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8 Rules to Make a Gemini Man Want You Back: Seriously?

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Are you still thinking about your Gemini ex-boyfriend? Are you wondering if you can still win him back after a breakup? 

Get a Gemini man to want you back by being the kind of woman he wants to spend the rest of his life with and he will likely want you back again in his life. If you're serious about making him want you back, consider following the eight rules below.

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Is it possible to win back a Gemini man after a breakup?

If the reason for your breakup is you've cheated on him, forget about having a second chance with a Gemini man. Nonetheless, if it was an amicable breakup, you still have high chances of winning him back. 

Know that he's not the type you want to mess with, so you better be genuine with your actions and feelings towards him.

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You also have to know that ignoring a Gemini man will not work to get his attention back. 

He's not going to force himself on someone who doesn't seem to have an interest in him anymore. 

Geminis have short attention periods that make them look for another one if you ignore them. 

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They won't make any effort to chase you, knowing that you have ignored them. Thus, consider staying friends or on good terms with your Gemini ex even after you two broke up.

Staying on good terms with each other will help both of you to get back together with ease. 

If you still want him back, don't disappear from his life totally. Instead, try to stay in the loop while living your life to the fullest.

8 Rules to Make a Gemini Man Want You Back

#1 Give him enough space

A Gemini man needs time to heal himself after a breakup. He will not likely be opening up too soon to you and you should respect that. 

Give him the time he needs and don't randomly send him texts every now and then.

You can try sending him a text once a day to let him know that he still lingers in your mind, but don't go overboard. 

Being intense with a Gemini man while he still needs space will make him run away from you. If he doesn't respond, don't send follow-up texts as he will find you too desperate and he doesn't like that.

#2 Ensure that he knows you want him back

If you have an amicable breakup with your Gemini guy, you can tell him about your desire to get back together. Nonetheless, do this smoothly. 

Show him that you are not the same person as you used to be and wait for his decision if he still wants to give it a go.

As long as you have told him your desire and have shown him your good changes, you can leave all the decisions up to him. 

Don't bother him after you relayed your feelings and he will likely go back to you if he still has feelings for you.

Show him what he has been missing by maintaining your looks and living your life to the fullest. If he decides to go forward with you, don't play hard to get. 

Ensure to make him feel that you're not playing any games with him as he is not a fan of it.

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#3 Show him that you're different now

One way to make a Gemini man want you back after a breakup is by showing him that you're a different person. Show him that you've changed for the better and you're not the jealous and uncaring person he used to be with.

Tell him that you've realized so many things and you don't know what got into your mind during those times. He will likely see that you are changing for the better and consider getting back to you. 

Geminis do give second chances if they see genuine changes in the person they used to be with.

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#4 Don't act desperate

If you still want a chance with your Gemini guy, never act desperate. He's not into women who don't know how to respect themselves. He wants a woman who knows how to carry herself well and doesn't sell herself short.

Yes, you can tell him about your intention of wanting to get back together with him but never go overboard. Don't follow him like a puppy, expressing how much you want him back and how much you love him still. 

You will scare him off and he will likely run as far away as he could from you.

If you want to get his attention back, you can express how you feel but don't elaborate on the details. It's enough that he knows you want him back. 

He could be unsure how to respond to you at first and that's okay. Give him the time he needs to come up with his decision.

While you wait, never stay on one corner doing nothing. Instead, show him that you are living your life well. 

Do something productive and go out with your friends and have a great time together. 

#5 Don't hold back your feelings

Your emotions can be strong and hard to suppress, especially if you truly want  to get your Gemini man back. Nonetheless, don't show your emotions too much, and don't go overboard. 

Hold back your feelings as much as possible and don't follow him around like a lost puppy.

You might already know by now that a male Gemini is not into a woman who is desperate for attention. Instead, he loves to be the one who will chase after the girl he loves even after the breakup. 

Be the type of woman who exudes a respectable demeanor and confidence and he will go after you.

Doing so will make him feel sorry for you, but at the same time, he will never want to be with you again. A Gemini man will never be in a relationship out of mercy and he will not like it if a woman lowered herself to get him back.

If he did not take any action to call you at the very least after some weeks or a month, consider moving on with your life.

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#6 Be Spontaneous

Being with a Gemini man once, you already know that he's not a big fan of routines. He quickly gets bored and will find another way to have fun. 

If you two start to go out for old-time sake, you can give him surprises like a ticket to his favorite ball game.

You can also ask if he wants to go on an adventure with you. Whatever it is that he likes doing, make him do it with you by initiating the activity. 

He will likely wonder what's more you have under your sleeves that will make him think more about you.

#7 Be Cheerful

Want him to get hooked with you again? Then, consider being cheerful! No man ever wants to be with a gloomy-looking woman, especially a Gemini man. 

He gets easily attracted to cheerful women, as he finds this attribute addicting.

He can't help but smile when his woman is lively and keeps having a positive outlook in life. 

When he sees his woman beam with happiness and cheerfulness, it makes his heart glad. Thus, be cheerful always, especially when you are with him.

#8 Be Confident and Independent

Exudes confidence and every head will turn around as you walk. It's one of the secrets to keeping a Gemini man's attention even after a breakup. 

Besides that, seeing that the girl he used to date is now independent will grab his attention.

Thus, do your own thing and show him what he has been missing. Dress well, work hard to fulfill the goals you have for your life, and don't forget to have fun once in a while. 

Once he sees this, he will likely get intrigued and ask for a short coffee time together.

Nonetheless, keep in mind not to play hard to get or he will not open up with you again. Know that it's hard for a Gemini man to open up, especially if he's gone through a breakup with you. 

So, consider grabbing this chance to forge a better connection with him once again.

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