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Leo and Leo Compatibility: Will They Connect?

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When two Leos come together, it is a relationship that is full of ups and downs. It doesn't matter if they are in it for the short- or long-term. Even in terms of friendship and working together, there are challenges they need to overcome.

In this case, birds of the same feather don't flock together. The similarities of Leos will make it difficult for them to see eye-to-eye. It's not as simple as not liking the same food. Instead, it becomes a fight on who gets what as their differences make them aggressive.

Though the two can come together, they have to cross rivers and oceans for it to work. When they do manage their issues and prejudices, the relationship can be great. Read on further to know how their similar traits can collide for better or for worse.

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Leo Characteristics

  • Attention Seeking and Arrogant

Leos, being the lion they are, cannot be easily tamed. With their spontaneity and self-confidence, they will do what they want when they feel like it. It becomes more problematic when there is an audience before them because they will do everything they can to be under the spotlight. 

Leo's desire to be the center of attention is what urges them to be at their best. It's what makes them great leaders because they never want to disappoint. However, they can be too full of themselves, taking responsibilities when they are not even fit for it.

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Sometimes, Leos tend to chase attention than pursue the leadership they pledged to take. Their egos can get the best of them, and it prevents them from making clear decisions. To make it worse, they are not open to criticism, and anyone who makes any can get into an argument with the lion.

  • Kind, Generous, and Loyal

It may seem that Leos are not the best kind of acquaintances, but it can be the opposite. While they are natural-born leaders, the personality they manifest most of the time is kindness. The first thing that will greet you is a respectful and understanding person, not so much as the dictator that they could be. 

In most cases, Leos have a lot of love to give. So much that they tend to do their best to keep the people around them happy and satisfied. It doesn't matter what you need; Leos are willing to lend a hand, whether it may be time, attention, or money.

Their kindness, paired with their loyalty, makes them a great companion. When you need somebody to rely on, they will be there for you, regardless of the situation. If you are in the middle of a fight or challenge, the lion will step up with its strength.

  • Uplifting 

While Leos want the spotlight for themselves, they know when to step out when it is not their time. They know what they are good at and accept that there are times when they don't shine. 

When other people show what they can do, Leos can be the first to inspire them. They are so confident with themselves that they don't feel any insecurity or jealousy. Leos will even make it a point to help others to let them reach their full potential.

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Leo and Leo Friendship Compatibility

When two Leos come together, it is full of energy and vivaciousness. Strong power emanates from the two that it is hard for others to miss. When two people get along quite well, and they uplift each other up, chances are, they are two Leos that have found a middle ground.

The strong personality of Leos makes them find comfort and security in each other. They won't even try to conceal it; they will let one another feel the mutual admiration they have. They will be loud and proud in their effort, but it is what makes them see eye-to-eye.

However, it is this intense passion and emotion that makes them imperfect. They both have a desire to lead, and they are not so passive to give in to one another. So, when they find themselves wanting the same thing, they can be two lions fighting for territory. They will be brutal and violent until there is only one left standing. 

It can be challenging for Leos to have a conflict-free friendship. At some point, they will find themselves wanting the same thing, and the entire cycle of hate will repeat itself. Though, their friendly nature and logical thinking can sometimes take over. If they strive to concentrate on those two traits, they can settle their disputes without affecting their friendship.

There is a lot that Leos can benefit from one another. No zodiac can compete with them when it comes to enthusiasm and energy. So, when Leos meet, they are two people who will constantly pull one another up and find things to do. Most would see what they do on a daily exhausting.

The energy they emit is so intense that it is contagious. Not only will people observe how well they get together, but they will tend to be inspired. Two Leos can even dominate other zodiacs and become the leader of the pact.

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Leo and Leo at Work

Leos don't just make great friends; they can also come together when it comes to working. When their personalities collide, and they each have the same goal, they can be the best team. One inspires the other and vice versa. 

However, they need to be careful. Leos are energetic when it comes to competition. It is what makes them great and achieves their goals. At the same time, it is what fuels them to be better than the next person. Though when two Leos are not working together, competing over who gets the spotlight can create tension.

Even the slightest offense can agitate the minds of Leos. None of the two will back down, especially that there is massive recognition on the line. Don't forget that there is always an audience in a workplace, which makes it more difficult for the lion to let go of their pride. 

So, Leos can compromise their aggressiveness and stubbornness when they are friends, but it is a whole new different story when it comes to working. It will be a constant tug-of-war on who gets what. 

Though, when the two are not competing, they can easily stroke each other's ego. When one is aspiring for something that the other isn't, it can be a very supportive camaraderie. They can make the perfect pair when it comes to productivity.

The working relationship of Leos can be complicated, but it isn't impossible. A lot of adjustment and understanding needs to be done to lower the egos of one another. But as soon as they know what makes them tick, the easier it is for them to give in to one another. They will be able to manage and let their mutual interests govern their relationship.

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Do Leos Make a Good Couple?

Loyalty and dedication are what Leos are about. Those two traits make for a good foundation in their relationship as lovers. It helps them start with good footing, and it is one of the pillars that allows them to overlook their differences.

However, it is not enough to create a healthy and perfectly harmonious relationship. Despite being the same, Leos still finds things to disagree about, and it isn't a short list. So, it can take a lot of compromises for the two to work out.

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When it comes to trust, Leos are not shy of giving it, especially that it is ingrained in their nature to be loyal. Despite this, there are still issues when it comes to trust.

The underlying problem is their desire for supremacy. One wants to take the lead, but the same goes for the other. It eventually leads to overthinking and inflated stories that are not even true. As much as they want to trust one another, their excessively emotional nature makes it hard to give it.

Leos are bad liars, and that should be enough to provide security to one another. When the couple fails to rely on each other's honesty and significant effort is placed in proving loyalty, it is when the relationship starts going downhill.

Loyalty is what Leos are about. If the core foundation of what they are starts getting questioned, nothing will hold the relationship together.

Communication and Intellect

It is in their nature for Leos to inspire and uplift others. They can do that to each other as a couple. As they enjoy getting their egos stroked, they can give what one another needs.

Leos are not going to have any difficulty communicating with one another. They know how to level with each other, allowing them to communicate on a personal level. If there is something they want to be said and understood, it will happen.

Since communication isn't a barrier between Leos, it is easy for them to give solutions and build one another up. However, perfect as it may seem, problems can quickly arise when their egos get in the way. They will spend most of their energy proving why they are right. When in this situation, it can be difficult or even impossible for the two to resolve their conflict.


Leos know how to love because they are emotional. Passion, warmth, and aggression are not something new to them. Instead, it is what they live by, and so it is easy to fall into their arms as they know how to get felt.

When two Leos meet, this passion can create an intimate relationship. There is no shortage of emotions and enthusiasm that drives the couple forward into their endeavors. However, too much energy from both sides can react negatively, resulting in a chain reaction.

When Leos are too warm and passionate, they can find themselves burning one another. They can drown each other out with their emotions and fail to listen to one another. From comfort and satisfaction, the relationship can end in insecurity.   

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Leo and Leo in Bed

While Leos are no strangers when it comes to passion, they somehow fail to be intimate with one another. They know how to communicate and get their emotions felt, but they can't be intimate even if their lives depend on it. 

The absence of intimacy can be traced to their self-confidence and need to get their egos stroked. They each want to be approached, so they end up pulling on one another. The more they pull, the more distant they become.

Despite the lack of intimacy, their performance in the bed is something to be desired. Self-confidence and aggression are two things that make the best sexual experience. Since they both manifest those traits, they are like animals ravaging one another. 

As soon as the two are on the bed, it is their instincts that take over. They have no qualms taking off their clothes and with the lights turned on. Even without stimulation, they wrap their arms together and get down to business, willing to experiment and try anything new. 

Every second on the bed is enjoyable for Leos, but sometimes, too much confidence and aggression can put one another in an awkward position. At some point, the lack of boundaries becomes apparent, and each would start to demand respect. 

Even their confidence can lead to problems. When one is manifesting too much of it, the other will start to develop insecurities. It is not something that one can control and see. So, the only way for the two to work is to find a middle ground, set limitations, and learn to be vocal with their concerns.


Leos are passionate and great lovers. When you put them together, they instantly connect. However, they can be selfish, and when this starts to manifest, they tend to pull one another apart. 

The relationship between Leos is not perfect. Their differences create the worst kinds of problems. If they are not careful, they can tear and break each other to the core. There can be no turning back. So, Leos need to keep their energies and egos in check. 

As long as they put all their effort into things where they can meet eye-to-eye, it can be the best relationship there is. For them, there is no in-between; it's either winning greatly or losing extremely.

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