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Leo Sun Taurus Moon: The Most Trustworthy Combination

The Leo Sun Taurus Moon personality is likely to be trustworthy and noble. You value hard work, so you are willing to undergo a process rather than take the shortcut.

You would choose a more secure path, which makes you successful in the long run. You understand the concept that great things do not happen overnight.

You are bound to have a very sensual and affectionate aspect that softens the fiery Leo. You have a Lion sign inspired by the beautiful and delightful things. You like to experience it through your senses because you appreciate it that way even more.

Your rage is formidable, and that is why people are afraid of you when you get mad. Although you rarely display this kind of temper, they are still fearsome of you. However, you have a patient disposition that makes occasional outbursts.

Leo Sun Taurus Moon combination makes you want to look presentable. You enjoy wearing nice clothing and apparel, which looks good on you. You have exquisite taste in arts and fashion.


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As a result, you are highly creative, and you express your artistic talent in clothes. You possess a lot of skills, and you like to share them with the world.

You shine more if you harness your inner talents. You study every detail and see how much your worth is.

You are easygoing, and you do not rush or force anything. You think a lot about what you would do, and you are likely to think ahead.  You plan so that you avoid unnecessary frustration and any inconvenience.

Ambitions make you serious about achieving, so you combine hard work and the right attitude. You are well-equipped with a likable demeanor, and you are moving your way up to success.

You are strong-willed but can control yourself calmly. You can sympathize and have common sense.

People like you because you have good vibes that anyone can appreciate. You rarely have enemies, but your stubbornness can cause it. You face conflicts, and sometimes you are unwilling to concede, which makes it last longer.

Leo Sun Taurus Moon has a dramatic personality who thinks intensely with a purpose. Your sensuality wishes for many possessions that satisfy your senses. Also, both signs must-have comfort and likes to dwell in luxury.

You have a mysterious aura, and you have a belief that you are strong and mighty. You trust your intuition no matter what, which helps in your decisions. You have high objectives, and you work hard to achieve those goals.

You have fixed signs, which makes you rigid but also determined. You can be your enemy when you become too confident. You are open to exploring great heights, which widens many horizons.

You are practical, and you can see beyond limits because you believe in yourself too much. As a result, you can ignore other people's opinions. But when the time comes that you make a mistake, you will accept that others were right.

It would be great if you accept that it is impossible to be right all the time. Understanding this can help you be more cooperative and open to the voice of others. You must also learn how to relax more and listen more to the people you trust.

You are a natural-born leader, which is a bit dominant and firm. But a little compromise will help in your relationship with your colleagues.

Sometimes your ego obstructs your creativity and expressing it. If you value others as much as you love yourself, you grow to be less self-centered.

What makes you happy is being admired and recognized. You want the royal treatment, and you like to be like a king or queen. Even though you like others to treat you like royalty, but you have to help yourself too.

You can see the bigger picture in life because you are idealistic. It would be best to have a career that needs this kind of skill. You can be in business or executive positions at work.

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Leo Sun Taurus Moon in Love and Relationships

couple ring

You have a romantic trait that worships and pampers your lover. You are a bit showy of your tenderness and care towards your special someone. You become generous because of the resources that you acquired.

With your rare sensuality, you are not the most romantic, but you are gentle. You may have many relationships with different people. You can be jealous of all of them, which is bizarre.

All you want is the best in life, and you feel like you are entitled to it. Your jealousy stems from your intense desire for possession.

Your partner must be supportive and think like you. You are prone to act dramatically to get more attention, and you have fun with it. You tend to shower your partner with gifts and gestures, but you demand more in return.

You have incredible perseverance, thanks to your Taurus Moon. In union with your Leo Moon, it accentuates your desire for affirmation. 

You are a desirable lover with your many admirable characters. You want to fixate on one partner and remain loyal. But you are prone to be interested in others.

You do not cheat to hurt your current partner, but you reason out that you are bored with your relationship. And that you are exploring other options in your surroundings.

Regardless of your spontaneity and vivid nature, you seek stability. In your love relations, you have a loving heart and genuine care for them. You both enjoy simple things and also life's pleasures.

You are looking for some value in the end. Fortunately, you will find the correct value in life if you persistently and steadily follow it.

You can seduce anyone with ease when you have Leo Sun and Taurus Moon. You know how to do it well, and you are aware that you will get what you want if you exert effort.

You are tolerant and pleasant, but not until someone provokes you. You can be challenging to handle when you are angry because you hardly calm down quickly.

You have a temper that is alive, and you are generous to your friends. You are a warm and loving person who breaks if your friends betray you.

You are likely to hide your power and energy, which makes it challenging for your friends. You can show some stubbornness in the way you want to live your life and your choices. They would not know what to require from you because they do not want to be demanding.

Because you always want to move into action, you remove any disturbances. Anything that hinders you from your goals sweeps to one side. Your attitude can hurt others along the way, but you can also gain many friends.

You might need loyal friends, especially at times when your success blinds you. They will snap you out and return to yourself and hoping to keep you grounded.

You are prone to exuding too much confidence, which can be daunting. So having genuine people around who genuinely care for your well-being would be great.

Making your relationship intimate is not always about sweetness, it could also be playing hard to get.

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You often choose passion over logic, and it does not matter how smart you are. You tend to act before thinking, which shows impulsiveness.

You continue to analyze, however, when you trust yourself too much. You are closed, and you are practical but have fixated beliefs.

You may not leave some space for interpretation, but you set room for mistakes. Even if you reject other people's ideas and opinions, they will still give them to you.

With your Moon in Taurus, you want to be comfortable and feel secure like any Taurus. It makes you happy if you have everything you need.

You are prone to procrastinate and run away from fights. You sometimes keep the steam and stay silent until one day you will burst into anger. When you keep your mouth shut, it somehow eases the tension.

But you can also express your opinions most of the time if you want to. You are honest, and you think that it suits your purpose.

You refuse to make compromises; as a result, you have problems with relationships. However, you always want to get things done perfectly. You can be controlling, but it helps in managing people or projects.

Although you have a lot of opposition, you can defeat them quickly. Aside from that, your friendly demeanor likes people, and you want to share good vibes with them. You are hard-working, and you have healthy intentions towards others.

You do not need so much, but you strive to get what you desire. You do everything to be in power, to have comfort, and to enjoy a luxurious lifestyle.

Your Leo can influence you to be materialistic and sensual. You can also be a self-centered person like any other Leo native.

Overall, your Leo Sun Leo Moon combinations are capable of imposing your will on others. You have an extremely pronounced inner life that rises above logic.

It gives you a very distinctive personality because you are a true fighter at heart. But you also have the principle to wait for the right moment to win your battles.

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