Married Virgo man in love with another woman: Get him! -

Married Virgo man in love with another woman: Get him!

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The Virgo man is not the easiest to get, literally and figuratively. And, much like everyone else, he becomes much more complicated with marriage.

The Virgo man seeks perfection in everything, and it is not uncommon that he would find someone outside his relationship that he can admire and want to be with. But don’t expect him to cheat and break his word to his wife because he is not likely to do that.

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Is your Virgo man still in love with you and remains committed to your marriage? Are you falling for a married Virgo man and wanting to date him?

Astrology can help you get inside the head and heart of the Virgo man. Keep reading to learn my ultimate answers to these questions.

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The Virgo man’s traits

Virgo is a Mutable Earth sign ruled by the planet Mercury. Being an Earth sign makes the Virgo man conservative, organized, and practical.

The Virgo man shows his Mutable sign and flighty personality when falling in love. He falls in and out of love constantly and does not last in a romantic relationship for long.

The Virgo man’s constant search for perfection makes him always search for things to fix, including broken objects and flawed people.  Being ruled by Mercury, he has a dual personality and excellent communication skills.

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How to tell if a Virgo man is in love?

You will know precisely when your Virgo man is in love with you because he is very good at communicating it. He likes to keep you involved in his plans, letting you know that he will do everything to build a happy and lasting relationship with you.

He notices small details

The Virgo man is a keen observer, and if he is interested in someone, he will watch her with an eagle eye. If he likes you, expect him to know things like your favorite food, music, and other personal details.

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He thinks you’re perfect

The Virgo man finds flaws in almost everything but the woman he cares about. You will know he cares about your feelings when he keeps his criticisms to himself when it comes to you.

No one is perfect for the Virgo man, but you are the exception. He loves everything about your personality, and he accepts any mistakes or flaws that you may have.

He wants to know everything about you

The Virgo man gets closer to someone he loves by learning everything about them. When you see him, he will spend your time together asking questions about you.

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When the Virgo man is attracted, he gets curious and will ask questions that range from the simple and mundane to the complex and personal. He is a great communicator, so he loves having these meaningful conversations while getting closer to you by knowing your thoughts and life goals.

He keeps in contact

The Virgo man who likes you gives you his full attention and never breaks contact with you. He calls and texts often and wants to give you updates on his life while getting updates from yours.

Seeing you every single day is not a problem for the Virgo man as he will purposely adjust his schedule to fit you. Giving his time and attention to you is his way of showing his love and devotion to you.

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He gives you compliments

The Virgo man will constantly show how much he admires a woman. He does not shy away from showering you with compliments and making you blush with praises.

The Virgo man is not prone to lying, so expect him to mean everything he says to you. But don’t expect him to keep him feeling the same way towards you; he may find beauty in something today that he’ll think is ugly tomorrow.

He opens up to you

The Virgo man has an introverted streak that keeps him from opening up to others. He shows his real personality only to people he likes and completely trusts.

If the Virgo man starts telling you personal things about him, this shows his willingness to let you into his life. He wants you to know the real person inside him to see how you will react or how accepting you are with him.

However, if you react wrongly, your Virgo man might take this trust back.

So, learning what responses he likes and dislikes will give you an advantage, which you'll find out in Virgo Man Secrets.

He puts you first

The Virgo man in love will always put his loved one’s needs first before his and consider her opinions before making his decisions. It can be as simple as asking you what you want for dinner or whether you think it’s a good idea to make the career move he’s been considering for a long time.

The Virgo man who loves you values your input into his life. He is still the independent person you know, but he likes to know what you think first before executing his plans.

How to get the married Virgo man?

Being the object of the married Virgo man’s love is both a blessing and a curse. He will devote himself entirely to you and keep you satisfied in the relationship, but there is no assurance that his love will last.

How do you get the married Virgo man and keep him? Here are my suggestions.

If you’re married to him

When your Virgo husband falls out of love with you and sets his eyes on another woman, know that it is not your fault. It is simply his nature and his constant yearning for change and perfection.

The Virgo man’s rational and practical nature does not equate love to commitment, so rest assured that he will not do something as impulsive as giving you up just because he loves someone new. He will not give up his stable relationship for his feelings; he knows how fleeting and changeable his feelings are.

Your Virgo man will stay faithful and committed to you as long he is happy and comfortable with your setup. He is not one to chase thrill and excitement just because it’s missing in his relationship; he will work hard to bring these elements back to the relationship instead.

The Virgo man is as good as his word, but he may break it if his trust in his relationship is broken.  He sets a lot of store in mutual trust, so that’s what you should give him.

Trust that the Virgo man is not lying to you and loves you with all his heart. And convey this trust and loyalty to him through your actions and words.

Constantly doubting and accusing him of infidelity will push him to do just that. He will stop fighting off the temptation to go after his desires and will break his promise of being loyal to you. 

Keep reminding your Virgo man that he chose you to be his wife for a reason. You also need to remind yourself that you are worthy of your Virgo man’s love and need not be jealous or insecure of other women. 

If you’re the other woman

Whether single or married, the Virgo man falls in and out of love all the time. Don’t beat yourself up too much for being the other woman he falls in love with and for loving him in turn and wanting his affections for yourself.

The Virgo man seeks perfection in everything, and it is not uncommon that he would find someone outside his relationship that he can admire and want to be with. But don’t expect him to cheat and break his word to his wife because he is not likely to do that.

The Virgo man will not allow anything or anyone to hurt his marriage. He will not risk the stability of his marriage for something as superficial as desiring a woman.

But the Virgo man will break his marriage only if it is no longer based on trust and respect.  And that he has done everything he can to make it work with his wife.

If you want to get and keep a married Virgo man, you need to start things right with him. Starting right means waiting for him to do the correct and moral thing for both of your sakes and with due respect to his wife.

Don’t seduce the Virgo man or force him to break up with his wife, or it will not end well for you. He will not respect you and will only blame and resent you for making him destroy his life.

You want your married Virgo man to come to you on his own, and you want him to choose to be with you. Waiting for the Virgo man to decide for himself is the best you can do.

For the meantime, you can learn to embody the traits and character of a woman that he seeks for, which Anna Kovach spilled on Virgo Man Secrets guide.

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