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Leo Man Ignoring Pisces Woman: How to deal with it?

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Are you a Pisces woman dating a Leo man? Are you wondering why a Leo man is ignoring a Pisces woman? 

 If a Leo man ignores a Pisces woman, she will become more sensitive. As a result, instead of chasing you and trying to be better with her actions, she will put more distance from you.

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 While a Leo man is full of love and ready to show you off to the world, he is also afraid of getting hurt. So do not wonder about a Leo man's ignoring behavior because he only wants to be sure of your love for him.

 A Leo man and a Pisces woman will likely share a powerful emotional bond. A Pisces woman and a Leo Man would be deeply passionate while making love and would explore new areas to intensify the level of their relationship.

 A Leo man is exceptionally royal and has a huge ego. Therefore, he will remain wounded for a very long time when damaged. 

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So, disregarding a Leo man might not be a good idea. He might pursue you more aggressively, or he might act as if you never existed at all. 

How to stop a Leo man from ignoring a Pisces woman?

A Leo man may ignore a Pisces woman for a variety of reasons. For example, a Leo man sometimes tends to be dramatic and could ignore a Pisces woman.

As a Pisces woman, you need to pay attention to a Leo man and keep him engaged and interested if you do not want him ignoring you. A Leo man may turn his back on you if he perceives that you have been avoiding him. 

Here are some of the reasons why a Leo man is ignoring a Pisces woman:

As a Pisces woman, you should keep an eye on a Leo man.

A Leo man may go silent sometimes because a Pisces woman has not been listening to him well enough. If he feels ignored, he can start pouting.

When a Leo man requires some attention, he will immediately quit ignoring a Pisces woman. He will have no reason to ignore her if he receives the desperately desired attention.

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As a Pisces woman, you should avoid making a Leo man jealous.

A Leo man will probably ignore a Pisces woman if he notices that she is flirting with other men. As a Pisces woman, try to avoid making him envious, so he will not start neglecting you.

When jealous, a Leo man may neglect you since he does not know how to control his feelings. He might also choose to ignore you to regain your focus.

As a Pisces woman, you should never insult a Leo man's ego. 

As a Pisces woman, you need to be careful not to insult a Leo man's ego for you to avoid receiving silent treatment. But, on the other hand, if you hurt a Leo man's ego, he might sometimes disregard you.

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A Leo man may remain mute if you offend him or cause him any harm. However, by consistently attempting to be considerate, you can get him to quit ignoring you.

As a Pisces woman, you should maintain a Leo man's interest. 

A Leo man may be drifting away from a Pisces woman out of boredom. But, as a Pisces woman, you can keep him around by ensuring he is always into you.

When you two are together, try to do things that a Leo man appreciates. You can do something you enjoy occasionally, but do not always put your attention there.

Change the subject if a Leo man appears bored while you are speaking to him. Instead, introduce a topic he appreciates that you are familiar with.

As a Pisces woman, you should be playful.

A Leo man ignores a Pisces woman out of rage. But, as a Pisces woman, you might occasionally diffuse the situation by being goofy and playful.

If a Leo man notices that you are away having fun, he will not be able to ignore you for much longer. He will want to join in if he sees you and the neighbors playing a game outside.

If a Leo man hears you laughing in the next room while ignoring you, he will come out to see what is going on. It is just a matter of getting his attention.

As a Pisces woman, you need to respect his boundaries. 

If you consistently step beyond his comfort zone, a Leo man may begin to disregard you. However, as a Pisces woman, you can keep him around if you constantly abide by any restrictions he imposes.

There is a line between encouraging someone to move outside their comfort zone and going too far. You must understand that distinction to maintain a Leo man in your life.

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A Leo man enjoys making new endeavors. 

A Leo man will not decline an encounter without a valid excuse. As a Pisces woman, do not push a Leo man to do anything if he says he does not want to.

Ask a Leo man what is wrong if he consistently refuses to discuss specific topics or carry out particular actions. But do not attempt to make him do something he does not want to.

As a Pisces woman, listen to him.

A Leo man has trouble confiding in others. He does not always enjoy discussing sensitive or highly personal topics. 

As a Pisces woman, pay attention to a Leo man if he opens up to you. If a Leo man believes you are not paying attention after showing weakness, he may disregard you. 

A Leo man can become upset and distance himself from you if he thinks you do not care. As a Pisces woman, listen to a Leo man when he tells you he needs something from you.

As a Pisces woman, make him feel special.

If you make a Leo man feel special every time he is with you, he will not want to neglect you. He might turn to you instead of withdrawing from the world if he is in pain.

You can send a Leo man a pleasant note to tell him how much you care while he is already ignoring you. Let him know that while you respect his desire for privacy, you are available to him anytime.

As a Pisces woman, thrill him. 

After a disagreement, emailing a Leo man some attractive images or attempting to start sex will immediately break his silence. He will not be able to ignore you if you can get him fired up.

Offer to take a Leo man out for a night on the town whenever he appears dissatisfied or bored. A Leo man will be less prone to isolate himself from the outside world if you can keep him active and engaged.

As a Pisces woman, give him room when he needs it.

If you make a Leo guy angry, he may decide to avoid you until he has had a chance to calm down. However, a Leo man does not always treat you rudely to harm you. 

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What happens when a Leo man ignores a Pisces woman?

  • A Pisces woman deflates.

A Pisces woman would refrain from planning retribution since it would waste her time and drain her. As a result of suffering, she will simply give up and start feeling less valuable and confident.

  • A Pisces woman becomes emotional.

While a Leo man ignores a Pisces woman, her emotional expressions and behavioral habits will change. Since a Pisces woman is a water sign and a changeable sign, her woman's emotions could change at any time. 

  • A Pisces woman shuts a Leo man out. 

An angry, irritated, or disturbed Pisces woman will be courteous but disregard a Leo man. You can set on a Pisces woman not wanting to see you or talk to you for a while if you hurt her badly enough. 

If a Leo man overlooks a gentle and caring Pisces woman for a long time, she may disappear in a moment. Likewise, a Pisces woman may withdraw from others out of obsession while gravely injured.

When a Leo man betrays and hurts her, a Pisces woman may become depressed, accuse herself, and expend her pain on herself. Therefore, if a Pisces woman ignores you, it makes sense to assume that she did so to make life simpler for you.

  • A Pisces woman withdraws from a Leo man.

When a Pisces woman is battling negative emotions, a Leo man can bet on her response to be highly emotional. A Pisces woman may respond in various ways, including isolating herself or playing the victim.

Because she is a water sign, a Pisces woman is sensitive and caring. A Pisces woman will quickly grow irritated when threatened and will aggressively defend what is rightly hers. 

She will feel as though the connection is in jeopardy if you choose to ignore her. So, she will retreat into a shelter and stay there until she feels safe again or until you have gained back her trust.

A Pisces woman would instead let go and go on to fresh, enlightening experiences than hold grudges for all time. A Pisces woman will become rude towards a Leo man. 

 A Pisces woman will not treat you completely coldly or with contempt. But you will quickly regret disregarding her in the first place. 

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