Knight of Swords Tarot Card Meaning (Upright & Reversed) -

Knight of Swords Tarot Card Meaning (Upright & Reversed)

The Knight-of-Swords is a minor arcana. It is represented as a knight clothed in armor riding on his powerful white horse, charging forward with immense energy, as in a battle. The knight holds his sword up high.

The sword pointed up high as a symbol of the knight’s dedication, mission, and purpose. We all know that white is commonly associated with purity. Thus, his white horse is a symbol of purity and intellectual energy. The color white, as seen in the horse, is the knight’s motivation.

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Evident in the background are heavy clouds that tell of a storm. The wind must be strong and aggressive as the trees bend with their blows. The wind flushes the flowy garments worn by the knight, but this does not stop him.

He continues to charge in complete eagerness despite the situation. His horse does not stop too. On the horse’s straps and his cape, we can see patterns of birds and butterflies and the clouds lost in the current of the wind. Confident and fearless, he charges despite the storm.

Knight Of Swords Upright Keywords

  • Big changes
  • Opportunities
  • Accomplishments
  • Assertive and direct
  • Quick wit
  • Ambitious
  • Arrival
  • Departure
  • Bravery
  • Tenacity
  • Risk-taker
  • Courageous
  • Champion
  • Forward-thinker
  • Leader
  • Impatient
  • Impulsive
  • Daring
  • Rebellious
  • Determination

Knight Of Swords Reversed Keywords:

  • Missed Opportunities
  • Left behind
  • Unfocused and unmotivated
  • Vicious
  • Dangerous
  • Arrogant
  • Self-absorbed/obsessed
  • Aggressive 
  • Inferiority complex
  • Go with the flow
  • Leading others to danger
  • Rude 
  • Tactless
  • Insincere
  • Forceful
  • Stagnant
  • Lazy
  • Self-doubt

Knight of swords General Meaning

This card generally signifies travel and progress. The knight-of-swords also represents change, new ideas, and inventions. The knight looks forward, ready to charge and go to battle. He is intelligent and knowledgeable.

The knight of swords is sure of his mission or his goals. Similar to the King of Swords card, the knight uses his intellect to achieve his goals. He is fierce, and he does not hesitate because he has precise knowledge of what he desires.

If you picked this card, it means something big is coming your way, a significant change or a shift maybe. In any way, you would need to act and do your work to achieve a positive outcome. 

The card symbolizes tenacity and dedication—the act of being brave despite the current situation and choosing to move forward. If you are devoted to your cause, you will surely prevail. Nothing done right is in vain. As long as you are passionate and devoted, even what others would take as a loss seems like a growing avenue for you.

Knight Of Swords (Upright) Meaning

The knight of swords is a huge change card. In other words, it tells you that an enormous change is coming your way. It might be something you already know or something you’ve waited for a long time. It’s time for you to act upon your goals.

This card is filled with life as well as energy. When you find yourself in a situation that resembles a storm, you are confident and brave. You move forward because you know what you want to achieve.

When you pick this card, it’s a sign that you have a strong drive, a person of ambition, and committed to action. This card tells you that you need to take a step and move forward without thinking about much. You charge ahead with immense energy and act assertively in achieving your goals as this minor arcana means assertive, honest, direct, and quick thinker. You are rebellious and do not go quickly with the flow.

This card shows how determined and committed you are in acting upon changing your life. Once you start working on achieving your goals, there is no stopping you! The challenges and difficult situations are blurred out of your vision.

However, acting too quickly without second thought poses a risk. Because everything is blurred out, he can be in danger for not seeing immense danger ahead. His vision is blurry and he is clueless about the possible consequences of his actions. Sometimes, quick action can lead you to danger.

Knight Of Swords (Upright) In Love And Relationship Meaning

Considering the knight of sword’s qualities, it may mean difficulty to commit to a relationship. In other terms, it might be challenging to be in a partnership. If you are already in a relationship, then your partner might possess the qualities mentioned above, just like you. You both have the qualities of the knight.

If it does not represent a future partner or a current one, it might mean something else. a need for you to gather your courage. This card can also indicate an action you must make in terms of your existing relationships.

This card, similar to the Ace of Wands tarot, represents a significant change, and it might be a confession, proposal, or marriage. A change can also be a little different from what you expect, like your partner leaving you. So it can either be a positive or negative change.

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Knight Of Swords (Upright) In Career And Finance

This may mean you would have to make changes in your work life like a career, a new job, or even a loss. Despite the uncertainty, the knight keeps his ground and charges forward. 

The brave prevails, and so, being courageous will provide you with victory. In whatever field you choose or feel like going to next. The willingness and tenacity of the knight will find himself working hard to succeed yet again.

You have a lot in front of you, so many possibilities and opportunities. Believing in yourself and your potential will help you go through challenges. You can do many things if you think positively. 

You must have the tenacity, bravery, and willingness to go after your goals. Do your best and prepare to do better as you go after more critical things in the future. Aim higher as you work harder, keep growing, and reject things that may stagnate you.

Knight Of Swords (Upright) In Health

Knight of Swords, in terms of health, represents a positive change in your life. You may be on your way to achieving a positive difference in your vitality. If you have been suffering from an illness or disease, it can indicate a significant shift that can impact your life positively.

As a quality of the knight, you will be courageous in battling any illness in your way. It’s best to keep your optimism and positive attitude. You can’t win if you don’t fight. The only thing to do to expect victory is to charge forward and fight.

Knight Of Swords (Upright) In Spirituality

In the aspect of spirituality, this card also tells of a significant change. It can be a time in your life where certain elements align and hand you an opportunity. It can be a big chance to embrace your destiny. Be vigilant and open yourself to possibilities and changes. When the time comes, sure to grab the opportunity when it comes.

Knight Of Swords (Reversed) Meaning

Knight of swords represents missed or overlooked opportunities. This can be rooted in impatience, impulsiveness due to a surge of energy. You might have overflowing energy but lack a sense of direction. 

This combination can gain negative results and even for the people around you. Lack of direction can also sprout from disorganized behaviors due to lack of vision. This card can also signify your overflowing energy and motivation but the inability to channel and release this energy.

This minor card is also associated with leadership and, when reversed, can mean leading others to unproductive and destructive things. This can also be a symbol of insincerity, self-obsession, rudeness, and being hurtful to yourself and the people around you.

This card in reverse can mean overdoing to the point of blindness and at the cost of missed chances. It can also be a warning and might tell you about something you need to avoid. You might need to watch out for the people and opportunities coming into your life.

Knight Of Swords (Reversed) In Love And Relationships

If you happen to be already in a relationship, this might indicate a coming fight or a fallout. Or, this can mean that a person you like or pursuing has no plans on being in a relationship. Another thing to note is the possibility of fighting to get that someone’s attention. You might have to hold your ground and charge forward to win. Giving up quickly can be a problem and a result of being self-centered.

This may indicate that you may soon meet a love interest who might be aggressive and bossy. They may be self-absorbed and convinced that they are correct. Because of this, they impose their way of doing things on other people.

They tend to be insensitive and hurtful to other people. Be careful and objective in assessing a love interest that embodies these qualities. The knight can be aggressive and dangerous, keep out and evaluate as much as you can.

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Knight Of Swords (Reversed) In Spirituality

In the spiritual aspect, this can be a warning telling you to slow down and be more flexible. Allow yourself to adjust to the shifts and turns in your spiritual life. This can also mean, yet again, a loss of opportunity to grab hold of your destiny. It’s easy to miss opportunities when we are so engrossed in what we are doing. Passion might block out more things that are in store for us.

Failures and hurdles are a given in life. A missed opportunity does not define you, so take something good out of it. You take things like, for example, experience and lessons. Take these things like lessons and challenge yourself for betterment. After all, if it’s meant to be, it will be.

Knight of Swords (Reversed) in Health

As you may have already guessed, getting a reversed knight of swords card is not much of a piece of good news. It can indicate disappointing news. The same as The Hanged Man tarot card, if you are experiencing and struggling with an illness or disease, it could represent your impatience and frustrations.

If cultivated and left as they are, these negative emotions and thoughts can be causes of more severe problems. If you continue to leave them in your mind, you might develop a mental disorder.

Knight Of Swords (Reversed) In Career And Finance

This card may represent a lack of passion and willingness towards your work. Maybe it’s stress or a slump, but you might be struggling internally. On the other hand, this can also mean using your ambition and drive in the wrong way. You might be hurting others because of these supposedly good attributes. In short, you could be overdoing it.

At times, people may find you hard to please as you want things just the way you want them to be. You might hurt others by dismissing every single thing they place at your feet. It seems as though you only want things to go your way. This can also represent being so pushy and arrogant when you share your ideas. It’s almost as if you are overly assertive to turn everything in the direction you want.

The reverse card can also mean hesitation. You miss out on good things and opportunities because of your unsureness. As the upright card represents bravery and tenacity, it’s just hesitation and missed opportunities in reverse, which is similar to the Ace of Swords tarot card.

Be careful not to go overboard with your behavior. You can get so overwhelmed that you tend to cross the line. What line? The line between acceptable and unacceptable behavior. The quality of not stopping despite the wind's course is also tricky and dangerous when gone overboard.

You can end up doing something entirely out of the ordinary, like illegal things. This does not represent you, so there is an outside force. Be careful who you let into your life, even more so, who you allow inside your circle.

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Knight Of Swords Yes Or No?

Just two choices sound easy. Well, it can be tricky when you pick out this card. It indicates that you find your answer to your query from within. The knight is logical and is good at reasoning. This quality does not have a definite answer of yes or no. Assessment is part of his nature, so there isn’t anything fixed at all. You need to look deeper and assess yourself more to find the answer.

Knight of Swords Advice

The Knight of Swords, in advice, wants you to stay open. This means that you need to open yourself to contradicting ideas.

You don’t have to rely solely on your ideas alone. Having ideas that are consistent can always be a good time if it’s positive.

However, you must not rely on your own ideas. You must take this as an opportunity to hear the ideas of other people.

It may seem that some of their ideas contradict yours. But remember to stay open and understand their beliefs despite the circumstances.

Because you can always adapt their ideas soon enough.

Knight of Swords Reversed Advice

The Knight of Swords, in reverse, may show that you should step back. Now is not the right time for you to charge in without hesitation.

You need to evaluate the pros and cons of the situation first. You need to be sure if this is the path you wish to take.

Because it will be difficult if you impulsively dive in, you’ll have to face consequences that you don’t like to face.

Remind yourself that it’s always okay to detach. It’s okay to walk away instead of sticking with something you don’t know.

Don’t pressure yourself at the moment.

Knight of Swords as a Person

The Knight of Swords is someone who makes wise decisions. If this is you, you continue to remain persistent in choosing what’s right.

Every time you’re in a challenging situation, you always make the right decision. You would never hesitate to evaluate the situation.

You’re someone who makes choices effortlessly. Even if you choose significant decisions, it seems so easy for you.

You’re someone who sees yourself as a leader. You feel like you have the potential to be the main character.

Continue to show your radiance to others. Influence them in making wise and good decisions for the better.

Knight of Swords Reversed as a Person

The Knight of Swords is someone who refuses to listen. You may be someone who chooses to neglect the ideas of others.

This is because you feel like you’re always right. You refuse to let yourself wander through the views and ideas of others.

You feel like the world is only revolving around you. So you forget the fact that people’s emotions and thoughts are valid.

You’re someone who lacks awareness in terms of boundaries. So there are instances when you cross people’s boundaries.

Which is why other people may feel exhausted whenever they’re with you. You always lack empathy.

Knight of Swords Present

In the present, you’ll receive an offer that will change your life. You’ll soon receive a proposal that will be beneficial for your growth.

You’re someone who is currently working hard. This is because you want to prove to everyone what you’re capable of.

You’re now trying to take a stage of transition. You know that this is necessary in order to succeed ultimately.

Once you receive the offer, make sure to think about it. Weigh its pros and cons and if it will benefit your life.

Before making a decision, be sure you’re confident. Avoid weeping because of regret.

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Knight of Swords Past

In the past, you used to feel suffocation because of the environment. This environment may be related to your past career.

You entered this career in the hopes of achieving many things. Perhaps the primary reason is that you want to earn more.

There’s nothing wrong with being a practical person. But what’s wrong with being practical is you chose it over your passion.

So you entered a difficult phase in your life because of this. You started feeling heavy in the work environment.

You felt like the career isn’t really for you. So you took the opportunity to leave.

Knight of Swords Future

In the future, you’ll face more challenges that will test your personality. This may be in relation to choosing others or yourself.

Remember, there’s nothing wrong if you choose yourself. But it may tarnish the fact that you lack empathy and sincerity toward other people.

There’s also nothing wrong if you choosing others. But choosing others often may lead you to forget what you really want.

These two ways aren’t as easy as it sounds. But you still need to make a decision.

Perhaps you can be moderate in choosing yourself and others. Remember to show how much you care.

Knight of Swords as How Someone Feels About You

Someone feels like they can be transparent with you. Perhaps they want to talk to you about a specific situation.

They feel challenged whenever they’re with you. This is because you make everything look so easy and effortlessly.

This person feels like you already achieved so much, which is why they think that they also need to do more.

This person feels a sense of inspiration from your efforts. Maybe they view you as their knight in shining armor.

They want to learn more from you, especially handling responsibilities. They feel like you can give them the advice they deserve.

Knight of Swords Outcome

The Knight of Swords is a virtual card for an outcome. This may focus on the possibility of someone entering your life.

This person will play an essential role in terms of improving yourself. They may be a professional or a mentor that can help you succeed.

This person will gladly tell you all the things you should or shouldn’t do. This outcome could also mean that you’re competing with someone.

You may meet someone who is a certified workaholic. This person may help you to increase your productivity in the workplace.

Remember to open the outcome with open arms.

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Knight of Swords Pregnancy and Fertility

The Knight of Swords may not be a sign of pregnancy. This is because you have other important matters to focus on first.

This should not be seen in a negative way because this is the opportunity for you to continue loving and choosing yourself.

You may be someone who is currently working hard to succeed. Focus on your current work environment that can be healthy for you.

Focus on your passion and hobbies because life can be short. Take no hesitations and check out the things from your bucket list.

Now is the time to do things for yourself.

Knight of Swords Energy

The Knight of Swords can have immense energy. But this energy can have a lot of components or parts, which can be overwhelming.

This is because you don’t have a clear direction. You’re still uncertain about the path that you wish to take.

You’re someone who continues to work hard but lacks certainty. You’re someone who exerts effort but still feels like something is incomplete.

This is because you tend to make impulsive decisions. Before diving into an opportunity, make sure to evaluate it first.

You may often find yourself over a wide range of energy because of rash decisions.

Knight of Swords as Action

The Knight of Swords, as action, represents your desire to succeed. You’ll not hesitate to put yourself in a state of competition.

You’ll not hesitate to compete with someone to get the prize because that prize is related to achieving your goals.

If you want to do something for success, you’ll do it now. Without hesitations, you’ll not let yourself fall down from the cliff.

This is because you have an abundance of goals for yourself. And you won’t let anyone stop you from achieving your dreams.

But you’ll still take constant evaluation before coming up with a final decision.

Knight of Swords as Intentions

The Knight of Swords as intentions may relate to consistency. So expect a specific person to reach out and make an effort.

With the Knight of Swords, this person is willing to take the risk. They want to show you how much they admire and appreciate you.

This person will approach you in surprise by sending a love letter. This represents their emphasis on words of affirmation.

The letter may contain their confession of their true feelings. This person will align their words with their actions.

As time will pass by, you’ll see if this person has really genuine intentions.

Knight of Swords as How Someone Sees You

Someone sees you as the type of person who is a leader. They believe that you can lead a group of people with good influence.

They see you as someone who is dedicated to your ambition. You’re someone who would always exert effort to achieve your goals.

Sometimes, they see you as someone who is evidently competitive. This is because you won’t back down without a fight from others.

This person is confident that you motivate them. You make them want to do better for themselves in order to thrive.

They see you as someone who would make wise decisions.

Knight of Swords Time Frame

The Knight of Swords can have a specific time frame. But this will always depend on your current situation and energy.

There is a possibility that an event may happen in 1-12 days. A specific period may begin on January 10 and will end on February 8.

The Knight of Swords has a connection with the element of air. Its numerical values are four, six, and twelve.

This specific event may be in relation to your hard work. Maybe you’ll finally feel like all your efforts will soon be worth it.

So continue doing what you love; you got this!

Knight of Swords as a Woman

The Knight of Swords can be a representation of a woman. If this is you, then you’re always consistent when it comes to your goals.

Your eye is always on the prize; this relates to your goals. If you want to achieve something for yourself, you’ll do it despite the circumstances.

There’s no turning back when it comes to your desires. You’ll not have to think about backing out or walking away.

So there can be times when you choose to be impulsive. Without having a clear direction, you’ll continue to walk through it.

Be sure to always be specific.

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Knight of Swords as a Man

The Knight of Swords card can be a representation of a man. If this is you, then you’ll never stop until you get what you want.

You’re someone who is always up for an adventure. Even if you’re uncertain of where you’re going, you’ll still continue.

It doesn’t matter how long the process will take. What’s essential for you is to reach the end goal despite the circumstances.

You’re someone who would always show your masculine energy. This gives you the confidence to have a strong influence on others.

So there are people who view you as a potential leader.

Knight of Swords Communication

The Knight of Swords may be a symbol of communication. This could mean that you need to execute proper communication skills.

You’ll apply this to others who are aligned with your leadership. You can have a good influence if you know how to communicate appropriately.

And by proper communication, you need to listen to them. Listen to their concerns and thoughts because that is the right thing.

Listen to their ideas because it can be a big help. Because you can actually learn something from them instead of relying on your own.

You’re someone who is willing to give suggestions.

Knight of Swords Reconciliation

The Knight of Swords is a sign of reconciliation. This could mean that a past person may want to reconcile with you.

This person is sure of what they really want. This person wants to improve themselves for the better before approaching you.

This person is willing to do everything to win you back. They’re confident that they can exert constant effort and time for you.

But there are times when this person can get impatient. They have this urge to make a move right away.

They still understand that good things take time, so you don’t have to worry.

Knight of Swords Physical Appearance

The Knight of Swords can have a specific physical appearance. But this will always depend on the person who received the card.

You may be someone who has intimidating features. Your sharp features would tell that you have the “don’t mess with me” face.

You’re someone who looks strong on the outside and inside. This could mean that it’s visible that you have an excellent body appearance.

You can be someone who has a shrewd look. This can catch the attention of a sea of crowds.

You’re someone who looks like you have the power to influence leadership in people.

Knight of Swords in a Love Reading

The Knight of Swords is an essential card for a love reading. But this could mean that the relationship may not work.

This is because you or your person isn’t capable of empathy. You lack the capability to tune into the emotional aspect of the other.

You’re someone who might get easily bored of this connection. Maybe all you want is to feel excitement or pleasure.

You’re not a huge fan of implementing intimacy and consistency. As a result, you may implement or experience inconsistencies in this connection.

You or your partner make decisions without being certain about a path.

Knight of Swords Reversed Love Reading

The Knight of Swords, in reverse, shows that your partner isn’t good. This could mean that your partner lacks empathy in their life.

So there are instances when they can be insensitive. Instead of listening and understanding your thoughts, they neglect them.

This person doesn’t want to educate themselves to be better. They feel like they’re always right on most occasions.

This person has a strong aura and can always exert dominance. They feel like they’re always in control of the relationship.

So this can really be suffocating for your part. Please don’t hesitate to leave everything behind for peace.

Knight of Swords Reversed Outcome

The Knight of Swords, in reverse, shows that emotions will not prevail. You'll not let your emotions get the best of you in competing.

If you’re currently in a competition, you’ll not choose to be emotional. Instead, you’ll show your abilities and logic without feeling offended.

It could be possible that an important person may come into your life. They will help you with a particular matter because you can’t decide for yourself.

If you meet a workaholic, they’ll not be able to help you with your productivity. This is because they can be arrogant most of the time.

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Knight of Swords Reversed Pregnancy

The Knight of Swords card in reverse shows that pregnancy won’t take place. This is because you need to eradicate your bad habits first.

You need to remove your arrogance and pride from your body. If you continue to prioritize these, it will just be harder to start a family.

You still lack empathy and sincerity in terms of communication, which is why you need to seek help or advice from someone.

You need to think deeply if you want to have a baby or not because it will be a lifetime choice if you decide to pull the trigger.

Knight of Swords Friendship

The Knight of Swords can be an essential card for friendship. This could mean that you need to work on being honest and open.

A possible conflict may arise in this friendship. Be sure to give the help you have in order to help in solving this conflict.

It’s normal for misunderstandings to occur in your friend group. But make sure that you’re open to listening to both sides.

It could also be possible that you need to apply good leadership. You may influence your friends to start doing better for themselves.

So continue to manifest excellent and reliable friendships.

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