Lilith Conjunct Ascendant: The Dangerous And Angelic Sides In One -

Lilith Conjunct Ascendant: The Dangerous And Angelic Sides In One

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You've probably heard about how Eve is the first wife of Adam in the Bible. But in Judeo-Christian (a term that mixes Judaism and Christianism beliefs) mythology, Eve was the second wife of Adam. Lilith is the first wife of Adam.

Hence, she was the first woman and not Eve. The question now begs in your head: who is Lilith, and what happened to her?

Like Eve, Lilith is born in the Garden of Eden. But unlike Eve, whose body came from Adam's rib, Lilith's creation is the same as Adam's.

God molded Lilith from the soil, and God gave her life. However, Lilith refused to be compliant with his husband. She does not want to submit herself to Adam.

For this reason, she left her husband and the Garden of Eden. Many believe that Adam fathered demonic children from her. But some accounts say that it was an archangel that fathered her demon children. Either way, Lilith bore children called incubi and succubi.

Many describe Lilith as “liberated,” “feisty,” and “independent.” She knows she cannot be under anyone because she and Adam came from the same soil. Her powerful stance was also her downfall because she left the perfection of the Garden of Eden. After all, she does not want to back down.

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She is a strong, forceful woman in a society controlled by men. She is well aware that she is a force to be reckoned with, and she can demonstrate this every time she enters the room. She can stand up for herself, which makes many people avoid her.

Lilith conjunct Ascendant means one's raw nature is visible to others. This placement gives a magnetic charm and a fierce sense of independence. People might see you as mysterious or a bit rebellious.

Lilith conjunct the ascendant can help you become more powerful, autonomous, and accessible.

This is where you learn to be yourself, cut relationships with others, and feel powerful in your own right.

This positioning, however, comes with some risk as we watch Lilith leave paradise and travel into the unknown.

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Lilith's reputation is tumultuous. But many people characterize her as courageous, independent, and powerful. Her risky side and self-reliance attract a lot of people. This Lilith Conjunct Ascendant represents someone who is both angelic and dangerous.

Lilith is a fighter as well as a dreamer. On the one hand, she is the most powerful woman in the world, in charge of her own life and a symbol of women's liberation. She is scared and vulnerable to the risks in her environment simultaneously.

If you have this face, don't be too concerned about your natal chart's oppositions. The dangerous sides of your personality will guard the weaker aspects of your personality. Lilith, in short, has an independent and free-spirited nature.

We correlate this folklore in astrology. Lilith in our natal charts symbolizes the traits that we keep deep down. This placement should not be confused with the dwarf planet, Pluto. Lilith deals with the characteristics that, when expressed, are shamed or ridiculed. It is the side of us that we do not want anyone to see for fear of being alienated or judged.

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One example is our sexuality. When people freely express their sexuality, chances are they receive judgment. These people will hear names that will inflict pain. They experience judgment for being too vocal about it. Our society has remained to associate sexuality with taboo. For this reason, the people who talk about sex freely are often looked down on.

We all have difficulties we don't like to talk about, but some are incredibly personal. Lilith is a character who deals with sex and violence. She is the deep-seated desire you have. Whatever the case may be, you want to accept everything they offer and thoroughly enjoy it.

People often look down on this aspect of themselves. This is because they cannot understand what they do not understand. Expect people to gaze at a lady who wears a short skirt and talks about everything she's doing sexually with everyone around her. They want to see what they're hearing, but they won't accept it's there.

Some would say that sexuality in cinema and television is overused. On the other hand, someone person might argue that our culture should glorify sexuality because it does not cause harm. Our culture may now express how they genuinely feel about sexuality and sexual conduct in the digital age.

The Lilith conjunct Ascendant people will combine their divine attributes with their sexual features, typically taboo. They will impact society by demonstrating to others that being visibly sexual does not imply being loose. It simply means expressing who they are and radiating more sensual energy.

When Lilith is strong in us, we cannot be our true selves. We do not feel like ourselves because we keep on repressing these traits for fear of being mocked. So you cannot reveal your true self, and it feels like you've been masking yourself for so long.

You have dangerous tendencies that you feel are outlawed. At times, you may not understand yourself and find it difficult to embrace your dual nature of perfectionism, hypocrisy, or harmful behavior. It would be best if you chose between an angelic and a self-destructive aspect of yourself.

You're always on the move, and you're unsure if Lilith is divine or demonic. You see a little of yourself in both extremes, but it feels like you have to maintain this dualistic fight for a more extended time than the ordinary person.

Let me share a short story. My friend Alex has Lilith Conjunct Ascendant in his birth chart. In simple terms, Lilith, representing our untamed energy, is paired with the Ascendant, our public face. This combo made Alex a force to be reckoned with.

He was never one to just blend in. At work, he'd often voice out unique ideas, unafraid of any raised eyebrows. This placement gave him a mysterious allure. People were always intrigued, wanting to know more about him.

Through Alex, we learn how Lilith Conjunct Ascendant can make us embrace our wild side, fearlessly showing it to the world.

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Ascendant traits

Ascendant is a vital aspect of our personality. This aspect is as important as the sun and the moon. People often look at the top three traits in our natal charts: the sun, the moon, and the ascendant. What is the ascendant, anyway?

Ascendant is the “front door” of our personality. It is the first thing that people notice in us. Commonly known as “the first impression,” the Ascendant is the vibe that people feel in us when they first meet us. Because it is the first personality that people see in us, the Ascendant is as significant as the sun and moon.

Our time of delivery determines our Ascendant. Therefore, whatever sign is on the horizon during our time of birth is our ascendant.

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Lilith Conjunct Ascendant Natal

Similar to those who have Lilith in Scorpio, people born under the influence of Lilith conjunct ascendant ooze a lot of attractive feminine energy. These people are angelic and dangerous.

Their Dangerous Side

The first thing people notice about you is your femininity. You have a classy way of upbringing. Furthermore, your class and grace lure men and even women alike! These people have an irresistible pull on anyone. People cannot help but be drawn to you effortlessly.

It is possible that when you walk into a room full of people, all eyes will be on you. And you do it effortlessly. You look sexy and hot without even trying, and you know this. For this reason, you make an extra effort to look even better and highlight your best asset.

Lilith conjunct ascendant people are smooth and sweet talkers. It might also be since these people are naturally alluring. People cannot help but pay attention when they talk. But these people are persuasive. People might feel like you are putting them in a trance when they hear you speak.

Because of this spell-binding communication skill, the fields of sales, real estate, and politics suit you best. You sure know how to talk to people and persuade them.

Remember how Lilith left the Garden of Eden because she wants to assert dominance? The same is true with Lilith conjunct ascendant people and the Pluto-Ascendant aspects. These people are rebellious.

They have a strong moral fiber, and they want to prove to everyone that they are right. These people are independent and will stand up for themselves and others.

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Their Angelic Side

Despite these people's powerful aura, they have a different side that's lurking underneath.

These people, although they are not vocal in their sexuality, are often sexualized. For this reason, people tend to fantasize about them so much. But, unfortunately, they usually experience catcalling. In addition, they encounter people who are sexually harassing them.

Lilith conjunct ascendant people often feel insecure with themselves. Although these people seem to be perfect at the outset, they crave intimacy and affection. However, they find it hard to gain genuine relationships because people may like them only for their sexuality.

Because they are magnetic to men and women, people, especially women, are jealous of Lilith conjunct ascendant people. Worst case scenario would be people around them would resort to spreading baseless rumors about these people. It is also possible that these people experienced bullying or depression. Again, the root cause is unknown. But it has something to do with your powerful aura threatening those people around you.

Despite their commanding auras, Lilith conjunct ascendant people are healers. They tend to heal others and themselves. This healing ability is not to say that they are doctors. But when you talk to these people, you will feel like a big chunk of your problem has been removed. You feel lighter. That is one of these people's charms.

Despite being confident, people with Lilith conjunct Ascendant in their natal charts are soft too. They need caring and genuine affection too. So they should try to show their soft side too, and let people look out for them as well.

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