Lilith Synastry: Will you let your inner emotion out? -

Lilith Synastry: Will you let your inner emotion out?

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Lilith is the black moon. Its aspect comes from the dark emotion that you keep on hiding. You know to yourself why you were hiding them.

It's because you don't want to hurt others’ feelings. It's also because you don't want to make the problem bigger.

At times you wanted to burst out everything, but you tamed it. Sometimes it becomes natural since you cannot recognize it. Your mind and heart are full of pain and hatred. Lilith is your wound.

A black moon symbolizes that you are hurting from the inside. Just like with Black Moon Lilith in Scorpio, Lilith Synastry will make you face the situation.

It scares you when you'll face it, but Lilith is the trigger. Even though it's something that you don't want to do, Lilith makes you feel relief.

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You always think that you shouldn't show them. You feel that there are gossipers around who will talk about your actions.

But you know to yourself that you have good reasons. But not all the time you have good reasons because others' opinions might be correct.

In the past years, Lilith is full of negativity. Lilith is cruel, urging, wild and impure.

It was impossible to make Lilith a positive one. But now, we are in the modern-day wherein people are now open-minded.

The world has changed a lot and has accepted things that weren't before. For instance, discrimination. But now we have women's empowerment and being equal in race and religion.

Some countries have taken the LGBTQ, but some are still pointing out their own beliefs. That resulted in war.

It's a good thing that people are accepting others' beliefs and opinions. That made Lilith have some of the positive features.

Lilith was able to give her own idea about life and other situations. She's not that evil at all except if she wants to be rebellious.

Lilith represents our inner self who wants to be wild and have intense sexual lives. Lilith was born at the wrong time since before, they respect their beliefs.

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Beliefs are still ongoing in this world, but they have seen that Lilith wasn't that bad at all like Black Moon Lilith in Pisces. That's why Lilith can now go out and try to do things on her way.

The love that Lilith wants

Either of the planets that Lilith will conjunct with, they'll be able to see deep sexuality. They can be both good and bad for you. You might have an addiction to her supremacy since she doesn't have boundaries. You may also read Lilith Conjunct Ascendant or Lilith Conjunct Moon.

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If you ever meet a Lilith and she gets attached to the man, she'll be seductive. Your relationship gets a test on her, and it's going to be difficult.

You know that she doesn't have limitations. She can be a relationship breaker.

You have the Lilith aspect and others too. But it's your choice if you're going to let her control you or not.

If a person wants to have a third party in a relationship that means Lilith is stronger than her. It might also be her choice to let Lilith choose her path.

You might think that it's for the best that you'll hide your Lilith. But she can reveal some part of yourself that you hid because you fear others won't like you.

You also fear judgment because judging other people can make your life worst. Like Black Moon Lilith in Virgo, Lilith Synastry believes that words of gossipers are sharp, and they can hurt a person's feelings

As a person, we all live together equally in this world. It will be better if you'll know its story first before judging it.

Through Lilith, you'll be able to connect to your inner self which would help you to escape on your dimension. Lilith can be good if you will both work together.

The aspects of Lilith can make your relationship happier and healthier. It can also help you in your ongoing relationship to make you stronger and better.

You know that Lilith can make you bolder but can also lead to your destruction. So, it's essential to look through the aspects of the planets she will conjunct with.

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Lilith being the diamond in the relationship

The best way to have a good relationship is you should fight together against any obstacles. Focus more on what you believe in with each other and move forward together as a couple. Lilith can help you through its mystical energy.

You know that Lilith is your inner rebel. It means she can trigger your inner self to tell what you feel inside. It is crucial in a relationship. You need pure honesty to grow.

You cannot just let your partner do what they want to do. Share what you feel because it's the key to having a stronger relationship.

Lilith is one of your way to cure a relationship and yourself. Since in a relationship, if one of you cheated, Lilith can help you to speak.

You'll be able to say the meanest word that you really wanted to say to the person. It can also save you from having a stressful life since a broken heart leads to depression.

Lilith can also help you move on to that difficult situation. Bursting out everything you feel makes your heart satisfied and relieved. It's going to be hard, but through the process and with Lilith's help, you'll heal in no time.

But be careful on using your Lilith since you have let her out. You might throw unnecessary words at a respected person whenever you're frustrated.

You might also find someone who can please you with sexual attraction. It can be dangerous for you, so keep in mind to be easy on yourself.

Life is not that easy. But planetary synastry helps you to understand a lot of things. Lilith, as the black moon, appears to be not that bad.

She can be a diamond because Lilith is just like it. It would help if you let out first your darkest fears and emotions. After letting them go, you'll shine bright because your inner self felt the freedom.

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