Larimar Meaning: Healing Properties, Benefits and Uses -

Larimar Meaning: Healing Properties, Benefits and Uses

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Larimar is a stone that aids in the healing of the Earth. It is in tune with nature and will correct energy imbalances on the planet. Larimar embodies the peaceful forces of the sea and sky. Similar to Anyolite, it harmonizes the body and soul of its wearer by bringing its ancient wisdom and healing power together.

Larimar is a basic water elemental stone even though its volcanic origins make it a fire element stone. Larimar cools tempers, calms fear, relieves tension. It nurtures the physical and emotional bodies, making it one of the few crystals that can balance the polarities of these energies.

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Larimar may have reddish or brown spots from iron oxidation within the crystal matrix. The most precious larimar stones are intense, bright blue hues that are rare and costly. However, these stones are photosensitive, increasing their value, and if exposed to light, they may fade. When you are wealthy enough to own a larimar stone with high variance, you must keep it secure and out of direct sunlight as much as possible.

History Of Larimar

Larimar is a special kind of pectolite, a stone with an unusual fibrous structure. However, pectolite's discovery in Italy in 1828, the rare bright blue variety of Larimar was only discovered in the Dominican Republic in the Caribbean in 1916. Its name came from a Dominican who rediscovered it in 1974, using the first letters of his daughter's name, Larissa, and the Spanish word for sea, mar, to create Larimar.

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The Dolphin Stone, Blue Pectolite, Atlantis Stone, and Stefilia's Stone are all of the other names for Larimar. It is a peculiar blue Pectolite variety available to collect in the Dominican Republic located in the Caribbean. Larimar forms in lava cavities produced by volcanic eruptions, and its shape looks like a needle-like crystal. 

Reasons Why You Should Start Using Larimar

  • Physical Healing

Larimar help if you have heart and throat issues. It also helps to lower blood pressure and relieve joint and arterial pain. Larimar, the same as Amethyst crystal, can help with high blood pressure and stress-related illnesses and infections. Since Larimar has fire element energies, it aids in healing if you have fevers and inflammation caused by overfatigue.

  • Emotional Healing

Larimar aids you in regaining control of your lives by dissolving self-destructive demeanor, alleviating remorse, and suppressing fear. It is beneficial for letting go of emotional ties, habits, or values that no longer serve the highest good. It is a stone of direct communication, providing the power and confidence to speak freely and honestly from the heart. 

  • Mental Healing

Larimar is a stone of immense insight, discovery, and heightened cosmic awareness. It can link you to powers you may not otherwise be aware of. It is an excellent stone for meditation to calm your mind. Larimar effortlessly and instantly lightens the psyche and brings inner peace. Larimar is an excellent mental cleanser and reliever for phobias, panic attacks, stress-related imbalances, and extreme rage or fear. It increases consciousness naturally and makes your senses heightened and communication with the divine realms easier.

  • Manifesting Prosperity

Larimar is enhancing your inner beauty and assisting you in attracting benefits and positive energies. Larimar is a serenity crystal that promotes relaxation in all areas, especially in your workplace. Start by placing it in the home or office to create a relaxing environment. 

If you want to get back on track with the withdrawals and regain the flows of your inner tides, sit on the beach or look into the sea-like patterns of the Larimar stone. By putting Larimar in these areas, you ensure that any deals and experiences will clear with the stone's soothing and communication-enhancing properties. It will protect those involved in these relationships from falling into destructive emotional habits, keeping things positive and efficient instead.

  • Relationship Healing

Larimar will assist you in forming positive relationships with others as well as with yourself. It will help you effectively communicate your emotions, recognizing and dispelling your own negative and harmful feelings safely and productively. Larimar is a stone that celebrates love and joy, allowing you to express unconditional love. With Larimar, it becomes much easier for you to follow specific goals to do what you want out of life once you have achieved peace with others. 

Its energies motivate you to let go of the past and embrace the current moment more completely. By simply using Larimar daily will aid in the discovery of your soulmate. You will be better when it comes to expressing yourself with the assistance of the vibrations of this stone. Larimar helps you to be able to communicate more effectively with others, and you'll be able to appreciate feelings of love and caring more completely.

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The Metaphysical Benefits Of Larimar

The Throat Chakra greatly benefits from Larimar stone. It allows you to contact spiritual beings and speak from the heart directly. The Throat Chakra is the body's voice, and it acts as a pressure valve, allowing energy from the other chakras to flow freely. Larimar is an excellent mineral for removing unwanted energies in your life. 

Larimar offers serenity and provides its bearer with caring energy.  It reflects calm and clarity, as well as a gentle and loving force. When the throat chakra is in balance and accessible, it helps you communicate your thoughts and feelings. It is allowing you to share your reality with the rest of the world. 

The Larimar's energies that rise from the lower chakras will continue on their course, allowing you to have a natural expression of your true self. Larimar creates a deep meditative state with ease, lifting consciousness and harmonizing the body and soul to new vibrations. It dissolves the walls of your spiritual self and reveals your actual purpose in life. Larimar aids with angelic communication and interaction with other realms.


Larimar will assist you in distinguishing between positive and harmful negative emotions. When you can do so, you can begin to let go of the destructive ones. There are still several mysteries regarding Larimar's abilities, but it has beneficial effects due to its relation to the throat chakra and the aspect of water.

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