legal action. Perhaps you abide by the legal rules or policies as you achieve your goals.

You’re trying to develop a proper rational mindset. Because you want to be smarter in making daily decisions.

Justice and Ten of Cups

Don’t dwell too much on negativity because you’re doing great. You have the ability to live a balanced and successful life right now.

So don’t doubt your abilities because they’re always helpful. They can be the blueprint for inflicting inspiration from others.

So it’s time to provide some personal space after working. It’s time to go home and spend quality time with your family.

The Ten of Cups and Justice are an excellent tarot combination. They serve as a reminder that you deserve to have a celebration.

Because your powerful mind and creativity led you to attain success. As a result, you deserve to have a moment of relaxation.

Don’t get used to overworking because it will only exhaust you. Take this as a time to be with your loved ones.

After all, you deserve to be with your support system. Surround yourself with people who are willing to stay.

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Justice and Ten of Pentacles

You wouldn’t let your power rest on a single line. This means that you wouldn’t let your power become temporary.

So you want to continue achieving your long-term goals before retirement. This is a necessity since you want to give this to future generations.

You believe that the family wealth you started must be passed on. So you’re doing everything it takes to make rational and critical decisions.

The Ten of Pentacles and Justice are an excellent tarot combination. This is a sign that you’ll continue to do extraordinary things.

Even if you are not on earth forever, your power will live on. Because you already have a concrete plan for your family to inherit.

With the Justice card, you’re carefully aligning your choices. You believe that it would take a long time to plan for a stable life.

But you’re doing great right now, so keep going!

Justice and Three of Cups

Don’t be too hard on yourself because you’re doing great. Don’t let negativity fall on your shoulders; your friends are here for you.

You’re lucky in terms of friendships because they’re often supportive. So this means that they support your views and principles.

Even though there are instances when disagreements enter, this wouldn’t ruin the friendship. Because you have high respect for each other.

The Three of Cups and Justice are an excellent tarot combination. They serve as a reminder that you can lead friends to wise situations.

With the Justice card, continue to be a good person for your friends. Be someone whom they can rely on and ask for advice.

Don’t be shy to express your thoughts to them, especially if it’s academics. Because it’s a huge plus to exchange words and ideas of wisdom.

You and your friends deserve to create meaningful memories with days of celebration.

Justice and Three of Swords

Remember, it’s okay to encounter fallouts along the way. You’re not born on this earth to produce the perfect version of yourself.

Because all human beings aren’t perfect, we often make mistakes. We have different flaws and ways of coping up with life.

Life isn’t perfect as well, so don’t pressure yourself too much. You need to take your time in grieving over something you lost.

The Three of Cups and Justice are an excellent tarot combination. They’re a sign that you can’t always make wise decisions.

So the Justice card can’t always be your best friend. Because you would sometimes choose what your heart desires over your brain.

There are instances when you fail to resist being emotional. And that’s okay because it just shows that you’re capable of feeling.

At the end of the day, you can always try again. You can recharge yourself and start working again.

Justice and Two of Swords

You can’t block your emotions forever, don’t resist. Because you’re always allowed to feel vulnerable or weak sometimes.

You just need to remind yourself every day that you’re valid. Even though your opinions aren’t always correct, your emotions are.

It’s inevitable to encounter difficulties and struggles as you live. But the critical thing to remember is your capability to do more.

The Two of Swords and Justice are a powerful tarot combination. They’re a reminder that the answers can be found within you.

So it’s important that you trust your intuition and make wise choices. This is your life, so create plans according to what you want.

It’s also essential to make decisions out of being rational. Think about what’s best for you rather than what can wither quickly.

You can take your time as you think carefully about your choices. You’re always smarter and bigger than your daily problems.

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The High Priestess and Justice

You need to think more prominently instead of being narrow-minded. Because you have the potential to discover what’s real and what’s not.

So you must take yourself on a long journey to find yourself. Along the way, you can practice your powerful intuition and critical thinking.

This is a matter of having faith in yourself and being reasonable. While faith and reason can be dichotomized, go for what’s right.

The High Priestess and Justice are a powerful tarot combination. This is a sign that you need to work on your intuition and logic more.

You can’t always intertwine intuition and reason, but you can balance them. Go for what you think is the right thing to do.

But don’t always choose what’s suitable for others; choose for yourself also. This is your life, and your interests and dreams are always vital.

But it doesn’t have to make sense to others.

Justice and Eight of Wands

Don’t keep on juggling your responsibilities along the way. You have to start focusing on a plan to make your dreams come true.

You have to stop lingering around the corner and start moving! If you choose to sit around and work on visions, you’ll only delay the process.

You shouldn’t be wasting time if you want to be successful. And becoming successful will always start from the bottom.

The Eight of Wands and Justice are an excellent tarot combination. They’re a sign that you need to apply creativity and reason at hand.

You need to start showing your creative ideas to others. And you also need to see things from a bigger picture by applying reason.

Before you jump on opportunities, apply critical thinking first. Think about these opportunities if they can benefit you in the long run.

Don’t overwork yourself too much. Because you’re always making tremendous progress.

Justice and Five of Cups

Sometimes you feel like life is putting you on a pedestal. There are days when you don’t want to focus on productivity.

Instead, you just want to feel unmotivated and think about your problems. Maybe you want to focus on grieving over something or someone you lost.

And it’s okay to feel devastated and discouraged even if you’re successful. Because you can’t always have anything in this world.

The Five of Cups and Justice are an excellent tarot combination. They serve as a reminder that you can make time for contemplation.

It’s hard to process thoughts and emotions in a single space. You aren’t required to continue working if you’re dealing with personal issues.

So it’s important that you dwell on sadness for a while. It’s okay to have negative thoughts when everything is falling apart.

Because you’ll eventually rise again and start making wise decisions. You can conquer this!

Justice and Four of Cups

It’s time to prepare yourself for another adventure. You’ve been used too often traveling in order to harvest new ideas.

Now is a time for self-awakening and deep reflection. You need to detach yourself from your career and the people you love.

You need to keep in mind that it’s okay to go solo for a while. You need to stop relying on the application of dependence on others.

The Four of Cups and Justice are an essential card combination. They’re a reminder that you need to make time for yourself.

So do the honors and engage yourself with the beauty of nature. From here, you can think of new interests and philosophize about life.

But you also need to intertwine your contemplation with reason. This is where you can make sudden decisions for a long-term position.

If you’re confused about something, take a break. Think about what you need.

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Justice and Nine of Pentacles

You need to be patient in regard to your progress. Keep in mind that your efforts and sacrifices will not be in vain.

Perhaps you started on investment years ago, and you’re still doing it now. The universe wants you to know that you’re doing great.

Because you don’t give up, no matter how difficult it can get. Even if you’re encountering problems along the way, you won’t back down.

The Nine of Pentacles and Justice are an excellent tarot combination. They’re a sign that all your efforts will simply turn into success.

With the Justice card, you need to align your goals with being wise. You need to be more rational and intellectual in terms of taking this path.

Because you don’t need to encounter irrelevant problems. So it’s important that you avoid being impulsive or dramatic when problems occur.

You’ll bear fruits from your labor; just trust yourself.

Justice and Page of Wands

There’s more room for an adventure to receive new ideas. Don’t choose to rely on one place; choose to grow continuously.

Because you’ll be able to receive success for a lifetime. This is only possible when you choose to come outside of your comfort zone.

So don’t restrict yourself to what you know. Instead, go for more places that will boost your knowledge and morals.

The Page of Wands and Justice is a good tarot combination. They’re a reminder that you must be willing to constantly be successful.

So take yourself for a trip that will further express your creative ideas. People will learn more from you, and you’ll witness the same.

But in this journey, you need to be wise. You need to weigh the pros and cons of every opportunity that comes to you.

There’s nothing wrong with choosing to grow more. Because there’s always more to life.

Justice and Seven of Cups

You surround yourself with multiple possibilities and opportunities. Because life will always offer you more challenges.

So you need to think wisely about the path you’ll take. Not everyone and everything will retain their true intentions toward you.

And that’s the reality; life will not give you a convenient way. You need to test your knowledge and actions to do what’s right.

The Seven of Cups and Justice is a powerful card combination. This is a sign that you need to spot what’s real and what’s not.

For every opportunity, you need to do in-depth research. With the Justice card, you need to gather credible information first.

If you’re checking different companies, be sure to check their backgrounds. While it may seem nice to know they approached you, remain vigilant.

Because scammers from the corporate world still exist. It’s important that you remain as wise as a fox to succeed.

Justice and Six of Swords

It’s okay to look back on your past choices. And it’s okay to feel grief and agony for making the right choice.

Because sometimes, it hurts when you choose what your mind says. Even though you want to follow your heart, it’s not good for you.

Because it can only lead you to more casualties. It might continuously ruin you until you have the probability of losing yourself.

The Six of Swords and Justice are a powerful tarot combination. They serve as a sign that you’re willing to move forward.

The Justice card is the blueprint for making wise choices. While you’re being rational, it causes great damage to your heart.

And so it’s okay to feel vulnerable or fragile after making a choice. It’s okay to choose to be alone for a while.

You’ll soon realize that it’s the right choice. Because it will lead you to another chapter.

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Justice and Three of Pentacles

You don’t need to do everything on your own. Having a companion or a co-worker is mandatory to get the job done.

Don’t force yourself into believing that a man is an island. Because you’ll eventually depend on other people other than yourself.

This is important in instances when you’re handling a case. If you’re a lawyer, you need a team that’s reliable and trustworthy.

The Three of Pentacles and Justice are an excellent tarot combination. This is a sign that you need to show your ideas to others.

For ideas, you need to engage in groups for brainstorming. You need to collaborate with other people to intensify your analytical skills.

You don’t need to keep your ideas to yourself. You need to show your abilities so that others will learn from you.

So don’t hesitate to reach out when needed. You can always receive new ideas along the way.

Justice and Two of Wands

It will have to take some time before you get what you want. Don’t dwell on the rapid release of results; learn to be patient.

Because patience is a virtue, you must grasp it every day. You will need this if you’re planning for long term goals.

Everything will always start from the bottom. What’s important is your willingness and consistency to succeed despite the challenges.

The Two of Wands and Justice are an excellent tarot combination. They serve as a motivation for you to keep going.

Along this process, you need to develop your decision-making skills. You need to make choices according to what’s right.

And by what’s right, this means that you decide what’s best. Not solely choosing what will benefit others but what will benefit you.

Don’t dwell too much and overthink negative thoughts. But it can always be inevitable; you can learn to fight your demons.

The Hierophant and Justice

No matter what happens, permanently reside on what’s good. Bringing your morals to your journey is the most important thing.

You don’t only need rationality to face your challenges. But you also need values in order to continue the path to success.

You don’t only need to present that you’re a good person. Because a good person is someone who does good things for others.

The Hierophant and Justice are a powerful card combination. These cards are a combination of reason and morals.

Having these two around, you’ll be able to make wise choices. As long as you learn more about life, you’ll have the urge to do more.

Because you would always see the beauty and passion life has to offer. So this isn’t a time for you to walk away when things are difficult.

Also, you’ll continue to live this life even if you decide to change courses.

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