Libra Compatibility in Love, Sex & Relationship: What Sign To Date? -

Libra Compatibility in Love, Sex & Relationship: What Sign To Date?

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Color:Pink, Green
Ruling Planet:Venus
Date Range:Sep 23 – Oct 22

As the only zodiac represented by an inanimate object, Libras strive to find balance and harmony in their lives. They work hard to achieve equilibrium in all aspects of their lives. You can identify a Libra from the rest of the crowd because they’re social butterflies. They love to interact with other people and establish good public relations.

Aesthetics and style also rule the lives of Libras, as what its birthstones imply. Anything beautiful and grand attracts these Libras, and they adore high art and fashion. They like to stay with the trend, and they're always looking forward to new ideas and visions. Prone to misinterpretation, Libras have so much more to offer to their partners than what they can with other people.

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This list will help you know if your zodiac can keep up with the celestial scale's bliss and intellectualism.

General Characteristics Of Libra

Libra is a Cardinal Sign

Libra season begins when Summer ends and the Fall season starts. This placement means that Libras have significant initiatives in launching something new to the world. As an Air sign, they can contribute a lot of ideas that can challenge the world. Their ideas can have significant impacts on the world if given practical applications.

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On a more personal level, Cardinal Air sign Libra can start a conversation with great ease. They can start a new project and take leadership in launching it. But as Cardinal signs, they can only start an initiative but fail to follow through with it. Their need for balance and harmony often leads them to indecision and ambiguity.

Libra is an Air Sign

As an Air sign, Libras value intellectual prowess and mental connection. Emotions and intuitions have no place in their mind, and they only strive to get some good and intelligent conversation with someone. Libras often get lost in their thoughts that they may seem distant and aloof to other people.

Their placement as an Air sign also makes Libras great diplomats and conversationalists. They can start any conversation, and they don't have any trouble keeping up with it. They value their public image and like to keep it that way. They find value in interpersonal relationships, companionship, and the establishment of good public relations.

Libra as Ruled by Venus

Venus governs Libra's zodiac, which means that Libras have an innate sense of love and beauty within them. They crave for this wherever they go, and they always love to surround themselves with anything pleasant and beautiful. They adore high art and have a great attraction to high fashion. They prioritize aesthetics and style over anything else.

Being under the rulership of Venus also makes Libras great friends and lovers. They mastered interacting with other people that they blurred the lines between being friends and being lovers. Other people may see them as flirtatious, but for Libras, that's only interacting with other people.

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Compatibility With Other Signs

1. Match Made in Heaven

Libra and Gemini

Intellectual discussions and mental rapport will peak to their highest when Libra and Gemini join together in a love affair. Libra and Gemini share the same quality of putting intellect and reason over emotions and intuitions. They both provide balance and harmony to each other, creating a match as blissful as the Air.

Both Gemini and Libra enjoy social situations. They don't find it hard to go into a conversation and follow through with it. Both of them value aesthetics and style, which will bind them stronger. They can always go out on a date and enjoy some documentary movie or go inside a museum. Either way, both of you will appreciate it.

The best part of this relationship will be their capability to work as an intellectual team. Gemini and Libra can discover new things and explore the world through the lens of both Air signs. Considerate and pleasing, Libras will always find a way to satisfy the witty Gemini.

Libra and Aquarius

Like Gemini, Aquarius can also match with Libra to strengthen and amplify the best qualities that unite these two zodiacs together. As Air signs, both of you value the intellectual connection that you create with one another. You both enjoy discussing ideas and coming up with them. You can even talk about it all day!

While Libra’s ideas lean on the personal, Aquarius comes up with revolutionary and progressive ideas. Aquarius can help the indecisive Libra make up their own.

In addition, Libra born on October 14 is the most compatible with Aquarius. Read this October 14 Zodiac to discover your characteristics, compatibility, and more.

2. Very Compatible

Libra and Libra

When a Libra man and a Libra woman join together in a relationship, there'll be a great balance between them. Both will strive to find harmony within each other. If one feels depressed, the other will reset the balance and uplift their partner's spirit. However, there might be some problems finding balance when two of them experience the same negative feelings.

Nevertheless, their relationship will work wonders. For instance, both of them hate the idea of confrontations. Neither of them will upset the balance, and instead, they'll try to talk to each other. Libras have exceptional talents in talking and communicating their thoughts and ideas, so it won’t be difficult for them to resolve any problem. They’ll share the same tastes in music, clothing, art, literature, and pop culture. Everything matches between the two of them.

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Their shared quality of diplomacy and intellectualism will bind them together and will make their relationship stronger. Both Libra's mental connection and rapport will transcend any difficulties that they may face in their lives.

Learn more about the compatibility of these two signs in Libra and Libra Compatibility.

3. Compatible

Libra and Leo

As an Air sign, Libra will match the Fire signs well, most especially Leo and Sagittarius. With Leos, Libras will make a great match since they can be romantic and share their love and desire. They will take care of their social status and public image since it's essential for them.

Air sign Libra will fuel the passion and desire of the Fire sign Leo. They fit together like puzzle pieces, and they complement one another. For instance, Leos's rash and abrasive approach will balance the more submissive and flexible style of Libras. When Leo takes the lead, Libras will do the detailed work in the background and support Leo.

Overall, Libras and Leos will make a great couple because they both value honesty and loyalty in the relationship. They know how to please one another, and they also know how to spice up their relationship with hot and intimate sex.

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Libra and Sagittarius

Sagittarius enjoys their freedom so much, and they don't want to settle down in one place. They always like to be on-the-go, and they always jump into a situation without thinking about the consequences. On the other hand, Libras like to think about things first and consider the possible scenarios.

These differences might be glaring at first, but they work for Libra and Sagittarius. Like Leos, Libras will fuel the passion and desire of Sagittarius. As a Cardinal Air sign, they’ll provide the ideas that will make the Mutable Fire Sign Sagittarius jump into action. Sagittarius will take the helm, while Libra will take care of the directions and everything else.

Overall, their chemistry works great. Libra and Sagittarius share qualities that complement one another, and if they make it work, it'll produce wonders. They value intellect and knowledge, which makes them stick together.

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4. Neutral Relationship

Libra and Aries

Aries complements Libra in all walks of life. They sit 180 degrees apart in the zodiac wheel, which puts their relationship in a balance. They sit at the opposite ends of the spectrum, and as such, they need to meet halfway to make the relationship work.

Together, these zodiacs will enjoy a life of complementarity. The weakness of one will be the strength of another, and that creates chemistry between them. Aries can show Libra how to trust their instincts and enjoy life with risks. On the other hand, Libras can show the impulsive Aries how to live their lives with style.

As Cardinal signs, they won’t have any problems starting and initiating things. They can start something which will give excitement to them. Aries will have a new venture, while Libra will have something new to talk about. The problem that might occur would be their inability to follow through with what they started. Nevertheless, they can learn a lot from each other.

5. Incompatible

Libra and Virgo

Libras tend to have some disagreements with the Earth and Water Signs. With Virgos, there may be more similarities than differences, and they need to iron those out to make the relationship work.

Both Libras and Virgos love intellectual discussions. They love to talk about ideas and thoughts about the world. However, Libra and Virgo differ in interpreting those ideas. Libra would love to talk about any ideas at all, regardless of how stupid it sounds. In contrast, Virgos can't tolerate any errors or mistakes in a line of thought. Virgos may confront Libra about this, to which Libras will retaliate.

One thing that’ll unite these two would be their love for culture and the arts. Virgos know how to satisfy themselves with material wealth, while Libras love to surround themselves with anything stylish. If they’re able to reconcile their differences, this relationship has a promise to work.

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Libra and Scorpio

Libras also seem to fail to understand the emotional needs of Water signs, particularly Scorpio. Libras value intellectual connection and mental rapport, while Scorpios long for emotional security. These differences in needs and wants will put a lot of pressure on the relationship.

They also differ in the way they show their love. For instance, Libras like to keep their space so they can think and generate new ideas. In contrast, Scorpios like to be clingy and possessive to their loved ones. If neither of them met these requirements, there'd be some problems that will arise.

Also, Scorpio‘s possessiveness can border to jealousy. Knowing that Libras can be very social, Scorpios will compete for the attention of Libra. They need to straighten these differences out to make the relationship work. After all, both of them value trust and loyalty in a relationship, so they can start from there.

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6. Very Incompatible

Libra and Taurus

If Libras find it hard to be with Virgos, then rest assured they'll find it tougher to be with the practical but stubborn Taurus. Yes, they love some peace and calm relaxation at home, but beneath the relationship's surface lies several problems.

For instance, Libras like to socialize and build their public image. In contrast, Taurus will withdraw from the crowd and will shift their focus to achieving their dreams and goals in life. Taurus won't even bother to spark their interest in Libras' ideas, while Libras will find the routine work of Taurus stagnant. Libra and Taurus must understand where each comes from and try to place themselves in their partners' shoes to make their relationship work.

After all, their love for culture, aesthetics, and pleasure will unite both of you. Both Taurus and Libra know how to appreciate life and live it to its fullest. If they can connect the disparities, this relationship can work in the long run.

Libra and Pisces

When Pisces and Libra join together for a relationship, Pisces will be the sponge to Libra's thoughts and ideas. Pisces will receive all of those intellectual discussions and ponder them for a long time before giving their point of view. Libras will get annoyed, causing some problems in the relationship.

Libras thrive in meaningful conversations about any ideas. They like to talk about a lot of things. Pisces, in contrast, will receive all of the ideas generated by Libras. Libras feel that Pisces tend to be submissive and evade any talks or discussions about what they think or feel. Libra and Pisces in a relationship will be a game of tag. Neither of them would let the other get to their true nature.

However, their very own receptiveness to people surrounding them will unite them in this relationship. They value the originality and ingenuity of ideas, which makes them a great match. They also avoid confrontations and conflicts as much as possible.

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7. Clash of Signs

Libra and Cancer

Libras will have the most challenging time of their lives, decoding the emotional puzzle of Cancers. Cancers need the most substantial emotional connection among the Water signs. They respond to problems using their emotions and intuitions. Libras, in contrast, can be more rational and objective in solving problems. They never attach any feelings or sentimental values and will approach it using logic.

Aside from their different approaches in life, Libras also need to see their partner as an equal. They don't compete for power, and they can neither be dominant or submissive. In contrast, Cancer feels the need to nurture and be a parental figure to their partner. This difference can create conflict that can rip their relationship further apart.

These differences can make ahead turn when Libra and Cancer focus on their shared qualities. They can be thoughtful and loyal to one another. They can provide what their partners lack, and they can also be sensitive to each other's feelings. They can be a great team together if they’ll make it work.

Libra and Capricorn

As an Air sign, Libras need to live like the wind. They need to be as blissful as the wind; that's why they tend to float with their ideas. They like to travel from place to place and communicate with other people. Not doing so will bore Libras to death. In contrast, Capricorns like to plant their feet solid to the ground. They need to make sure that what they're doing will be based on calculations and careful consideration of everything.

Libra and Capricorn also differ in personal tastes. For instance, Libras like to stay updated with the newest trends in fashion, art, and culture. In contrast, Capricorns like the classics, the tried and tested, and the traditional. They may come across each other, which is why they need to make a lot of effort to make the relationship work.

Their love for pleasure and living life with style will still unite them in this relationship. They need time to grow with each other to see that they can bring the best qualities out of each other.


Overall, Libras consider themselves as the “social butterflies” of the zodiac. As the Cardinal Air signs, they value intellectual prowess and mental rapport over emotion and intuition. They can handle themselves well, and they like to express their ideas in ways that people would find it easy to understand. They love to surround themselves with anything aesthetic, and they adore high art and fashion.

As such, the best matches for Libras will be their fellow Air signs (Gemini, Libra, Aquarius) since they can understand what each other wants. Libras also match well with Fire signs (Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius) because they can fuel these fire signs' burning passion.

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