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8 Things That You Should Be Doing To Make A Leo Want You More

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Are you currently looking for ways to make your Leo man want you more? If so, you can find what you're looking for here! A Leo man is a very charismatic person. He is good-looking, romantic and most of all, well-mannered yet wild when it's only the two of you. This is why it's not surprising that many women are trying to get his attention despite knowing he's taken.

So, if you're worried that your Leo beau might entertain those girls, aim to have the upper hand. Knowing his desires and dislikes to understand better what to do and not make him want you more. By knowing his preferences, you can execute them to give him gratification.

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This way, he will appreciate you for doing what he wants even without him voicing them out. So, the key here is to know your Leo man better to make him want you more. If you only know a little about your Leo man because you're new, you may want to consider following the tips below.

8 Things That You Should Be Doing To Make A Leo Want You More

Being with a Leo man can be tricky as other women may want to capture his heart and attention as he is a great catch. So, knowing what you should be doing to keep him by your side and have the upper hand against his admirers is crucial.

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#1 Be Yourself.

A Leo man values authenticity a lot in his life. So, if you're planning to get him more hooked to you, never try to fake yourself to gain approval. Be your authentic self and he will love you for that. This man can quickly get people's attention, so don't let that pressure you and change yourself. You will shine brighter to the eyes of your Leo man showing the real you in the crowd he's with.

When he sees that you're not afraid to stand your ground unapologetically, you can win him over. All you have to do now is work on your charms and have this man hooked for you forever.

#2 Be curious about him.

Leos love themselves so much, so it's not surprising that they will love you to ask more questions about him. So, consider showing a genuine interest in him and ask about the things that matter to him. You can ask about his passion, his hobbies, and what he likes doing with his free time to get his attention more. Since he loves talking about himself, he may tell you more things about himself than you expect. You may also relay your fascination with him through your emotions and body language.

This way, he will get more intrigued by you and you get to hang out more with each other.

#3 Make his world exciting.

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This man is a child by heart, so you can expect him to be playful rather than being an adult with you. Although there are times that he is serious, those times are rare only. You can mainly engage with his playful nature rather than his adult side, especially if he really likes you. So, if you want him to make him want you more, appeal to his childish side, which is all about fun and exciting stuff. You can invite him for an adventure and try new activities with him.

Whatever you do, ensure that it will put a smile on his face and sparkle in his eyes. Show him that he won't get bored around you and you have a lot in your sleeves to keep him on his toes. This way, he will likely get intrigued by you and may even want you more.

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#4 Be passionate.

When it comes to passion, a Leo man will never lose. He has this zest for life that's unmatched and needs to get reckoned with. He's the type that will do everything with his whole heart rather than halfheartedly. You will always see him with full enthusiasm in life and he expects his partner to be the same as him. So, you might need to show him that you both are on the same wavelength when it comes to passion and dedication.

If traveling is your passion, it might not be enough to tell him. Consider engaging with him personally by inviting him to travel with you. Let him experience how it is like being your travel buddy and ensure his great time to make him want to be with you more. This way, he will see you're a ray of sunshine that he needs in his life.

#5 Push him to become a better version of himself.

Another way to get into a Leo man's heart is to become a great source of support in achieving what he wants in life. So, if you find out that your Leo beau intends to do something, make sure to know how you can help. This will make him grateful and feel blessed to have someone who can back him up and push him to go after his goals in life. If he wants to try a specific course, for example, help him find the best institution for it and he'll be glad to have you.

If he gets afraid or wants to stay in his comfort zone, remind him why he must do it more and encourage him to take action. This way, he will thank you for your resilience in helping him go out of his comfort zone. Through it, he will also see how valuable you are in his life that will likely make him want you more. So, consider pushing him into becoming a better version of himself to aid him in achieving his life goals.

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#6 Always choose to be positive.

When you're with a Leo man, the best way to discourage him is to be negative in every situation. This sign doesn't want to deal with any negativity as he only wants to welcome good energies into his life. So, if you're the type that always sees the negative side of everything, then a Leo isn't the one for you. This man will never entertain you again once he knows that you are a pessimistic person.

He will try to get away from you and you will lose your chance to be with him. So, consider showing him your positivity and always try to see the good things in the bad. When you do the things I have said above, you will get this man charmed without a doubt.

#7 Be Romantic.

When it comes to dating or being in a relationship with a Leo man, it's always best to be romantic. You can do simple things like cooking dinner and enhance the ambiance. You can put a lovely flower at the center or, better yet, a candle to boost the romantic vibe. You may also give him some surprises or gifts to make him feel appreciated and loved. Let him feel your devotion and care for him and he will likely never let you go.

So, when it comes to pampering your Leo guy, never hold back and give your 110% effort. Showing your romantic side to this man will help you win his affection and make him want you more.

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#8 Be a lover and a good friend to him.

Who says that you only need to become a lover for your Leo man? While it's true that your purpose is to become his only one, it doesn't mean that you can't be friends with him. Being with this man will make you realize that you can be both in his life. Although your primary purpose is to be his lover, being his friend will help you enter his heart. This way, you can establish a deeper connection with him that he might not be willing to go off when things get tough.

This can be very beneficial, especially for you, as it will make him want you more. He doesn't only need a lover to cling to and cuddle with each time he gets lonely. He also needs someone he can comfortably talk with about various things in his life. So, consider being a good listener and be there always whenever he needs some serious help. Each time he gets frustrated and about to give up, be his cheerleader and light up his hope to go forward.

Let him know that you will always be by his side no matter what happens. Encourage him to try again and never give up, especially if he has only done it once or twice. So, if you want to make a Leo man want you more, consider being both a lover and a friend to him.


Now that you've reached the end, you can now opt to follow the given ways above to make your Leo beau want you more. So, consider taking the tips above to have the leverage against many of his admirers. This way, you will have his undivided attention and love and have it all by yourself.

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