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Ultimate Guide To Twin Flame Kundalini awakening

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It's no question that at least once, or for some of us- very often feel an existential crisis. Existential crisis, Existential dread. The fear that our existence is meaningless.

For a child, simple questions like this could be easily brushed aside, but when you grow up – ignorance is no longer bliss. You begin to ask more, and eventually, you get your answers.

It becomes hard to turn a blind eye to things that were previously unknown to you. The more you know, the more you feel burdened.

The question of ”what do I want to be when I grow up” quickly transitions into ”Who am I?” ”What does the universe want FROM me?” ”What does the universe want FOR me.”. Regardless of how scary the idea is, it is inevitable that we reach that stage.

From wanting to explore the world and wanting to please others, we now arrive at the doorstep of directing most of our energy to ourselves. Even if we get caught up in the raging tide of life, we find stillness in trying to piece together who we are.

But it's not easy to grasp something abstract, it's not easy to make sense of what you can't see. Others may have glimpses of who you are, but again, those are just glimpses- something of surface level.

And for those who go beyond, they might commit the human error of mistranslating it. With our physical body, you're quick to assess where it aches, and you can even have a doctor check on where your ailment originates from. But with the spiritual aspect? the need to draw your innermost emotions and mental energy? the need to connect with the realm of divinity? it's complex and difficult.

You might also be unsure about your twin flame, or whether you'll really meet them and live a good life together, which can lead to frustration and a series of doubts.

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The road to enlightenment seems to require nothing but, at the same time, everything in you. What do we mean by that? Spiritual awakenings can be spontaneous, but at the same time difficult, when one really tries to get in the zone. It could purely be a happenstance- an unplanned milestone, or it could also be as difficult as when Siddharta Gautama literally starved himself so he could attain Nirvana.

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Stages of Spiritual Awakening


1. There is a dark looming cloud

There is a constant feeling of restlessness in you. It weighs heavy and keeps you tossing and turning at night.

It could manifest itself as depression or exhaustion. An emotional turmoil that heightens anxiety and brings confusion.

The cause for this might be a major event or a turning point like a break-up, falling out of friendship, or having doors of opportunity closed on you. A prelude to a never-ending emptiness. Like a shout to the void-useless and meaningless.

You feel as if the world has turned its back on you, so you try to reciprocate it with equal ferocity. But unlike the world that keeps on going once it left you hanging, it is a deafening silence on your end.

You don't function anymore and become a recluse. You become one with the night- dark, sad, and uncertain.

It frustrates you how life isn't going on how you planned it to be. You experience an imposter syndrome, in which you feel as if you keep letting down the people who believe in you. Or that they might be wrong from the start because their trust in you is not justified.

And no matter how people would try to reach out to you, you're fixed on the idea that no one understands you and that not even you could understand yourself. As if the water has finally sunk your ship after holding out for too long in the raging sea.

2. You start asking questions

Having felt like you're at your lowest point, the noise in your head eventually dies down. The silence becomes louder as you feel more utterly alone.

Through this, you become more sensitive to who you are. You shake off the questions you have for other people and for the rest of the world- you start focusing on questions that you have for yourself.

You finally lift the veil of illusion created by society and gain a different perspective. You no longer stress at the smaller things and look for the bigger purpose.

Who am I?

Why am I here?

What is given to me?

What is needed of me?

It feels disorienting but at the same time uplifting; You're finally waking up from a long dream. It's hazy at first, but the more you explore your questions, the more it becomes clearer.

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3. Your questions gave birth to an internal quest

It's only natural that when you have questions, you'll eventually seek answers. The spiritual compass has given you directions on where to start looking- and that is within you.

You want to align your physical body with your spiritual aspirations. It's the first step, and you take it with such an air of openness in you.

The journey to spiritual awakening is through silence, and you prepare yourself, but this time- it's no longer the type of silence that oppresses you. It is the silence that connects you within and beyond yourself. Like a single drop on still waters, you try to seek the things that resonate with you- through the art of meditation.

However, there are a variety of approaches that you can take. You may convert to another religion or immerse yourself deeper in your original one.

You may also seek spiritual counsel or therapy. Visual aids are at your disposal- be it in videos or books.

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4. You unlearn your ways

It's no longer trusting the process and waiting for the best version of yourself. You put your foot down and go out of your way to actually change in this stage.

You unravel deep-seated emotions and traumas, and you bring them to your core. You acknowledge them and get rid of your defense mechanisms that chose to set them aside for your temporary comfort.

As said in a biblical passage, ”It is in dying that we are born to an eternal life.”. We have to bury our ego, and that involves cutting off our old ways of wrongfulness and whatever emotional baggage we chose to keep over the years.

This is also a form of self-love, but one that is inconvenient. It's not just improving yourself physically, like exercising and going to a parlor shop but it is also cleansing yourself mentally and spiritually. It requires a greater sacrifice.

But as they say, healing is not linear. You must come to terms that just because you're doing fine today doesn't mean you won't have episodes of being an emotional wreck.

You will have days of relapses and what matters is you don't let it completely consume you. You might currently feel wholesome and elated because you're doing well in your job, your friendships are thriving, and then, the next second out of nowhere- you're experiencing an onslaught of negative thoughts.

You feel lost. Nothing is making sense.

You feel like you're years behind with your meager amount of achievements. The pandemic is causing you to feel more isolated.

With those thoughts in mind, you would be tempted into regressing. But you must commit to what you have started. You didn't get this far only to actually end there.

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Symptoms during Kundalini awakening:

  • Tingling sensations throughout the body, similar to little electric currents
  • Noticeable vibrations in the arms, legs, and limbs
  • High-intensity heat radiating up the spine
  • You have increasing moments of deja vu
  • Warmth and chilly sensations along the spine
  • Ecstatic or blissful states coupled with lesser depressed states
  • Illumination experiences or psychic perceptions
  • Sleep deprivation due to the excitement

We can sense Kundalini in various places of the human body while the slow waking process is in progress. This is largely determined by which Chakra is being cleansed and energized properly.

What is a Kundalini Awakening in Twin Flames?


We've all heard what a soulmate is and are curious how to manifest them. It's that particular person who shares the same energetic blueprint as you.

It's not limited to the concept of lovers but is widely explained as someone who understands you and accepts you as a whole and not just the parts of you. It's a magnetic pull that goes against the common difference and strained relationships that most people have.

Similar to the idea of kindred spirits are twin flames. Twin flames are frequently thought to be two parts of the same soul or “mirrors” of one another. But that doesn't mean it requires one to complete the other as you’re complete all on your own.

It doesn't just cover strengths but the weaknesses of each other as well. The awakening of twin flames is usually triggered by a major turning point like a painful experience. Kundalini Twin Flame Awakening refers to the shared chakra system, not to be mistaken with being united or attached to one another through chakra cords, as most soul mates do.

It's basically watering and nurturing each other and growing at your own pace. I know, because I have experienced it first-hand.

I used to be in a really melancholic place before I knew my twin flame. I was always exhausted because of working two jobs, struggling to pay rent and craving for good company.

Upon meeting him, everything magically turned better. I launched a business and made $11,300 the first month, moved into a bigger place, and I’ve never looked back. You can speed up your twin flame’s journey to you by identifying them.
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(P.S. Finding your twin flame is a meeting of souls, and could lead to a tumultuously hot ‘bedroom’ experience.)

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What is Kundalini?

In Sanskrit, the word kundalini signifies coil. Kundalini is a sort of divine feminine energy thought to reside in the Muladhara at the base of the spine. People refer to Kundalini in “Shaiva Tantra,” as a mystical power associated with the formless aspect of a goddess. When the kundalini is aroused, it runs through the seven chakras, resulting in spiritual enlightenment.

This is sometimes called the ”sleeping goddess” or ”the power of serpent”, and is a vital force that we hold within us. We regard The Kundalini energy as one that leads to tremendous spiritual liberation when properly awakened and cultivated through tantric techniques. You can awaken your Kundalini energy through different ways like meditation, mantras, and yoga.

How to Harness your Kundalini Energy when It Comes to the Man You Love?

All on your own, you are set in doing things in your way, and this has always been beneficial to you. But when a man comes into the picture, you must allow him to serve you. A man centers around his ego and men fall deeper when they know that they can provide for their woman.

You can shower him with all you have- gifts, affection, your undying love, but all your efforts will be futile when he feels that there is nothing he can give you. So lower your armor a bit. You are more than capable to slay the dragon, but save some part of the hunt for your man.

Being rather than doing is the focus of feminine energy. You must take a step back and appreciate the power of living in the moment instead of overthinking.

With this, it becomes easier for you to take a step back and to let your partner cater to your needs. He is able to assert his masculinity and this helps in stabilizing your relationship. Without compromising your worth, you must remind yourself to be more receptive.

How to Awaken the Kundalini Energy?

In most people, the Kundalini energy is stagnant and doesn't easily activate. But there are those, that with years of training- have mastered the art of awakening their Kundalini.

There is a coil of 3 circles in every person. It's a type of energy that clears the chakras and grows into its full potential.

Your energy source will awaken in order to clear these until it reaches the crown chakra at the top of your head. You've reached the pinnacle of spiritual attainment after you've opened and cleansed the crown chakra.

To awaken one's kundalini energy is no easy feat. Yoga practitioners can only try, but most of them aren't successful with it.

The cleansing of the chakras takes several years, even after awakening, and most people never manage to cleanse the crown. At the rare opportunity that you do activate your Kundalini awakening, its energy will overpower you unless there is an expert to guide you with your ascension.

Those that accidentally activate their Kundalini awakening will experience suffering for an indefinite period of time. They were not able to prepare for the life-changing transformation, and it overwhelms them.

The greatest way to ensure that the process of change proceeds well is to train and prepare with a guide for awakening the Kundalini. Actively train your mind to build pathways so when it does enter your system, it doesn't shock you.

A good location for training would be in retreats as this prevents you from getting distracted with earthly concerns. It helps tone down the noise around your life and allows you to really meditate.

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