Life Path Number 11 Meaning in Numerology: AKA Master Number 11 -

Life Path Number 11 Meaning in Numerology: AKA Master Number 11

In numerology, it is believed that we can fully understand the world around us and also ourselves through numbers. The spiritual discipline in numerology invites us to pay attention to what is inside of us, and that is by observing these numerical patterns in our everyday lives.

One way of getting a broader insight about ourselves is through our Life Path number. It is the number from our birthdate reduced to a single or two-digit number. Our Life path number is said to reveal our great purpose, our true identity, and an explanation of why we think and act in such a way.

Life Path number 11 is one and the first line of Master numbers in numerology. Thus, life path 11 is also considered Master number 11. It possesses the same values and traits as master number 11. 

Master number 11 holds the energy of spiritual awakening. Those with life path 11 in their charts possess a strong intuition, which allows them to have that deep understanding of others and themselves. 

In Numerology, everything that has happened or will happen is dependent upon the mystical properties of numbers. Each number has a unique vibration which gives it a distinct set of properties.

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Life Path 11 holds a lot of meaning; thus, this article will guide you in discovering its message into your life as well as the personality traits associated with this number. 

Meaning of Life Path Number 11

Life path number 11 is intuitive and sensitive. Among all master numbers and life path numbers, the number 11 is the most spiritually inclined. Life path 11 operates on a high-frequency level. 

The level of awareness of the life path master number 11 is so substantial, which allows it to connect with the universe. Life path 11 are drawn in achieving spiritual transcendence. They have this curiosity to find answers to the mystery and puzzle of life.

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Life path number 11 operates in a higher vibrational plane. It has surpassed the physical realm, no longer affected by worldly matters and rubbish opinions of others. They are not worried about being judged by other people. Instead, life path 11 is motivated in seeking contentment and fulfillment in its soul.

People with master numbers as their life path often experience great struggle and hardships before finding their purpose. If not managed well at a young age, this could inflict trauma to the young number 11. 

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Moreover, number 11’s negative aspect is that they tend to be more focused on looking for answers in pursuit of spiritual balance that they can leave their loved ones feeling neglected. 

People with life path 11 can be attracted to religions that practice self-awareness, meditation, and the concept of rebirths, such as Buddhism and Taoism.

Traits and Personality of Life Path Number 11

In the practice of numerology, double-digit numbers are often reduced to a single-digit number to understand its root meaning further. Thus, number 11 is said to carry the energy of the number 2

Numbers are everywhere. You are literally swimming in them. Phone numbers, addresses, license plates, pin codes, your date of birth.

Numbers touch every single thing we do. In fact, all energy carries a hidden numerical code and vibration.

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The personality of a person who has number 11 as their life path is caring, honest, and charismatic. They are also a spiritually inclined and deep thinkers. People with life path number 11 possess self-awareness allowing them to be conscious of their words and actions towards other people. 

People with life path 11 are also visionary. Their grand plan for the future is envisioned through the guidance of their wisdom and creative mind. Because of this, number 11 has the tendency to become too dreamy and idealistic. They have these revolutionary and bright ideas but are too unrealistic to obtain.

Unlike number 4, which makes decisions based on logic, life path number 11 rely on their faith in decision making.  

The negative aspect of the number 11 is that it can sometimes be impractical. Number 11 also has a tendency to become indecisive. Life path 11 is more prone to phobias and trauma; thus, they can sometimes be moody and nervous.

Since the number 11 bears the energy of the number 2, it carries the power of completion, partnership, and union. Number 2 has the strength to finish what they started. Number 2 also has this unique gift to form new connections and establish strong relationships quickly.

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Due to the influence of number 2, life path 11 can thrive in any work situation and enjoys working in a polyvalent work environment. Number 11 puts tremendous importance on harmony and peace in any situation. Owing to their intuitive nature, they can easily sense negative vibrations from others. 

Number 11 is also good at being a mediator. Their advocacy of peace and harmony in all things allows them to tackle any problem in a calm manner. Number 11 are open-minded people; that they can talk and listen to someone without any discrimination.

People with life path number 11 has the strength to materialize anything they put their mind to. Utilizing all the good qualities and aspects of the number 11 to your own advantage can indeed bring positive things into your life. If the energy of the number 11 is directed to the positive side, then all will work in your favor.


Life Path number 11 indeed is a number full of mysticism. It is strongly attracted to spiritual pursuits and is motivated to achieve spiritual transcendence. People with master numbers as their life path often experience great struggles. However, these challenges are only a way for you to harness the real power that lies within you. 

Life path number 11 possesses an enormous amount of energy and clairvoyance. Let your instinct guide you on your path towards achieving your great purpose!

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