Libra and Libra Compatibility: Friendship, Love, and Sex -

Libra and Libra Compatibility: Friendship, Love, and Sex

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COLORPink, GreenPink, Green
DATE RANGESeptember 23 – October 22September 23 – October 22

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General Characteristics of Libra

Libras are inherently lovers of justice. They like to keep things peaceful. They are lovers of communication and connection too.

These individuals are the type to want a company with them. They usually do not like to be alone.

They see partnership and connection to other people as valuable. Libras are people of peace.

They maintain stability as much as possible in any situation. Avoiding conflict and arguments, they make sure peace is present where they are present.

Libras are also visually active. In other words, they have an eye for beauty and appreciate beauty in any circumstances. The representation of Libras is a scale that represents harmony, balance, and justice.

In every aspect of their lives, they want justice to prevail and balance to exist. By avoiding conflicts, they are also able to avoid confrontations that they hate. The awkward situation is always a no-no in their vocabulary.

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They dwell in places where they feel satisfied and where they feel fulfilled. This comprises being surrounded by beautiful things like art and anything that makes them feel elated.

These individuals are indeed good leaders. They like to be in control, and they want things to go their way.

Libras are good at socializing too. They love conversations and can carry them well with enthusiasm. This sign is also related to Libra Rising.

Libras are creative and artistic. They are daydreamers, and they like to dream and work on their accomplishments.

These individuals are naturally people pleasers. They want to make everyone happy and in a good mood.

It’s inherent for them to make everyone happy as well as themselves. They are the type to make you laugh, flirt, compliment, and talk about interesting topics. They can be flirty, but they are good at carrying on a conversation.

These social beings are very much cooperative as well. When things go to the worst, they can be passive-aggressive.

They can even be manipulative. As mentioned, they also avoid confrontation but can hold a grudge against someone who wronged them.

Libras are charming individuals. They are the type to spoil you and make you feel good. These individuals are romantic and the type to spoil you with their love and warmth.

Libras are easily attracted to intellectual beings. However, they are also in search of beauty.

Libras can be a bit shallow in terms of preferences. On the other hand, they are picky in screening people they are about to connect to. They are good listeners, just as much a good conversationalist they are.

These individuals are sincere. They will not sugarcoat anything and just tell you people their real feelings.

Libras are ones to show their true colors to people around them. They are realistic about what they offer and about their feelings.

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Libra and Libra as Lovers

A relationship between two Libras is a harmonious and pleasing one. Despite these, they can also be mentally imbalanced by the cares of the world. And so, they can face some bumpy roads ahead too.

Libra man and a Libra woman‘s relationship is a relationship that’s very open to communicating. Because of this, they develop a sense of closeness to each other every moment that passes. They like sharing conversations and discussions.

They stimulate each other’s minds and enhance their emotional connection. This relationship is flexible and willing to understand the other party at all times. They can maintain their bond as the relationship keeps going.

They are incredibly charming and eager to learn. These individuals are lovely with the most beautiful smile.

They are the type to assess everything before making a move. They do not make hasty decisions.

Like the sun in Libra, Libras value everything precious presented to them. They know the importance of things and do not take anything for granted. They tend to assess things instead of accepting anything given for them on a plate.

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They are wary of where they stand about a particular issue. Libras are individuals that stand firmly for their opinions. They care about their reputation and make sure they do the right thing.

When presented with their mistakes, they are willing to learn and do something to put things Two Libras together is a relationship with a lot of fun and probably bits of confusion as well. They both like to strive for their goals together or individually. They are each other’s encouragers, and they support each other for whatever endeavor or destination they have.

Their goals could be as partners or individuals. Nevertheless, they never fail to show their support for their partner. The support they show each other is one of the things the relationship has been positively blessing them.

While energy is high in this relationship, there can be times when their power can run low. When these situations arise, they are prompted to get time for rest and regenerate. When they have gotten enough rest, they are ready to pick themselves up.

This couple loves sparking healthy conversations and conducting arguments and debates. They like listening to each other’s opinions and learning from them. These individuals are willing to learn and eager to hear.

No matter how hot the argument can get, they are open-minded people. They give credits to points that genuinely deserve them. Even when losing, they make sure to have room to educate themselves.

Libras take their time in making a decision. They believe that the process of decision-making is essential.

This is where you gather facts and evaluate decisions. And so, the final answer is born through all these processes, big scale or small scale.

In their relationship, they are comfortable with each other. They are the types to tell each other about everything and the things that bother them. It’s nice to have someone who relates to you on another level.

This couple can focus a little bit too much on the beauty of the relationship. And so, they could be neglecting and purposely ignoring the ugly and negative things about their relationship. Without seeing these things, their relationship can end up in chaos or ruins.

When a relationship avoids confronting its problems, it will be reflected and manifested in different ways. It is essential to communicate the difficulties and the misunderstandings. Otherwise, they will just be sweeping everything under the rug and accumulating more negative feelings.

These negative feelings can burst one way or another. And so, it’s good for them to acknowledge and communicate with each other. Once they open up and recognize their differences, they will develop an even deeper understanding and love for each other.

The moment they open up a deeper part of themselves, they will appreciate each other’s personalities more and more. They may be good at conversations, but they are not precisely the same in communicating.

The air element they share is also their connection for their appreciation for pretty things and freedom. Their similarities will be quite the trouble maker for these two. The dynamics inside the relationship can be challenging to navigate.

This couple should be more open about expressing or showing even their opposing sides. Once they do, they will find a relationship that appreciates and educates each other. They will learn to love and acknowledge the entirety of one another.

Libra and Libra in Bed


Inside the bedroom, they are in the middle ground. They are pretty moderate, including their energy in bed and in making love. This can be ironic because both of them have the planet Venus as a ruling planet.

They can have a hard time initiating sex or anything more intimate than conversation. They are the type to talk about before starting anything personally. They can be open about their sexual needs and their expectations.

They are the type to respect each other’s boundaries. Libras likes to work on having a stronger sexual bond. This couple wants to work on harmonious sexual bonds.

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Libra and Libra as Friends

This friendship is full of balance, harmony, and equilibrium. Both are lovers of peace and do not stand imbalance. Their love for stability and balance is reflected in how they live their lives.

When they encounter injustice, they don’t stand idly by. Because of their similarities, they work well with each other. Libras are people pleasers, and so, when they meet each other, they make sure to make a good impression.

Libras tend to think a lot about how other people see them. They want people to like them, and this can cause some problems.

They would opt for the peaceful path most of the time. And so, they can look weak and vulnerable for other people around them. You may also read Libra Spirit Animal.

Two Libras being genuine friends with each other know about their tendencies. And so, they understand each other’s situations. When they know a specific situation can cause discomfort to their friend, they try their best to avoid it.

The friendship they share is open for admiration. They like to admire each other and are genuinely an ideal pair of friends. They like hanging out together, and they enjoy spending activities together.

This friendship is fond of society and culture. They learn a lot from each other too.

Libras are the type to spoil their partners. Both of them enjoy luxurious things and pretty things.

They can be very lazy at times too. Their tendencies to have a lazy day can be the root of arguments in some parts of the friendship.

Disagreements are spices in friendships. Once you both get used to it, it would pass as a challenge that you made through with your friend.

This pair of air signs are brilliant beings. They spark good conversations with each other, and so they learn a lot.

The comfort they find in each other’s presence is vital too. When they have misunderstandings and arguments, they fix them most peacefully.

Together, this pair of friends are starters and pioneers. They are each other’s encouragers, and they inspire each other to strive better and journey further. When they have a plan in mind, they are sure to comply and fulfill it.

One of the best things about their friendship is their sense of justice and compassion. They also have excellent diplomatic skills and can persuade people effectively.

Not only these, but they appreciate and respect each other so much. They are loyal, and the friendship between them is one of the reasons for their lasting relationship.

Libra and Libra at Work

This pair in as partners in work in business is balanced and soothing. They are more likely to agree with each other quickly. They both want a harmonious relationship, and so they strive to achieve it.

This partnership is full of goodness and strives to be just at all times. They work so well together.

They do their activities in goodwill and work hard to achieve good results. Both of them can have days when laziness just crawls in their skin.

This can cause a bit of a problem, but it is fixable. They solve their disputes in the most peaceful way possible. They are thorough, making sure both parties don’t have any hidden grudge against each other.

One of the best things about this partnership is their kindness and respect for one another. Their collaboration is made more substantial. They share the same level of intensity in their determination, devotion, and commitment.


This match avoids conflict in the relationship. They tend to have minor fights and little to no significant fights. This is a good thing but can also be a bad thing when they are holding themselves back.

Running away from problems does not solve them. And so, they should be more open about communicating their feelings with each other.

This is needed for a relationship to work, for any relationship to work. Both of them are indecisive, so they may have to have someone who acts as the leader in the relationship.

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