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When a Libra man ignores me, what do I do?: Try These Ways!

Your Libra man is a skillful communicator, who constantly knows the exact thing to say in any situation to come off as charismatic, thoughtful, and polite. Libra is the best guy to introduce to your family and best friend, because of their charming nature they are easy to get along with. He is the guy you want to bring home to let your parents meet, and you will be confident that they'll love him.

Libras are known not to have or show the ability to make decisions fast, weighing every choice very thoroughly to find the most suitable one before committing.

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Why does a Libra man ignore you?

A Libra man is supportive, romantic, very emotional, and peace-loving. When a Libra man ignores you, this could mean a lot of things. Libras are incredibly complex people.

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Libras are not the type who instantly ignores someone. So, there is probably a reason why a Libra man ignores you. They are reasonable with their choices, and they will explain why.

He is anxious or stressed. Being in peace is always what a Libra man wants. And if their order is interrupted, it disturbs everything else that surrounds them too. They eventually start to ignore the people close to them and begin to hurt these people.

But understand that he is going through a rough patch, and have faith in him. He needs you now more than ever because he is anxious and under stress. Make him feel that you are by his side and that you are there for him. Let him know that he has you, and he can ask for help.

He is not happy with you. A Libra man will ignore you when he is not pleased with your actions or what you are doing. A Libra man is a peacemaker, so he won't argue with you. Try talking to a Libra man if he's ignoring you. Maybe because you did something he is not fond of. A Libra man is going to avoid all confrontations as much as he can.

As long as it does not devolve into a quarrel that is not going anywhere, a Libra man will never say no to a rational discussion.

He didn't get the love he wanted. A Libra man is a man of many wonderful qualities. A Libra man would want to talk more about you to find out what makes your skin crawl and what makes you smile. One of the qualities of a Libra man is having deep talks that last all night. He would discuss the universe and the world with you, he's going to get into the depths of your mind, and he would still not be tired.

When you do not give importance to a Libra man's conversations or ignore them, they're going to ignore you right back. Communication is always the key to a Libra man's heart.

He's in love. Libra men are the best lovers; they will move mountains for their companions. When a Libra man does not talk to you or ignores you, it could be because there is someone else he is in love with. He is only interested in his partner and is not interested in seeing someone else.

Healthy relationships and relationships without arguments are what a Libra man craves. All he wants is a romantic relationship without drama and negativity, which means a Libra man wants peace.

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Why does a Libra man seem so distant?

Libra can often become caught up in the romance of new relationships before really settling into it. So when you first date him, he might be all about affection before actually taking the time to get to know you. But when he starts to get to know you, all he cares about is to be with someone he can spend romantic nights with and have a deep connection with. There could be a few reasons why a Libra man starts to feel distant be quiet.

Libra man tends to drop their interest to someone who is more controlling and aggressive than he is. For a Libra man, relationships are supposed to be about happiness and love every time that you are together. He'll start to get distant when he feels like he has to second-guess everything that he'll do and everything that he says about you. 

Being Libra's best friend will make it simpler for him to open up on the tough things, and will make it easier for both of you to have a healthier and happier relationship.

How to make a Libra man miss you?

Libra and Taurus are ruled by the planet Venus, the planet of love, pleasure, and relationships. Libra is known to be interested in romance, sharing the joys of life, and being in love. They are not themselves when they are alone, so now is the chance to act before they are snapped up again.

Be patient. Making a Libra man miss you will mean that you are patient with him because he might not have enough of you just yet. It will take a lot of effort to woo him once again but be patient. Acting with gratitude and grace will make him miss you. A Libra man usually is trying to make up his mind with proof as to your fitness for him. A Libra man always wants to be appreciated.

Be relaxed and balanced. Being relaxed, positive, and steady will make a Libra man fall for you. These are traits of a woman that Libra man will naturally gravitate to. Always find a balance between the support he gives you and the support you give to him. Be an independent woman and show a Libra man that you are quite the catch yourself.

A Libra man does not want to place your happiness in his hands. He wants you to be independent. A real turn-on for a Libra man will be to show him that you are comfortable, are able to take care of yourself, and values yourself as much as you appreciate him.

Don't ever ignore him. Being ignored is like taking the life force out of a Libra man. A Libra man will do anything to avoid the pain of being ignored since they are naturally social. Being ignored gets to a Libra man though he might act like it is not a big deal.

Give him time, and he'll come around.

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How can you tell if a Libra man is done with you?

If your Libra man is acting differently, there could be a chance that he has given up on your relationship. Here are some signs that a Libra man wants to end things with you.

He does not appreciate you as he used to. Every Libra man has a sharp eye. He is attentive enough to pick on the changes in his partner even before they have attempted to speak about it genuinely. When a Libra man is done with you, appreciation is a far cry.

A Libra man is a lover of beauty, just like the Virgo man. A girl who takes care of her appearance is the type of girl Libra man wants to be around. He wants a partner who is well-groomed and looks good. Libra man takes time to fix and take care of himself, so if he finds a woman who is exactly like him, he is swept off his feet. 

But, when he starts to lose interest in the woman he used to have feelings for, he won't acknowledge who she is or what she does for him.

He quickly gets angry or upset. Libra men hate confrontations the most. That's why they dislike people who display very aggressive and robust personalities. Libra doesn't want to be around these kinds of people. They aspire to maintain balance and harmony in their relationships.

When a Libra man eventually decided to give up on someone who is immature and has unacceptable behavior, he could end up your connection in a vengeful manner. When people do not act the way a Libra man expects them to, he tends to get angry. So, it's an obvious warlike one in which he makes sure justice is served.

He lacks sincerity. A Libra man can push himself to extremes to maintain peace in his life. He loves to be in control. A Libra man will zone out when he is triggered to a point where he doesn't care anymore because when a Libra man gives up, detachment comes to them quickly.

He stops investing his time in the relationship. When a Libra man is in love, he craves the company of his partner. A Libra man makes a small attempt to be around his partner if things have gone sour. He'll stay away to avoid a painful discussion.


Being in a relationship with a Libra man could be bliss, that's why it could be devastating if he starts ignoring you. Relationships are incredibly complicated and often challenging to handle.

It could be incredibly tough to figure out the exact reason why your Libra man has ignored you. May this article and the signs above give you an insight into your situation with your Libra man. Whatever happens, always look deep in your heart and listen to your intuition if you still want to pursue your relationship.

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