Libra Man Cheating: How to Deal? -

Libra Man Cheating: How to Deal?

What happens when the justice-loving Zodiac sign does something wrong? What prompts the Libra man to cheat, and how do you deal with it?

The Libra man is not likely to cheat because he puts a high value on love, peace, and fairness. But he will cheat and betray someone’s trust if these values are missing or lacking in his relationship.

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But first, make sure that he is cheating for real. The Libra man has a friendly and outgoing personality, even flirty at times, so he can easily be mistaken for a player or cheat.

There’s no need to worry because one good thing about the Libra man is that he is honest and will tell you the truth if you ask him. Also, expect him not to cheat on you for very long; his strict sense of justice will not allow him to keep the truth hidden for long.  

Keep reading to learn more about the Libra man and his tendency to cheat. You’ll also read about the issues that can push him to cheat and how to deal with his cheating.

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Get to know the Libra man

First, you need to know all about the Libra man. Libra, a Cardinal Air sign under the planet Venus’s rule, is considered the most extroverted sign of the Zodiac.

The Libra man possesses excellent communication skills, making him charming and great at getting along with other people. He knows exactly what to say in any situation and loves having deep and meaningful discussions with other people.

The Libra man’s sign is associated with the scales of justice, making him place a high value on fairness and equality. He weighs everything before making decisions but can sometimes pass judgment based on superficial reasons.

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An extrovert like the Libra man loves trying new experiences and connecting with people. He likes to live in a large social circle where he is not limited to the same people.

A Libra man in love is impulsive and passionate; his Air sign makes him rush blindly into marriage. He is a loyal partner and is committed to making a relationship work as long as he feels the same commitment from his partner.

What drives the Libra man to cheat?

The Libra man is not prone to cheating; his strong sense of justice and fairness will prevent him from hurting the people he cares about. But he is no saint, and he will cheat if he encounters the following issues in his relationship: 


The Libra man loves to be admired, and he will be drawn to anyone who pays him compliments and makes him feel wanted. He also needs support and guidance without feeling criticized or controlled.

Making time for your man and taking care of him is the best way to prevent him from straying away from you. Make him feel wanted and needed without restricting his freedom, share your thoughts and opinions without being dictating to him.


The Libra man hates to be neglected, but he also hates to be on the other end of the scale. He will lose respect for you if you focus on him and his needs so much that you lose yourself in the relationship.

Codependency is never healthy in a relationship, and it disrupts the balance of ‘give and take’ between you and your Libra man. As much as he wants to be loved, he also needs to shower his love and affection on you, and he won’t be able to do that if you are always giving, never taking.


The Libra man hates being in arguments and loves to live a peaceful life with a loving partner. If your relationship makes him anxious or stresses him out, he will seek peace and calm somewhere else.

Being a controlling and aggressive person to the Libra man will introduce unnecessary conflict to your relationship. Calm and honest communication is the best way to resolve any conflict and misunderstanding between you and your man.


The Libra man will work hard to stay in a loving and trusting relationship. Being jealous is not a compliment to him but an insult to his character and sense of right and wrong. 

Constant jealousy will make your man see you as an insecure person, and he will not have the patience to keep convincing you to trust him. He will want to be with someone with high self-esteem and who will not keep doubting him and his feelings.


The Libra man stays in a relationship for the joy of having someone to share the ups and downs of life. He understands that it’s not all fun and games, but he will leave if the unhappiness and heavy feeling becomes too much for him to handle.

If the relationship is out of balance and there are more troubles than happy events, the Libra man will try to restore the balance and seek other sources of joy. The Air sign in him will allow himself to be carried away and blown to a lighter and more refreshing environment.


The Libra man commits to a relationship with love as his sole motivation. Being ruled by Venus, the planet of love, he will follow love wherever it goes, even if it’s somewhere outside his current relationship.

The Libra man seeks the romantic kind of love free of drama or negativity. He knows that this ideal kind of love can be challenging to realize, but he knows that it is possible if he is with an honest and trusting partner.

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What to do with the cheating Libra man?  

Dealing with the cheating Libra man will depend on his next steps. Will he continue to be with his current relationship, or will he leave it to build a new relationship with the other person?

The Libra man’s choice will determine your following actions. Below are some ways to deal with whatever he may decide to do.

Communicate with him

Communication is the foundation of a long-lasting relationship with the Libra man. If you suspect or have confirmed that he is cheating, talk to him right away and clear things out.

The Libra man will be honest because his sense of justice won’t allow him to lie to spare your feelings. Reassure him of your understanding and acceptance if he intends to be with someone else; give him your complete trust if he confirms his loyalty and devotion to your relationship.

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Take a breather

Hitting pause on your relationship will help reset your mind and emotions. The Libra man will need the extra time to think about his next steps; you will also have the rest you need to recover from the pain.

If you decide to carry on with your relationship with the Libra man who cheated on you, rebuilding the trust and mutual respect will take time. Having a rest from each other before resuming your relationship will be helpful for you to miss each other; it will be a test to see if you still want to be together after everything that’s happened.

Look into yourself

Evaluate your actions and see how you contributed to the reasons that made your Libra man cheat. I’m not saying that you blame yourself, but you need to accept that you also played a part in your man cheating on you.

Looking into your feelings can also help you deal with the cheating Libra man. Be honest in your reflection of your feelings, ask yourself how his actions made you feel or think and how you can get past this challenge in your relationship.

Improve and reinforce

Improve on the problem areas of your relationship and reinforce the weak spots. Remember that there is no such thing as a perfect relationship, and it’s up to you and your Libra man to keep working on yourselves to be successful at being together.

Love is not about playing games and fighting to win. So learn to compromise and forgive, and you can only do that by knowing and understanding each other.  

Give him a second chance

Always look for the good things in your Libra man, and give him a second chance if he asks for it. Accepting that no one is perfect will make you accept your man, the whole him, warts and all.

Take this as a learning experience for you and your man to build a better relationship. The mistakes and misgivings from both sides will help you see areas that you need to work on for a stronger connection.

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Let him go

If the Libra man decides to leave you, accept it and let him go. No one is the absolute culprit when people cheat, so learn to forgive him and yourself.

Explore the idea of being friends with the Libra man, not so you can get back together but because you value his friendship. It will take some time, but know that everything happens for a reason, and you will see that it’s all for the best.

For the meantime, get to know him better first, study his personality, interests, and find out the way his mind works with Anna Kovach's Libra Man Secrets guide.

Doing so might give you a better understanding of his actions and behaviors towards you. 

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