Lizard Dream And Their Meaning: 10 Dream Interpretations -

Lizard Dream And Their Meaning: 10 Dream Interpretations

Lizard is a symbol of cruelty and malice, and their bites are said to be equally dangerous to that of snake bites. They can range from various sizes and colors. In ancient times they were also associated with witchcraft and black magic.

Seeing a lizard in a dream is said to be a bad omen. It is often interpreted as a warning about an impending attack on your life by your adversaries. When you see a lizard in your dream, it is a warning to be extra careful. Be on guard, and watch your back.

To see a lizard in a dream can also signify travel. You will find yourself traveling a lot. You’ll encounter a lot of people and get to know different cultures. A lizard in a dream is a representation of someone who feels the need to move one place to another. It could be that you have no desire to settle in one place.

Similar to dreams about murder, lizards in dreams are also believed to mean treason, treachery, and betrayal. The dream can imply that someone you know will soon betray you. It is also said to signify danger and possible arguments. Avoid confrontations and disagreements in your waking life.

Some positive interpretations of lizards in dreams are a harmonious relationship with others. It signifies a peaceful life. It could also indicate your will to adapt to your surroundings.

Dreams about lizards and their meaning:

To kill a lizard in a dream

When you dream of having killed a lizard, it could mean being triumphant over your enemies and struggles. Your success and victory won’t come easy, but you will come out on top and stronger. Your enemies are powerful, and it will take much effort for you to defeat them.

Killing a lizard in a dream is also a representation of bravery, courage, and strength. It represents someone who takes courage despite facing hard times. It also symbolizes a person who is not scared to accept changes and take risks.

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Lizard shedding its skin

If you dream of a lizard shedding its skin, it means that you are in emotional pain, or you will soon encounter a heartbreaking situation. This will cause you so much pain and grief. It also symbolizes unhappiness.

The dream could also foretell plans going awry and some misfortunes. It also signifies a difficult financial situation. Your guides may be reminding you to prepare for such times.

A lizard shedding its skin in a dream can also symbolize rebirth. A significant change in your life is coming. You will undergo some transformation, and you will need to let go of the old to have the new.

Dreaming of a lizard changing colors

When you see a lizard changing colors in dreams, it could mean that you have enemies who are hatching up something against you. These people are waiting for the right time to execute their evil plans, so be warned.

These could be people in your workplace who sees you as a threat. These people might trap you and put the blame on you even if it wasn’t your doing. A lizard changing its color can also signify people whom you thought and believed to be on your side only to find out later that they have jumped ship.

To dream of a tailless lizard or to cut the lizard’s tail

If you dream of a tailless lizard, it signifies break-ups and marital fights. A tailless lizard foretells an ending of a relationship. It could also be a sign of adultery, deceit, and lies.

To cut a lizard’s tail in a dream could mean cutting your ties and connection in a partnership. This means walking away from someone, or it could be the other way around. It could be your partner or spouse walking away from you. For couples, this could mean being left in the cold by your partner.

So much pain will result from this break-up, and it will take a while for you to heal. The healing will be a process, and in the process, you will learn to live without your partner in your life. Difficult and painful as it may be, you will soon find peace and happiness again.

To dream of a lizard being eaten by another animal

Seeing a lizard eaten by another animal, such as a cat or a snake in your dream could mean that you are in an overwhelming situation wherein you try to control things to a particular result. 

This could mean that you feel trapped in your current situation which you want to get out of. 

To be bitten by a lizard

Being bitten by a lizard in a dream could mean betrayal by someone dear and close to you, similar to what dreams about Scorpio mean. These could be relatives, friends, or family, and it could also be your partner. These are people you trust with your heart and your life.

A painful bite signifies that the betrayal will be so intense, and it will lead to a major heartbreak. Something in your life will never be the same again after the heartbreak. The pain of this betrayal will damage you as an individual. Your perception of trust and love will be challenged.

A painless bite, on the other hand, is a suggestion that the person didn’t mean to betray you, it wasn’t done on purpose. This will be easier to forgive, and the relationship isn’t bound to break up.

To keep a lizard in captivity

Keeping a lizard in captivity in a dream could mean being very dominant in your relationship. This signifies your attitude of being very controlling. Your partner can’t express their opinion, their belief, and themselves around you. This is a negative attitude that you need to change as it can ruin your relationship.

This can represent your partner’s emotions. They feel trapped in the relationship. They feel caged and unhappy. Eventually, they will desire to break free. Loosen up and respect that everyone is a different individual.

Do not force your beliefs and principles on others. This will make them resent you.

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Feeding a lizard in a dream

Feeding a lizard in a dream is associated with positive energy. It is also considered by many a good omen. It could symbolize that the people around you appreciate you and respect you. People see you as someone they can count on and rely on.

This could also represent your character of leadership. 

Feeding a lizard in a dream could mean offering guidance and wisdom to those around you.

To catch a lizard in a dream

Catching a lizard in a dream is said to represent your love life. For singles catching a lizard could mean an offer of love is coming to you. This could mean getting into a relationship. It could also indicate a journey of love with your love interest.

Someone will express their feelings towards you. You could decide if you want this connection or not. For couples, this could mean a higher commitment. Couples could be getting engaged or married.

To catch a lizard but eventually getting it injured could mean problems in your relationships. There could be issues between you and your partner.

A dead lizard in a dream

To see a dead lizard in a dream is considered a bad omen. It could symbolize, deceit, and lies. Your partner may be cheating on you. There may be a third party in your relationship.

This could also signify that no matter how much effort you put into the relationship, it will still fail. Your partner won’t be putting much or any effort at all. Your guides are telling you that you might end up in a one-sided relationship.

Dreaming of a bloody lizard is a message to let go of something that isn’t doing you any good, like a dying relationship.

Lizard colors in dreams:

Lizards come in various and unusual colors. Their colors have significant meaning in dreams.

Black lizard – A black lizard could mean danger, death, and accident. It is mostly associated with negative energy. This could also foretell a negative situation that will happen soon.

Red lizard – A red lizard could mean a new love. This new love will be the reason your old love will come to an end. This could also mean falling out of love with your partner.

Green lizard – This signifies a better financial situation. This also implies new beginnings, a fresh start, and a change for the better in general.

Yellow lizard – This could mean fights and arguments in your love life. It could be a manifestation of jealousy, and if you are single, it could mean rejection or stagnant energy with your love interest.

Blue lizard – A blue lizard indicates that If you move place, your relationship will suffer, and you will have problems re-establishing them.

White lizard having an albino lizard in your dream signifies enlightenment and self-realization. It tells you the importance of being present in the moment, not only in the physical aspect but in your higher self as well. Work on increasing your awareness of the physical and spiritual world around you.

Orange lizard signifies hope and overcoming obstacles in life. It also denotes peace, happiness, and enthusiasm.

Purple lizard seeing a purple lizard in your dream means you are given a warning that an impending event could affect your reputation. It tells you to be conscious of what you do and what you say and how it affects other people.

Brown lizard this color of the lizard in your dream signifies that you need to pay close attention to your family and spend time with them. Work might be taking a lot of your time lately, and this color of lizard tells you that you need to take a break and spare a little time for them. 

Pink lizard this color of lizard could mean that you need to move on from the past. Lizard dreams have a similar interpretation to dreaming about your ex These types of dreams signify that it's the time to let go of the emotional baggage and start moving on with your life. 

Colorful lizard when you see this lizard in your dream, look closely right away on the what is the predominant color of the lizard. The different color of the lizard may signify the different aspect of your life that is bound to happen as mentioned above. This could mean you need to balance all aspects of your well-being. It also suggests a new phase in your life, similar to Cousin Dream.


Lizards in dreams signify a lot of meanings, both positive and negative. It gives you a warning that you need to be extra careful with your surroundings and the things you do. On the other hand, it also signifies travel, meeting new people along the way, and finding love.

The symbolism of the lizard in your dreams reflects your emotions and how you handle setbacks in your life. Always see the silver lining in every situation. Be strong, and don’t give up!

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