Libra Sun Aries Moon: Outgoing Yet Also Reserved -

Libra Sun Aries Moon: Outgoing Yet Also Reserved

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The Sun is associated with the fire element, and it rules in the Leo sign. It plays an essential role because it represents your ego and consciousness. Moreover, it affects shaping your personality and the formation of who you are.

The Sun and Moon go hand in hand together. As the Sun shapes your personality, the Moon signifies your emotional nature. The Moon affects what you feel and how you react based on what you are feeling inside.

Libra Sun Aries Moon Traits

Having your Sun in Libra, you like peace, so you have a calm and laidback attitude. However, your Aries Moon is the complete opposite which is restless. You have contradicting personality that plays a tug of war on how you deal with different situations. They do not go well with each other, so one side is longing to prevail.

Just like other Libras, you approach your problems in a calm and relaxed manner. You want to resolve things peacefully because you desire harmony, similar to Libra Sun Aquarius Moon. You have a diplomatic approach that helps you come up with solutions.

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You like to assess the entire situation first, gather information, and look at the whole picture. You seldom accept other's opinions quickly or react instantly based on the rushed conclusion. Thanks to Libra, you balance your intuition, emotion, and reason pretty well.

You have a way of handling things efficiently. You give other people practical advice on how to proceed with their goals. You are indecisive like all other Libras, which is sometimes annoying for a Leo. However, your inconclusiveness evolves from your reasons. You want to be objective to conclude a fair decision.

Your positive attitude is your key to happy and not so stressful life. You are most likely to avoid fighting or raising the tone of your voice. As much as possible, you stay away from drama. People may have an impression of you as indecisive, but it is mainly because of your objective nature. You want to weigh things first before giving your point of view. You are reasonable, and you unlikely prone to manipulation.

You are sensitive to injustice, and you stand firm in your advocacies. You stand firmly on what you believe, and you support humanitarian projects. Fairness is what you would like for everyone to have. You are approachable, friendly, and hospitable. You are an accommodating host to your guests and a pretty natural charmer.

You are gentle and discreet on the outside, but your impulsive on the inside. You like to spend your days being lazy, but you are also itching for new adventures. You are burning inside with strong passion and emotions, but you appear to be calm and calculated.

Daily routines for you are dull, and you want to avoid boredom as much as possible. You want exciting and thrilling activities that could be an outlet for your energy. You are most likely having a job that involves fieldwork rather than staying in the office.

You manage your time well to different happenings. You have a schedule for work or business matters, social events, recreation, and leisure. One day you could stay at home doing nothing like a lazy day. The next day you attend meetings and parties all day long.

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Because you are spontaneous, when crises occur, you have something in mind or a plan. You start conversations with any topic you can think of. When someone disagrees with your opinion, you like to argue and discuss the subject further.

Your Aries Moon is a fire element that indicates dynamic energy, fierce, and sometimes aggressive. Your fluctuating power can also result in temperamental and erratic behavior. You are into action and movement in comparison to the tranquil state of Libra.

You are reactive, and you act before you can think. You are also fiery, and your emotions are not that subtle. You enjoy all kinds of challenges that can stimulate you.

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Love And Relationships

You observe, and you react by instinct but still holding a moral high ground. Your social skills are admirable. When surrounding yourself with people, you are fun and exciting. You are irresistible, and you can connect quickly to others. It may lead to creating friendships and romantic relationships.

Your positive attitude gets along with everyone, and you like to be around people. You have many friends, and you are passionate about your lover. You express your feelings openly when it comes to love rather than hide them.

You have a magnetic aura, and you are lovable. Your potential partner would be eager to upgrade to the next level at the early stages. However, you tend to refuse to commit at first. You are charming, attractive, and flirtatious, but eventually, you give in and have a commitment.

When you are young, you like being in love and talk about romance. But as you mature, you realize the significance of commitments and responsibilities. You want updates and your partner's whereabouts. It seems possessive, but you want to be involved in your lover's activities.

With a contradicting personality, you look for someone different from you. You like challenges, and sometimes, you start a fight out of nowhere when you get bored.

Being tied down by your partner is not a problem for you, but you also want some freedom. You would cherish a little space for you to express your ideas and feelings. You want a partner who understands and accepts you as you are. You can be a little selfish at times, but you are romantic.

You tend to prioritize your satisfaction and sometimes neglect to think about your partner. It would be best if you were sensitive to your partner's needs. It is better to appreciate each other's efforts and not remain one-sided. You can be passive and aggressive at the same time in love depending on your mood. You do your part to keep the relationship alive and for it to last.

You say what you feel and think openly, and you do not hold grudges. It is a good trait that your partner appreciates because they do not wonder what is happening. You also desire that your lover is open to speaking about thoughts and feelings. So, you would not have to guess.

A Gemini can be a great match since they are communicative. They express themselves freely, which helps to attain better understanding through communication. Your best match is someone who relates to you and who is understanding. Your partner must be game for anything but also desires a peaceful life with chunks of fun. You have a dynamic nature that can go from a calm state to outgoing quickly.

You are loyal and trustworthy, so you expect your partner do the same. You are protective of your loved ones, and you are defensive when you detect a threat. You would not want to let anything harm them in your watch.

You can be a talented homemaker who brings joy and bliss to your household. You decorate your home with pieces of art that you connect with, like paintings or wallpaper. You unleash your self-expression through art and setting up spaces. 

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Your moon sign is the culprit for craving attention which makes your Libra out of balance. As a result, it creates tension. You are open but also shy. You appear calm but fidgety inside. The most exciting thing is how these opposite signs still create a perfect combination.

You are friendly, frank, and diplomatic. Your Sun in Libra takes into account your general behavior. It has to balance the emotional, logical, and intuitive aspects of your personality. One of your goals is to attain the balance of your entire being.  

You are not afraid to fail because you welcome any outcome as long as you learn from it. You like to experience different things, and that includes failure. You do not see it as the end but as a stepping stone. With your sun and moon combination is a constant battle of contraries. You can alternate opposing characteristics.

You are socially active, and you do not commit right away. You want to mingle around, and it would take a while before you decide to commit. You are used to enjoying the company of people, and you think being in a relationship hinders that.

You are a delightful companion in your way. Most of your acquaintances do not exceed the limits of friendship and casual commitment. It would take some time before you enter a deep and permanent connection. Your interaction with other people makes you happy. You may have diverse views from the crowd, but you spill them out anyway. You do not hesitate to air out your comments on all subjects.

At work, you can work alone because you are self-sufficient and independent. Moreover, you can also be a team player with your social skills. Because you are quite often, others perceive you as soft and easily led. But rest assured, you do what you want on your terms with a bit of compromise.

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