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Karmic Relationship vs Twin Flames (Complete Guide)

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Being in a twin flame relationship is beautiful, especially when you and your twin flame reach true union. However, the reality is cruel. Not all twin flame relationships end up in the true union. There are even some who have even met false twin flames instead. False twin flames relationships are also known as karmic relationships.

It’s vital to know the differences when you meet your false twin flame. If you liken karmic relationships to hurricanes and attach tropical cyclone warning signal ratings, they are at least a Category 3 hurricane. It’s that dangerous; the rating is no exaggeration. It’s very appropriate to liken it to a storm.

At first glance, karmic relationships are much like twin flames. Early on, they act very much like twin flames. It will make you feel like you’ve indeed met your twin flame. It feels like a very cool breeze has swept through you and reinvigorated you from your daily toils in life. However, later on, signs that something is wrong to start showing up.

Sometimes, some people realize too late that their supposed twin flame is a huge storm crashing down on them. The faster you recognize the difference between being in a twin flame relationship and being in a karmic relationship, the better it will be for you and your twin flame. It might even be best for your karmic partner as well because it might be you who is in the way of their twin flame relationships.

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What are twin flames?

A complete definition of twin flames would be this: they are once a single soul that has been split into two and given to two physical bodies. These two physical beings have an additional spiritual mission: to reunite with their other half.

Because of this unique spiritual nature, twin flames have a special connection with their pair. Twin flames have similar personalities. That means they have each other’s good traits as well as the bad ones. The twin flames mirror each other. Being in a twin flame relationship will be very challenging, but it’s also rewarding to achieve true union with your twin flame.

What is a karmic relationship?

A karmic relationship is another kind of relationship that resonates on the spiritual level. You also have a spiritual connection with your karmic partner, one that is bound by karma. The attraction between karmic partners is powerful, almost equal if not equal to that between twin flames. The things that you can experience at the start of a twin flame relationship can also happen to karmic relationships.

The reason why it’s called a karmic relationship is because of the karma involved. The souls of the affected individuals feel like their karma is in a relationship with the other person. You feel like if you’re with the other person, you’re bound to improve. The reason you’re with your karmic partner is so that you two can improve.

It’s entirely plausible for you to have been separated from your twin flame and then falling for your karmic partner. That way, both of you will grow stronger. However, you have to make progress and grow because if you don’t, you might end up in a never-ending cycle of falling for another karmic partner and then another.

The notion that karmic relationships are evil and malicious is wrong. Your karmic partner may have also felt that karmic pull and was also dragged into the circumstance. It would help if you were not angry at yourself nor at your karmic partner for getting into such a relationship.

Why are karmic relationships dangerous?

It has been mentioned that your karmic partner can help you grow stronger. That is one of the most important reasons why you get together with your karmic twin. However, because of the difference in karmic relationships and twin flame relationships, things can stagnate very quickly.

It might be that you’ll become way too comfortable with your karmic partner that you stop improving yourself. However, some karmic partners are abusive or manipulative. They may be able to halt your growth and even make you regress in your spiritual journey. They can be physically or emotionally harmful.

Most notably, they prevent you from getting back to your twin flame. Again, there may come a time when you get too comfortable with your karmic partner. There might even be a contrast between your karmic partner versus your twin flame. This case is especially true for twin flames who are not confident in themselves because they see too many negatives about themselves. Some victims are too afraid of physical or emotional abuse inflicted by their karmic partners to get back to their twin flames.

However, in these cases, twin flames have to be extra careful not to become dependent on any of their partners, whether in karmic relationships or twin flame relationships. You should improve yourself as fast as possible if you want to get out of the karmic cycle and back to your twin flame.

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Is it possible for a karmic relationship to be one of the twin flames and vice versa?

No, karmic relationships and twin flame relationships can’t ever be the same. You may think you’re in a karmic relationship because it is going in a downward spiral, but twin flame relationships aren’t always on an upward trajectory. In the same manner, positive and happy relationships aren’t always twin flame relationships. Karmic relationships can be satisfying too.

The possibility of a positive karmic relationship and a negative twin flame relationship makes it very difficult to determine which. Listed below are some similarities and differences between karmic relationships and twin flame relationships.

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Here are some of the similarities between karmic relationships and twin flame relationships:

1) Both karmic relationships and twin flame relationships start from spiritual connections.

2) Karmic relationships and twin flame relationships can bring out the negatives for both of the partners.

3) The initial pull for both karmic relationships and twin flame relationships can be very intense. They can both come from strong sexual attraction or the feeling of fitting with their partners nicely.

4) Both karmic relationships and twin flame relationships can leave emotional scars. There are some cases when twin flame relationships are less than desirable. They may come from twin flames whose spiritual stages are very mismatched, where one has a much higher spiritual level than the other.


1) Although karmic relationships and twin flame relationships both stem from spiritual connections, karmic relationships stay as a normal spiritual connection and sometimes even make both parties of the relationship regress. On the other hand, twin flame relationships will make both parties overcome the negatives they both face and eventually ascend to the true union stage.

2) Whereas twin flame relationships bring out mirroring negatives between the pair, karmic partners don’t necessarily have the same negatives.

3) Karmic relationships don’t want to solve their relationship issues, but twin flame relationships have the mission to improve themselves and to attain true union with their twin flames.

How to spot the differences between twin flames and karmic relationships

Now that you know the differences between twin flame relationships and karmic relationships, it’s time to spot the difference. Down below are two example situations. Can you spot which one is a karmic relationship and which is a twin flame relationship?

Example 1:

Hellen and Paris met each other in a mixer arranged by some of their friends. After a chat and a few drinks, they found an intense connection and got together afterward. For a while, they have it good. But after some time, they found out things that they dislike in each other. Paris started to stop initiating conversations and sometimes outright ignore Hellen even if the latter asked for help for something important.

Paris and Hellen initiated talks about changing themselves to improve the relationship, but they both went back to their old ways after a while. Later on, Paris caught Hellen cheating on him, and he ended their relationship then and there.

Example 2:

Romeo is a manager of a big company, whereas Juliette is a newly appointed secretary. The latter was fatefully assigned to the former’s office, and when they saw each other, an intense feeling washed over them. Their feelings for each other developed the more they worked together, but they figured out the things that are lacking for both of them. Romeo encountered problems during his tenure as a manager. Juliette also found out that she was powerless to help him.

After a while, Juliette decided to resign from her position as secretary. Romeo was crestfallen, but Juliette assured him that their separation would only be temporary. She pursued higher educational attainments and later became the owner of her own company. When Juliette reached out again to Romeo’s company, the former found out that he quit as well. She found out that he also owned his own company now, and after they got together again, they attained true union soon afterward.

Things to look out for

Of course, the outcomes are the most apparent indicators as to which one of the two is a twin flame relationship. However, embedded in the examples are some things to look out for when deciphering whether the relationship is one for twin flames or a karmic one.

One thing that indicates that your relationship is a karmic one is when one or both partners have issues regarding commitment. They have difficulty staying loyal to their partners. For twin flames, they don’t have it in them to do that. They can’t stomach the thought of being cheated on, and because they subconsciously think of their twin flame as themselves, they can’t bring themselves to cheat. If you find out that your partner is cheating on you, it’s clear that you are not in a twin flame relationship.

Next, come the more subtle signs. Suppose your partner is avoiding you when you talk about self-improvement or is simply unavailable a lot of times when you are looking for emotional comfort. In that case, they probably aren’t your twin flame and instead are merely your karmic partner. Twin flames have this solid bond stemming from their formerly singular soul. Whenever a twin flame is looking for emotional comfort, the twin flame gets that call and can send the same energy that their twin is asking.

Additionally, for twin flames, self-improvement is vital in their relationship because it also means improvement for themselves. If your partner is not supportive of your self-improvement or they don’t want to improve themselves, that’s a sign that you’re in a karmic relationship. The previous two signs can be buried in many things, so they might not be that apparent. However, if you do see those signs, you should start reconsidering your relationship with your partner.


Twin flames are partners that came from an originally single soul. That one soul got split and separated into two bodies. That’s why twin flames are two separate entities that share a very special and spiritual connection. Through this connection, the twin flames look to ascend to true union with their partners.

Another spiritual connection arises from the need for improvement, but it doesn’t necessarily lead to improvement. The connection is called a karmic relationship. These relationships are threats to twin flame relationships because they distract and keep twin flames away from their true twin flame partners. Karmic relationships are also called false twin flame relationships.

Every relationship is unique, and no two relationships are the same. There are twin flame relationships that are very challenging and filled with struggles. Alternatively, there are also karmic relationships that are smoother than twin flame relationships. However, the true reason for the emergence of karmic relationships is to improve the individual in preparation for true union with his/her twin flame. Smooth karmic relationships are likely traps that will hinder your self-improvement and keep you away from your twin flame.

The main difference between karmic relationships and twin flame relationships is the propensity for self-improvement. Karmic relationships forego self-improvement and even chain you down so that you won’t improve too. On the other hand, twin flame relationships will result in self-improvement, and your twin will even join you in that. True twin flame relationships will end up in mutual ascensions and true unions.

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