Libra Rising (Also Known As Libra Ascendant): All You Need To Know! -

Libra Rising (Also Known As Libra Ascendant): All You Need To Know!

Your birth date determines your Sun sign. Planetary arrangements on the day you were born define characteristics that will dominate your inner personality, strengths, and weaknesses. On that day, a particular sign was also rising at the eastern horizon – your Rising sign. Rising signs determine how your world perceives you, how you interact with your surroundings on a superficial level and influence your first impressions.

Libra Rising means that during your time of birth, Libra was rising on the eastern horizon. It is important to know someone's Rising sign because it will be detrimental to one's approach towards things, experiences, and people. Venus is the ruling planet of Libra. And like Venus, Libra ascendants have a certain charm that makes people gravitate towards them.

You have a natural charm and an inner beauty. You do not necessarily have to be the most beautiful in the group, but you sure are the charmer. And like a charm, you turn something terrible into something exciting, gloom to challenging, and dull to something fun. These are only a few of the reasons why friends surround you.

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And you befriend all walks of life. Librans have a natural tendency to aim for balance in all areas of their life. We could say that this is not easy, nor is it achievable. But this is how to live one's life from a Libran's point of view. Librans are great diplomats because they will not take sides in conflicts. And they will be sure not to be too indulgent in anything. Different personalities gravitate towards them because they understand first and judge later.

Personal Life

You enjoy your time alone, but you are not a homebody. You require yourself to engage with other people and spend time with them. A little bit more of each is fine, but too much time indoors bores you as much as too much time outdoors tires you down.

You need not be too organized. But you do need proper compartmentalization of everything. You are not much of an OCD, and you don't aim for perfection. You understand that in an imperfect universe, we are to expect flaws. On the other hand, you wish a certain balance in it as well. Otherwise, it simply won't do.

Your dominant Sun sign will have its extremes. Having Libra ascending on your Sun sign will help balance your extremes. A bit of push here and a little polishing there will serve as your reigns. One born with Libra Rising means you can control and maintain a balance in one life, no matter how hard it may be, which is significant in having Saturn in Libra. But for sure, it will be harder for others.


Family life is our first exposure to different demands in all areas of our life. Parents' expectations may soon be evident as you grow older. Siblings may also require particular needs for you to fulfill. And if you have your own family or about to have one soon, your spouse and children will demand a piece of you. Too much work? Of course! And this is just one piece of the puzzle.

A great thing about Librans is their natural tendency for balance. You will always find a way to balance the effort given, the quality of the time spent, or any financial concerns. Yes, this does not mean that it is easy-peasy for Librans. This natural tendency would also mean that you may be restless most of the time. Be mindful of not overwhelming yourself.

In investment, there is this saying not to put all your eggs in one basket. For Librans, they NEED to put their eggs on all the baskets. And although this may be good, in terms of prioritizing family and your relationship with the members, you must know when to accept that you have no more eggs. But who are we to say? You are the epitome of balance.

However, although that may sound like and is too much work, one of the great things about having Libra influence you is that you are sure to keep family on your priority list. Not only do you keep them there, but you know family is an essential aspect of your life. And this makes you a responsible family member.

The demands of each of your loved ones will be as important to you as your own needs. You are the best head of the household. You know when it is to let the kids get their way, and you know when to pull your parental reigns. You know when to allow your other priorities first in order. But you also ensure your aging parents will still have your attention.

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Are you in a relationship? Good for you! Librans are the best to keep a relationship going. As crucial as blood relation is to you, a romantic relationship is also one you value. You may have career goals that will require time, but you ensure that you can put time there as you will to your partner.

You are self-aware when it comes to doing too much or being too much. That won't be a balanced life, now, would it? If you are dating one, they will surely give you a lovely weekend treat after a week of extended work hours. He will always find time and keep the balance among his priorities in life.

Dating a Libra will not be too much of a problem. They will understand that you have other priorities, but of course, they will not allow that as a way of life. You will need to balance your life, and perhaps you can ask her for help. They will not be too busy for you, even when they are busy. They will not bend to your immaturities though, after all, Librans hate childish acts.

Immaturity does not agree much with a Libra. Even for a Libra rising, soon enough, you will catch on with the drama and decide not to want anything to do with it, which is similar to Cancer rising. A balanced life is one you prefer, always. An immature partner means imbalanced life because most of the time, due to childish ways, you will lose your balance. And that won't do.

But if you are single, you need not ask why you don't get very well with childish partners or any hint of immaturity. Any indication of obsession, or addiction, or neediness will turn your love signals off right away.


Librans hate choosing between options. They love harmony, even in their jobs. That is not surprising, for they are the last to compete for a leadership role; after all, making decisions is what leaders do. And making decisions is the last thing that Librans want because that would entail tipping the balance, no matter how necessary.

You will often find Librans in artistic and creative roles. Self-expression is one they would certainly not avoid. Artists require harmony of notes or colors; visual arts require synchrony of all elements, so Librans are great in fashion and design. The accuracy required in engineering and architecture is as vital for Librans as aesthetics and perfect scaling.

Although Lady Libra is the symbol of justice, Librans would not be all too comfortable in legal matters. If everyone deserves a second chance, how will you convict someone? And if the opposing side is a friend or an old acquaintance, how are you to defend your client's side if it will mean proving that friend's guilt? However, this does not imply that Librans cannot be lawyers or judges, nor will they be bad at it.

Nevertheless, Librans who have mastered the art of decision-making make great diplomats. They would know the critical priorities of any given conflict. As a manager, you will surely be just and fair. You will listen to all sides before making a decision. You will not be playing favorites during work hours, and you will still be good company after work hours.

You understand that all strengths are weaknesses if not managed. But learn to handle them, and you can go anywhere and achieve anything. The people you love will be supportive of your goals as you are to them. After all, you know how to show them that they are as important as your personal goals.

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There is one challenging aspect of being a Libra Rising. It is that you often spend too much time before making decisions for the sake of balance. It is one weakness Libra has. You try not to make decisions if it would mean that you will have to take one side and risk losing the other.

Learn to rank your priorities. It would be best if you learned how to manage time. You have to accept that timing is as important as balance. Losing time for balance is no balance. Otherwise, you may end up with lost opportunities and lose people who are important to you.

Meeting crossroads in your life is not a bad thing; it is one most common in a life that is moving forward. Properly considering your options is fine, but try to set deadlines for yourself to decide and let go of the other options you did not choose.

Do not allow yourself to fixate on a problem. A problem needs a solution. You may delay by considering all possible solutions and formulas, and strategies. But at the end of it all, you will need to give your answer. So focus on your goals, look forward to that answer.

Master your sense of balance, and use it to itself.

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