Lilith In Capricorn: The "Workaholics" -

Lilith In Capricorn: The “Workaholics”

The ominous black moon Lilith is a specific spot on the moon, not a planet or astronomical entity. In astrology, there are three Lilith’s, with the Black Moon having the most influence. When the moon's orbit is at its furthest point from the Earth, this phenomenon occurs.

One can consider black moon Lilith as the desires we desperately try to hide from the world. Thoughts, feelings, and characteristics have a great chance of humiliating us. There is repression and shame deep within the black moon Lilith. Things we wish weren’t part of us.

The black moon Lilith is the “black sheep” of our entire personality. Because we feel most shameful at this aspect of our life, this is where we also feel the most vulnerable and weak. Another reason to hate this aspect. Everybody hates their own vulnerabilities.

Lilith: Adam’s First Wife

We first need to know the narrative of the creature behind the name. Lilith. For us to comprehend what the Black Moon Lilith is and how it brings out certain aspects in ourselves. Lilith is a biblical figure who is said to be Adam's first wife. Things didn't work out for them, as we all know, due to Lilith's refusal to submit to him.

Since Adam and Lilith were born in the same way, Lilith believes they should be equal. That neither one should serve the other better. Lilith refused to be sexually subservient to Adam. She wanted to be considered as an equal to him, and her aggressiveness got her booted out of the Garden of Eden.

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Lilith didn't even beg to go back, to their dismay, and she stood firm in her refusal. She's always felt she's a being on par with Adam, and that no one can take away her power. Lilith was well aware of the power she wielded even after she was exiled. Most of us were raised to think Lilith was an evil woman. Interestingly, newer works paint her as a strong, independent woman. Someone who is unapologetic for the decisions she took knowing her life and freedom was on the line.

The whole archetype of Lilith is built to be that “wild”, “bold”, and “rebellious” woman. The woman that Adam and God failed to control within their hands. Her entire image represents power. But, because of her great power and defiance, she lost everything. The Black Moon Lilith is named after Lilith as well. The characteristics it reveals in us are the same ones she displayed in God and Adam. The sexual freedom, inner power, and wickedness.

She is the “Queen of Evil” in the Underworld and is very powerful.

How Does My Black Moon Lilith Affect My Life?

Your zodiac sign will serve as the primary “influencing energy” in the existence of your Black Moon Lilith. The house to where Lilith is assigned will determine which aspects of your life this astrological position would highly take over. Maximizing my potential with the Black Moon Lilith in my Astrological placement

The Black Moon Lilith in one’s astrological placement is like the “abandoned” and child in them. Because of her existence, a lot of unresolved trauma is present in a person’s life. So, as a coping mechanism, they try to hide and deny her as a part of their life. When one learns to embrace this lost child, they will also acknowledge how strong they are. The great strength it too to survive. Without this lost child, they wouldn’t be where and who they are today. Their strength made them who they are.

Similar to the black moon Lilith, one must be able to confidently be free from repression. This is to get over these fears. When done successfully, a person will fear no one. She will realize how she’s imperfect, and how it’s completely okay to be one. After all, great and raw power comes from recognizing and harnessing characteristics we often see as “imperfections”. The work and thoughts we hide behind the shadow are some of the aspects we’re most powerful at.

Your black moon Lilith is a monster you badly want to keep hidden in the dungeon. For one to be able to control it, one must need to let it out and conquer.

Black Moon Lilith In The 10th House

The zodiac sign Capricorn and the planet Saturn both dominate the 10th house of a person's birth chart. These can be best described as “socio-economic” aspects of our life. This is where we handle our career and image in society. The tenth house represents our professional ambitions. Our egos are specifically high in this house as this is the aspect of our life full of hunger. We have this great desire to succeed and build a name for ourselves. The motivation to be recognized, be rich and be famous. All these lie within this house.

This is the astrological placement where we feel like we always have to “keep up”. As a result, Lilith in the 10th house can bring out this repressed jealousy we feel around people “better” than us. You feel ashamed for even feeling like this, but you know that at the back of your mind, you want to beat that person.

No matter how close you are. You just want to be on top. Being in second place doesn’t sit right with you.

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Black Moon Lilith In Capricorn

In this zodiac, Lilith is the epitome of Greed. They see the world and everyone in it as an asset. They value practicality over emotional connection. They survive by using other people, and they feel ashamed about it. Their materialistic nature, however, makes them very career-driven and focused. Once they set their eyes on doing something, they always make sure to be the best at it. No matter the cost, they always make sure they’ll be appreciated for the results they showcase.

Like Capricorn in the 6th House, people born with the Black Moon Lilith in Capricorn also have a great sense of responsibility. They believe that the key to be on top is to always be organized. Be it their thoughts, work activities, and other things. Due to their high hopes for themselves, they tend to go overboard with material things. They are willing to work 24 hours a day just to become someone they have always wanted to be. These are the people we often call the “workaholics”.

Aside from being responsible, the black moon Lilith in Capricorn also brings out great determination to its people.  One can’t make them a pushover. They know what they want. No one can just step on their toes without getting beaten. In their own game, they’re the boss. Can’t play with them.

The dark part of it all is their greed for power. People under this astrological placement can be so hungry for authority. They can easily take anyone who tries to get in their way. As mentioned earlier, they hate being in second place. They crave being on top. They are willing to sacrifice everything and everyone just to be full of it.

Black Moon Lilith In Capricorn: Behind The Façade

People with the black moon Lilith in Capricorn often come off as extremely cold and calculated. When doing something, they always think about how they’ll be able to benefit from it. Everything in this world is an asset. They always make sure to earn something from it.

Most times, others have a hard time approaching them. They don’t like being told what to do. It will sound as if that someone is belittling them. It’s the thing they hate most. To be seen as someone less. As a result, they always try to maintain this “authoritative figure”. They prefer to give orders rather than take them. They always want the upper hand.

Others may even notice that most of these people have the “resting bitch face”. This is because they don’t want to be preserved as “weak” or the “underdog”. It’s their mask to guard themselves against the world. The sad reality about these people is they just fear rejection. Their power-hungry figure is just a displacement from a great rejection from the past. Behind all of this is a person who used to be submissive at all times.

They had enough being taken advantage of. They are done being dominated by almost everyone. They try to get revenge for being submissive for so long. They build their walls strongly so no one could take them so easily again. Because of this, unfortunately, it is easy for them to ignore their emotions. They can go feeling nothing just so they could successfully accomplish something.

What Are Some Suitable Careers For Me?

Capricorns with the black moon Lilith as their astrological placement is great at leading a team. With their good sense of responsibility and great determination, they can surely bring out the best in people. If they learn how to make the most out of their greed for success, they have the possibility of being an asset to the workforce.

They don’t like jobs that would make them feel like a servant or a slave. A job that requires authority and a place where they can dominate would be perfect. If you have the black moon Lilith in Capricorn, here are some of the career paths you might succeed in;

  1. Business Executive

Expect a Capricorn with the dark moon Lilith to work their way to the top if they are placed in the business. People that are assigned to this position are tremendous dreamers. They strive to be the best in all they do in order to achieve a prominent position in society.

It's no wonder that Capricorns excel at achieving great outcomes. They are continuously striving for the best and are terrified of failure. A career as a corporate executive would be ideal for a Capricorn. Great leadership and management abilities are required in this position. A company's leaders must be competent in order for it to prosper.

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  1. Financial Planner

Capricorns like being in charge. They work best when they know their presence brings out great influence. A career in planning and management is good for them. If you’re a person with this zodiac, you might shine in being a financial planner. Financial planners are responsible for helping people manage their finances in a more productive manner. They give advice to clients and suggest better ways to make the most out of their money.

Capricorns like it when people listen to their words, so this is a job they could possibly enjoy.

  1. College Professor

Capricorns have great amounts of patience, but struggle to connect with little children. Although they can still strive in the teaching profession. As a professor, you are expected to lead your students on the right path without being emotionally attached to them. You always try to give them the best results and harness their skills.

A Capricorn can divert her hunger for power into something great. Instead of doing something destructive out of greed, she can empower others instead.

What Am I Like In The Workplace?

When you have a workmate with this zodiac position, chances are, you see her as the “go-getter”. They are good with their job, they submit on time, and are very diligent. Whatever it is assigned to them, they make sure to always get the job done.

Other people like working with Capricorns because of their hardworking nature. They don’t mind taking heavy assignments if it gives them the recognition they desperately want. You always see these people as the ones who always aspire to be promoted. They are confident with their contribution to the organization and know where to stand their ground.

You can never anticipate subpar outcomes from them because of their immense patience. They're supposed to be successful in all they do. Others may be irritated, but they can't stop them from becoming the best. The disadvantage is that persons born under this astrological sign are prone to causing conflict in the workplace. They have a tendency to damage workers they don't like, causing havoc across the system. As a result, no one can really stand in their way.

If you’re a Capricorn and want to stay in a certain company for a long time, you have to recognize other people’s presence. You can never fully harness your strength if you don’t open up to other people. You have to realize that the key to success is taking the long road. You have to respect humble beginnings. Gain prominence without trampling over other people. Authority can be hit-or-miss in this position. Success is always going to come, so be aware of how to get there. Create your own success. Take a breather and improve, one step at a time.

Black Moon Lilith In Capricorn, Here Are Your Sexual Characteristics

People who have the Lilith in Capricorn can be two completely different people when having sex. They can be wild and bold who occasionally enjoy power plays in the bedroom. Those that like to be “in character” spice things up. When you’re having sex with these Capricorn, you’re in for a rough ride.

The other side of them, however, are those that are stiff and cold in bed. Quiet the polar opposites, huh. This happens when they feel like they’re being oppressed. They hate being the slave. Even in bed. They can hurt your ego when you fail to consider what they want. Nothing hurts more than seeing your partner getting bored when you’re having sex.

So, if you have someone with the black moon Lilith in Capricorn, always make sure to give them dominance every once in a while. Their satisfaction comes within their capacity to take the lead. Come to terms with the arrangement you both could enjoy. If you’re the person with the Lilith in Capricorn, on the other hand, try to be a little sensitive of your partner and open up to them. The things that make you uncomfortable in bed and the things that you would like to try with them.

If you both really care for each other, you would consider each other’s side and respect their opinions. Above all things, learn to compromise. Another interesting thing about the black moon Lilith in Capricorn is their willingness to go to great lengths. They can easily use sex to gain success. You often see these people of those in the movies. Sleeping with their boss to gain a higher place in a company.

One might see them as someone who has no self-respect, but they know what they are doing. They are firm in what they want. To them, sex is just sex. It’s something everyone does so why would they feel ashamed? They are self-assured in their skills and potential. They feel they were born to achieve higher things, so if sleeping with their bosses is the first step to success, you can guarantee they'll take it.

This is due to their capacity to effortlessly dismiss their emotions. As a result, sleeping with individuals who can help them go to the top isn't a huge concern for them.

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Celebrities That Have The Lilith In Capricorn

Martin Luther King, Jr., Hillary Clinton, Tyra Banks, Dr. Drake, Travis Scott, Julia Roberts

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